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Website Builders – The Best Way to Create a Website

Sometimes the web building process is really complicated. Large companies need websites with unique design that cannot be found somewhere on the web. In such cases, professional web designers complete the projects and get decent salaries for this job. It’s definitely worth the cost for both parties in such situations.

What is the best way to make a website?

But what about lawyers, photographers, cafe owners, designers and other representatives of small and medium businesses? Do they have to look up to all those magnates with millions or even billions of dollars? Do they have to order custom made websites with mega designs and unique, manually written modules? Definitely, not! What they need is to establish online presence and get the maximum benefit from that.

Which is the best way to make a website? – by using website builders. With their help you can avail the top notch result nowadays. There is nothing to think about here. Minimum investment of time, effort and money, great result (even though, it is a bit standard, but that’s not critical, anyway), simplicity of project management (editing, updating, support) – these are the major reasons to use such services.

The prevailing amount of website builders are created with commercial use in mind. Advertising, product or services sales – these are the major reasons to launch websites these days. This is not to mention business. As a rule, people, who run their own business don’t have any programming skills at all and cannot even imagine the entire web design process. Sooner or later, they decide to popularize their business on the web and face the following problem: who will make a website for them and how much will it cost? Here I will focus on website builders as the best way to create a website. Let’s discuss their main benefits in details now.

Benefits of Using Website Builders

The essence of website builders is that they come with all-inclusive options required for effective website creation. There is no need to use extra tools, coding, modify server and safety settings, create databases etc. You get professional thematic templates, optimally setup hosting, website safety guarantees, technical support and, of course, the dashboard with a visual editor. If something goes wrong, you will still have someone to lay a claim to or ask for help. It is you, who pays the money, and you have the corresponding rights. This cannot be said about free CMS (WordPress, Joomla etc.).

The majority of systems don’t allow transferring websites to other hostings, edit template and module codes, upload your own templates and plugins, learn and modify safety settings etc. Let’s face the truth, though: if you really wished to do all those things, writing each code letter manually, would you use website builders as more convenient web building tools? Definitely, not. This is because you are already a geek or a profy, who needs to improve the skills by exploring the benefits of CMS. This is the best way for you to get the most out of the web building process by changing each setting or code letter on your own.

Benefits of Website Builders

For all those users, who lack web design skills and knowledge, website builders are the best way. They work great when it comes to creating small websites with a simple structure, such as landing pages, blogs, promo and business websites as well as online stores with a limited product list (100-200 positions). In other words, their specialization is within the niche that is in demand with over 90% of users.

Apart from that, website builders are also the best variant for web developers, who create client websites. Don’t be surprised with the fact that professional web designers and web studios eagerly use cloud platforms as well. If you build websites on a regular basis, then you should understand how important quick and non-problematic project completion without further problems or questions from the client is. Anyway, you have to keep working instead of solving the problems of each user for half a year!

Dashboards of website builders are intuitive. A brief user tutorial is enough to let a client keep working on a project independently. Well, you may have to answer a couple of minor questions afterwards, but that cannot even be compared to the spectrum of problems you may face when entrusting a client with complete development of the project.

It’s also easy to prolong hosting and domain name plans – you just make a one-time yearly payment, click the button in the dashboard and forget about that till the next time. To proceed to another project, you need to provide website login/pass info and get the payment. All done and dusted. Everyone is satisfied with the result.

uKit Dashboard

Creating a project with a website builder is a benefit both for you and your client. This is not to mention time, effort and money economy, which makes the services of a web designer sought after. What’s more, many website builders offer partnership programs that make it possible to get a percentage of other referrals’ expenses. This is a notable bonus CMS don’t have at all. The more clients you have, the higher your passive income becomes. Your profit starts growing, while you are doing the job you like. Can there be anything better than that?

Modern website builders are a real found both for newbies and experienced web designers. They make it possible to gain decent result with minimum investment of effort and time. The best website builders used to solve typical tasks are Wix and uKit. The first one is definitely the best in the niche, while the second one serves as more suitable and cheaper alternative. Let’s review their options and specialization in details now.



Wix is the most renowned website builder with a visual editor. It’s been developing for over 10 years already, steadily remaining on the top notch level as compared to the same class platforms. Due to the variety of remarkable templates and rich design customization options, the platform attracts the attention of people involved in the development of creative projects. If you are a musician, photographer, stylist, designer or a florist, for example, then you will certainly like Wix. It lets you express your own individuality or that of your business. Wix is a very decent website builder that allows creating impressive websites.

Apart from design, the platform also stands out from the crowd due to its rich functionality. It comes with lots of widgets and the incorporated app store that offers versatile solutions for marketing, promotion, specific modules like forums or air tickets reservation etc. This means that if you can’t find the required tools in the dashboard for some reason, you are almost 100% likely to find them in the applications. Most of them are free, by the way.

Wix ADI Interface

Regardless of the high quality, Wix is quite affordable. You get a chance to create and manage a promo website, a blog or a landing page for about $49/year. This is the best offer in the niche for those, who need creative websites for reasonable cost. By the way, Wix also works well, if you need to design a website for a pest control service, lawyer, repair service and what not.

It’s just that the project presentation and a variety of available options encourage to use creative ideas, which are more typical for people, who have corresponding professions. All in all, the system allows for creation of any website types – from that for a waste reception service and up to a promo website of a luxurious hotel that offers accommodation reservation options. Wix is a great choice for everyone. If you don’t believe that – try using the system to make sure yourself!



uKit is the best service to launch business websites that don’t require original design with visual effects, complicated formulas and deep structure customization. It goes without saying that the service templates are awesome. There are over 300 samples here, which are sorted out by themes and can be moderately customized. Templates come with responsive design and look modern and decent. You won’t be able, however, to set up the forms of separate elements, add the desired effects and place them on a web page layout.

Such restriction can hardly be considered a flaw, because it’s still easier to work with uKit than with Microsoft Word. Anyway, you’ll get a pretty nice result regardless of your skills. This is exactly what the majority of web developers need nowadays – mistake prevention guarantee and competitive result. uKit works great for this purpose. It’s really hard to spoil anything here. The system is created to prevent the potential mistakes.

uKit Editor

uKit offers a variety of widgets that are more than enough to create a landing page, a promo website or a portfolio. There is also an opportunity to design an appealing online store show window with online payment acceptance and other required features. This is the best web studio for a businessman. It takes around 1-2 days to launch a website here. No coding, deep design customization or editing problems. The process is primitive, but highly effective. I definitely recommend it to you.

Bottom Line

The use of website builders is the best option for the developers of client websites as well as for the representatives of small and medium business. The prevailing amount of people don’t need online supermarkets, portals or mega-forums. What they need is landing pages, promo websites to market their products/services and small online stores to sell their goods. It doesn’t make any sense to order such websites from web studios. You can cope with these tasks on your own by means of using website builders.

Wix and uKit are the best samples of cloud website builders that work great to solve the tasks described above. Both systems also offer beneficial partnership programs, which can be of great interest for the experienced web developers.

Low cost of plans charged by website builders in combination with convenience, quality templates and efficacy don’t give CMS a chance from the point of view of newbies. This is an ideal smooth start and the best variant for the majority of people. Try using the platforms to understand what I mean. Good luck!

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