stepFORM Quiz and Form Builder Review

stepFORM – is a unique platform that enables small business owners from various niches to create quizzes, order forms, and surveys. Having the right software to publish your forms, you get an effective tool for collecting orders. Your website users, meanwhile, will receive a highly convenient method to make their orders, conduct the payments, and receive them. You, as a small business owner, can also use stepFORM to increase behavioral metrics and the search engine rankings, thus converting the visitors and growing the client base.

stepFORM works with any website that allows the HTML code and doesn’t require a user to be a programmer to use it effectively. Just like you build a website on WordPress or another user-friendly website builder, here you can make out of the interface without a technician’s help. Even if you don’t have a website but still want to use stepFORM, you can share the link to your form through emails, messengers, or social media channels. Just the same way, once the form is completed, you will get a notification through an SMS or an email to add any lacking features in the builder using your custom code.

  • Intuitive form builder.
  • Good for any business niche
  • No coding required.

Benefits of stepFORM

Being one of the most popular solutions in the market, the stepFORM quiz and form service ensures a series of benefits to its users. See what you will get by choosing stepFORM over other services:

  • You will save much time since the forms can be built on pre-made templates.
  • You will get convertible clients since stepFORM will lead only those clients to your platform who are interested in your offer.
  • You can significantly grow your SEO parameters by improving your clientele’s behavioral metrics and increasing search engine rankings.
  • You can find out what your consumers prefer most of all or what they like by placing a survey on your platform.
  • You can let your consumers get in touch with you through a contact form instead of calling by phone (for many users communicating by a contact form is more convenient than by phone).

stepFORM is an excellent solution for a range of business spheres and services, construction and repair sites, staff recruitment platforms, as well as the organization of holidays and events. For instance, if you own a real estate agency, it will be much easier for your website visitors to get straight to the options they would like and can afford than searching the entire catalog of apartments on your website. You can create a form to complete with the given options just like big hotel websites do.

stepFORM exemple

Just the same way stepFORM will help you make up a form for job candidates to complete. Nowadays, this is a far more effective and quick way of acquiring a new staff member than reading numerous resumes, sorting them, and only then inviting them to an interview.

eCommerce sites can use stepFORM to reduce lead loss when the final step of a purchase comes since they can add more interactions to the product offer. Online marketers, meanwhile, can catch traffic leads, collect information on possible customers, and organize email chains. Logistic companies can benefit from stepFORM by calculating their cost relative to cargo size.

Generally, those who need to collect customer feedback effectively and make the site more engaging and interactive can rely on stepFORM. And if you have a web studio and need to scheme well-thought-out forms for your clients, this is the most affordable and at the same time effective tool.

stepFORM Features

The online form and quiz builder comes packed with a series of great features that not only guarantee stunning results in the end but also highly ease the process of forming the tasks. Here we have the most notable features to show you what you will receive by choosing stepFORM over other form and quiz builders:

  • Drag and drop builder: To make the entire designing process easier, stepFORM has implemented the most convenient site-building drag and drop tool. This means you can move all elements to wherever you need them on the screen.
  • Multi-page forms: stepFORM allows users to create forms and quizzes that must be filled in several steps. This guarantees more accurate results.
  • HIPAA compliant: The service provides a high level of security for the collected data and protects the integrity of PHI.
  • Email alerts: Thanks to this feature, stepFORM will notify you once a form is completed and submitted.
  • Payments: stepFORM suggests the most popular payment gateways to collect the payments from your platform visitors.
  • Form sharing: If you don’t have a website or web store, you can share your forms on social media, through email, or messages using the shareable links and embed codes.
  • Complex forms: stepFORM enables its users to set up complex forms that have formula support, and other fields.
  • Form templates: If you don’t have any idea how to set up a form, stepFORM presents a huge collection of built-in templates catered to various spheres. They are ready to be used at once.
  • stepFORM integrations

  • App integrations: If you find your stepFORM package is not powerful enough for your goals, the service allows integrating third-party apps such as Salesfront, Google Drive, and others, to make your forms and quizzes more functional.
  • Survey templates: If you aim at establishing an in-depth survey but can’t figure out how to start, stepFORM has some survey templates each featuring multiple questions to use and build effective surveys without wasting your time.
  • Online survey: Whether you need to run your survey through social media platforms, email, polls, web forms, quizzes, or even posts, stepFORM will make it possible for you to set the correct form type.
  • Mobile survey: Thanks to this feature, whenever you make up a survey using the stepFORM service, it will be perfectly optimized for any mobile device whether it runs on Android or iOS operating system. This makes it possible to build and deploy surveys right on the go.

