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Strikingly vs Squarespace

Strikingly vs Squarespace

Strikingly and Squarespace are renowned DIY website builders, which deserve special attention due to their functionality, extensive customizability and affordability.

The systems work great equally for beginners and web design pros, offering a broad range of tools and features required to complete all kinds of projects.

A Quick Snapshot:

StrikinglyStrikingly – is a multifaceted cloud website builder, which has won worldwide recognition due to its simplicity that does not compromise with flexibility and functionality. The system is a nice pick for all users, irrespective of their web design expertise and skill level. You can use the platform to star standard and one-page projects as well as complex business/personal websites. Strikingly

SquarespaceSquarespace – is a DIY website builder, which comes with a variety of design customization settings, advanced feature set and tools needed to start professional portfolios, landing pages, business websites and small-medium online stores. The system boasts powerful eCommerce and blogging engines that make it possible to launch full-featured blogs and web stores. Squarespace

Both systems are worthy representatives of the contemporary web design niche, yet each of them has something special to offer. So, which of them will be the winner of the comparison? Which service can give you the best results in relation to the money invested and effort required? Let’s find out now. Fortunately, it’s quite easy, since the two site builders are very different.

1. Ease of Use

  • Strikingly. Fun and intuitive, Strikingly makes it really easy to get online. Its interface is completely code-free, but it’s also possible to insert the required HTML/CSS code into your website header or footer to give it personalized look.

    Strikingly Editor

    The website builder offers simple and quick sign up process and it’s also quite easy-to-navigate even to those users, who have not done that before. The platform supports in-line content editing, which ensures the utmost WYSIWYG web design experience. That’s another highlight of the website builder.

    Strikingly was created with the needs of newbies in mind, which explains its simple design customization approach. The very process of website development does not take it longer than a couple of hours, but the final amount of time still depends upon the type and complexity of the project you work on.

    What matters a lot here is that there is no need to be a coding pro to design a project with the website builder – so intuitive and understandable the platform is. At the same time, users who possess HTML/CSS skills, can use them to get the most of their website design and performance.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace is now running in its seventh version, which is much more intuitive than its predecessors. Nevertheless, it still has a slight learning curve that implies the need to invest effort and time into the system exploration.

    Squarespace Editor

    Squarespace is quite a complicated platform, specially for those users, who have not had any web design experience before. However, the system boasts logically-structured and pretty intuitive interface, the minimalistic design of which makes the process of system exploration and use somewhat simpler for beginners.

    The website builder supports the inline editing mode, which eliminates the need to switch between the site manager and the preview mode. Whatever edits you will make, they will inevitably be displayed on the screen so that you could see the result and fix the errors on time. When creating website design, you shouldn’t worry about saving the backup version of the project as all the changes are saved automatically.

    However, this feature has one drawback – inability to view the final version of the website before the publication. In other words, you’ll have to get back to the design editing mode to make the required edits and then publish the project once again.

    Squarespace Style Editor

    Another highlight of the website builder is its powerful Style Editor, which is convenient and easy to use for everyone. The Editor makes it possible to customize the pages of your website, experiment with objects, elements and sections available there. As a result, you will be able to create versatile web page types, including Product Pages, Cover Page, Blog, Galleries, Event and Index Pages etc. As a result, you will get a multi-functional website to cover the entire spectrum of our web building needs.

Strikingly vs Squarespace. When it comes to the ease of use, Strikingly beats Squarespace. Though the new version of Squarespace feels better organized, you still have to figure out how to do things, while in Strikingly, everything is right there.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

  • Strikingly. The website builder is a complete platform, which has evolved into a powerful service since the date of its creation. The system is currently used to launch and manage modern personal and business websites, web stores, landing pages and other projects that help users effectively present their services/products in a compact and visually impactful way.

    Strikingly comes with advanced eCommerce and blogging engines that make it possible to create and manage full-featured online stores and blogs. These features are realized through the opportunity to integrate Simple Store and Simple Blog widgets.

    Strikingly eCommerce

    When working on your web store development, you will be able to upload and manage products, set up payment and shipping parameters, edit website style, accept and manage orders in the corresponding Order Dashboard section. This is also the place, where you can track inventory tools, export order data to CSV files to simplify bookkeeping, process orders and complete other actions.

    If you intend to add a blog to your website, you will gain access to the following options: post adding, updating and publication, linking to social networks and other posts published in your blog, activating the commenting feature, inserting media files etc. Among the media elements you will be able to integrate, it makes sense to mention CTA buttons, images, videos, social bookmarking elements and many more.

