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Best Sports Website Builders

Building a decent sports website will hardly be a walk in the park especially for users who do not have any coding and web designing skills. On the other hand, modern website builders make it easy to create a sports team or league web resource from scratch within a couple of hours. It will contain a pack of essential features that let you handle strategic issues.

Website builders are designed to put an ease on the creation process. They narrowed required actions to simply slapping the domain name together with the template in addition to intuitive and user-friendly editing tools. All you need is to define fundamental things your resource is supposed to accomplish.

Whether you create a fan page for a sports team or need to come up with an extended website for a bigger sports community featuring standings, videos, latest stats and news, website builders deliver a set of functions that will let you bring a future resource to life. They help to improve team’s online presences as well as create a recognizable and catchy sports media page.

We have conducted a detailed survey to identify the best website builders for different purposes. With so many platforms available today, choosing the right tool may look daunting especially for newbies. Our research is aimed at defining the core advantages of described builders, so you could easily pick the best bet.

Sports Website Builders – Overview Chart:

Best for:Club sites, Team & League portals, Fan ShopsFan Pages, Club/Athlete websites
Sports Templates:Sports and Recreation themesMobile-Friendly templates
SEO:Detailed SEO settingsMeta tags, keywords, redirects
Support:FAQ, videos, email supportSkype and e-mail support
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Why Opt for Website Builders?

Web building platforms make it simple not only to create mobile-friendly sports websites but also to easily create and add content, customize each page, deliver a delightful look on both desktop and mobile devices.

Website builders like Wix and uKit have blogging features in addition to widgets for schedules, registration activities, social sharing and other fundamental issues necessary for developing a website and establishing stronger representation on the web.

The main benefits of using website builders are as follows:

  • Great Design – platforms like Wix and uKit deliver a selection of themes related to sports and recreation. Here you can choose from fan site templates to sports clubs, studios, and forums. The templates represent different fields including martial arts, football, golf and many other kinds of sports;
  • Fully Responsive Templates – you get a sports-themed template that is mobile friendly. It means a wider reach of the target audience including mobile users despite OS, carrier and screen dimensions;
  • Easily-Made Content – a drag-n-drop feature makes it easy to add new content, edit texts, download media files including bright images and videos. Some platforms offer a huge collection of custom photos;
  • Widgets and Add-Ons – best website builders provide an access to their own Widget & App Stores to customize your future website. Here you can choose from schedule and calendar widgets that are essential for a sports league website;
  • Affordable Price – hiring a developer to create a sports website from scratch will cost you about $150-$200 per hour. The time necessary to create a simple sports team fan page or portfolio ranges from 10-15 hours. It means $2000+ for an operating web resource. Website builders will certainly put an ease on the wallet offering affordable plans and free trials to check if the platform meets your requirements;
  • Customer Support – newbies can easily handle the task considering 24/7 available support team in addition to a huge knowledge base, video tutorials, guides and FAQ sections.

Summing up, website builders make it simple to build a beautiful web resource for organizations and teams. Customized and mobile-friendly design will reach a broader target audience while simple editing tools let you update pages and actual information with just several clocks.

Also, consider lower prices if compared with hiring a development team. Of course, a free Wix plan is hardly enough for a solid web resource that contains numerous media files, it still gives the understanding of how the platform works. On the other hand, uKit offers free trials to pick up some editing skills right at once.

How to Choose A Website Builder for Sports team or League Site?

The global web brings plenty of website builders for different purposes. Choosing the right one may look challenging. For this reason, you need to define the core features and functionality of your future web resource. Then it will be easier to choose a matching platform that has tools you need.

What features should a Sports Website Have?

