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Square Online Store Examples

Square Online Store Examples

Square – is a powerful and advanced eCommerce software, which offers an extensive variety of tools and features that are a must-have for web store management, order and payment processing. Launched in 2009 as a small swipe-based smartphone processing system, the service quickly developed into a high end and world-known system for professional eCommerce management. A couple of years ago, the platform has acquired Weebly, which has made it one of the leaders of the contemporary eCommerce niche.

The software comes with a suite of products, tools and services that empower sellers from around the world start, run and grow their businesses. Some of the highlights of the system include Point of Sale software, absence of monthly fees, flat-rate pricing, variety of free tools for selling products on the web, advanced analytics and reporting system, quality integrations, inventory and customer management tools as well as versatile payment processing options.

Square works great for professional web store creation and management. To find out what exactly the system has to offer, it makes sense to look at the samples of websites launched with it. That’s exactly what we are going to do right away.

1. The Green Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy is the pharmacy offering a rich assortment of certified nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs derived from high quality natural ingredients. All product lines the pharmacy offers are manufactured with regard to the latest clinical research results, customer feedback and reputability of manufacturers.

The Green Pharmacy sees its mission in providing professional customer care services that adhere to the latest wellness and lifestyle standards. With this purpose, the website of the company encompasses a broad range of products and brands used for a variety of treatment options. Whatever health issues you face, there is definitely a quality solution to fit your budget and needs here. Just browse the impressive catalogue to find the product you currently need.

Fortunately, the website makes it possible to pick the medications either by brand or by category. There is also a search filter option available at the website that simplifies the process of choosing the required remedies. The shopping procedure itself is easy and fast as well. What you need is to sign up for the website (or log in, if you have the account already) and add the selected products to the shopping cart to further place the order and make the payment. There is also the Quick View option here to let you see the details of each product closer. Additionally, it’s possible to read the description, usage recommendations and special supplement facts to find out more info about the product you are interested in. That’s a pretty good sample of a full-featured website with a strong eCommerce focus powered by Square!

2. Embroidery Super Deal

Embroidery Super Deal

Embroidery Super Deal offers the best machine embroidery products, accessories and design packs used to create a great variety of DIY items. The website is easy-to-browse as it offers intuitive navigation and clear well-structured layout. This is what makes the shopping process simple, fast and understandable for each and every customer.

The website offers an opportunity to shop for the available products by category. There are several categories to choose from here based on their types, designs, styles, topics and other parameters. Thus, users can pick from the following product categories: All Packs, Easter Packs, Embroidery Font Deals, Featured, In The Hoop and Uncategorized. Special attention should be paid to the Best Sellers category, where everyone can find the most popular products.

Users can also find items recommended by the experts as well as new products that have been recently added to the catalogue. Whatever product you are interested in, you will be able to view its detailed description, specifications, cost, photos and other important parameters that may affect your choice. The search filter option helps sort out the items with regard to customers’ preferences. This also helps cut down the shopping time. For those users, who have got any company-related questions, there is a separate FAQ section containing answers to the most widespread customer inquiries. If there is still anything you are interested in, you can get in touch with the store managers via the online contact form available on the website.

3. Just Table Tennis

Just Table Tennis

Just Table Tennis is one of the most spectacular samples of projects supported by Square. This is the Australian-based web store offering an impressive variety of table tennis stores for sale. All the products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, being available for immediate delivery.

The website impresses each and every user from the very first sight due to its integrated functionality, versatility of products available in the catalogue and overall informational value. When shopping for a tennis table, you will be able to browse multiple product categories based on the brand and manufacturer you prefer. There is also an opportunity to view the selection of new, featured and top rated products to see, which of them enjoy the utmost popularity with customers.

Do you have any special preferences or requirements? Then make use of the product filter option to specify the details and choose from the most suitable offers automatically generated by the system. There is also an opportunity to shop for the required items either by brand or by category to boost the efficacy of the shopping process. One of the highlights of the web store is its pop up menu found on the right panel. It lets you pick the preferred currency option (USD, EUR, AUD, GBP or NZD) based on the location you live in. This also contributes to easy, quick and effective shopping process, which eventually helps boost customer engagement and satisfaction rates.

4. Artisans Bonsai

Artisans Bonsai

Artisans Bonsai makes it possible to choose an amazing variety of Bonsai-related products, pre-Bonsai materials or finished Bonsai trees to meet your special needs. Apart from the products, the website also offers useful and interesting workshops/classes for beginners and niche experts. These classes are taught by Bonsai masters from different corners of the world. To be notified about the scheduled or upcoming events, a user needs to sign up for the mailing list, which is done with a few clicks only.

Apart from Bonsai products and workshops, the website also grants access to the variety of special services, including Bonsai rentals for special events, leasing and maintenance for home/offices display, Koi ponds and waterfalls, Bonsai wiring and styling, repotting, deadwood carving and other related services, which are available in the corresponding website categories.

To buy the product you are interested in, just browse the integrated catalogue and its multiple sections, view product descriptions and specification and add the required items to the shopping cart to further place the order. The Gallery section will help you view real images of products offered for sale, which may also simplify your choice. The website looks quite simple yet it offers deep eCommerce functionality powered by Square.

5. The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries is a progressive innovative London-based institution founded at the forefront of contemporary health tendencies. This is also one of the leaders in the medical knowledge and research niches, which has distinguished itself as an important and meaningful medical institution.

