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The Best Websites to Create a Blog

the best websites to create a blog free options included

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of client base growth and customer generation. This is the to notch destination for users willing to engage their client’s attention, informing them about the topics they are interested in. Each time you face the need to start a blog, you are concerned with one and the same question: which web building tool to go for?

Actually, the selection of the service to come up to your blog building needs, objectives and expectations is so extensive that it’s quite easy to get puzzled. This especially concerns first-time users, who are not aware of all the blog-building nuances and, thus, cannot pick the right service at once.

There are two major ways to launch and manage a blog:

  1. If you already own a website and there is a possibility of blog connection, you can make use of this option. In this case, you won’t have to start a separate project, pick up the domain name, handle hosting-related and design customization nuances. You just connect a blog and start working on its development and promotion.
  2. If this is your first blog-building experience, though, you can give preference to another option – starting a blog website from scratch and customizing it from the very beginning to match the niche you specialize in.

When choosing between the options mentioned above, you should initially consider the purpose of blog creation and the result you expect to avail in the long run. If you need a full-featured blog that will not only become the means of manifestation of your thoughts and ideas, but the tool to reach personal or business goals, the second option will definitely work best for this very purpose. An opportunity to start a feature-laden blogging website is an advantage in itself and here is why:

  • You get a project, where you will be ready to provide useful information about your business, updating it on the go to keep users informed about the most crucial nuances;
  • You get a powerful profit generation tool granted that you know how to make use of its investment opportunities;
  • You can share your passion and find co-thinkers, who may even become your potential partners or clients;
  • You can build a professional blogging network;
  • You can effectively promote your business and connect with customers from any location 24/7.

These are only a few reasons to start a separate blogging website. The more distinctive your goals and inclinations are, the more reasons you have to start blogging. As mentioned above, the selection of blog building tools is pretty rich and finding the right platform is frequently a challenge.

The blog website should encompass some of the must-have features that matter for each and every blogger. These are functionality, catchy content presentation, easy customization, slight learning curve and affordability. To help you get started with ease, we have compiled the top list of the best blog creation services. Have a look at them now.

Best Websites to Start a Blog – The Best Website to Create a Blog


Bluehost – is the recognized leader in the web hosting industry. This is the official hosting recommended by WordPress, which can be installed in one click, offering amazing and powerful web design features. As a blogging system, the CMS comes with a feature set that is exclusively geared towards the development of full-featured complex blogs covering various topics.

The functionality of the system as well as its extensive integration options make it easy and convenient to start, manage and regularly update a great variety of blogs that differ in specialization, size, complexity and functionality. Thus, when you think of starting a WordPress blog, Bluehost should be the top hosting to go. The conjunction of these two systems ensures stunning result and high end performance of your project.

Bluehost Blogging Features

• Live websites: – 2,060,268;
• Free WordPress install – yes;
• Page load Speed – 424 ms;
• Free domain – yes.
  • One-Click Installation. Installing WordPress is extremely easy and quick as well as subscribing to Bluehost;
  • Gutenberg Editor. The latest WordPress version has introduced the advanced block-based Gutenberg Editor that allows placing and arranging content blocks to create unique blog interface with no special coding skills required (this has made website development much simplified).
  • Bluehost Safety and Affordability. Being the number one hosting, Bluehost offers inexpensive plans (the cheapest one will cost you $2.95/mo only), fast page load speed, security and flexibility, strong uptime rates, intuitive control panel, rich marketplace with lots of add-ons, applications and scripts, localized SEO strategies, integrated eCommerce features, strong anti-spam protection as well as apps for business projects or blogs.

If you have the experience of creating websites with WordPress, then building a blog with the system will definitely be a smart solution. The CMS is initially geared towards blog development. As a result, your chances to get a full-featured, well-designed, SEO-optimized and quality blog will notably increase.

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 30 Days Money-back Guarantee – The Best Website Builder to Build a Blog

Wix website builder

Wix – is currently the renowned leader of the web design niche, which encompasses ease-of-use, convenience, intuitive web design approach and reasonable pricing policy. The system is the all-in-one solution that works well for the development of all types of websites. Blogs are not an exception.

The website builder comes with a powerful integrated blogging engine that allows creating, managing, updating and promoting full-featured and visually-appealing blogs. Apart from the rich feature set, such websites come with social account options, easy management tools, commenting options and other undisputable merits.

