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Small Business Website Examples

Whatever business you run, it must have a professional online presence. This is the only way to withstand niche competition, grow customer base, increase traffic flow and eventually generate profit. This is actually no wonder, taking into account the increasing amount of businesses observed in all niches.

There are lots of options to set up a small business website. You can hire third-party developers or a web design studio team to complete the project for you. This solution, however, has multiple demerits, such as the need for further website maintenance, regular updates and high budget, of course.

A far simpler solution is to set up a small business website on your own. You don’t need to possess coding skills to do that. Modern website builders provide you with lots of tools and features you can apply to start a project independently. If you still have doubts, take your time to view a few examples of small business websites developed with these platforms.

1. Rise

Website's Name:Rise
Website's Type:eCommerce
Powered by:Squarespace
Domain Rating: DA 28
PageSpeed Insights: 29/100

Rise is a cafe based in Connecticut, the website of which was created with Squarespace. The design is minimalistic and sleek, highlighting the offers and services one can get, when visiting the place. The website provides explicit information about the cafe, its mission, services and special features that make it stand out from the crowd. There is no need to make the project complicated – potential visitors can find out everything they need here.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Attractive high res images of dishes;
  • Online Order button;
  • Social network buttons;
  • Menu and working hours on the homepage;
  • Google Maps widget;
  • Contact details;
  • Online contact form;
  • Press reviews;
  • One-page layout;
  • CTA buttons.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Video menu presentation;
  • FAQs;
  • Shipping/ordering guidelines;
  • Live chat widget for direct access/support.

2. Lola Pate

Website's Name:Lola Pate
Website's Type:eCommerce
Powered by:Wix
Domain Rating: DA 13
PageSpeed Insights: 61/100

Lola Pate is a brand that focuses on offering and selling home goods. Designed with Wix website builder, the website tells an interesting story about the company, history of its creation, items and services as well as customer assistance options. What’s interesting, this story is told in a creative way, without any extra longreads or presentations. A user sees what is offered and reaches the store to get that – easy and convenient for everyone.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Opportunity to submit a quote request to order custom services;
  • Integrated web store;
  • High res images on the homepage to present the brand;
  • Image slider;
  • Chat widget;
  • Animated elements;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Lookbook page;
  • Video presentations.

What the Website Lacks:

  • FAQs;
  • Shipping/ordering guidelines;
  • Customer reviews;
  • More distinct/larger fonts for better readability.

3. Arrowhead

Website's Name:Arrowhead
Website's Type:One-Page
Powered by:Weebly
Domain Rating: DA 16
PageSpeed Insights: 61/100

Arrowhead is a spectacular small business website example created with Weebly. This is a travel project that provides explicit info about the Arrowhead accommodation located in Wasagaming. You can explore the available rooms and amenities before making a reservation here. If needed, it is possible to get in touch with managers to clarify the details. A simple yet informative and functional small business website, indeed!

What’s Good About the Website:

  • One-page layout;
  • Online booking (reservation) system;
  • Gallery of images for each room type with related info;
  • Contacts.

What the Website Lacks:

  • More distinct fonts for enhanced readability;
  • Client reviews;
  • FAQs;
  • More contact options except email;
  • Video presentation of the place;
  • Live widget for instant interaction.

4. Traackr

Website's Name:Traackr
Website's Type:Business
Powered by:Webflow
Domain Rating: DA 56
PageSpeed Insights: -/100

Traackr is a professional business website powered by Webflow, which presents the top influencer marketing software meant for data-driven niche experts. The project looks trusted and informative at the very first glance. When browsing the resource, you come across detailed info about the company and its specialization, team of experts, services, business solutions, marketing trends and approaches and other related data.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Blocks of quality images;
  • Pleasant and subtle colors;
  • Scroll-powered animations;
  • Case studies and samples;
  • Client testimonials;
  • Online contact form;
  • Educational resources;
  • Opportunity to create a personal account;
  • Charts and infographics;
  • Drop down menu.

What the Website Lacks:

  • The navigation and layout are a bit complex for newbies;
  • Online user support.

5. Studio Bonny

Website's Name:Studio Bonny
Website's Type:Portfolio
Powered by:Wix
Domain Rating: DA 12
PageSpeed Insights: 64.5/100

Studio Bonny presents a content-driven creative agency that provides a broad range of services, including brand consultation, copywriting and promotion, content strategy development etc. The website is designed with Wix website builder, featuring intuitive navigation and simple management. It is pleasant and convenient to browse the pages here.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Smooth and deep colors harmoniously combined with black-and-white photography;
  • Bonny Journal blog;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Contact form represented by a popup lightbox;
  • Interactive elements;
  • Instagram button.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Larger fonts for enhanced readability;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Brand logo;
  • Live chat widget;
  • More contact options.


With so many businesses available in the modern market, it is crucial to provide impressive and memorable online presentation. This is where website builders will certainly come in handy. The major advantage of these systems is that they target all user categories and you don’t have to be a programming expert to set up a small business project nowadays.

Most website builders grant access to multiple responsive templates and tools for their customization, integrable widgets, special niche features, blogging and eCommerce solutions. The choice depends on the business type you run, the result you intend to reach, skills, time and budget. Pricing options differ as well, letting you choose that very plan that fits your needs most.

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