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Strikingly Example Websites

Single-page website design is one of the hottest trends these days. It gets more and more attention from designers due to its overall simplicity, minimalism and laconism, which are also all the rage today.

Surely, one-page websites may have many shortcomings compared to their multipage counterparts. However, if built wisely and used for the right purposes, they can be a brilliant solution for many tasks.

Today we showcase some inspiring examples of one-page websites built using Strikingly for you to see how cool simple websites can be.

Example 1: We Should Hangout Sometime is a vivid, funny website by Josh Sundquist. It presents his new book of the same name in a witty and easy-to follow manner. Whoever created its design made the most out of Strikingly.



This website (or landing page, as it usually sounds) was made in extremely red color. What I understood only from the second view on that site was the way of the book order. That painting is geeky enough. But the general concept of this website looks creative.

Example 2: Nice Cream Factory is a fast growing food start up that produces high quality fresh ice-cream right before your eyes. Their website is an excellent example of a laconic brochure-like site that bridges the gap between customers and service providers in an elegant, uncluttered way.



It’s a very ‘tasty’ website. Especially when you viewing it in a hot summer. Everything is perfect – design, content, images and website layout. Another good element is that this startup shows on its page citations from authoritative resources like The Washington Post, CNN, USA Today and so on.

Example 3: JustSaiyan is an anime apparel company that produces and sells Japanese hit series Dragon to its countless fans across the globe. Mark Norman, the owner of the company used Strikingly to build his website when one of the first T-shirt designs went viral on reddit and he realized he needed at least a simple landing page to gather everyone in one place. And what started as a simple page is now a full-fledged website with its own blog and inbuilt eCommerce.



At my last review it was a simple landing-page, but now it’s a complete website with a store and blog section. The site’s store looks good. Here you can find attractive anime suits by your taste. But the blog is really outdated. If the site owners want of sales increasing, they have to work on that website’s page.

Example 4: The Data Science Book

The authors of used Strikingly to build a simple informational website about their book, which is a compilation of in-depth interviews with 25 leading data scientists who share their remarkable insights, stories, and advice. Through the website, you can get a sample, find information about the authors, read reviews, and of course order the book.



This landing page is near perfect, but there are some things need to be fixed. First, it’s the size of social networks icons – it’s huge, too huge. Second, it’s not complete contact form: the field ‘name’ is simply missing. And, third, it’s book’s reviewers’ opinions – it would be much better to make them horizontal – in that kind it’s more readable.

Example 5: Nathan Robertson, a multitalented traveller and accidental entrepreneur, uses Strikingly site builder to share with us his thoughts about risk, entrepreneurial spirit, and more. Nathan mainly relies on Strikingly’s blogging engine which lets him post media-rich articles from any place in the world that has an Internet connection 🙂 .



Nathtan Robertson’s website is a bright example how one-page website can be so informative and attractive. Probably, you can ask me – “And what about blog? How is it possible to make it within one page?” The answer is that Strikingly allows to embed such mean of communication as blog within ope-page website, and it’s really cool!

Example 6: Tribewanted is an eco-tourism group founded by Ben Keene. Ben discovered Strikingly when he  was looking to migrate his old website over to a new platform and had no funds to hire another designer. The guys behind Tribewanted managed to create their ‘probably the best landing page yet’ within an hour.



I can’t say anything versus this website. Everything is good: fresh and modern design, informative content and images. Good job!

Example 7: Mountain White is an adventure inspired clothing company that designs premium outdoor clothing and accessories. The website has a simple built-in shopping cart. I really love the smart use of whitespace.


Mountain White is a complete website, powered by Strikingly. You can even create your own account there to receive fresh news about new collections or discounts.

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