Review Review – is a website building software that uses Artificial Intelligence. It was designed to help newbies create new sites in minutes with no technical skills at all. The platform comes as an all-in-one solution with a domain name and hosting in the pack. It makes SiteBuilder a handy tool when it comes to creating not only blogs and content-based websites but also eCommerce and small business projects.

The software allows building responsive and stylish websites that run well of various types of devices. The system uses so-called built-in protection that ensures stable operation on smartphones and tablets despite the carrier, OS, screen dimension, etc. Affordable plans, special offers, and discounts will let users make the most of the platform at minimum cost. Now, let’s have a look inside the program and check if it is really worth paying attention to.
  • Easy to use website builder.
  • AI-base software.
  • Good for all website types.

1. Ease of Use

The major benefit of SiteBuilder is AI-based technology, which powers the platform. It means that the system actually handles the entire process for you. A user never needs to care about technical issues.

Getting started with the software will never be a challenge. All you need is to visit the official website and sign in. Users may choose from using their Google or Facebook account to complete the registration with a click. The second option is a traditional indication of the email and password.

Once you have successfully entered the system, you will find yourself in the SiteBuilder control panel where you need to press the “Create Website” button. This is where the website building process starts. The AI-based assistant will ask you to indicate the business category. Simply type in the name (business, portfolio, blog, etc.), and the system will offer several options to choose form. Do not forget to indicate the website name as well as move on to the next stage.

Sitebuilder new website

Editing and Customization

After you have chosen a category and typed in the project name, the software will provide you with a ready-made template. It usually comes with a preset structure as well as built-in widgets relevant to your particular niche. For instance, if you choose a business, your layout will have contact forms, About Us section, a block to introduce your team members, photo galleries, etc.

Sitebuilder website name choose

At this stage, you are free to upload your own images for every lock or use stock photos provided by the website builder in the left sidebar. To upload a photo, simply drag and drop it from the local folder and press “Continue”. The next step is to upload your logo using the same drag-and-drop functionality.

Sitebuilder cover image

All is left is to make some final changes. Users are able to pick a template theme, change colors, make it darker or lighter, select navigation style, and, finally, fill in the form with the company’s contact details.

Set-Up and Go Live

Now you are ready to go live with your new website. You only need to press the “Publish” button. The dashboard shows all the pages your site has. You may easily enter the one you need and make necessary modifications with a click. It is very convenient instead of switching between several screens.

Sitebuilder editor

The system lets you add new pages if necessary as well as configure already existing ones. General settings include baseline SEO options, website name, and domain. Here you may change logo as well as upload site favicon. The software lets users make HTML injections to integrate third-party services, analytics or tracking tools as well.

Sitebuilder HTML injection

Sitebuilder offers a selection of extra apps to add to the page. The control panel is full of special blocks and sections. They are divided into categories. Users may add CTA blocks, contact forms, etc. The system makes it easy to integrate PayPal payment gateway or add a fully-functional digital store to your site. Media files, galleries, social media integration, cover images, subscription forms and more – here you have everything needed for enhanced website customization.

Sitebuilder website customization

Do not worry if something goes wrong during the customization. There is an “undo” button to go back with your settings. The last stage is to add text, preview your site using mobile and desktop modes, and eventually go live. As a result, it literally takes a few minutes to come up with a ready-to-go website.
  • A Collection of widgets, blocks and apps to add.
  • Customizable website layouts.
  • Ready-made sites in minutes.

2. Features & Flexibility

SiteBuilder has a rich feature set not only to get started easily and built sites in minutes but also to customize your project. Moreover, it is all-in-one software, which means users do not need to take care of domain or hosting separately. All you need is to pick a plan that meets your project requirements. Make sure a chosen package includes the tools you need.


SiteBuilder offers a simple way to start selling products online. Users will have two major options:

Sitebuilder eCommerce

  • Add products to a page – to sell goods, you may need only to add products to an existing page. Choose the “Products” widget from the list in your dashboard add item images, edit title and description, and set prices.
  • Add a fully-functional store – the second option is to add a ready-to-use online shop, connect it with the PayPal gateway and start selling goods online.

Do not forget to connect your site with PayPal to process transactions. Indicate your account and choose the currency. The first option is available with all plans while the second one comes only with the eCommerce package.

Widgets and Add-Ons

The system lets users add extra widgets and apps from the control panel with a click. All add-ons are divided into categories making it faster to search for the necessary one. From countdown widgets and business hours to Facebook preview box, multiple gallery styles, testimonials, Call to Action blocks, timelines, and more.