The website delivers an exhaustive and valuable information about the Society, its mission, objectives, services and values. This info is available in the major website sections, namely Society, Venue & Events, Examinations, Faculty, Contact etc. The drop down menu granta access to the impressive variety of subcategories, delivering plenty of valuable Society-related information and facts. A separate Shop section contributes to the website’s functionality, making it possible to buy accessories, merchandise and other items related to the organization. Additionally, it is possible to browse the accounts of the Society in the most popular social networks to get the general impression of its implication and mission.

Website design deserves special attention. It creates a truly unique royal atmosphere due to the availability of images, styles and fonts that make up the website look. There is even the emblem of the Society here, which definitely has special impact upon each and every website visitor.

6. Indigo Wolf

Indigo Wolf

Indigo Wolf is a brand of apparel, offering premium quality garments customers may personally customize to match their design preferences. Additionally, it is possible to pick and order ready-made models, which are always available in stock. The website ensures simple and intuitive navigation to let users choose from multiple garments they are looking for.

Indigo Wolf Custom Apparel stands out from the crowd due to its customizability and quality. The product catalogue enlists all the items offered for sale. Browse the collection by scrolling down the page, pick and preview the product you’d like to get to find out its individual parameters and detailed description, choose the required size and amount of items to buy and finally add the item to the shopping cart. The very shopping process is easy and quick for everyone.

The website makes it possible to read user testimonials, recent company news and the list of FAQ to find answers to all the questions you have. To stay updated with company news and special sales offers, you can join the mailing list available in the footer of the website. This is also the place, where you can join the accounts of the company in the social networks to track their updates and to be able to connect with them when required. These are the main features that make the website a worthy Square-supported project.

7. FastKash Trading Co.

FastKash Trading Co.

FastKash Trading Co. is a niche leader in short-term asset based loans for clients, who decide to use their valuables as collaterals. The company accepts various products that are further displayed and sold in the Shop section. They accept and buy products made of gold and other precious metals, jewelry, diamonds, luxury items, accessories, backpacks, clothes, handbags, luxury watches, sunglasses, wallets, purses and other products available at different prices.

Each user willing to deal with the company, should initially get a quote directly on the website, wait for the feedback of managers to discuss the details, ship the item to have it evaluated and then wait until it is sold. All the products available for sale are listed in the catalogue, which can be filtered out by the type of the item, brand and price. Each item comes with the detailed description and multiple photos one may preview before purchasing. That’s very handy, convenient, quick and easy.

8. Whistler Wines

Whistler Wines

Whistler Wines is a family-owned grape growing and wine production business that has over 80 years of glorious history. The knowledge and skills of wine making passed from one generation to another, which eventually resulted in the production of quality and unique wines that now enjoy popularity with customers.

For those users, who have read the history of the family and the details of their business, the website grants access to the Purchase section. This is where you can browse, view and order some of the best wines manufactured by the Whistler family. The catalogue of products is quite impressive, with dozens of sorts offered for sale. Each wine comes with the detailed description, cost and ingredients it contains. What’s important, each item has its unique brand name, bottle design and the year of manufacture. These data are also specified in the catalogue to simplify users’ choice.

When looking for the required product or placing the order, it’s possible to use the filter option. It lets you sort out the products by different parameters, including their name, type, year, popularity, cost etc. This simplifies the process of wine shopping, making it more convenient and handy for everyone.

9. is PRESS


is PRESS is a publishing press and studio space based in Denver, which sees its mission in publishing short run art books. They document urban art trends and conceptual time-based art, which explores and displays the connection between everyday life and art. The studio is also involved in the publication of limited edition prints belonging to the artists they cooperate with.

To get access to the publications the studio offers, everyone should initially visit the corresponding Shop section. Let’s face it: you won’t find many products offered for sale here, but those that are available in stock, are worth the investment. Each book/publication stands out from the crowd due to its attractive and visually-impressive design. To view the details, it’s possible to click the item you are interested in. This is how you will be able to see the images of the product, its description, specifications, cost as well as the number of books available in stock. To place the order, just add the publication to the cart and proceed to further steps the system will provide by default. All in all, this is easy, quick and convenient.

10. Pipkins Bears

Pipkins Bears

Pipkins Bears is a web store offering several collections of pretty miniature Pipkins Bears designed and created by Jane Mogford. Having collected small bears for a long time, Jane had a special liking for them. That’s what made her start designing her own tiny bears that eventually brought her popularity.

To be able to order any of the miniature Pipkins bears, you should first reach the Shop section. This is where you can browse all the collections offered for sale. All the items available in stock are handcrafted, featuring the finest quality, traditional eco-friendly components and fabrics. Each bear one can purchase in the shop comes with a detailed description and product specifications, product reviews and cost. Customers may also preview the photos of each tiny bear to see what they are going to buy. There is also an opportunity to join the social network accounts of the company to stay aware of the latest news, updates, events and other related info. The web store is definitely worth the attention of users, who are fond of collecting such cute items.

Bottom Line

Square allows creating and managing feature-laden web stores with advanced product management, payment and shipping options regardless of business size and specialization. The software doesn’t require any knowledge of coding basics to let you create and publish an eCommerce website. Its integrated website builder will help you effectively complete all the stages of web store design and publication process with little effort/time/budget investment.

Samples of Square-powered online stores are the best proof of the system’s functionality and reputability. They tackle various niches and perform different functions, but there is one thing common to all of them – strong eCommerce focus combined with flexibility and high end performance. If you really intend to get more than a professional eCommerce website to adhere to all your business needs, go ahead to take full advantage of Square!


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