Square Review

Square Review

Square – is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in the payment processing arena. The company delivers state-of-the-art merchants’ solutions to sell products both online and physically. Square boasts its award-winning point of sale solution as well as some other great products delivered out of the box.

After the company has acquired Weebly back in 2018, it has rolled out its new online store package to let uses build full-scale digital stores from the ground without coding. As a result, users will benefit from advanced Square payment processing tools for business of any size delivered within the Weebly website building ecosystem.

We are actually reviewing a non-typical symbiosis of two different platforms with Square as a backend option to fine-tune your store on the one side and Weebly as a fully manageable website builder on the other. Will that symbiosis work? Let’s find it out.

Pros and Cons

In this section, we will not consider the building process, as Square is not a website builder itself. We will mainly focus on the eCommerce features it delivers to low and medium-volume merchants in particular.

Square pros:
Square Cons:
Free plan available.
No fees on the first $500 processed online.
Good for newbies and non-technicians.
Recognizable and trusted brand name.
Combines payment processing and eCommerce tools.
A few customization options.
Limited template and design tool selection.
Does not work for huge online stores and digital marketplace.
Square Review
  • Integrated eCommerce backend solution.
  • Used by merchants all over the globe.
  • Good for any business niche.

What Is It Good for?

It is fair to say that Square has democratized the space of payment processing in some way. It has become a flexible solution that can be applied both off and online. Every person is able to sign up for the platform and start selling products despite the location. Besides, it will work just fine for a range of different companies and businesses that specialize in various fields.

Despite all flexibility delivered by Square, its online store solution will mainly work for small and medium businesses. It is not that good for large-volume enterprises or huge global marketplaces.

The good thing here is that integration with the Weebly web ecosystem has certainly added some flexibility to the initial Square solution. For this reason, users will benefit from a set of handy tools that include marketing, promotion, analytics, and more while comprehending online selling is still the primary target for the platform.

Here are several Square examples that make it clear how the system looks like when integrated with Weebly.

1. Williams Nursery

Williams Nursery

A good example of a small local-based plant store built using Square functionality. The shop itself has been launched back in 1920. Since that time, it has been delivering its high-quality products for over four generations. The website features a simple and easy-to-use checkout functionality and simple design, which is not always bad, especially for the online shop.

2. Pessos’s Ices & Ice Cream

Pessos’s Ices & Ice Cream

As we have stated earlier, Square mainly works for small-volume shops. Once again, here we have an example of a local ice-cream shop with standard functionality and a well-developed promotion campaign. Customers can benefit from gift cards, special deals, loyalty programs, reward points, and a variety of stickers and merchandize launched with Square tools to improve customers’ loyalty.

3. The Green Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy

The shop sells nutrition and supplements for people who try to keep fit or look for improved wellbeing. The products feature high quality and meet all the necessary standards. The catalog is divided into categories with dozens of goods to choose from. Here we can also see free shipping options and other special deals.

Ease of Use

Square eCommerce tool was designed to help newbies create online stores with no coding. It means an intuitive interface and an easy-to-understand building process. Once we are talking about using the platform together with Weebly, non-technicians will never face difficulties when creating, customizing, or setting the shop before going live.

Getting Started

To use the tool, you are supposed to have both Square and Weebly valid accounts. Learn how to sign in to Weebly in our detailed website builder review. You will need it, as integration with Square is available for all paid plans including Premium and Pro. Simply pick the plan that meets your business needs and start using the tool.

Square create accaunt

You will also need to create a new Square account. The registration process can be a bit more time-consuming.

At the first stage, you will have to indicate your email, password, and country you are going to operate in. Then the system will; ask you to provide additional info about your future store. It includes:

  • Business type and category;
  • Payment options you can accept;
  • Business (shop) name;
  • Contact details and info.

Users can skip some of the fields and fill them in later during the customization process.

Square tell about your business

Square Dashboard

Once you have completed the registration, you will find yourself inside the Square dashboard. Here you can manage general settings, add new locations in case you deal with physical sites, manage customers, and view reports, so on. Users actually have a kind of eCommerce control panel that makes it easy to manage and fine-tune the store.

Square Dashboard

However, you will not see design or customization instruments here. As we have stated earlier, Square is not a website builder. It is mainly a backend eCommerce tools that can be integrated into a Weebly or another platform (it can also be integrated with WooCommerce and BigCommerce).

Integration with Weebly

To connect accounts and enable the integration, you need to choose a “custom Billing Design” feature inside your Square dashboard. Here we can see three major options discussed earlier. Click on Weebly and the system will direct you to the software control panel with a set of customization and design tools, ready-to-use templates, widgets, and other features delivered by the website builder.

Square Integration with Weebly

Users will have two major options. They can either create a single-page web store for the medium web presence of a multi-page digital store with advanced features. The rest of the building process mainly relies on Weebly functionality. What we can say here, is that the process is easy even for non-technicians. Ready-made templates look good. You may select any of the responsive themes and connect your Square solution to process payments online.

Square online store by Weebly

Product Management

After you have integrated Square into Weebly, all major actions will be done inside the website builder. Here you will be able to add and manage products, set item titles, descriptions, or images. Users will also be able to set SEO settings for each product page as well as track sales, traffic, and revenue using a custom dashboard. In other words, the website builder does everything related mainly to web design and shop analytics.

