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There are many fantastic websites and apps to store and share photos, starting with cozy Instagram and finishing with community-oriented Flickr. However, while there are many photographers who are quite satisfied with the functionality they get from these services, some want to get something more professional-looking and personalized.

This is where photography/portfolio website builders or whatever you might want to call them come into play. These platforms let you easily create a dedicated website devoted to your craft at an affordable price, if not for free. We’ve already reviewed quite a few platforms of this kind, and today, we are bringing you a new web service for photographers –, which promises to create a site using sophisticated artificial algorithms with minimum effort required from your side. So let’s have a look at it.

#1 Ease of Use

Building a site with Siftr is a pretty simple and straightforward process, in fact, you don’t even need to build it yourself: all you need is to enter your email address and choose one of the photo accounts (Flickr/Instagram/Facebook/500px). In a minute or so you will receive an email from Siftr with a link to your freshly created website.

Siftr interface

The backend of Siftr looks minimalistic and intuitive at first glance, however, I can’t say it is extremely user-friendly. It does take time to understand its logic. The good news the builder doesn’t offer too much functionality, so you will get used to the dashboard quite fast.

#2 Feature set and flexibility

How it works: Siftr analyzes the photo accounts you tied with it and sources your best photos into your new site and categorizes them into meaningful photography genres. Once the pictures are there, you can hide the ones you don’t like and manage your galleries. What’s more, if you post new photos on your social platforms, these will be automatically uploaded to your Sifr site fortnightly.

Siftr - photo sources

You can also add a Contact and About pages to tell your story and advertise your pricing packages. Additionally, there is a separate section for displaying your gear details (what camera and lenses you use).

Siftr has its own analytics. You can monitor site visits, visitors’ locations and traffic sources.

Siftr analytics

#3 Designs

Siftr has a collection of nice templates with a focus on visuals. All templates are mobile-friendly. Here are two real websites built with Siftr:

Siftr - theme editing

#4 Customer support

The builder doesn’t have a dedicated knowledge base, there’s only a Help section in the dashboard that links to a gallery of screenshots showing the most important steps of updating your site.

#5 Pricing policy

Siftr is free. What’s remarkable compared to the competitors is that you can add your own domain name to the Siftr site without having to buy a Pro package (there are no paid packages at all at this time).


It could be more intuitive. The site builder is exclusively geared towards creating photography websites. There is no Apps market/widgets gallery to add more functionality to your site. You can’t tweak the site’s source code.

Siftr Review: Conclusion

Siftr is a simple and fast way to build up a website for a photographer. With just a few clicks you will get a clean, visually impressing website at no cost that will even update itself automatically in the future. You can even add a custom domain name to get a more professional look. All in all, it’s quite a generous offering for $0, what you think?

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