Wix Blogging Features

• Premium websites: – 3,383,125;
• Free blog engine – yes;
• Hosting cost – free;
• Free domain – yes.
  • Post Scheduling. It’s up to you to write, update and schedule blog posts based on your web design needs and plans – just point out the time, when you wish the upcoming post to be published and watch the result.
  • Featured Posts Section. Apart from uploading new posts, you can refer them to the Featured Posts section and even add a tag cloud to assign a special priority degree to the highlighted content.
  • Commenting Option. Wix makes it possible to embed the commenting option and even toggle Facebook comments to contribute to more effective user interaction and engagement rate.
  • Integrated Hosting. There is no need to look for the third-party hosting to publish your blog – Wix comes with integrated hosting right from the start.
  • Custom Feed Creation. You can make the required posts visible to the target audience by creating the custom feed.

If you have an intention to start a logically-structured and visually-appealing blog with worthy performance, then Wix is the best website builder to go for. You won’t have to invest much effort or money into this project, enjoying its feature set, design customization tools, blog-focused options and affordable pricing policy to come up to any budget. Wix is definitely worth using!

 It’s Free! – The Best Website to Start a Free Blog


Blogger – is the indisputably best website for free blog creation. This is the Google-based all-inclusive blog-focused system, which encompasses free nature, intuitive web design approach, quick accessibility and simplicity. The platform itself was created in 1990s and has already become the service for the development of thousands of free websites. To some extent, it has unveiled the new, simplified approach to the process of blog creation, having made it intuitive, easy, quick and convenient for first-time users and for web design pros.

Blogger Blogging Features

• Live blogs: – 368,482;
• Free blog engine – yes;
• Hosting cost – free;
• Free domain – no.
  • RSS and Comments Supported. The website comes with RSS support and commenting option enabled, which is a must for all quality blogs.
  • Google Integration. Being the Google product, Blogger is integrated with the rest of its products, staying within Google ecosystem. That’s a notable bonus for all users, who have a Google account. If you don’t have the one – you won’t be able to use Blogger at all.
  • Blog Design Customization. As a hosted blogging platform, Blogger lets you create and customize a blog with regard to your needs. CSS and HTML editing is supported here and you can also customize individual blog elements, embed images and media files, add links to external resources, set up blog background, color palette and what not – your options are almost unlimited here.
  • Post Adding and Editing. You can create, add and share the unlimited number of posts with Blogger. It’s also possible to edit and update them any time of the day.

Judging by the name of the website, Blogger is created exclusively for blogging. That’s all you need to know about that. The platform is quite easy to use for everyone and you don’t have to be an expert to launch websites with it. The website comes with a nice feature set exclusively geared towards blog development and promotion.

 It’s Free!


The popularity of blogging keeps growing with every passing year as well as the number of bloggers. For most users, who have made up their minds to join the “blogger community”, the choice of the most suitable platform to get started frequently becomes a challenge.

The final solution, however, should be based upon the type and specialization of the blog you wish to set up, the industry you specialize in, the goals you set, the result you expect to avail in the long run and, of course, the budget you are ready to invest into the project. That is exactly why, the choice of a suitable platform that will help you complete all these tasks matters a lot.

BluehostBluehost and WordPress conjunction seems to be the best solution for serious blog-building aspirations. As a blogging platform, WordPress works best for this very purpose, positioning Bluehost as the best blog hosting platform. If you need a full-featured blog, which will encompass impressive design and exceptional performance and if your web design skills are of a good level to launch it, then WordPress is definitely the top notch destination to go

WixWix is the best website builder to start, manage and update a feature-laden blog. As opposed to WordPress, you are not required to possess programming knowledge to cope with blog building on your own. The system comes with lots of quality blog templates, advanced design customization tools, Artificial Design Intelligence feature, affordable pricing and other options that contribute to your blog development success.

BluehostBlogger is the easiest website to start a free blog. This is the Google product, which can be accessible by all users, who have Google accounts and wish to start a blog. The highlight of the platform is that it allows for free blog creation, offering a nice feature set and good design development

Which service works best for your web building needs? This depends on your individual blog development aspirations as well as on other above listed nuances. Anyway, consider all the options reviewed in the post to pick the solution that works best for you.


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