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Squarespace eCommerce Examples

Webstores have a reputation for not featuring creative design, as their owners tend to focus on usability and conversions in order to maintain profitable eCommerce site, rather than the site’s look. While usability is undoubtedly a crucial aspect, the design can still be appealing, as our Squarespace eCommerce examples will demonstrate in this post.

Today we bring you six examples of eCommerce websites created with Squarespace site builder. These are well structured, aesthetically pleasing and could pass as professionally designed websites.

Example 1: Ryan Putnam Shop – the website was created by Ryan Putnam, who – not surprisingly – is a designer, illustrator and a potter. The first thought you have on your mind when you go to the website is “Huh, simple”, but the main idea is to focus on the products and works. Due to that simplicity you’re not distracted by anything, be it banners with annoying ads or bright colors. The website’s main color scheme is white & blue, and because Ryan is a designer his website is sticking to everyone’s memory. Everything is quite custom starting from the favicon and ending with the products for sale.

Squarespace eCommerce examples - Ryan Putnam

Through the website, Ryan is offering his graphic design expertise to businesses and individuals. The shop with his works and an easily operated cart system are the basis of the website, but there is also an About page where you can learn a bit about the person behind the website, find a brief FAQ, a contact form, the possibility to subscribe to the latest updates and news, and follow Ryan on social media.

The design is extremely simple, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

Example 2: Beatrice Kim

Next up is a website created by yet another artist. In this case, rather than digital art, she creates jewelry. Beatrice Kim’s jewelry has been noted as a pioneer of the “handmade renaissance” by The Boston Globe’s. That’s quite a characteristic I should say, but what about her website?

Squarespace eCommerce examples - Beatrice Kim

Well, I love the creative use of the slider, it gives the website a modern look from the start.. Every section has a bunch of beautiful images presenting Kim’s hand-made jewelry. There is no better way to describe the creative work you want to sell then to show it. The visual appeal is an important aspect of any artist’s website, and Kim uses this to her advantage. The ultimate style of the website is minimalism. You won’t find much text on the site, nor will you see loud colors. Everything is in its place from the contact form to social media buttons, from the press reviews to Kim’s personal blog.

The menu though, is a little bit illogical, I think it could be simpler and more accessible. But anyway, the website is still a great sample.

Example 3: Darren Booth, a website of the Canadian illustrator and lettering artist, who presents his portfolio in a simple, yet effective way. In my personal opinion all people of arts have something in common. Elegance, minimalism, a sense of proportion. Every word can be applied to Darren and his website.

The homepage is built using card design system – you just click on a card and get a detailed description of each work. There’re lots of white spaces and the background helps you focus on the works rather than on the website design itself. The website is very eye-pleasing and shows Darren’s capabilities as a designer too. There’s also a blog that helps everyone get to know him and his art better. Darren uses Squarespace Commerce to sell his prints. And what I like the most is an archive where you can find not only plenty of beautiful works, but also trace Darren’s evolution as an illustrator and see how it all began.

Everything is to the point, you can get to any section in a click, not a dozen of those.

In addition, I would like to point out a well-designed logo in the top right corner of the header and a fixed menu that follows as you scroll through the pages.

Example 4: Think Coffee is designed not only as a shop to buy high quality coffee online, but also as a place to learn more about coffee production. In particular, the website effectively uses the following Squarespace features: a newsletter sign-up form, blog, and shop. It’s good to have job opportunities and contact us buttons attached to the bottom of the page, no matter whether you scroll up or down. Their custom favicon is very easy to memorize, which is good.

Think Coffee

By incorporating pictures of countries where the coffee varieties they sell come from, you get a good sense of geographical diversity and assortment, and finding info on their company’s impact as well as using the website’s search bar is right in the reach.

While there are a lot of things that can be learned from Think Coffee’s website, there’s also some room for improvement. I wish they used photos of higher quality and it’ll be good to actually have illustrations to some articles. For example, in their travel journal section, which looks poor and empty with excessive amount of text, it’s very hard to understand the information, despite the fact it’s quite interesting. Also it’ll be good to have some pages in different colors to create visual interest and excitement with the help of contrasts.. Anyway, they did a great job to make their website look inviting and cozy, just like their cafés.

Example 5: Combo Nuvo – you may think that there’s no need for musicians to have their own website because nowadays you have a lot of opportunities to download any track you want from a music storage service. On the face of it, yes, it may seems so, but if you delve deeper, an artist’s website is a special venue which reflects the band’s personality, its music style, creates a special bond with the fans, and makes new tunes instantly available to people all around the globe.

Combo Nuvo

Combo Nuvo are enthusiastic and professional, so is their website, which finds a good balance between simplicity and valuable content. Each page of the site contains useful and relevant information presented in an easy to comprehensible way. I especially loved the way they formatted the About Us page which features artists’ bio and photos.

The band uses the built-in commerce tool to sell their music online which is available on CD as well as a digital download of albums and individual tracks. So basically they have a two-in-one website — a business card and an online shop. The only thing which is missing are social media. It’s hard to imagine a modern website without them, but it’s very easy to handle this issue. They also have a Blog page and a Media section where you can watch some videos with Combo Nuvo’s jazz. As far as the design goes, I can confidently tell that it’s so damn good that other bands should consider using it as an example. Neat and elegant, it suggests that the band produces feel-good music that is easy to listen to and fun.

All in all, in every aspect it’s quite a marvellous website, which I find very exciting to explore.

Example 6: Laicale – another beautiful website that uses Squarespace’s eCommerce engine is Laicale, a NYC hair salon.

What do you think about black color? No, it’s not depressing or melancholic. In fact, it’s stylish. That’s what you’ll think when you visit the Laicale website. Visit the website and see for yourself! The website features a rather professional design. Main colors are black & white, it’s a timeless classic which always works.

Squarespace eCommerce examples - Laicale

Another good thing about the website is that it has a social media bar with handy and convenient buttons. The only thing I believe they should provide is a direct Contact form. With it on board, the website will be almost certainly one of the best in the field.

Today, many companies and independent professionals take advantage of eCommerce to showcase and sell their products globally, and one of the easiest ways to get a webstore up and running is to use a site builder with eCommerce capabilities, like Squarespace.

If you’d like to be the next featured Squarespace website, just leave a comment below!

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