    Strikingly Simple Blog

    Integrated App Market is another Strikingly advantage. When browsing the section, you will be able to find and pick multiple plugins and widgets for your website. This is where you will come across versatile Social, Business, Document-related, eCommerce and other applications. If you possess coding skills and have subscribed to the Pro Plan, you can embed any HTML/CSS/JavaScript into your project to give it extra performance.

    Strikingly also excels at marketing options. It comes with advanced email marketing tool (although, it’s available to Pro Plan users only). The tool allows for quick and easy integration with MailChimp. What’s more, it is possible to add user forms, contact pages and other website elements to certain fields. All in all, the website builder offers enough tools to build a noteworthy project.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace targets both veteran web developers and new users alike. It offers both a DIY editing interface and advanced Developer mode that lets users deeply personalize their multi-page websites.

    Squarespace’s feature set is very rich. It boasts powerful blogging and eCommerce engines, opportunity to add multiple contributors etc. The system also offers extensive import/export options, which allow importing blog content from popular platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Posterous and more. Additionally, you can import content from other types of websites, including Shopify, BigCartel, Smugmug and more. Content export to WordPress is also possible here.

    Squarespace eCommerce

    The website builder makes it possible to pick and integrate a wide array of widgets and apps into your project. These include add-ons and widgets for eCommerce projects, image galleries, restaurants and cafes, Google Analytics, social media buttons etc. If you are an active social network user, you can share your website content in popular systems like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Dribbble, Behance, Twitch, Yelp and many more. This allows for more effective and quick website development and promotion.

    Squarespace stands out from the crowd due to its Logo Maker Tool and Online Calendar. The system lets you design and upload your own business logo to boost your company popularity. You can choose any logo style and adjust the major design settings to create a one-of-a-kind logo. Speaking about Online Calendar, the website builder makes it possible to integrate the one into your website to keep users aware of recent news, events, updates, special offers and other information related to your business.

    Squarespace logo maker

    Other features that make Squarespace one of the most impressive systems in the web design niche encompass Google Maps Embedding, SEO tools, email marketing, opportunity of Team Cooperation etc. The system also integrates with Unfold, which is an advanced storytelling toolkit, which makes it possible to create and publish engaging stories for Snapchat and social networks.

Strikingly vs Squarespace. They key difference between the two platforms is that Strikingly is a full-featured website builder with an intuitive interface which makes it good for beginners. Squarespace, in its turn, is a sophisticated CMS that leaves much room for customization and growth but it needs much more experience to customize a website correctly.

3. Designs

Number of Templates:1967
Theme Cost:FreeFree
Visual Editor: YES YES
Responsive Design: YES YES
CSS Code Editing: NO YES
  • Strikingly. Strikingly offers a collection of 29 modern product-centered templates. These are switchable: once you’ve published your website, you can go back to the library and pick another theme.

    The good news is that changing the template will preserve all data from your page. Each Strikingly template comes with a ‘block’ content structure, so content is easily transferable between templates.

    Strikingly themes are all responsive and 100% customizable. Use the mobile/tablet preview option to see how your site looks on smaller screens. For the ease of search, they are divided into categories based on topics they are related to. Some of the most popular themes include personal, business, blog, store, portfolio and startup templates. If you are a Pro Plan subscriber, the system grants an opportunity to add Mobile-only features, such as click-to-text, click-to-call etc.

    Strikingly template

    The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its high end Template Switcher tool that lets you text and explore the themes you are interested in without content loss and restrictions. A convenient Preview feature, in its turn, allows seeing the result of the web design process in progress before you decide to publish it. Code proficient users can insert custom codes to their website footers and headers, but they will have to upgrade to the Pro Plan to do that. CSS code editing is also not allowed here. This means that Strikingly does not ensure extensive design customization freedom, but it lets you give your project a touch of personalization.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace templates also fit to all screen sizes. Their collection is bigger than that of Strikingly – there are about forty themes here, some created in collaboration ‘with a few of the world’s most influential people’. You can switch at any time without losing your content.

    Squarespace Template

    Squarespace themes have modern look and they are responsive in nature. Most of them come with unique mobile designs that are automatically adjusted to any screen resolutions and sizes. This feature is known as “mobile style” design and it’s enabled by default as you start working on your template customization. If you don’t need this feature, though, you can disable it any time. To have a look at the way your project looks on mobile devices, you can activate the Device View feature in the control panel of your website.

    Another design-related highlight of the system is its integrated Cover Page Builder. It allows creating impressive cover pages for any project you work on. What you need to design a stunning Cover Page is to fill it with content blocks of your choice, add business-related content, insert media files, edit website settings etc. Business subscription will additionally let you edit web pages by means of CSS/HTML code editing to get a truly unique website design.

