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Best Squarespace Blog Examples

Squarespace Example Websites

Squarespace – is a trusted website builder, which has gained worldwide popularity due to the rich set of advanced design customization tools, versatility of templates to meet various niches as well as high end functionality of ready-made projects. The website builder actually works well for the creation of different types of websites, but its feature set is mainly geared towards the development of small digital stores, business websites and blogs.

When it comes to blog design, Squarespace ensures ease-of-use and convenient website development process. The blogging engine allows starting quality blogs for users willing to host their podcasts and regularly publish informative posts. Among the most popular blog-related features Squarespace offers, it makes sense to mention geolocation support, article upload and editing, comment/trackbacks embedding, RSS feed integration, iTunes tagging, reblogging, social media integration and many more.

To realize what features exactly the website builder has in stock, it’s a must to have a look at some of the best samples of blogs developed with the website builder. It’s high time to do that. So let’s get started now!

1. Outdoor Goyo

Outdoor Goyo

Outdoor Goyo is the top notch destination for everyone looking for perfect, fun and engaging outdoor activities. They provide a full view of the coolest and the most unique events around the country, which are somehow related with the outdoor pastime occupations, arts, festivals, music etc.

When browsing the website, you will be able to read multiple posts about the activities most people are interested in. The articles as well as other website content are updated on a regular basis to provider users with up-to-date information and recent facts only. Each post comes with the open comments section, where readers can share their impressions, ideas and thoughts.

Among the menu sections, you will come across Activities (Water Sports, Cycle, Snow Sports, Hike & Camp), Journal, Calendar and Store. They will grant an opportunity to view the scheduled events and activities, featured stories and posts, maps, packing lists and other useful facts. To get access to the required section, reach the drop down menu to find the info you currently need. To stay aware of the website updates, it’s possible to sign up for the newsletter, join the community and connect to social media accounts. This is done with a few clicks only due to the intuitive website navigation and convenient layout.

2. Hotel Weekend

Hotel Weekend

Hotel Weekend encompasses a collection of travel stories, photo diaries and hotel-related memories that will be of great interest for travel enthusiasts from around the world. The project is a perfect source of information for readers, who would like to discover real travel gems – those destinations they will be fascinated with.

The website contains several sections, harmoniously encompassing an online magazine and a travel-focused web store, where everyone can order unique souvenirs (homeware, wellness items, fashion and beauty accessories) from around the world. The Hotels section delivers information and multiple photos of world-popular hotels, while the Travel section offers insider guides along with travel diaries that provide the detailed information about the locations displayed at the website.

The real highlight of the project is its Find Your Destination section. This is where everyone looking for a perfect place to stay can find the required and truly valuable information. For user convenience, the section is divided into several categories based on the preferred destination. These include City Escape, Beach Side, Mediterranian, Carribean, Mexico, Morocco, Under the Italian Sun, Honeymoon, Surf, Europe, Oceania and more. This is what gives the website its special allure.

3. Yassmin Abdel – Magied

Yassmin Abdel - Magied

Yassmin Abdel – Magied is a personal website of Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a Sudanese – Australian writer, social winning advocate and broadcaster. She has published several fiction books, essays and memoirs for kids and adults, which has brought her impressive popularity. The author has also founded several organizations for readers, where she shares her workshops and keynotes.

The website is fully focused on Yassmin’s professional activity, interests and occupations. For user convenience and ease of use, the project is divided into several sections, namely Video, Partnership, Broadcast, Press, Writing+Reel, Upcoming Events and many more. Just scroll down the page to find the section you are interested in and read the corresponding info.

The project makes it possible to read Yassmin’s publications, listen to the podcasts, view recent broadcastings, upcoming events. There is also the opportunity to read the testimonials of users, who have already visited Yassmin’s shows or dealt with her. There is even a video presentation showcasing the author’s story her fans will be interested to watch. For those users, who would like to stay aware of Yassmin’s news and updates, there is a possibility to join her accounts in the social networks. That’s a great sample of a blog powered by Squarespace.