The list of features will depend on the type of website you need. Whether you are planning to build a football league portal, website with the latest news and stats or a web page representing a single team or athlete, consider the following fundamental points:

  • Keep the Visitors Aware – the sports world is updating all the time. So is your content. You are supposed to deliver latest events and highlights. This is where a blog or “news” section will come in handy. Website templates are designed with the already built-in blog section. Simply post the content you need;
  • Catchy Images and Videos – media content speaks the volume. Luckily, website builders have a solid multimedia section. You can easily add new photos and videos as well as replace the old ones. Make sure you choose an appropriate plan featuring enough storage;
  • Team Roster – if you build a website for a sports team, make sure you have actual team data. The starting lineup can change from time to time, while the team may purchase new players. Let your readers keep in touch with the latest updates;
  • Schedules and Events – the event calendar is a vital feature for sports fans. Make sure your website provides actual dates and upcoming events. Website builders contain necessary widgets that are free. Simply add them you a web page;
  • Athletes’ Profiles – your readers might be interested in players’ stats and personal data. Your website should contain athletes’ profiles highlighting all necessary data. The section may be linked to leaderboard, standings and top scorer stats;
  • Contacts – once you gain recognition and solid web representation, most of your visitors would probably try to keep in touch with you. Make sure you provide actual contact information in an already built-in contact section of your template.

More Features to Enable Website growth

Apart from core functions, you need to ensure your website growth on the web. Luckily, website builders offer simple SEO and other tools to increase your site search engine ranking.

  • SEO Tools – web building platforms come up with simple SEO tools. You can focus on a necessary keyword as well as edit title and description to make each page more SEO-friendly;
  • Blogging – the more content you publish, the better. Sports is a changing world where readers seek for actual information. Make guest-posts, add articles with catchy images and media files, create engaging content;
  • Social Sharing – social networks are the good source of extra traffic. Website builders offer social sharing buttons and widgets to let your visitors easily share the content via most popular social platforms.

After you define the core features of your future website, you will easily pick the right website builder to handle any of the above-mentioned issues. Or you can keep on reading and choose from the reviewed platforms.

Wix – Best Website Builder for Sports Team and League Sites

Wix home page

Wix seems to be a good choice for sports websites of different types. The platform is equally good for small team fan pages as well as for more complicated league portals, forums, etc. Wix lets you build any web resource no matter how complicated it may seem.

The main Wix benefits include:

  • Free Templates – the platform has a sports & recreation section. Here you can choose a necessary template from forums and fan sites to e-commerce fan shops and sports blogs;
  • Easy-Made Content – a drag-and-drop feature lets you easily manage any content. Add new posts, replace photos and videos, edit and customize website pages in accordance with your style;
  • Mobile Adapted Templates – most visitors use mobile devices to check the latest stats and results. Wix delivers mobile-responsive templates to reach bigger target audience. A unique editing feature lets you easily edit mobile version of the website;
  • Affordable Price – although Wix offers a free plan, it is hardly the best bet for a solid web resource. Unlimited ($16.50 per month) and Combo ($12.50 per month) still look like a more cost-effective solution if compared with hiring a development team. The free plan is good for newbies who want to try and learn all available editing tools;
  • eCommerce Plan – a platform offers special e-commerce plan if you are planning to build a fan store and sell souvenirs, accessories and other goods under the team brand;
  • Widget Store – Wix has its own app and widget sore where you can choose add-ons for schedules, stats, event calendars, social sharing and more.

uKit – Easy Website Builder for Fan Pages

uKit home page

uKit is a simple website builder. Although it is hardly a good option for websites with a complicated structure, numerous pages and tons of media content, the platform comes as an effective tool for creating team’s fan pages, sports clubs, and studios, small websites to introduce a team or athlete in the catchiest way. A simple website builder for a simple but functional web resource for more than affordable price. The advantages are as follows:

  • Mobile-Friendly Templates – your website will reach maximum online audience thanks to responsive templates that run equally well on different types of devices;
  • Easy SEO Tools – edit titles and descriptions, indicate a focus key phrase and benefit from higher search engine ranking;
  • Online Chat Widget – let your readers easily keep in touch with you. uKit offers free callback and online chat widgets that can be easily added to a page with just a click;
  • Affordable Price – the price range from $4 to $12 per month. You get a free template and hosting. Looks much more affordable if compared with custom development services.

Final Word

With so many web building platforms available today, Wix and uKit seem to be reasonable and cost-effective tools to build a sports team or league website. Apart from affordable prices if compared with hiring a custom development team, both builders deliver a set of functions and tools to edit, update and customize content with pages.

While Wix comes as a multi-purpose platform with advanced SEO and e-commerce tools, to build any sports website from club page to fan shop, uKit has proved to be a simple web-building platform for less complicated resources. Make sure you stress the core goals and features of your future website to select the right-matching platform.

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