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Best Squarespace Portfolio Examples

Best Squarespace Portfolio Examples

Squarespace – is a cloud website builder, which has won worldwide popularity due to its high end functionality, customizability and flexibility. The platform empowers website developers with creative ideas and long-lasting aspirations to start professional projects to come up to their needs.

The website builder is a perfect pick for artists, designers, photographers and creatives, who intend to showcase their works to the target audience by means of portfolio development. In this respect, Squarespace has much to offer to its subscribers. The system comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, integrable widgets, social network embedding option etc. that ensure intuitive, simple and convenient web design process. There are also multiple integrated features here, which contribute to the efficacy and quality of the portfolio creation procedure. These include Cover Page Builder, Logo Maker, Style Editor and many more. Such an impressive functionality helps create, update, manage and promote professional portfolios.

To discover the entire range of Squarespace features, let’s have a look at some of the best samples of portfolio websites launched with the website builder. This is the surefire way to define how exactly your project may look and what you can expect from it.

1. Arthur Korbiel Photography

Arthur Korbiel Photography

Arthur Korbiel Photography is a professional portfolio of a Canada-based wedding photographer – Arthur Korbiel, who has distinguished himself as a photography expert. Arthur offers professional engagement and wedding shooting services, treating each project with special attention, creativity and care.

The portfolio is the best proof of Arthur’s professionalism and expertise. The website looks gentle, niche-focused and informative. When you get to the homepage, you initially see a full-screen photo of a couple on their wedding day that stands against the blue cloudy sky. It looks really appealing, presenting the portfolio focus in the best way possible. As you scroll down the page, you will come across the detailed info about the photographer and some of his coloured and black-and-white photos. There is also access to Arthur’s photo collections – those that contain Wedding and Engagement photos. There is also the “Book Now” button redirecting to the corresponding Contacts page. This is where you can fill out the online order form or find out the contacts details.

To find out more about Arthur and his career, you can browse the drop-down menu, which grants access to all the required information. Special attention should be given to the Portfolio page, where one can look through wedding, engagement photos as well as films created by the author. Each photo comes with the preview option that allows to see the works in details. That’s a perfect sample of a Squarespace-powered portfolio!

2. Makisha Noël

Makisha Noël

Makisha Noël is a personal project belonging to Makisha Noël, a digital marketing specialist, brand strategist, speaker, event host and just a multi-passionate digital nomad. Makisha sees her mission in helping clients design and promote projects to take them to the next level. She does it through re-branding, brand development and strategy growth, storytelling, social media management and other brand development tools.

The website encompasses several must-have issues covered in several pages, namely About, Services, Portfolio and Blog. Each section tackles a certain aspect potential clients may be interested in. There is an opportunity to find out facts about Makisha and the services she offers, while the Portfolio page grants access to the successfully accomplished projects. The Blog section, in its turn, contains useful articles related to the major Makisha’s specialization. They are regularly updated to provide readers with up-to-date information they might be interested in.

The highlight of the portfolio, which distinguishes it from other suchlike projects, is the “Work with Me” section. This is where one can fill out the inquiry form, specifying the requested project-related details. That’s a handy option for potential clients willing to deal with the author.

3. Jayway


Jayway represents a team of web design experts, who develop custom digital solutions to help businesses evolve and increase their value. The company employs the best experts only, who use the latest technologies and design tools to create truly unique user experiences in web, mobile and cloud environments.

The website displays the portfolio of Jayway works that are available directly on the homepage. This is also the place, where you can view the list of the company partners and read their mission statement. To avail more detailed info about the team, their goals, values professional approach, you can visit other website pages, namely What We Do, Events, Labs, Blogs. For all those, who would like to join the team, there is a separate website section that provides a list of available vacancies.

Jayway website design is a merge of simplicity, elegance and style that do not compromise with informational value. The project abounds in high res images that stand against the white background and focus user attention on the message they convey. Website navigation is understandable and intuitive, so, you won’t get lost here. Enjoy the story!

4. Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes is a quality, informative and feature-laden portfolio of Lee Holmes, a professional film maker, producer, director, editor and motion graphics expert. Lee’s experience is really vast and impressive, ranging from the production of feature films and up to the creation of music video and cooperation with world-known companies like National Geographic TV & Virgin EMI or Harper’s Bazaar. This helps create positive impression about Lee, his talent and professional achievements.

The portfolio impresses each and every visitor from the very first seconds of browsing it. When you get to the homepage, you initially see full-screen images from the author’s collection. They don’t have any descriptions or pprevies that could help you discover the details of these projects.

The only thing you will notice on the page is the Enter button that will redirect you to other website pages. Actually, there are only two of them here, but that’s enough, when it comes to portfolio development. The About page provides short info about Lee and his main contacts, while the Selected Work page lets you preview some of the best projects created by the film maker. Additionally, there is access to the social network accounts of the author, where one can also figure out the missing details. This is an interesting sample of Squarespace portfolio.

5. Christine Gregory Photography

Christine Gregory Photography

“I’m in love with capturing love” – that’s the motto displayed on the homepage of Christine Gregory Photography users see when visiting the portfolio. The website belongs to Christine Gregory, a professional photographer, who resides in Virginia. Christine mainly focuses on portraiture, but she also does some photography on her own, which enjoys popularity with her clients. She admits that she loves to work with people and she has a special passion for capturing real emotions and special moments she can share with couples and families.

