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Squarespace Example Websites

I’m sure you’ve heard many fantastic things about Squarespace, specifically about its state-of-the-art welcome page that is redesigned at least a few times a year, its high-end, polished designs and extremely friendly tech support.

Just in case that’s the first time you hear about Squarespace, let me inform you that it doesn’t offer free accounts. Hence, Squarespace customers are all paid users who have a clear vision of what they really want to build. No annoying ads or footer links, just your website and your brand. No spammy or abandoned websites. I like that philosophy. So let’s see what Squarespace-powered websites look like when published.

Example 1: Squarespace


Yes, you heard it right. Their front website, Squarespace is a regular website built using their own builder. It’s hosted on the same servers that their customers’ websites are hosted on. A smart example of a killing marketing strategy that is credible for customers. And I’m sure it works. Hats off to the team.

Example 2: Tokyo Bike

Tokyobike is a bike shop based in New York City. The company sells bikes that are designed to be light to ride with an emphasis on comfort over speed. These are mainly recreational and commuting bikes. The company proudly sells Ace Hotel LTD, New Balance LTD and Bisous bikes, among other brands. The website uses Squarespace’s eCommerce system. There’s also a LiveChat window and an information bar on the top of the page. The site is clean, easy to navigate, browse and buy from.

Example 3: Lyft’s blog

Lyft's blog

Did you know that was built using Squarespace? The transportation company uses Squarespace’s blogging engine to tell more about Lyft’s philosophy and mission. Each post can be easily shared via Facebook or Twitter. The blog has a simple menu with a vivid call-to-action button – users can download the Lyft app (iOS or Android) through the blog. Even on their blog, they don’t miss the opportunity to increase downloads. Great content, gorgeous design.

Example 4: Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway also uses Squarespace as a blogging platform. The layout of their blog’s homepage shows there’s always room for creativity, especially when it comes to fashion blogs. The blog uses lots of white space and large images making it easy to digest lots of info without even noticing that. The company understands the market power of social media – each page, including blog post preview snippets offers five ways to share the info – via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or email. This Squarespace examples shows how to make your content easy-to-share; word-of-wouth is still one of the best ways to boost sales in any industry.

Example 5: WIRED by Design Landing Page

WIRED by Design Landing Page

When it comes to landing pages, Squarespace is a brilliant solution. The new version of the platform (Squarespace 7) besides themes, has a library of cover pages designed specially for creating promo pages or any other one-page projects. A perfect example of these words is this landing page. used Squarespace to create a landing page with a registration form for their latest WIRED by Design project – a live magazine that brought together some of the world’s most creative minds. Looking at this site, you can convey lots of information through imagery and minimum copy, without overwhelming your visitors with lots of text content.

Example 6: Let’s Move Schools

Let's Move Schools is a very cheerful and vivid website. Its simple design is really easy-to-navigate and their screen-wide imagery can’t leave you indifferent. The long welcome page tells the story of the organization in an easy-to-follow way, without interruptions, guiding you from one paragraph to another. The well-chosen first screen image can involve site visitors in that project. Great job!

Example 7: Laicale

Lacale isn’t just a webstore, but a well-planned web presence of a hair salon. Via this website you can book an appointment and also purchase natural, animal-friendly hair care products. The website looks amazing and is even a bit Squarespace-ish in its layout, fonts and color palette. From this Squarespace example you may learn how to make rigorous designed website a near-perfect example of fashion e-store.

Example 8: The Shutterstock Blog

Shutterstock Blog

Believe it or not, but the Shutterstock Blog – is built using Squarespace. It supports infinite scrolling which is still highly trending amongst content-centered websites, like blogs and news resources. Simple, elegant and modern. You can see that even the largest web-projects use website builders for their sites. Why don’t you try to do so?.

But what are the real Squarespace websites characteristics? I’ve tested those Squarespace examples with Pingdom Website Speed Test and Google PageSpeed Insights and here’s the result:

#Website NamePing Time,
Mobile Page
Speed Score
Desktop Page
Speed Score
3Lyft’s blog1.6757/10065/100
4Rent the Runway2.2028/10026/100
5WIRED by Design Landing Page1.6546/10058/100
6Let’s Move Schools1.4361/10083/100
8The Shutterstock Blog3.1759/10075/100
Average Speed and Score1.9443/10054/100

You can see that despite Squarespace websites have fast loading speed (1.94 in average), their Google optimization scores are too low.

Squarespace is proud to showcase their clients’ works on their Customers Page. Visit its website to find out which recognized brands and personalities have chosen this platform to build their sites.

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