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Sitejet – is a high-performance website building platform that combines CMS and project management features. The system was initially developed to meet the need of professional web designers. It comes as a handy instrument to bring to life different customers’ projects and collaborate with customers in real time. Web-developers can generate feedback, team up with other specialists, promptly make necessary corrections and more within a single service.

The platform brings a set of capabilities to create responsive web projects with ease. It’s a high performance CMS with robust web design project management capabilities that lets web designers create phenomenal responsive websites fast, while also giving them a platform to efficiently service those websites in.

Sitejet helps to create spectacular websites in less time, to efficiently manage processes and customer interaction, and to service these websites from all in one place. See short explaining video:

Our detailed Sitejet review will stress the main pros and cons to make it clear if the platform really worth paying attention.

1. Ease of Use

Sitejet looks more advanced if compared to other typical website building systems. It’s up to you whether you choose any of the available templates or design a website from scratch. In both cases, you will have access to a wide range of customization tools.

Clean Drag and Drop Feature

The editing process starts with a simple drag-and-drop function. You need to choose your website from the list and press the “edit” button. The system will take you to your site where you can move elements, replace images or text blocks, move custom fields inside the contact form and more.

Sitejet Drag and Drop

If you want to dive deeper into the customization process, you can opt for an editing panel. Choose the element you want to edit and click the right mouse button to:

  • Move or Add new elements.
  • Add new menu items.
  • Insert links, sliders or galleries.
  • Add social buttons, maps, media content, etc.

You can cut, delete or duplicate different elements to create a unique page structure. Although it may take some time to figure out how the system works, the entire editing process looks pretty simple. Newbies will obviously handle it without facing crucial difficulties.

Manual Coding

If a drag-and-drop feature is not enough or you feel like becoming a dedicated web designer, Sitejet brings some opportunities to integrate direct manual coding. Users can choose from HTML, CSS or Javascript coding capabilities depending on their skills and competence.

The ability to manage recurring website elements is a vital feature for those who want to reduce the level of redundancy and save much time. Split screen option is another time-saver letting you track all changes and modifications right here within the template with no need to create a separate style sheet.

Video Tutorials

Have no worries once you have got lost. The platform has video tutorials that look handier and practical if compared to typical step-by-step guides. They provide a visual overview of how the system and editing functions work. Moreover, you always have a chance to revert the project to the previous version as well as undo some of the steps.

2. Features Set and Flexibility

Apart from fundamental features, Sitejet brings some more capabilities to let users manage the various project at the same time, implement effective team collaboration and project management, support and maintain customers’ websites, etc.

Advanced Dashboard

The Sitejet dashboard is not just for displaying all available editing instruments. It comes as a flexible management tool to let you handle the following:

  • Work with multiple websites at the same time.
  • Change the project status depending on its readiness.
  • Create a to-do list and follow each step of the building process.
  • Track the project’s life cycle from picking up the template to its first revenue after going online.

Sitejet Dashboard

The dashboard ensures accurate and step-by-step website creation with all necessary assignments in one place.

Website Preview Modes

If you have any doubts regarding the proper look of the website on various devices, Sitejet offers a simple preview function. You can see how the project will run on various types of mobile carriers with different screen resolutions and screen sizes:

  • Desktop Preview – look at how the site will run on PCs and laptops.
  • Tablet Preview – shows the way your site will look like on both iPad and Galaxy Tab with different screen specs.
  • Smartphone Preview – the mode is compatible with iPhone 5 and X series as well as Galaxy Note and S9.

Users can switch between Portrait and Landscape layouts.

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration feature lets Sitejet stand out from most of the typical website builders. You can choose between two major modes either working together with the colleagues or with the customers.

  • Customers’ Collaboration – a good option for web designers to create websites for other companies. The function lets you invite a customer to leave comments, corrections and other types of feedback for the project under construction.Customers can track your workflow. Once you have completed another stage and log, the system will automatically disable the time counter providing extended time management capabilities.
  • Colleague’s Collaboration – an effective function for web design agencies to work in a team, change website elements, replace old-fashioned photos, and add new content whenever needed without the necessity of creating hundreds of logins and passwords for each teammate.
  • Self-Service Portal – a simple way to support and maintain customers’ websites that are handed off to their owners. You can still retain the control and limit the possible damage done by the client.

White Label

Web designers and companies have a chance to establish their own brand identity using Sitejet platform. White Label feature lets you upload your own logo, set highlight color for the platform, create corporate email to stay in touch with the customers, etc.

Integrated Hosting

The platform delivers CDN, SSL and powerful hosting as a single web building solution. You are free to link your own domain as well as buy it from Sitejet and if needed you can also export the page.

Extra Features

Additional features include the creation of multilingual websites, essential SEO settings, Backup and Restore function, corporate identity detection, website generator based on customer data and much more.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:70+
Responsive Design YES
Sort by Industry: NO
CSS Code Editing: YES

The system comes with enough design flexibility thanks to the manual coding capabilities. As it was mentioned before, users can choose from HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to customize the website or implement their own design ideas.

Newbies can choose from a set of mobile-responsive templates or start with the blank page editing and adding blocks, forms, images, galleries, etc.

You should not expect much from Sitejet templates. All of them mainly refer to a small business category and look pretty alike. On the other hand, they feature professional style and can be a good option for a start.

“Generate Website” Function

Clients can upload data in the customer portal and the web designer can help them (or client does it alone) to fill out the briefing. If everything is uploaded (content, images, etc.) the web designer can click on the button to generate a complete website based on the data provided. It can save hours of work and the website is ready for individualization. Users can also select ready-to-use landing pages or opt for a custom form builder as well.

4. Customer Support

Users can benefit from extended customer support. It includes numerous tutorials, video guides, and other learning materials to resolve literally any issue starting from making first steps and learning the dashboard features to website publishing and success monitoring. At the same time, you can contact the support team directly via:

  • Live Chat feature – the support team is available round the clock.
  • Messages – they claim to answer in less than 1 hour.

Anyway, you will never feel abandoned taking into account video tutorials, FAQ, guides, etc.

5. Pricing

Sitejet offers three basic plans. They include Professional, Team, and Business. Professional plan can be a good pick to get started. However, you should note that team collaboration features are available in Team and Business plans only. Let’s have a closer look at plan prices and features:

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Professional:$5/mo✓ Up to 5 projects;
✓ Automatic website generator;
✓ Free Hosting.
Team:$19/mo✓ White label tools;
✓ All professional features;
✓ multi users permission (up to 3 users).
Agency:$89/mo✓ Website export;
✓ all Professional features;
✓ Up to 10 users.

6. Pros and Cons

The system looks relatively new if compared to what we are generally used to when it comes to website builders. On the other hand, a set of features it has looks pretty promising though with some obvious misses.

Multiple web design project management.
Automatic website generator.
Advanced editor with a simplified CMS.
White Label feature.
More expensive if compared to others.
The lack of widgets and add-ons.
No Sitejet app marketplace.
Limited Professional plan features.

Bottom Line

Ease of Use:8/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:8.2/10

Summing up, Sitejet certainly has a great potential considering its intuitive simplified editing system. The CMS platform brings more opportunities to web designers and companies who deliver their services to customers. At the same time, it can be a good pick for small business projects.

On the other hand, the price could be a bit lower considering the lack of widgets and add-ons and some other obvious issues. Nevertheless, Sitejet has more pros than cons, which still makes it a good value for money.

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