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Best Squarespace Website Examples

Squarespace Example Websites

Squarespace – is a website builder, which makes it possible to create different projects, ranging from blogs and portfolios and up to small and mid-sized online stores. The software is a user-friendly and easy tool for proficient web developers and for those, who lack web design skills. Its blogging and eCommerce features, responsive designs and abundance of customization tools make the system a nice choice for the development of your contemporary web design projects.

I’m sure you’ve heard many fantastic things about Squarespace, specifically about its state-of-the-art welcome page that is redesigned at least a few times a year, its high-end, polished designs and extremely friendly tech support.

Can’t decide on the best Squarespace niche? Wish to find out more about the websites you can launch with it? Then have a look at some of the best samples of websites designed with Squarespace to see what the platform has to offer you.

1. Shine Cycle

Shine Cycle

Shine Cycle is a cycling studio, which is dedicated to helping people lead healthy lifestyle by practicing regular exercising and body trainings. There is no sense to talk about the company objectives any longer – a full-screen introductory video available at the homepage of the website is worth a thousand words.

There is also access to the major website menu sections to find out information about the classes, instructors and schedule the studio offers. For those, who are not sure about the reasonability of getting the membership of the studio, it’s possible to book a free class here to try it out.

2. Marvil Fit

Marvil Fit

Marvil Fit is a fitness studio, which sees its mission in helping people lose weight, sculpture their bodies, become fit and reach their lifetime objectives. The website looks simple, yet it conveys the exhaustive information about the studio and the services it provides. The major menu sections – Home, Our Classes, Instructors, Schedule – make it possible to explore the services the studio offers to discover the variant that suits you most.

There is an opportunity to buy classes here by signing up for an account and exploring the terms each program offers. The FAQ section, social network account access and a blog with informative health-related posts will help you keep fit and stay healthy.

3. Paradigm For Parity

Paradigm For Parity

Paradigm For Parity is a coalition of business leaders, which focuses on generation of ideas to handle corporate leadership gender gap problems. The ultimate objective of the movement is to achieve full gender parity by 2030. The website was developed to boost this idea. It has strict trendy design and provides detailed information to cover the most important aspects. The menu encompassess several points – About, The Problem, The Solution, The Newsroom, Contact Us and Blog.

There are also drop-down menu sections to help you get the insight of the problem and contribute to its solution. Those users, who are interested in the Paradigm for Parity movement, may get in touch with its representatives by filling out the contact form or joining their accounts in the social networks.

4. Penny Burns

Penny Burns

Penny Burns is a family-run design business, which was originally launched by Penny Burns. This is a web store of handmade home accessories with unique patterns and fabrics. The web store presents several collections of luxurious home accessories, which make a contemporary statement in any interior. To place an order, you can browse through the collections of cushions, fabrics, textiles and other gifts.

Each product comes with original photos and detailed descriptions to simplify the choice. When ordering a certain item, you can select its special parameters like colours, quantity etc. Take your time to visit Penny Burns social accounts to discover more shopping options.

5. Aimee Betts

Aimee Betts

Aimee Betts is a web store owned and run by Aimee Betts – the Mixed Media Textile Designer expert, who specializes in braiding and embroidery. The design and colour palette of the website look quite simple at first sight, but the information they convey is enough to come up to customers’ needs. The bright photos of products clearly stand out against the snow-white background, attracting user attention. The Products section grants access to the major product categories to simplify the choice.

You can also explore other website pages to have a look at the completed projects, information about Aimee and her studio, workshops, recent news etc. To place an order, just find the product page, look through the details, photos and go ahead to purchase the item. This is a nice sample of a web store created with Squarespace.

6. Sandford PR

Sandford PR

Sandford PR is the London-based integrated Social Media and PR consultant agency, which specializes in architecture, design, luxury, interior and lifestyle sectors. They help businesses grow their productivity by launching creative campaigns and developing communication approaches. By accessing the homepage of the website, you will find out information about the agency, their PR and social services, clients’ portfolios and social media accounts.

The website is easy to navigate as users can access the required info either in the menu of the website or directly at the home page. Bright images of the main sections vividly stand against the snow-white background to catch user attention and encourage them for productive cooperation.

7. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz drives user attention from the very first moment you visit it. The home page has a wide-screen cartoon-like illustration designed in bright colours and urging the desire to keep scrolling down the page. The website was created and is now managed by Dallas Taylor, who is an executive sound producer specializing in the production of high-end projects like blockbuster video game trailers, promo campaigns, award-winning films etc.

You can listen to the episodes Dallas created and read their descriptions. Fans of the project can visit the Store section to purchase branded items there. It’s also possible to make donations here to support further development of the project, subscribe to the newsletter and cooperate with sponsors to contribute to the project improvement. A nice sample of a personal Squarespace-based website!

8. Meptik


Meptik definitely deserves special attention. Just visit it to get the feeling of excitement and surprise created by the amazing video website background! Having seen it, you won’t have any other choice but to keep browsing the website to find out what it is about. Meptik is an Atlanta-based creative agency, which sees its mission in the development of visually- impressive projects with a strong emphasis on content creation, interactive installations, projection mapping etc.

The company portfolio is as impressive as the entire website design. Browse the work and services sections to get the idea of what they are doing. Are you interested in further cooperation? Then reach the Contacts page to find out the physical location of the studio, sign up for the newsletter or drop a line to the company representatives. This is one of the most impressive samples of Squarespace websites!

9. New Eco Landscape Design & Build

New Eco Landscape Design and Build

For all users, who are interested in landscape design and creative ideas, New Eco Landscape Design & Build will be a nice place to visit. This is the website of the New Eco studio, which is involved in designing and maintaining landscapes in New York and the surrounding locations. The website looks creative and unique as well. With its full-size image slider, rich and detailed project gallery and services description, it deserves the attention of users looking for creative and eco-friendly landscape design ideas.

Bright and saturated project photos stunningly stand out against the white background, emphasizing the major sphere of interest of the company. The website definitely deserves user attention, being one of the most attractive samples of projects developed with Squarespace.

10. Squarespace


Yes, you heard it right – Squarespace. Their front website, Squarespace is a regular website built using their own builder. It’s hosted on the same servers that their customers’ websites are hosted on. A smart example of a killing marketing strategy that is credible for customers. And I’m sure it works. Hats off to the team.

11. Turner Entertainment International

Turner Entertainment International

Turner International is a company that manages the video versions of the most popular Turner brands, namely TNT, CNN, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, TCM Turner Classic Movies along with several location-specific businesses and networks based in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. It also has partnership relations with Warner Bros. and HBO. Their website completely comes up to the major business focus of the company and it’s definitely interesting to browse for each and every movie fan.

The website captures user attention from the very first sight as the homepage contains large photos of popular TV series posters/actors. There is also precise yet informative and detailed information about the company and its status. As you scroll down the page, you will come across videos of shows and trailers the company manages. This gives the project entertaining and interactive focus, which encourages for further browsing. More videos and business news are available in the corresponding website sections – Shows & Trailers as well as News.

Design and structure of the website are logical and concise. All the elements are on their places here and there is quick access to the main website pages. Black and white colors dominate in the color palette of the website, which gives it attractive, credible and professional look.

12. Mask Match

Mask Match

Mask Match is quite an unusual website because of its noble mission – to provide healthcare workers with medical masks that have become a must in the pandemic environment. The website was founded by the group of volunteers, who encourage everyone to is a top destination for everyone, who wants to send masks to healthcare workers without the need to leave the house. All in all, they have already delivered over 820 000 masks to users across the globe and that’s not the end.

Based on its goal, the website has only three pages – I Need Masks, I Have Masks and FAQ. That’s all you need to join and use the project. The entire interface of the website is intuitive and easy-to-use. Just scroll down the homepage to find out useful info about the project and volunteers taking part in it, news about it in the media sources, user reviews, pictures of recipients, contacts etc. There is also access to social media buttons here that grant access to the groups of the project in social networks.

Website design is simple yet elegant and strict at a time. You won’t find any extra images or interactive elements here – that’s not the main goal of the project. Instead, you will come across only useful info adhering to the website topic and specialization. The site is worth the attention, indeed!

13. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development

The name of the organization – Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development – speaks for itself. This is an independent non-profit academic research center functioning on the basis of Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. The organization sees its mission in providing the data-driven analysis to help drug manufacturers and policy makers boost the efficacy of their research and development. The website of the center looks trusted, impressive and compliant with the major objective of the organization.

