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Strikingly vs Wix

Strikingly vs Wix

Strikingly and Wix are website builders, which are used to design all types of websites, starting with simple one-page projects and up to portfolios or web stores. Both systems come with distinctive feature sets and design customization options needed to cover a wide array of users’ needs. However, each of them delivers personalized functionality to match the requirements of newbies and web design pros.

A Quick Snapshot:

StrikinglyStrikingly – is a contemporary DIY website builder, which has gained worldwide popularity due to its functionality and flexibility. The platform works great for all user categories as it is intuitive, easy to use and quite convenient. There is no need to use coding skills to develop projects with the website builder – just follow the guidelines it generates to ensure noteworthy result you count on. Strikingly

WixWix – is the world-known all-in-one cloud website builder, which comes with a powerful feature set, integrated Wix ADI tool and advanced design customization options. This functionality is more than enough to let users create responsive high end projects that differ in size, specialization and objectives.

Strikingly and Wix seem to be full-featured standalone systems at first sight. Each of them aims at a certain user category, offering unique functionality and web design approach. Which of the platforms, however, is a more preferable choice for the prevailing amount of users? Which of them has more versatile functionality that can overcome the competitor? It’s high time to find that out in our Strikingly vs Wix comparison now.

1. Ease of Use

  • Strikingly. The website builder is known for its exceptional ease of use. Its interface is code-free and quite engaging to work with. The system is completely code-free, which is a great advantage to newbies, who have never had any web design experience before yet wish to launch professional full-feature projects. At the same time, Strikingly allows inserting HTML/CSS codes into website footer or header to create personalized and unique website design.

    Strikingly vs Wix

    Strikingly ensures easy and quick registration process, which can be completed with a few clicks only. You are just expected to provide your login details and pick the most suitable template to start working with the system. Due to the convenient and understandable WYSIWYG web design experience and in-line content editing supported by the platform, the process of website development proves to be engaging, fun, intuitive, fast and simple.

    As far as the website builder is mainly oriented on the needs and skills of newbies, its design customization approach completely adheres to their requirements. This is what makes the system a worthy pick for this user category. It takes around an hour or two to complete a project with Strikingly, even if this is your first web design experience ever.

  • Wix. The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its simplicity, intuitive web design approach and abundance of understandable tools needed to launch and manage professional personal/business projects. The system offers convenient WYSIWYG web editing experience as its visual editor allows watching the entire web design process in action. This is how you can control the result before publishing the website.

    Wix editor

    Wix is used to start and manage all kinds of projects. These include blogs, portfolios, landing pages, business websites, forums and small/medium online stores. The system comes with a user-friendly interface as well as logically-structured and intuitive control panel. All the sections and elements are on their places here, which will save your time and effort, while working on the project.

    Even though, Wix supports WYSIWYG web design approach, it follows the “absolute positioning” approach. As a result, you won’t be able to switch from the design you have initially selected to the new one during the web design process. This may pose a problem to first-timers, but you will quickly get used to the feature as you keep working with the system. Actually, there is nothing complicated about it – just be twice attentive when making you template choice right from the start.

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Strikingly vs Wix. When it tackles the ease of use aspect, both systems are worth the attention as they target beginners as well as web design prosl. Wix, however, somewhat beats Strikingly due to its simple dashboard, intuitive control panel that abounds in features, tools and elements that are within reach here for everyone.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Strikingly. The website builder is a multifaceted platform, which is used to create different types of projects, ranging from simple one-page websites and up to more feature-laen business projects and portfolios.

    The website builder offers quality blogging and eCommerce engines that make it possible to start and effectively manage a blog or a web store, where you can display your products/services in the most favorable light. These options are realized by means of integrating Strikingly Simple Blog and Simple Store widgets. When starting a web store, you’ll be able to create and manage product galleries, adjust payment/shipping parameters, edit and customize web store pages, manage customer orders, track inventory tools, export/import products from the CSV files etc. All these settings and parameters can be managed in the Order Dashboard section found in the dashboard of the web store.

    Strikingly eCommerce

    As to blog development, users will be able to create and modify informative full-featured blogs, add and update posts, link to social networks and other blog posts, enable commenting option, integrate media files (CTA buttons, videos, graphics, images, social bookmarking elements etc.) and complete other steps that will give your blog worthy performance.

    Another highlight of the system is the availability of marketing features it offers. Thus, the website builder provides an option allowing to use a powerful email marketing tool, which lets you effectively integrate with MailChimp. This feature, however, is currently available to Pro Plan subscribers only.