Ease of Use

To use stepFORM, you don’t have to download the software since this is an online service. Once you sign up, you can instantly access the browser editor and start building the forms, surveys, and quizzes you need either from a scratch or based on one of the suggested templates. stepFORM boasts of a simple and quick interface. And you need absolutely no developer or programmer skills to create and exploit the form you need. When everything is ready, just embed the ready form into your website, social account, or send your clients by email (more on this later). The company offers several options for delivering the survey to your target audience.


The signup form at stepFORM is very simple. You can choose either to register using your Facebook or Gmail account or provide your email address and then create a strong password. Note that you won’t receive any account verification email. This will save you time. Once done, you can start constructing the first form. Whether you choose a ready-made template or opt to create from scratch, you will be provided with enough tools to modify the existing layout or build a brand new blueprint.

stepFORM Editor

stepFORM my forms

stepFORM features a visual form editor that’s made of widgets. If you find the form lacks complexity, you can add it step-by-step thus controlling the entire look and feel of the form. Furthermore, any addition or change you make appears instantly on the live version of the survey or form. Each of the widgets can be cloned, configured, or deleted separately. And if you make any change by mistake, the tech support can restore it which is definitely a nice bonus.


stepFORM templates

Currently, stepFORM offers roughly 37 templates for forms to choose from, yet the array is to be expanded even more soon. These templates are created to meet the requirements of almost any business sphere. They look modern, attractive, and impressive. To get acquainted with any of them, just click on the image and see the structure of the form with proper images and questions already. Here are sections of the available crisp and professional-looking ready-made templates:

  • Popular
  • Auto and delivery
  • Construction and repair
  • Beauty and health
  • Realty and interior
  • Holidays and events
  • Economics and finance
  • Staff recruitment

Form Sharing

stepFORM form sharing

Now, when your form is already ready, you can embed it on your website. stepFORM offers a couple of ways you can use to share the new interaction tool. Let’s see which suits you most:

  • Link: If you aim at using the new form in personalized emails, newsletters, and other forms of messages, stepFORM will provide you with a link to copy and paste in the button property.
  • JavaScript Code: If you have a website or a web store, you are to copy the provided code and paste it in the respective section on the website.
  • Social Media: In case you want to insert the form or quiz you have just created on your social media account, share it with just one click. The available social channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

stepFORM Customer Support

stepFORM offers quite an extended knowledge base to guide new users into creating awe-inspiring forms and surveys. All the questions and detailed answers to them are categorized into several sections including how to get started pricing, interface, elements, publication, integration, customization, and common. This makes it easier to spot the issue you have faced or the matter you are currently interested in.

Besides the knowledge base, the company provides users with an email form to contact the helpful support team. It’s a built-in form where you are supposed to provide your email and describe the question in the message form.

stepFORM Pricing

stepFORM pricing

stepFORM suggests creating a form for free and only then selecting an appropriate subscription for the account. If you want to try out the service before passing to paid plans, you can make use of the free offer that includes 5 forms, 3 steps per one form, and 50 responses per month. The trial plan expires in 7 days starting from the moment you create an account. The paid plans, meanwhile, are schemed to meet various clients’ requirements and budgets, as well as unlock various possibilities. The prices by stepFORM are as follows:

  1. Beginner: Priced at $9.1 per month provided that you purchase the plan for a year (the monthly cost is $13) this plan includes 20 forms, 200 responses a month, 50 elements per one form, element styling, in-built and advanced stats, CRM integration, CSV and XLSX export.
  2. Pro: Costing $16.8 per month if bought for a year (the monthly pricer is $24), the tier provides the user with 50 forms, 50 pages per form, 1,000 responses a month, 200 elements per one form, in-built payment systems, custom HTML code integration, CRM integration, built-in stats, element styling, advanced calculations, etc.
  3. Enterprise: This pricing tier implies choosing the features you need and paying only for them. Obviously, it will cost more than the previous plans. The Enterprise plan best suits freelancers and companies that need exclusive terms and are ready to pay respectively. If you choose it, you will need to contact customer support to see what the service can offer you, choose the features you need with the volume most expedient for your business, and have the plan calculated.

Final Words

So, after we have made an in-depth review of stepFORM, what have we found out? stepFORM is a robust service with plenty of advantages such as good SEO, a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface and editor, a ton of elements and abilities to customize a form, multiple professional-looking templates, and an adaptive form design to suit both the desktop and mobile platforms. Furthermore, the service provides in-built spam protection and responsive technical support to all its users. The prices for the services are more affordable than those offered by other services in the market, while the 7-day free trial period is more than enough to get the feel of the service.

So, if you are searching for an efficient way to improve your customer or lead retention or make your platform more convenient for your website visitors or customers yet your budget is not big, stepFORM will serve perfectly.

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