When you get to the homepage, you are offered explicit information about the center, its history, goals and general facts. There are also recent Twitter posts about the center and its work as well as contacts and social network buttons available in the footer for quick contact with the representatives of the organization.

The website has several pages, which deliver the exhaustive information about its mission, tasks, completed work and other significant issues. The drop down menu is quite extensive and includes such sections as About, Courses & Training, Publications, Research, CSDD News and even a Webstore, where you can shop for center-related items. All in all, this is an awesome sample of a professional website launched with Squarespace.

14. Laicale


Laicale isn’t just a webstore, but a well-planned web presence of a hair salon. Via this website you can book an appointment and also purchase natural, animal-friendly hair care products. The website looks amazing and is even a bit Squarespace-ish in its layout, fonts and color palette. From this Squarespace example you may learn how to make rigorous designed website a near-perfect example of fashion e-store.

15. Welcome to Winona

Welcome to Winona

Welcome to Winona is the online project that tells about the like-named photo book, which was directed by a popular Hollywood star Winona Ryder. The book describes the life story of the actress and contains many photos of her native town, which is also called Winona. What’s interesting, every copy of the book is signed personally by Winona Ryder, while all the budget obtained while selling it, goes directly to the American Indian College Fund.

When you land on the homepage, you can’t but notice the full-screen video background depicting one of the scenes from the movie with Winona Ryder. That’s one of the highlights of the website, which undoubtedly captates user attention. When staying on the homepage, you can choose one of two possible steps – either to watch the films with the actress or go to the website pages that provide detailed information about the book, the actress and the place, where she grew up. The website abounds in bright real photos of the location and this is another feature users like about the project.

For all those users, who have the desire to buy the book, the website grants access to the “Buy the Book” page, where they can order it. This eCommerce feature adds to the website’s performance and functionality.

16. She Does Him

She Does Him

She Does Him is a fashion-focused project run and managed by Allison Graham – the Jamaica born lesbian woman, who has her own vision of menswear and life. Just like the website owner, the project looks unique and somewhat unusual. It’s designed in the light grey and white colour palette, which gives it smooth and calm design. There are also many bright images here, which vividly stand against the white background and drive the attention of users to the posts Allison publishes at the website.

To get the insight of the project and the story told by its owner, users have an opportunity to browse the web pages. These include Home, Fashion, Travel, Projects and Contact. This is where they can find out more about the fashion ideas presented by Allison and the project she runs. For those, who have the desire to buy some of the brand clothes she designs, there is access to the separate “The Man of Her Dreams” shop page. That’s where everyone can place the order and get brand clothes from Allison. Such functionality makes the project a pretty nice blend of a standard website with a web store connected to it – a great idea from Squarespace developers!

17. Alissa Bell

Alissa Bell

Alissa Bell is a modern custom stationery studio opened and run by Alissa Bell. The studio is committed to providing quality contemporary paper products, which feature uncommon style, have unique design and infuse luxury into all the everyday and special life moments. All the products designed by the studio look outstanding and one-of-a-kind – just like the website!

When you get to the website, you land on the homepage, offering two options – you can either access further website pages or shop the collection the studio offers for sale. Both options are handy and convenient and both of them are within reach for everyone. While exploring the website, you can find out general info about the studio, view its lookbook, read the author’s diary and, finally, place the order with a few clicks only. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact the owner or studio managers via the Contacts section or look through the FAQs to find the answers there. All the options are at hand here, which is convenient for any user.

As to the website design, it is light and gentle. White, light grey and pink colours prevail in the majority of website elements. This is what gives the project appealing, tender and even somewhat romantic feel.

18. Jules Davies

Jules Davies

Jules Davies is a professional online portfolio, which speaks for itself. You won’t find much text or posts here – just photos, dozens of which are presented on all the pages. The portfolio belongs to Jules Davies – a photographer, who has much to offer to each client.

The website is structurally simple and intuitive. There are several pages here, which contain a series of photos divided into thematic categories, including Lifestyle+Outdoor, Editorial and Fashion. Each photo available here comes with a convenient preview option that makes it possible to view it in details.

One of the distinctive features of the website is the fact that all the photos (which are bright and clear) are published against the snow white background. This focuses user attention on images without distracting to other non-important elements. Ready to get in touch with the photographer? Then go ahead to access the Contact page, where you can leave your inquiries by submitting the online form or get in touch with Jules in person by sending the email. As you see, a professional portfolio doesn’t require long descriptions or many posts – quality photos always speak louder than a thousand words!