    Strikingly has also distinguished itself due to the integrated App Market that resembles that offered by Wix. This is the best destination for web designers looking for widgets and plugins that will contribute to their project performance. The most popular integrable Strikingly widgets include Business, eCommerce, Social, Document-related etc. Additionally, Pro Plan subscribers will be offered an opportunity to embed some of the popular website codes to get the most out of their projects’ functionality and design.

  • Wix. Wix is probably, one of the leaders of the web design niche, when it comes to the functionality aspect. The website builder impresses its users with design customization tools and features that can help you create a truly personalized and attention-grabbing website. One of the undeniable advantages of the platform is its integrated Wix ADI tool, which allows for the automated website development.

    This is a perfect solution for those users, who work with the system for the first time and don’t have extensive coding skills yet. What you are expected to do is to provide your business-related information based on the questions generated by the system. Wix will further analyze your answers and web design preferences to develop the project for you due to its advanced integrated Artificial Intelligence tool. You don’t have to be a coding pro to edit the project – just follow the guidelines to complete the task with ease.

    Don’t wish to work with Wix ADI? Then the website builder offers you another option – integrated standard website editor that lets you pick and customize a template as you need. It is you, who is responsible for editing desktop and mobile versions of your website to get the result you expect to avail.

    Wix ADI

    Similarly to its competitor, Wix allows picking and integrating applications and widgets from the App Market. There are around 300 paid and free plugins/widgets here and all the add-ons will, be a perfect contribution to any projects you work on, be it a portfolio, a business website, a web store, a restaurant website, a forum etc.

    Wix app market

    Wix additionally makes it possible to create applications without any programming knowledge required. This is possible due to the application of advanced Wix Codvid tool – the web app builder that does almost all the job for you.

    Finally, Wix delivers exception eCommerce and blogging experience. The system lets you set and manage quality blogs and small-to-mid online stores. However, if you intend to develop a hypermarket, Wix won’t be the best solution for that. Consider all these nuances while deciding on the project type you wish to set up.

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Strikingly vs Wix. When it comes to the functionality aspect, Wix is definitely the best option to go for. The system stands out from the crowd due to its integrated blogging and eCommerce platforms, advanced Wix ADI tool powered by the Artificial Intelligence, extensive App Market, Wix Code tool and abundance of design customization options needed to start a professional responsive website from scratch.

3. Designs

Number of Templates:19500+
Theme Cost:FreeFree
Visual Editor: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: NO YES
  • Strikingly. Template collection of the website builder currently encompasses 29 quality designs, which are responsive and customizable. The system allows switching between the themes, which means that you can pick another design midway through the website creation process. What’s important, you won’t lose previously submitted content, which saves your effort and time.

    The website builder comes with a convenient preview feature that lets you see the way your project will look on mobile and desktop devices. All the themes are thoroughly divided into categories based on the niches they belong to. This helps cut down user search time and contributes to the system’s convenience. Pro Plan users additionally have access to Mobile-only features, which can add functionality to their websites.

    Strikingly template

    One of the most impressive nuances that distinguish Strikingly from other website builders is the advanced Template Switcher, which allows texting and exploring the designs you might be interested in. Just activate the Preview feature and see the way your website will look prior to its publication. If you are a code-aware user, Strikingly makes it possible for you to insert codes to the footer/header of your website to give it a more personalized look. However, the system does not allow for greater design customization freedom.

  • Wix. The website builder boasts one of the most impressive and rich collections of templates. It currently encompasses over 550 free professional themes, which are responsive, customizable and quality. Similarly to the templates offered by Strikingly, Wix designs fall into thematic categories. Popular and new templates are also separated into groups, which helps narrow down user search.

    Wix Templates

    If you don’t manage to find the theme that works best for you, it is possible to pick a blank template and customize it from scratch. This is the surefire way to get a unique personalized website that absolutely adheres to your web design requirements. As mentioned above, Wix does not allow switching between the templates because of the “absolute positioning” principle it follows. Thus, you should carefully select the design you would like to customize right from the start.

Strikingly vs Wix. Speaking about design choice and customization, Wix is a distinct leader in this part of the comparison. It overcomes its competitor in the quality and quantity of templates offered, amount of design customization tools, freedom of template editing etc.

4. Customer Support

  • Strikingly. The website builder offers sufficient customer support options. It comes with the rich and informative Knowledge Base and the Pre-publish checklist, where you can browse all the questions you are interested in. The info you will find here involves text and video tutorials, multiple tips, prompts and recommendations on how to use the system. Additionally, there is a Community Section here that comes with the Blog, the Idea Forum and the Talk of the Town categories. If all the options the system provides do not come up to your needs and cannot satisfy your system-related inquiries, Strikingly makes it possible to contact its experts via live chat or email available any time of the day.