Choose the one from the list on your left and get it on your page. General settings will apply to the new section as well. It means you are free to edit it, upload your photos or videos, and change texts, so on.

Contact CRM

A great feature for those who need to grow their customers’ list and keep clients aware. Every time a visitor comes to your site and fills in the contact form, the system will automatically generate the info and place it in a single place inside the Contact CRM. You may also add the contact manually, indicate the name, email, and other personal data required.

Sitebuilder CRM

Free Logo Maker

An intuitive design instrument will let you create a custom and unique logo for your brand in seconds. You do not need to be an experienced web designer. Simply complete the following stages:

  1. Go to the logo maker.
  2. Type in the company’s name.
  3. Add a slogan.
  4. Choose from the several logo layouts.
  5. Sitebuilder logo maker

The tool lets you change logo styling making it look modern, classic or futuristic. You may customize the font size, letter spacing, line heights, and other design elements.

Legal Page Editor

A tool ta helps to generate Privacy Policy and GDPR sections with several clicks. Paste in the content in the Terms of Service space provided. Set the GDPR settings to identify the cookie banner position on the page, edit banner text to inform your visitors a site uses cookies, enable the agree button, and type the Privacy Policy text itself. No need to create a seperate section thanks to built-in Legal Page feature.
  • Free Logo maker.
  • eCommerce Features.
  • Widgets and add-ons.

3. Design & Templates

The website builder does not have preset templates to choose from. It generates layouts depending on your niche and website type. All themes are responsive and run flawlessly on smartphones or tablets despite the screen dimensions. There is a mobile preview mode to check how your site looks like.

Users will have multiple choices to customize the theme. You may choose color pallet and general theme tones making it darker or lighter. Customizable layouts are available in various options with different menu placements. You will certainly choose the one that meets your expectations.

Sitebuilder website layouts

Make your site more exclusive and add different gallery styles. To make it look unique, add a custom logo to boost recognition or use a free logo maker provided by Sitebuilder. The overall impression of software layouts is very good.
  • Responsive themes.
  • Customizable layouts.
  • Mobile preview mode.

4. Customer Support

The platform boasts extensive customer support with multiple options to resolve different issues. O get in touch with the support team, you may:

  • Give them a call directly.
  • Benefit from a Live Chat Feature.
  • Use email to send a claim.
  • Sitebuilder online chat help

In addition, users will appreciate a huge knowledgebase. Here you will find an Express Editor with fast tips on different issues form editing your layout to integrating social media or store. The “Getting Started” section contains vital info for newbies to get started fast. My Account and My Store sections contain articles on how to manage your Sitebuilder account as well as manage an online shop, integrate payments and more.
  • Tutorials and articles.
  • Live Chat and phone for instant support.
  • Express Editor feature with tips and guides.

5. Plans & Pricing

SiteBuilder establishes a typical pricing policy when purchasing a yearly plan is more cost-effective instead of paying monthly fees. The system lets you save up to 60% in case you subscribe for a year. In addition, you get a free domain and hosting with each package.

Sitebuilder plans & pricing

The plans and pricing are as follows:

  • A Pro Plan costs $4 per month with a free hosting, customizable layouts, and domain included.
  • A Premium Plan starts at $4.80 per month priority support and integrated website stats.
  • An eCommerce Plan costs $7.20 per month with all features from the previous plans. Users additionally get digital store integrating and eCommerce functionality.
  • Affordable plans.
  • Discounts and special offers.
  • Free domain and hosting included.

6. Pros and Cons

SiteBuilder is certainly a worthy software for newbies and users who want to launch a new project in minutes with no technical skills. It has comprehensive support in addition to enough features to deal with any website type although some small downsides still take place.

Super easy website builder.
AI-powered software.
Ready-made sites in minutes.
eCommerce functionality.
Affordable plans.
Comprehensive customer support.
If you decide to cancel the plan, you will need to pay a domain refund.
eCommerce is not available in the Pro and Premium plan.
  • Great for newbies with no technical skills.
  • Cost-effective plans with free features inside.
  • Good for small digital stores.


As a result, here we have a worthy software with a rich feature set to deal with content-based websites as well as small digital stores. Newbies will appreciate the ease of use brought to them by AI-powered technologies. It will take them minutes to sign in, create, and deploy a fully-functional project with all relevant features in the pack.

SiteBuilder is a great tool in case you need a simple website with a clear structure and up-to-date design. It does not require any coding experience either you want to create a simple blog or start selling products online. The software will handle the process for you, which makes it definitely worth trying.

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