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Best Sports Website Builders

Best Sports Website Builders

Building a modern sports website will hardly be a walk in the park especially for users who do not have any coding and web designing skills. On the other hand, modern website builders make it easy to create a sports team or league web resource from scratch within a couple of hours. It will contain a pack of essential features that let you handle strategic issues.

Website builders are designed to put an ease on the creation process. They narrowed required actions to simply slapping the domain name together with the template in addition to intuitive and user-friendly editing tools. All you need is to define fundamental things your resource is supposed to accomplish.

Whether you create a fan page for a sports team or need to come up with an extended website for a bigger sports community featuring standings, videos, latest stats and news, website builders deliver a set of functions that will let you bring a future resource to life. They help to improve team’s online presences as well as create a recognizable and catchy sports media page.

We have conducted a detailed survey to identify the best website builders for different purposes. With so many platforms available today, choosing the right tool may look daunting especially for newbies. Our research is aimed at defining the core advantages of described builders, so you could easily pick the best bet.

When thinking about choosing the best website builder to start your sports website, it makes sense to consider the major features, pros and cons each of them offers. This will help you draw the conclusions that will affect your choice. It’s high time to review the platforms included into the list of top sports website builders now.

Wix – The Best Sports Clubs & Leagues Website Builder

Wix – The Best Sports Clubs & Leagues Website Builder

Wix – is the most popular DIY website builder, which works great for the development of all types of sports websites. The platform is equally great for small team fan pages as well as for more compleх and feature-laden projects like forums, league portals etc. Wix makes it possible to start any website, irrespective of its complexity level and special features it should involve. Have a look at the major highlights Wix includes:

  • Free Sports Templates – The website builder comes with a collection of sports templates available in the corresponding Sports & Recreation section, which are free, mobile-ready and completely customizable to come up to the needs of users. This is where you can choose the required design, browsing versatile niche sections, ranging from sports forums category and fan sites and up to eCommerce fan shops and sports blogs;
  • Forum – The platform allows connecting a full-featured forum to your sports website by integrating the corresponding Forum widget. This lets you get in touch with your website members by letting them initiate discussions, create and manage topics or join the existing ones, upload video and photo files, leave your own comments or follow those posted by other members;
  • Blogging – With Wix, you can attach a blog to your sports website to share the related niche information by means of publishing posts. The blogging engine makes it possible to add and schedule new articles, start discussions with your blog members, add a Featured posts section, enable comments in the social networks, choose from multiple blog templates etc.
  • Wix Membership – Wix now offers a coding-free system for website owners that lets users sign up and gain access to exclusive content. All the benefits implied by Wix Membership feature are free unless you decide to go for payment processing or/and online bookings feature.
  • eCommerce – The website builder also comes with the eCommerce platform that lets you start and manage a fan store, for example, to sell souvenirs, special sports accessories or other related items related to your sports brand.

The cost of using the entire feature set Wix offers to its users depends upon the plan chosen. There is a free subscription that lets you test the system’s functionality at no cost, but comes with certain restrictions. To get rid of these limitations and gain access to the advanced Wix features, it’s desirable to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions the system offers.

Bluehost – The 2020’s Best Web Hosting Company

Bluehost – The 2020’s Best Web Hosting Company

Bluehost – is a powerful and trusted hosting provider, which can be a great choice for users looking for a reliable and functional platform to host a sport website. The service is officially recommended by the WordPress CMS as one of the top hosting companies in the world. The platform comes with a set of features and advanced tools, which provide secure and reliable hosting for any type of sports websites, irrespective of their complexity and range of features included. Here is the list of features that make Bluehost a worthy hosting solution:

  • Instant WordPress Installation – The platform ensures one-click WordPress installation to lets users get the most out of the CMS performance. This is very convenient for everyone, who intends to use WordPress in conjunction with Bluehost to cut down the website development and hosting selection time to the minimum.
  • High Uptime Rates and Fast Page Load Speed – If you have the intention to make your sports website functional and fast-loading, hosting it with Bluehost is a great idea. Regardless of the traffic amount your project has, the platform will ensure its worthy performance.
  • Safety and Flexibility – Bluehost features advanced flexibility due to its potential integration with multiple external services, apps and add-ons. Additionally, the system ensures the utmost website safety guaranteed by the accessibility of integrated security tools, including Spam Expert, Spam Hammer etc. There is also the hotlink protection feature here that contributes to website security.
  • Integrated Marketplace – The platform allows choosing from multiple integrated add-ons, widgets, extensions, apps and scripts that can be effectively used for website customization. There is an opportunity to choose from multiple WordPress sports templates, image galleries, ecommerce and marketing tools etc.

Bluehost is an affordable web hosting that comes with multiple features and tools included into its plans. The cheapest plan the platform offers costs $2.95/mo, which is more than a worthy investment for everyone looking for cheap yet reliable hosting.

