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TemplateToaster (current version – is a downloadable platform for creating powerful and yet simple templates without being involved in coding or programming. The desktop-based software comes as a handy tool for both newbies and dedicated pros who are eager to design a theme of their own. Generating a new template for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal or any other content management system will be a walk in the park thanks. No internet connection or programming skills are required.

It is up to you whether to use ready-made responsive templates and customize them in accordance with your preferences or design your own theme from scratch. The major advantage of the program is that it offers proper responsive layouts along with a powerful visual editor. In other words, you can use TemplateToaster instead of Photoshop and Sublime Text, creating technically correct and visually appealing templates on your own. How does this model manifest itself in practice? Let’s find that out now.


  • Free Template Builder
  • Works with all major CMS
  • Access without an Internet connection

1. Ease of Use

TemplateToaster differs from typical SaaS website builders. It is a desktop-based application, which means you will need to download the editor to be installed on your device. Some may consider it a bit out-of-date. On the other hand, you may access the program any time while no Internet connection is required.

Getting Started

To get started with TemplateToaster, you need to visit the official website and install the application. The installation process will take you from 3 to 5 minutes. During the installation, you may choose the preferred interface language as well as opt for a Standard or Professional edition.

The difference will be described a bit further in the Pricing Policy section. All you need to know about the editions is that the Standard package comes with fewer features while the Pro plan offers extended functionality to create fully customized website layouts for a chosen CMS. The final stage is to complete the installation and run the app.

Setting Up the Template

After you have installed TemplateToaster, you will need to complete several simple steps:

  1. Pick the CMS you will use with the template. Here you may choose from some of the most popular picks such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla as well as platforms to launch an eCommerce projects built on OpenCart or WooCommerce. Users may opt for popular blogging platforms; create content-based or small business sites depending on their goals.
  2. Choose a sample template from the list of ready-made layouts or start creating a new mockup from scratch. The second option is available for Professional edition only.
  3. Go to the dashboard and use the available tools to customize your layout.

Once you have entered the interface, you find yourself in the content management ecosystem very close to what we have seen inside the WordPress content editor or even Word Document.

We have a panel on top of the layout aka doc with all necessary instruments thoughtfully located close to each other. All the template sections and elements are placed in the left sidebar for easy access in ace you want to modify them separately.

The Editing Process

The editing process mainly relies on the tools provided on the dashboard. Here you may enter General settings to change the layout as well as the elements’ on-page positions. Users are free to change the sidebar positioning as well as the CMS itself. Here we have the Add/Edit Page button to create new sections or categories. Moreover, you are free to opt for another template any time during the editing process.

TemplateToster Editor

To customize the template, you only need to pick a zone you want to edit. For instance, click on the header to edit the text area, download another image, change the background color or set necessary dimensions for the block’s height and width. Users may also customize margins as well as texture, effects, shadows, etc.

TemplateToster Menu

TemplateToaster features drag-and-drop functionality in addition to its content editor. It means that you may simply move the section down or change the location of specific sections. The page templates come with pre-designed structure as well as H1-H6 headings, integrated paragraphs, button types, pagination, links, comments, and other blocks you may leave or delete.

The system lets you edit each section separately. Choose the template area form the list on top (sidebar, footer, header, elements, content, etc.) and edit them with a couple of clicks. The same options apply to each page. Simply select the page you want to customize form the left sidebar and use the same tools to edit them. You may also add as many new page templates as you need.

The process of creating a new page from scratch is almost the same. The only difference is that you actually design the site layout on your own without the necessity to stick to ready-made mockups. In addition, with the Professional edition, you will get full access to CSS, HTML or JavaScript to edit the template source-code and create exclusive web design, elements, blocks, and sections.

Go Live

After you have completed editing your layout, you will only need to export the template and have it uploaded to your hosting. So, make sure you have already selected a reliable hosting provider and registered a domain name.

TemplateToaster makes a good first impression in terms of ease of use. Newbies might still require some time to figure out how everything works. On the other hand, no learning curve is necessary. In addition, the website features tons of educational videos and tutorials for beginners. The bad news is that the app works only with Windows OS. No version for MAC yet.


  • No registration required
  • Fast download and installation
  • Drag-and-drop functionality

2. Features & Flexibility

TemplateToaster is not just a template builder. It comes as a full-cycle web instrument that ensures smooth further website operation. Users will benefit from the platform’s flexibility as well as extra options to create different website types from simple blogs to growing eCommerce projects.

Compatible with any CMS

The platform lets you create different templates and layouts for literally every CMS. All you need is to pick the one during the installation process or change it during the website editing with a click on the General settings. Whether you want to launch a blog or small business site on WordPress, create a digital store on WooCommerce, OpenCart or Magento, TemplateToaster will be a 100% match.

templatetoaster software splash screen

Drag and Drop UI

We have already mentioned about the drag-and-drop functionality implemented in TemplateToaster. Creating an up-to-date UI design no longer requires special skills or techniques. All you need is to pick the area you need, drop the block to the necessary position, and edit the content with a couple of clicks thanks to the inline editing process. It means that all changes are saved automatically.