Strikingly vs Squarespace. Strikingly is the clear winner here, especially when it comes to the ease of design customization. As compared to Squarespace with its overwhelming abundance of settings and design elements, Strikingly comes with simple design settings that are easy to adjust for everyone.

4. Customer Support

  • Strikingly. There’s a great Pre-publish checklist and extensive Knowledge Base that let users find answers to their system-related questions. This is where you will find multiple video and text tutorials with lots of prompts on how to use the feature set of the system to the advantage. As you reach the control panel, you will also encounter multiple tips to help you get used to it.

    The website builder boasts a feature-laden Community Section that encompasses the Blog, the Talk of the Town and the Idea Forum sections. What’s more, there is an opportunity to contact one of the Strikingly gurus over email or via live chat in the 24/7 mode.

  • Squarespace. There’s email support, live chat support, Squarespace help center and a community-driven Q&A website. Squarespace also holds regular one-on-one workshops that take place in their Customer Care offices in New York. They’re free, and anyone can attend them. The system also grants access to the extensive community forum, ticketing system, multiple webinars and lots of Tutorial Resources, which include informative videos, how-to guides and articles. If you don’t manage to find answers to your questions here, then you can get in touch with the customer support team via email or live chat available 24/7.

Squarespace vs Strikingly. Both site builders offer enough support options. As a more sophisticated platform, Squarespace provides more types of support yet Strikingly does not lag behind it at all.

5 Pricing Policy

  • Strikingly. There’s a free ad-supported plan and three premium versions: Limited, Pro and VIP. Their cost constitutes $12, $20 and $48/mo respectively, but the system offers a 14-days trial period to let you test the features of the chosen plan for free.

    You can publish unlimited websites using their free plan, but mind that it will come with certain restrictions. Strikingly lets you save big, when upgrading to its paid subscriptions. This becomes possible, if you buy a 2, 5 or 10 year-long plan at once. The longer the duration term is, the bigger the discount will be. The system will additionally offer you to get a domain, the cost of which constitutes $24.95/year. A domain with a custom email connected to it will cost you $25/year.

  • Squarespace. Squarespace has no free plans, but you can try it free during a 14-day trial period. Premium subscriptions range from $12 to $40/mo. If you want to start a simple informative site, the Standard plan will handle it. But if you want a full-fledged web store, then you certainly need the highest plan.

Pricing Options:✓ Limited ($12/mo);
✓ Pro ($20/mo);
✓ VIP ($48/mo);
✓ Personal ($12/mo);
✓ Business ($18/mo);
✓ Basic store ($26/mo);
✓ Advanced Store ($40/mo).
Features:✓ SSL Certificate;
✓ In-built Shopping Cart;
✓ SEO Options;
✓ Chat Support;
✓ Responsive Design.
✓ Free Custom Domain;
✓ SSL-Certificate;
✓ 24/7 Support;
✓ Unlimited Disk Space and Traffic.

Strikingly vs Squarespace. In my opinion, Strikingly’s pricing is more reasonable. First, it has a completely free plan. Second, with a paid plan, for $8/mo you’ll get more features and options with your site (while in Squarespace, in ‘Personal’ 12-dollars plan, doesn’t provide with so much benefits).

Bottom Line

Strikingly and Squarespace are both full-featured website builders that abound in options and tools used to start and manage professional projects. Each of them, however, has something special to offer to its users, which reveals the actual implication of the systems.

StrikinglyStrikingly – is a DIY website builder, which is a nice choice for beginners and web design pros. The system is easy-to-use and it provides an extensive feature set required to complete any web design task. Strikingly

SquarespaceSquarespace – is a popular and flexible cloud website builder, which is mainly focused on the needs of coding pros. The system is more complicated as compared to Strikingly in terms of functionality and design customization, while it’s blogging and eCommerce engines contribute to its web design efficacy. Squarespace

For the sake of comparing apples to apples, I must say that each site builder does exactly what you expect from it: Strikingly builds beautiful websites, blogs, e-stores and landing pages, while Squarespace operates as a full-fledged content management system for medium and large websites for developers. They simply target different target audiences. If you really intend to give preference to Squarespace, then it makes sense to use the open-source CMS.

Which one is right for you? It all depends on your needs. Nevertheless, Strikingly seems to be a bit more rational solution, since for the lower price it offers more. At the same time, it’s more intuitive.

Strikingly vs Squarespace: Comparison Chart

Strikingly Squarespace
1. Easiness9 of 108 of 10
2. Features8 of 108 of 10
3. Design8 of 108 of 10
4. Support9 of 109 of 10
5. Pricing8 of 108 of 10
Overall:8.4 of 108.2 of 10

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