  • Wix. The platform offers stunning customer support options as well. The Help Center of the website builder encompasses multiple articles, recommendations, how-to guides, videos and tutorials. What’s more, you can access a large system forum that comes with multiple sections and topics containing answers to the most popular questions. Another support option Wix provides is integrated ticketing system, which lets users file their online requests directly at the website so that the system exports could answer them anytime. Wix boasts a powerful Knowledge Center, which also offers answers and tipc on the most widespread system-related issues. In case you are looking for more individual support options, the website builder lets you get in touch with its specialists by email. However, you may need to wait for a while to have your questions answered.

Strikingly vs Wix. Both website builders offer reliable and informative customer support options. They come with extensive Knowledge Centers containing multiple posts, tutorials, guidelines and tips on how to use the website builder.

5. Pricing Policy

  • Strikingly. The website builder has a free plan that lets you build websites to test the feature set of the service. There are also three premium plan you may choose from. These include Limited, Pro and VIP subscriptions, the cost of which constitutes $12, $20 and $48/mo correspondingly. Whatever plan you are interested in, you can test it at no cost at all during the 14-day trial.

    Strikingly also introduces discounts that make it possible to save big, if you decide to opt for the 2, 5 or 10-year plan and make a one-time payment. The longer the subscription time interval is, the bigger the economy will prove to be. With Strikingly, you can get a domain name for $24.95/year and if you need an email attached to it, the cost will constitute $25/year.

  • StrikinglyWix
    Pricing Options:✔ Limited ($12/mo);
    ✔ Pro ($20/mo);
    ✔ VIP ($48/mo);
    Standard Plans:
    ✔ Combo ($13/mo);
    ✔ Unlimited ($17/mo);
    ✔ Pro ($22/mo);
    ✔ VIP ($39).

    eCommerce/Business Plans::
    ✔ Business Basic ($23/mo);
    ✔ Business Unlimited ($27/mo);
    ✔ Business VIP ($49/mo);
    ✔ Enterprise ($500).

    Features:✓ SSL Certificate;
    ✓ In-built Shopping Cart;
    ✓ SEO Options;
    ✓ Chat Support;
    ✓ Responsive Design.
    ✓ Much Storage Space;
    ✓ Domain Name Connection;
    ✓ Regular Discounts;
    ✓ SEO Tools;
    ✓ Several Plans to Choose From.
  • Wix. The system offers a more extensive and reasonable pricing policy as compared to Strikingly. It also has a free plan, which never expires and lets you create the unlimited number of websites with it. As to the paid subscriptions, Wix has several plans offered as a part of Standard and business/eCommerce plans. Standard plans are as follows: Combo ($13/mo), Unlimited ($17/mo), Pro ($22/mo) and VIP ($39/mo), while business plans include Business Basic ($23/mo), Business Unlimited ($27/mo), Business VIP ($49/mo) and Enterprise ($500/mo).

    All the paid plans come with several payment options to choose from, increased amount of storage space, multiple advantages and domain name connection feature. One of the notable Wix highlights is the fact that it frequently introduces promo offers and discounts that let you save big, when purchasing even the most expensive plans.

Strikingly vs Wix. As to the pricing policy, Wix also holds winning positions. Even though, the cost of plans offered by both website builders is almost equal, options offered by the Wix editor are much more extensive as comparedf to those provided by Strikingly. This is not to mention hundreds of free applications the platform comes with to boost website performance.

Bottom Line

When choosing between Strikingly and Wix, there are several aspects to consider. Both website builders target beginners and web design pros and both of them are feature-laden enough to develop professional projects. However, the systems still differ in their design customization options and functionality that eventually affects the result.

StrikinglyStrikingly – is a DIY website builder, which comes with integrated blogging and eCommerce functionality, App Market, responsive templates and multiple features that allow creating all types of simple and complex projects. Strikingly

WixWix – is the indisputable leader of the modern web design niche, which comes with the all-in-one feature pack. The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its integrated Wix ADI tool, eCommerce and blogging engines, Wix Code feature, Rich App Market and hundreds of professional responsive designs.

Wix is the winner in all the parts of the comparison. The website builder has won popularity with millions of users around the world and not in vain. This is one of the most reputable, affordable and professional website builders available out there and it’s definitely worth using, if you intend to design high end projects.

Strikingly vs Wix: Comparison Chart

Strikingly Wix
1. Easiness9 of 1010 of 10
2. Features8 of 1010 of 10
3. Design8 of 1010 of 10
4. Support9 of 1010 of 10
5. Pricing8 of 1010 of 10
Overall:8.4 of 1010.0 of 10

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