TemplateToaster Content Editor

Flexibility and SEO

The system uses advanced web technologies to let users build templates that will run equally well on any web hosting. At the same time, TemplateToaster comes with the Bootstrap framework for developers who want to design exclusive features using HTML/CSS without switching between two platforms. The page templates come with H1-H6 headings and clear structure with paragraphs, which might work well in terms of SEO-friendliness.


The platform ensures smooth editor’s operation and automated updates that users get for free for a 1-year period. Moreover, subscribers have a chance to request a feature they want to see in the app. The feature is available in the help center. Describe the function you want to have a leave a comment in the relevant section.


  • Works with any web hosting
  • Integration and 100% CMS compatibility
  • Good for different website types

3. Design

TemplateToaster boasts with a huge theme selection. The platform currently offers 10 free template packs that refer to different niches. Here we have a blogging layout, a theme for small business sites, eCommerce templates, etc. They all have a preview mode. Moreover, all layouts are responsive and compatible with different mobile devices despite their screen dimensions.

TemplateToaster Designs

If you do not want to opt for ready-made mockups, there is a chance to design you on the page from scratch. The option is available with Professional edition only. Moreover, it will hardly work out with non-technicians, as some coding knowledge will be necessary. The key advantage here is the access to template’s CSS/HTML/JavaScript. You are free to design any element of your own and have it on the page. Choose the preferred programming language in the general settings in the dashboard on top of the page and move on.

Newbies will also have some extra options to customize the website design. For example, they may access a custom image collection to add favicon as well as add a custom logo with the hyperlink. The image editing feature makes it easy to customize the header images or icons.

You may add textures, implement various effects, edit picture dimensions, etc. Logo settings make it easy to pick the one from the custom logo collection as well as browse and download the logo of your own. In addition, there is a button to upload videos as well as the custom video editor.

To check how your website looks like before going live, you may use the Preview RTL option available in the “File” section. The function will automatically generate the website preview in the browser with all the changes you have made.


  • Responsive templates
  • Up to 10 free themes
  • Access to template’s CSS/HTML/JavaScript

4. Customer Support

There is a “Help” tab in the “File” section, where you will get access to the tech support of a program and links to tutorials on a free CMS. In the right upper corner of the app interface, there is a question mark in a blue circle. Having clicked it, you’ll get access to the exhaustive and quality system manual. Each menu point and its designation is described there as well as a guide on working with software from the moment of its installation.

Apart from that, you can get to the community forum, documents and tech support directly from the TemplateToaster “Help” section. There is also a blog containing news, recommendations, guides and other useful things. Video tutorials, links to the groups in popular social networks are also available there. Generally, the application provides users with quality informational and technical support.


  • Comprehensive guides and tutorials
  • Demo videos to get started
  • TemplateToaster community, forum, and blog

5. Pricing Policy

You can download TemplateToaster from the official website for free. The program has an unlimited trial version, which will make it possible to explore it in details before the purchase. You can create as many templates as you need, but you won’t be able to install them on CMS the program supports. There are two paid license versions here:

  • Standard Edition ($49) offers support of all the available CMS, free updates for one year, tech support, Bootstrap Framework, a set of ready-made templates.
  • Professional Edition ($149) provides an opportunity to create a website from scratch, remove _ttr CSS prefix, FTP Option, use custom images in the template, element level bookmarking, custom module-Positions/Widget-Areas/Regions Design and other options.
  • TemplateToaster Pricing

To enable all features from the two paid plans, you will need to purchase the activation key and insert it in the TemplateToaster dashboard. The Standard plan looks very limited in terms of features. You actually get a baseline platform’s functionality, which might work out only for a tiny simple website with the tight financing that does not require much of functionality.

Moreover, for $49 you actually get only a tool to create a template while advance website builders come with hosting, domain, free perks, a wider selection of themes at a lower price. The Professional edition lets you make the most of the platform including its full set of customization, optimization, and design instruments. On the other hand, there are some slightly better professional tools for web designers and coders that deliver more customization features.


  • Free download with no credit card
  • Free trial with no limits
  • Activation key to keeping the privacy

6. Pros and Cons

TemplateToaster looks a bit useless considering available all-in-one SaaS solutions as well as WP-optimized hosting platforms with all features in the plan and no need to create a template separately. On the other hand, it might be a good alternative to more complicated web design tools, as it still has some great features in the pack.

Easy to Use. Drag-and-drop UI.
Unlimited free trial.
Accessible without an Internet connection.
Good for newbies and dedicated pros.
The wide selection of editing tools.
Compatible with all major CMS and any web hosting.
Available only for Windows.
Overpriced plans.
Complicated for users from the start.
Download and installation are required.

  • Good for non-technicians and pros
  • Works great with best CMS platforms
  • The longest-running free trial

The Bottom Line

TemplateToaster might not be the best idea with so many ready-made solutions at a lower price. Is there is a need to pay $149 for a platform that does not even feature hosting and domain? Probably not. On the other hand, the app might be a good alternative to more complicated web design and programming tools. It may be used to test your coding skills within a free trial or try some of the website building techniques.

For newbies, opting for SaaS website builders or WP-optimized hosting solutions with all features in the pack might be a better and more cost-effective idea. At least, you will have wider options in terms of template selection as well as website management and support.

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