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SportsPlus – Sports Management Platform for Tournaments

SportsPlus – Sports Management Platform for Tournaments

SportsPlus – is a sports management platform for tournaments, sports clubs, teams, leagues, coaches, athletes and all other users, who are interested in creating sports projects. The platform is run and supported by Thapos. It allows launching and managing all kinds of sports events, providing registration, payment processing, scheduling options as well as a wide array of communication management tools. It is also possible to create and manage athlete profiles, events and sports performances from the same place. Here is a brief overview of the major feature set of the platform:

  • Website Builder – The platform comes with the integrated website builder that allows starting, managing and updating visually-impressive, functional and mobile-friendly sports websites without any coding or web design experience required. The system allows for extensive integration of third-party extensions and apps, including Eventbrite, Survey Monkey, Facebook, WePay, Authorize.Net, Braintree, WeatherForYou, Twitter, YouTube and many more.
  • Registration and Team Management Tools – The platform grants access to the broad range of registration management tools, which make it possible for players and other users to sign up and look for their favorite programs and tournaments. It’s possible to add the required custom fields to the registration forms here, introduce multiple sports programs, manage discounts, create advanced sports reports. Users can also collect secure payments, track their financial expenditures, manage sports schedules (including matches, teams, events and more).
  • Multiple User Engagement Features and Tools – With SportsPlus, users can access and manage team data from anywhere and anytime, manage team schedules and events, check player availability, manage volunteers, view live game scores, share related resources, post announcements, manage team shops, send messages and notifications to other members etc.

SportsPlus offers three paid plans to choose from, including Bronze, Silver and Gold. the cost of the cheapest subscription constitutes $39.95/mo and it keeps growing with regard to the plan selected. Each of the plans comes with the 14-day trial that can be activated without any credit card or personal data.

Playpass – Sports Website Builder for Leagues & Clubs

Playpass – Sports Website Builder for Leagues & Clubs

Playpass – is a sports website builder for creating free projects for leagues and clubs. Websites created with the system are mobile-friendly and customizable. They look great on all mobile and desktop devices, letting you create custom web pages, showcase sports events and schedules, upload media files, register new activities etc. The list of Playpass features currently includes:

  • Online Scheduler – The platform allows creating online sports schedules in a quick and hassle-free way. What you should do to get started here is to pick the number of teams and the type of schedule you intend to create and then customize it by filling out the required parameters and details. The feature allows creating the unlimited number of sports schedules, setting times, dates and duration of games, adding and removing games, sharing the required schedules with the target audience, tracking scores, adding staff members, uploading documents and files etc.
  • Online Sports Registration Software – Playpass grants access to the sports registration software, which works great for mobile and desktop devices. This facilitates the process of online registration for each and every user. Additionally, the platform allows using Stripe for secure and reliable online payments.
  • Sports Waiver Solution – Playpass makes it possible to create and store sports waiver templates to further customize and manage them with regard to your business needs. The feature lets you create the unlimited number of waivers, add waiver signatures and storage options, allow users to download and save your waivers/upload signed forms, attach waivers to to online registration for further payment etc.

Playpass has a free plan you can use for as long as you need to test the entire feature set of the platform and two paid subscriptions (Lite and Standard), the cost of which starts with $9/mo. There is a free 7-day trial that does not require any credit card data and lets users cancel the selected paid plans anytime.

LeagueLineup – FREE Sports Team and League Management

LeagueLineup – FREE Sports Team and League Management

LeagueLineup – is one of the leaders of the sports website development niche that allows launching free team and league websites. The platform grants access to multiple online league management tools, making it possible to start a feature-laden project to come up to various sports web development needs. The list of features the platform offers is as follows:

  • Ultimate Website Customization – Whatever type of sports website you intend to launch, the system allows customizing it as you wish. It’s up to you to change website colours, backgrounds, edit fonts, menu options and other website parameters. Users get 24/7 access to their projects, which allows maintaining and updating them on time.
  • Integrated Fan Shop – Each website created with LeagueLineup comes with integrated custom Fan Shop, which features more than 500 fully customizable products. They guarantee 5% reward for each sale made with the system.
  • Free Online Registration – Each LeagueLineup website offers free online forms that let you accept team and player registrations within the shortest time possible.
  • Schedules & Calendars – The website builder makes it possible to post game schedules, special events, meetings and other planned sports activities. This is a handy feature for all sports website owners.
  • Automated Standings – With LeagueLineup, you can post the results of sports games to make them automatically display on the website, when required.
  • Player & Team Statistics – The platform allows posting detailed statistics for teams and players for Basketball, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer and Volleyball.
  • Versatility of Sports-Related Features – Along with the features listed above, the platform grants access to the following features: photo albums, message board and guestbook, online polls, Google Maps integration, secure contact forms, sports training videos etc.