19. Joshua Kissi

Joshua Kissi

Joshua Kissi is a Ghanaian-American professional entrepreneur, who now resides and works in New York. He focuses on creative direction, photography and storytelling projects realized through the conjunction of technology and art.

The website is a vivid and quality presentation of Joshua’s creativity and talent. There are only three pages here, but this is quite enough to tell the major information about the entrepreneur. When browsing the Company page, you will find out more about the Street Etiquette – the creative agency started and run by Joshua Kissi and his partner. The Portfolio gives the insight of Joshua’s photography talent. This is where you can view multiple photos taken by him, which are available in four sections, namely Commercial, Editorial, Personal and Motion.

Finally, the Connect section provides the opportunity to get in touch with Joshua to discuss cooperation opportunities or other issues with him. That’s a quality Squarespace-based portfolio sample, which is definitely worth user attention.

20. Katana Kitten

Katana Kitten

Another sample of a professional project launched with Squarespace is Katana Kitten. This is the website of the New York-based cocktail bar, which is included into the world’s 50 best bars list.

The bar has the Japanese motives manifested in its design, traditional dishes and beverages served there and other elements. The same Japanese-inspiredtendency in traced in its website. Black, white and red colours dominate in the design here, which is also typical for Japanese culture. The website also includes special fonts, styles and design elements that create the unique atmosphere of this country.

Special attention should be given to the menu the bar offers. It is available directly on the homepage to be always within reach for the clients. All the dishes come with the list of ingredients and there is also a photo library of the most popular menu items. The photos stand out from the crowd due to their bright colors that just can’t but attract the attention of users. For all those, who are interested in testing the dishes in person, the website offers detailed contact data along with the integrated Google Maps widget that simplifies the search of the location. The website is one of the best Squarespace samples available in the collection!

21. Love For Our Elders

Love For Our Elders

Love For Our Elders. is a non-profit website, which pursues a noble goal – to send letters to elder people not to let them feel lonely. This has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people around the globe have become even more isolated than ever before. The charity organization was founded in 2013 by Jacob Cramer after his grandpa’s death and it has mailed hundreds of thousands of letters to senior communities since that time.

The website itself looks simple and inspiring. Its light white and violet colours create a soothing impression, encouraging users for further browsing. When exploring the website pages, you will find out more about the organization, its mission, team, project, resources and contacts. There is a separate page, where you can individually record a video letter to an elder and another page, where you can view the storybook of real life stories of people, who have got these special messages and the roles they have played in their lives.

Finally, the website has special pages for those, who wish to donate to the project and to buy some brand accessories to invest into the website development. “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” – that’s the motto of the project, which absolutely complies with its mission. A great sample of a non-profit website powered by Squarespace!

22. Stokes Kennedy

Stokes Kennedy

Stokes Kennedy represents the life and motherhood of two women, who have created a dual-mom blended family and wish to share their experience with those, who have the same views and life approach. They have created a unique space online with the only goal: to create financial and intellectual wealth for suchlike families to support their intention to live the life they deserve and dream of.

The website tells the story of a couple, their life views and goals they share. There is a separate Blog page here, where they post articles about motherhood, news and events they would like to share with the community. If you wish to collaborate with the website owners to contribute to their project development, get access to the corresponding page to contact them anytime.

Are you interested in shopping at the Stokes Kennedy Art Studio to get original and limited edition prints and abstract artworks they create and sell? Reach the Shop section to place an order there. All in all, this is quite an interesting and unique sample of a Squarespace-powered website!

Bottom Line

Squarespace is a distinguished name in the contemporary web building niche. This is an easy to use yet functional website builder, offering plenty of design and promotion tools, eCommerce and marketing features (see also Squarespace store examples). It can be used to develop different types of websites, ranging from simple landing pages and personal websites and up to web stores and complex portfolios.

The samples of websites developed with the website builder are the best proof of this fact. They have decent and impressive designs, with bright high quality images, functional and easy-to-navigate website structure, clear layouts and intuitive interfaces. You don’t have to be a coding expert to be able to launch websites on your own. With Squarespace, you’ll cope with that with no hassle at all. Just sign up for the website builder and make sure yourself.


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