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Best SubHub Website Examples

SubHub Website Examples

SubHub – is a community website builder, which also allows starting other types of quality web projects. The platform is quite easy to use as it targets diverse user categories including non-techies and web design pros. This is a perfect fit for organizations and entrepreneurs willing to go online with their commercial and non-commercial projects.

The website builder delivers extensive eCommerce and blogging opportunities, making it possible to design these types of web projects with no special skills and coding expertise required. SubHub comes equipped with advanced business tools, which lets the system subscribers optimize their community websites for the search engines in the best way possible, controlling their statistics and analytics. Websites created with the platform are feature-laden and easy-to-browse. They let you cover a broad spectrum of web design tasks. It’s high time to review some of the best samples of community projects powered by SubHub to get the idea of what it has to offer.

1. Compliance Wave Library

Compliance Wave Library

Compliance Wave Library is a community website powered by SubHub. The project belongs to Steele Compliance Wave – a community organization that has been involved in creating communications for the Compliance and Ethics niche for over 15 years. This helps mitigate ethics and compliance risks via effective communication with suppliers and employees, initiate behavioral changes and contribute to global communication in different languages.

The website has appealing design and it is logically-structured to ensure easy navigation for each and every user. All the information is presented in the understandable way here, being divided into corresponding categories. When browsing the project, you will find out more about the organization itself, mission and services provided, basics of planning your corporate compliance program etc. That’s quite a nice sample of a website launched with SubHub.

2. Running Restaurants

Running Restaurants

Running Restaurants is the place, where one can get instant access to multiple tips, techniques, solutions and tools needed to generate more profits for more effective restaurant development. The web project is dedicated to helping independent restaurant owners and managers run their businesses, using multiple tips and resources (how-to articles, webinars, audio seminars, online library etc.) the website offers.

All information users might need to decide on the membership is available in the website menu. Just browse the sections to find out the content that will help you make the right choice. What’s more, there is access to the integrated web store here, where you can get some of the must-have restaurant management tools, including marketing and PR resources, books, manuals and checklists, webinars, operations, spreadsheets etc. All the items are in their places here, which also contributes to the website functionality.

3. Property Checklists

Property Checklists

Property Checklists is a website owned and managed by Kate Faulkner, who is considered one of the best independent property experts in the UK. She has decided to start the website to help thousands of users in the UK solve their property-related problems. With this very purpose, Kate uploads her own seminars, media files, workshops and other niche-related web sources that will come in handy to her visitors.

The entire website content is available in the major menu sections, namely About Us, Quick Guides, buying and Selling, Tenants and Landlords, Building and Renovating, Buy to Let, Finance, Problems and Complaints. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with recent website news and new content. Special attention should be given to the blogging section that contains lots of property-focused articles users will be excited to read. A good sample of a SubHub-powered website!

4. Making Money from Property

Making Money from Property

Making Money from Property is a website that belongs to Martin Roberts and has the intention to help property experts (both first-timers and seasoned industry pros) find useful resources to improve their skills and effectively manage their businesses.

The website abounds in useful resources that help find out more about specific niche basics. This is where you will come across professional free property training seminars, live webinars and online courses that provide visitors with all the must-have info they are looking for. The website also has a convenient store section offering quality property seminars and auctions for sale. All in all the website is quite simple yet convenient to browse and use.

5. Stable Select

Stable Select

Stable Select is an engaging online equine community, which offers a new advanced approach to boosting communication between equestrian trainers, students, horse farms and owners. This is a high end web platform, which makes it possible for trainers and farms to find each other, establish fruitful communication required for further cooperation.

This community website looks interactive and quite interesting to browse, especially for users involved in the equine business. The very first thing that captures your attention when you get to the homepage is the video background featuring horses. This definitely highlights the entire specialization of the project, evoking user interest for further website browsing. The website provides a drop down menu offering to pick a preferred option, which helps save time and effort. All in all, the website design and performance are on quite a high level here.

6. Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Sacred Space is the online studio, which is completely focused on Samdhaana Yoga. This is the place, where everyone (newbies and even Yoga instructors) can find those classes that match individual skills and requirements most.

The website design is simple yet quite appealing for everyone. The website abounds in quality photos that are niche-related and come up to the project specialization. As you browse the website, you will come across multiple sections to come up to any interests. These include Yoga Classes, Online Workshops, Yoga Teacher Training, Online Resources for Yoga Teachers and many more. Integrated blog and contact info are available where as well. This is what makes a project a worthy representative of the SubHub membership website collection.

7. Bekah Fit

Bekah Fit

Bekah Fit is a top destination for everyone, who is addicted to sports and wants to stay fit and healthy. The website provides unlimited access to multiple creative and challenging workout videos everyone can do even at home without any special equipment. The project provides consistent support, motivation, opportunity to customize personal workouts (their time and complexity), numerous tips, guidelines, recommendations along with nutrition info.

The website comes with bright and attention-grabbing design, example videos, workout for various body parts, core training features. This is required to motivate users to subscribe for Bekah Fit membership to get the most out of their training program. The project has trusted look, impressive design and high end performance, which definitely evokes user attention.

8. Doctor Diabetes M.D.

Doctor Diabetes M.D.

Doctor Diabetes M.D. is the diabetes-focused web channel providing the essential content on how to live with the health condition. The online resource grants access to multiple videos, articles and other related content to help everyone, who suffers from diabetes, keep the disease under control.

The very first thing you see, when getting to the homepage is the introductory video that tells about the main goal of the resource and lets you watch real patient testimonials, who tell how they manage the disease and overcome problems associated with it. There are also other videos here that provide the detailed info about diabetes, medical devices and medications, healthy recipes and nutrition recommendations, exercising options and other valuable info. Everyone, who wants to stay aware of all the resource news and updates, there is an opportunity to sign up for their mailing list.

9. Adam Block Studios

Adam Block Studios

Adam Block Studios welcomes everyone, who wants to learn how to create impressive images of the Universe via the use of high end tools and special programs. This is the studio, which grants access to the paid in-depth workshop course that helps explore the basics of working with PixInsight, Photoshop and CCDStack software.

The website design completely adheres to its major specialization. With a black background and multiple astrophotography-related images, it encourages for further browsing and captivates user attention. As a visitor, you can get access to multiple videos, galleries created by the website owner, Adam Block, extensive user forum and other elements that matter a lot for potential subscribers. All these features make the website a worthy SubHun sample.

10. AIR Bar Fitness

AIR Bar Fitness

AIR Bar Fitness provides active, healthy and effective training courses that encompass primal dance, martial arts and breathwork. This is what’s required to train your body and soul to eventually get sufficient movement practice along with energetic release.

The website delivers the exhaustive information on the AIR Bar Fitness course, terms of activation, guides and upcoming events. There is an opportunity to watch video presentations of the company and to read customer reviews to find out what exactly the course has to offer. Due to the integrated AIR Bar Store, everyone can get access to special offers the company is ready to provide. A quality sample of a quality SubHub-powered website!


SubHub is the all-in-one membership website builder, which makes it possible to launch and run quality community websites. The system also works well for designing other types of web projects, providing a set of tools that are a must when it comes to community website creation and its further promotion.

Samples of SubHub-powered websites reviewed above make it possible to find out what the system has to offer. They are not bad, encompassing all the features needed for a community project, but there is still much to be desired here. The website builder is somewhat limited in design customization and integration options, while its pricing policy is quite expensive for a community website builder.

So, if you don’t know how to create a community website and need a platform to get started with ease, SubHub might be a solution to try. At the same time, there are multiple systems, which are not only more cost-effective, but also more feature-laden to let you start a quality membership website.


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