LeagueLineup has a completely free plan that is mainly used to test the major functionality of the platform. There are also two paid plans. Their annual pricing is based on the number of participants your sports organization supports. The average cost starts with $39.95/year.

uCoz – FREE Sport Community Website Builder

uCoz – FREE Sport Community Website Builder

uCoz – is a free sport community website builder, which is used by newbies and web design pros to launch and manage different types of sports projects from scratch. The system grants access to multiple modules, intuitive DIY website editor, integrated eCommerce and blogging engines etc. Here is the list of uCoz sports-related features:

  • Forum Module – The website builder makes it possible to use its Forum module to set up a full-feature forum for your sports project. This is the top destination for all website members, who wish to share their ideas and emotions with co-thinkers, browse multiple branches and topics that tackle the sports niche etc.
  • Blogging – With uCos, you can set up and connect a feature-laden blog to your sports website. This is the place, where you can post/update niche-related articles, enable user comments, start discussions with your website visitors etc.
  • eCommerce – The website builder also boasts a powerful eCommerce engine, which grants an opportunity to set up and manage a web store. This is where you can offer for sale various sports-related accessories, souvenirs and other related products.
  • Membership – If you plan to update/manage your sports website with other members, this feature will certainly be of great help. You can assign membership rights to those users you plan to share project management rights with.

uCoz is a free website builder, which lets you test its functionality at no cost at all for as long as you need. At the same time, the platform offers an opportunity to upgrade to one of its paid subscriptions. Their cost starts with $3/mo and grows up to $8/mo.

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How to Choose A Website Builder for Sports team or League Site?

The global web brings plenty of website builders for different purposes. Choosing the right one may look challenging. For this reason, you need to define the core features and functionality of your future web resource. Then it will be easier to choose a matching platform that has tools you need.

What features should a Sports Website Have?

The list of features will depend on the type of website you need. Whether you are planning to build a football league portal, website with the latest news and stats or a web page representing a single team or athlete, consider the following fundamental points:

  • Keep the Visitors Aware – the sports world is updating all the time. So is your content. You are supposed to deliver latest events and highlights. This is where a blog or “news” section will come in handy. Website templates are designed with the already built-in blog section. Simply post the content you need;
  • Catchy Images and Videos – media content speaks the volume. Luckily, website builders have a solid multimedia section. You can easily add new photos and videos as well as replace the old ones. Make sure you choose an appropriate plan featuring enough storage;
  • Team Roster – if you build a website for a sports team, make sure you have actual team data. The starting lineup can change from time to time, while the team may purchase new players. Let your readers keep in touch with the latest updates;
  • Schedules and Events – the event calendar is a vital feature for sports fans. Make sure your website provides actual dates and upcoming events. Website builders contain necessary widgets that are free. Simply add them you a web page;
  • Athletes’ Profiles – your readers might be interested in players’ stats and personal data. Your website should contain athletes’ profiles highlighting all necessary data. The section may be linked to leaderboard, standings and top scorer stats;
  • Contacts – once you gain recognition and solid web representation, most of your visitors would probably try to keep in touch with you. Make sure you provide actual contact information in an already built-in contact section of your template.

More Features to Enable Sports Website Growth

Apart from core functions, you need to ensure your website growth on the web. Luckily, website builders offer simple SEO and other tools to increase your site search engine ranking.

  • SEO Tools – web building platforms come up with simple SEO tools. You can focus on a necessary keyword as well as edit title and description to make each page more SEO-friendly;
  • Blogging – the more content you publish, the better. Sports is a changing world where readers seek for actual information. Make guest-posts, add articles with catchy images and media files, create engaging content;
  • Social Sharing – social networks are the good source of extra traffic. Website builders offer social sharing buttons and widgets to let your visitors easily share the content via most popular social platforms.

After you define the core features of your future website, you will easily pick the right website builder to handle any of the above-mentioned issues. Or you can keep on reading and choose from the reviewed platforms.

Bottom Line

With so many web building platforms available today, Wix proves to be the undeniable leader of the sports web design niche. The website builder comes with an impressive set of industry-related features, design customization tools and pricing options that make it possible to build and effectively manage a sports team or league website.

While Wix comes as a multi-purpose platform with advanced SEO and e-commerce tools, to build any sports website from club page to fan shop, Bluehost has revealed itself as the best hosting solution, which especially works great for websites created with WordPress. However, the platform initially implies coding awareness and specific web design background to start projects with it.

When it comes to comparing SportsPlus, Playpass, LeagueLineup and uCoz, these are specialized platforms, which also require industry-specific skills and knowledge to launch sports websites with them. It doesn’t make sense to try using them as it’s better to give preference to more full-featured all-in-one platforms that can ensure worthy result you count on. Anyway, make sure you stress the core goals and features of your future sports website to select the right-matching platform.


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