Square is to handle the inner shop management. You will be able to control employees, manage invoices, monitor customers, generate clients’ info, create gift cards, enable virtual terminals, and more. It is high time we had a look under the hood to see what features Square users may access.

Features & Flexibility

Square was designed with all types of merchants in mind. It comes with a bunch of tools to help people send online and physical goods. Users will appreciate various features for enhanced payment processing, inventory management, powerful reporting, and more.

Product Import

The feature lets you keep your products and inventory updated automatically on both Weebly and Square. Besides, the function makes it simple to track items over two platforms. For instance, you can easily import products you sell in Weebly to use and track them inside the Square dashboard. What’s more, users may have product catalogs imported with a click.

Inventory Synchronization

This function works great for those who sell both off and online. It synchronizes the shop inventory. For example, if you make a physical sale, all changes will be updated automatically inside the Weebly and Square dashboards.

Payment Options and Custom Invoices

With Square merchants’ solution, you are able to accept and process payments using all possible gateways. They include major credit and debit cards and support major mobile payment services such as Apple and Google Pay. The system uses the latest technologies to keep all transactions safe.

You have a great chance to create branded invoices and broaden your shop recognition. Users are free to add business name and logo, edit custom title, download invoices in PDF, attach custom messages, add additional business info, etc.

Virtual Terminal

Charging cards right from your browser has never been easier before. You can accept major payment options including credit or debit cards right from your computer without the need to buy special equipment or download additional software. It is all here inside the virtual terminal. Besides, users can print receipts and send them by mail right at once.

Square Virtual Terminal

Marketing and Promotion

The system comes with a powerful email marketing functionality. It can automatically divide your customers into groups making it easier for you to manage newsletters and personalized offers. All clients will be divided by categories highlighting new, returning, or lapsed customers. Create gift cards, launch loyalty campaigns, let your clients earn reward points in exchange for products and more.

Square Marketing and Promotion

Card Reader and POS

If you sell products physically, the card reader will help you to accept payments in person. All the info will be automatically transferred to the dashboard and highlighted in custom reports. With a custom Square point of sale solution, users get a powerful inventory management tools featuring POS systems designed for retail, restaurant, and other niches.

Square Card Reader and POS


The system delivers detailed business insights with multiple metrics to observe. Apart from basic gross sales and transactions, users can keep an eye on real-time sales stats as well as hourly sales linked to a particular location in case you have several sites.

Square Analytics

Design and Templates

Square does not have advanced design tools. Although it offers several custom layouts for the store, they are very limited in terms of style. What’s more, they come with a few design instruments to change to way your shop will look like.

Square Design and Templates

This is where integration with Weebly is a great solution. It offers about 100 different themes with integrated features and built-in sections that can be removed, replaced, or customized. You may actually use the platform to build a new site from the ground and use it together with Square. Users will be able to add different blocks and website sections, change styles, add new pages or sections, so on. But, again, this is only thanks to Weebly functionality.

Customer Support

The platform has a huge knowledgebase with dozens of tutorials and guides. It also has a blog with regularly-updated articles as well. If you have a question, you can use a traditional ticketing system or try to find the answer in the Help Center. It covers all major aspects of using Square.

Square Customer Support

Besides, there is an active community where you can find answers to all questions. As a rule, local specialists or experienced users answer the same day unless the issue is pretty complex. In this case, you may have to wait for a couple of days.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Square Cost?

There are two major options to use Square integrated with Weebly. The first one is to subscribe to any of the available Square plans. They are as follows:

  • Free account provides all things you may need to get started. You can sell unlimited products, manage inventory, and integrate a shopping cart, POS, or social media.
  • Professional account will cost you $12 per month and include removed Square ads, 1-year free domain, and all free features.
  • Performance account starts at $26 per month. Apart from all previous features, it offers post customer reviews, discounted shipping labels, lost sales recovery, and more.
  • Premium account costs $72 per month and comes with the real-time shipping calculator, lower processing rates, etc.

With each plan, users have 2.9% + 30¢.

Square pricing

The second option is to integrate Square with an already existing Weebly plan. The feature is available for two of the website builder packages that include Professional and Performance costing $16 and $29 per month respectively.

Square Website Examples

Although Square itself does not boast multiple design tools or hundreds of templates, it can still let you build a nice shop that runs well on both desktop and mobile. Here are some website examples.

Artisans Bonsai Nursery

Artisans Bonsai Nursery



Indigo Wolf

Indigo Wolf

FastKash Trading Co.

FastKash Trading Co.

Pipkins Bears

Pipkins Bears

Square Review Conclusion

Square Review
  • Free plan.
  • Great for small and medium shops.
  • Easy to set and configure.
  • Advanced eCommerce tools.

Square is a well-known solution provider for eCommerce needs. It has made a name for itself with custom POS systems, terminals, payment-processing services, and more. Today, it lets business owners set their presence online with a bunch of great eCommerce features. You can sell unlimited products both off and online, manage inventory, track stats, monitor sales, launch prom and marketing campaigns, etc.

However, the system should not be considered as a single all-in-one solution. It certainly lacks customization tools and design instruments to be used separately. For this reason, integration with Weebly looks like a good way out for people who look for expanded personalization options.

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