4. Lee from America

Lee from America

Lee from America is a personal blog owned and managed by Lee, who has been a blogger for over 12 years. This is the place, where she publishes multiple posts devoted to her hobbies, lifestyle, favorite occupations and all those things that make her happy.

The blog is easy-to-browse and quite understandable. When you get to the homepage, you will be able to browse the posts that come with real-life photos taken by the author. It’s possible to cut down the search time by looking through the menu sections, each of which centers around a particular topic. These include Lifestyle, Health, Recipes, Travel, Music, Products and more. Each section comes with multiple photos and posts written and published personally by Lee. The search filter option also helps reduce the amount of search time, while access to popular social network accounts allows staying aware of Lee’s news and events.

For those blog subscribers, who wish to stay updated with Lee’s life news, new recipes and posts, there is also an opportunity to sign up for the newsletter. That’s very convenient and handy for Lee fans.

5. Scandinavialist


Scandinavialist is a London-based multi-faceted creative studio that focuses on interior, design and architecture. The website was founded and is now managed by Christina Forsberg, a Norwegian designer and architect, who managed to develop the online design journal into a creative studio with a strong focus on aesthetic view and modern niche trends.

The website has only three pages, but this is more than enough to create a single and distinctive vision of what the author wants to reveal. Having worked in Scandinavia and abroad, Christina is eager to share her experience and best projects that have become popular with her clients from different countries of the world.

The Studio page delivers the exhaustive information about the project, its author, contacts and access to social network accounts. For those, who would like to have a look at the best design works belonging to Christin. This is where you will find the detailed descriptions of the projects that will help you understand the author’s vision. Finally, the Magazine section offers multiple blog posts related to the Interior, Design, Art, Fashion and Lifestyle niches. Christina regularly updates this section to keep her readers aware of the recent interior design trends.

6. Creative Culture Tribe

Creative Culture Tribe

Creative Culture Tribe is one of the most successful samples of Squarespace-powered blogs. The website sees its mission in connecting ambitious ladies of colour to let them discuss the issues all of them are commonly interested in. women, who join the project, have different hobbies and occupations. They are skilled entrepreneurs, creators, designers, bloggers, who wish to find co-thinkers.

Here, at Creative Culture Tribe, ladies get a chance to make use of key online resources that can effectively help them boost their personal and business brands, which are on different stages of development, ranging from start ups and up to trusted companies with years of experience. When you get to the homepage, you immediatel;y get a chance to join the community by activating the corresponding button. If you just intend to find out more about the organization and its goals, you can get to the About Us page or directly to the Blog, where you will come across multiple niche-related posts. That’s very fast and easy for everyone and this is one of the major advantages of the website.

7. Marzarella Fitness

Marzarella Fitness

Marzarella Fitness is a New Jersey-based fitness club that was founded and is now managed by Chris Marzarella, who is a personal fitness trainer as well as the strength & conditioning coach. This is the top destination for users willing to avail high end fitness services, including personal training, online virtual training, customized plans for clients with diverse sports background and physical shape, special fitness plans for people over 40 as well as professional nutrition support.

The Blog section is informative and quite extensive. There are lots of useful articles here, which tackle various fitness and sports issues. There are also real-life stories of clients here, which have overcome various challenges due to regular fitness activities. The blog is regularly updated to make it possible for all Chris clients and just for people interested in sports and healthy lifestyle habits, to find answers to the questions they are concerned with.

Additionally, the website contains a separate Testimonials section with lots of comments published by Chris’s clients, the FAQ section and general information about the fitness club, services provided and contacts. Good job!

Bottom Line

Squarespace is a cloud website builder, which has distinguished itself due to its powerful functionality, high end design-focus and multiple tools that help get the most out of the system use. The platform is a great pick for all types of projects, but special attention is still devoted to Squarespace – powered blogs. It’s no wonder as these projects stand out from the crowd due to their informational value, appealing design, logical structure and intuitive web browsing approach.

Samples of blogs launched with Squarespace feature high quality, flexibility and functionality displayed in all the details and website elements. Even a beginner can create such a blog without any coding skills required. Adding posts and updating them is easy and quick. The same is about further blog management and promotion. All in all, Squarespace is a worthy website builder to start a personal or a business blog.


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