The portfolio is really amazing as it lets feel those special feelings revealed in each photo. From the very first second you spend on the homepage, you get the desire to keep browsing the portfolio to see all the galleries with your own eyes. And that’s no wonder as the homepage involves a full-screen black-and-white photo of a couple, which look so gentle, romantic and special that you feel the urge to see the rest of Christine’s masterpieces. To do that, you just need to activate the Capures button to be redirected to the portfolio itself. There is also access to Christine’s accounts in popular social networks, where users may find out more about her.

As you get to the portfolio page, you will also feel that special allure and unusual atmosphere, which is so typical for the photographer. This is initially manifested in the names of gallery sections, which sound unique yet so special. Thus, you can browse the following sections: Kisses, The I Dos, Moms and Dads and Babies, Living, A Boudoir. There are also Contact, About and Blog pages here that deliver the exhaustive info about Christine. That’s a special Squarespace-based portfolio sample, indeed!

6. My Random Views

My Random Views

My Random Views delivers interesting and useful information about Derrick Lee Parker. He is a professional photographer, storyteller, web designer and even kit flyer. This portfolio website is a special place for Derrick to share both his photos and life stories that reveal his personality.

The website doesn’t look intricate or overloaded with special features or design elements. Instead, it is simple, well-structured and intuitive – that’s exactly what most users appreciate about such projects. The homepage contains lots of small coloured photos taken by Derrick, which stand against the white background and look really alluring. There is also short info about the photographer as well as access to his multiple social network accounts, where everyone can find out more about him and browse his photo collections.

From the homepage, you can get to one of two sections – Pictures or Stories – with a few clicks only. The Pictures page, in its turn, contains several subcategories based on the type of content included. These are Pictures, Stories, Photography Lessons and About Me. There are also some of client testimonials here that help create the right impression about the author. The Stories page is the place, where Derrick can express his joy of picture taking, his hobbies, ideas and interesting life stories. It’s possible to sort out the stories by category here to find those you are genuinely interested in. That’s handy and convenient for everyone.

7. Hues of Comfort

Hues of Comfort

Hues of Comfort is a photography portfolio owned and managed by Nicole. This is the place, where she tends to publish her photography works and interesting entries about life situations and stories she would like to share with her readers.

The website creates positive impressions right from the start – it looks bright and attractive, which evokes the desire to keep browsing its other sections. At the same time, you won’t find many posts here as the major portfolio focus centers around photos taken by Nicole. However, that’s typical for this kind of projects.

The Portfolio page with an amazing photo collection speaks better than words. All the images are divided into galleries with regard to the niches they belong to. These include Streets, Landscapes, Mundane and Portraits. Each image can be viewed in details and each of them features high quality. This is the best proof of Nicole’s professionalism. Apart from the Portfolio page, one can access the Blog, Contacts and About pages. Social networks accounts of the photographer are available here as well. This contributes to the portfolio’s functionality and browsing convenience. Great job that is definitely worth the attention!

8. Sew Can She

Sew Can She

Sew Can She is a project owned and managed by Caroline, a mother of four kids, who adores sewing and admits that this hobby makes her life “more than just a day to day race to the finish”. She devotes a notable part of her day to creating unique things out of ordinary fabric pieces. Here, on the website, Caroline offers the best free sewing patterns and tutorials to everyone, who shares the hobby and lokes the process as much as she does.

The website looks quite simple at first sight – you won;t find any complex elements or objects here. Everything is understandable and intuitive to come up to the needs of ordinary users. As you start browsing the project, you will discover tons of information to help you succeed in your sewing endeavours.

Along with versatile free patterns and tips, you will get access to topic-related articles and even printable PDF blog posts you can always keep at hand and use when required. Users, who are interested in exploring the secrets and intricate nuances of sewing, can watch video courses available on a separate web page. A nice sample of a Squarespace website with an integrated portfolio section!

9. Angelarium


Have you ever heard about or seen a real Encyclopedia of Angels? If you haven’t had such an opportunity yet, go ahead to browse Angelarium! Created by Peter Mohrbacher, the project has become a significant part of his everyday life.

The portfolio represents surreal figures of angels, existing in global mythologies. The author creates their images in various surroundings and environments, dividing them into collections. The latter include Tree of Life, Watchers, Seraphim, Zodiac and many more. Each artwork is unique, which creates its special value.

When scrolling down the homepage, you will come across recently added images as well as the video representing the process of painting in action. This evokes user interest and encourages for further browsing. you can also get access to the Instagram feed of the project, newsletter subscription field and a web store, where you can shop for the most popular artworks. Quite an interesting and unusual sample of a Squarespace-powered portfolio!

Bottom Line

Squarespace is one of the most feature-laden and popular DIY website builders, which deserves to be included into the list of the best contemporary web building tools. The platform is functional and flexible enough to let users create different types of projects. Its feature set and integrated design customization tools, however, make it a great pick for portfolio website development.

Portfolios designed with Squarespace look feature-laden and visually-appealing. They come with all the required sections, categories and web design elements. The website builder makes it possible to create and integrate brand logos and cover pages to give each portfolio customized design. There is also an opportunity to upload high quality photos to create stunning galleries, integrate social media buttons, online forms and other elements that are a must-have for any professional portfolio. This is what makes Squarespace a worthy choice for everyone, who has an intention to start a project to showcase works of art or personal masterpieces.


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