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Showit vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?

Showit vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?

Showit and Squarespace are two cloud website builders, which make it possible to start photography websites. The platforms differ in their popularity, web design approach, complexity, functionality and ease of use. The choice of the most feature-laden tool frequently poses a problem for users. That is why, it makes sense to figure out the instinctive features and special parameters of each website builder.

While Showit is a specialized photography website builder, which reveals itself as a perfect choice for newbies, Squarespace is a renowned all-in-one platform that can be used to start all types of projects, including portfolio/photography websites. This is the major distinction between the systems, which affects the feature set and design tools offered.

Website Builders Comparison Chart

Our score:          
Best for:Photography websitesBlogs, small business websites, professional portfolios, web stores
Templates:Free and premium responsive templatesDozens of free responsive templates
Technical Support:YouTube videos, Help Center, tutorials, integrated prompts, Live ChatLive Chat, Email Support, Community Forum, Ticketing System, FAQ section
Blogging Options:WordPress blogging supportIntegrated blogging CMS
SEO Options:Detailed SEO settingsAdvanced SEO parameters
Pricing:Starts from $19/moStarts from $12/mo
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Both website builders work well for the development of photography websites. While Showit is a more industry-focused platform, Squarespace provides more extensive and powerful design customization options. Which system has more to offer? Which of them prevails over the competitor? To find answers to these and other questions, it makes sense to compare the website builders in details.

Showit vs Squarespace: General Overview

Showit vs Squarespace: General Overview

Showit is a DIY website builder, which was created with the only purpose in mind – to launch high quality photography websites to help their owners reveal their creativity and professionalism. These projects mostly target potential customers and business partners, who are looking for a photography specialist. Thus, the website builder abounds in niche-specific features and high end design customization tools that make it possible to showcase your works in the most favorable light.

The foundation of the platform dates back to 2004, so, the website builder is not a new service to work with. It has already endured quite a tough niche competition, having won popularity with thousands of users across the globe. Recent statistics states that the overall number of websites created with the website builder currently exceeds 22913 projects, while the number of live websites now constitutes 16672 websites. The use of the website builder does not require any coding proficiency and this is one of the most crucial factors that speak in its favor.

Squarespace is a popular DIY cloud website builder, which serves a variety of web design goals. The system can be used to literally start different types of projects. It comes with a convenient WYSIWYG website editor and advanced design customization tools. The system works well for beginners and for web design pros as it has much to offer to both user categories.

The website builder was created in 2003 and it has evolved a lot since that time. According to stats, the user base of the system now constitutes 3 884 010 millions members, while the number of live projects launched with the system has reached 2 347 032 projects. These figures already speak for themselves and they are really impressive.

Showit and Squarespace differ from each other by the feature set, design customization flexibility and target audience. Squarespace, however, is a more popular and feature-laden platform, which unveils unlimited opportunities to all user categories. Photographers are not an exception – the system has much to offer to users willing to launch photography and portfolio projects with it.

Showit vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Showit vs Squarespace: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder, which was created with the needs and skills of newbies in mind. The system doesn’t require any coding skills or web design proficiency and it also ensures intuitive website development approach. It grants access to the stunning set of features and tools provided out of the box that are a must, when it comes to professional portfolio development. Websites designed with the system feature simple yet stylish design, pro galleries, social media and contact integration options as well as blogging opportunities.

Showit website editor

The website builder is not difficult to use and it also offers an easy sign up procedure. Mind, however, that you will have to provide your personal data here (email, password, full name, phone number, industry type etc.). This takes more time that you could expect, but it’s not quite difficult to fill out all the required fields to get started with your website development.

If there is anything you don’t understand about the website builder and its special nuances, you can contact the support team. It comprises an extensive Help Center with multiple tutorials and detailed guides on how to use the platform, YouTube videos as well as Live Chat and social media support.

Squarespace is an easy-to-use website builder that stands out from the crowd due to its high end functionality and convenience for all user categories. The system lets you create and manage various types of web projects, including websites for photographers. The platform comes with intuitive interface, integrated WYSIWYG editor and it also implies a slight learning curve to help you get started with ease. The only notable disadvantage of the website builder compared to its competitors is absence of the preview feature, which doesn’t let you see the progress of your website development in action. However, regular system subscribers get used to this feature pretty soon.

Squarespace editor

Squarespace is known for its integrated Style Editor, which ensures deep website design customization. Along with the opportunity to adjust website elements, you will be able to change colors, fonts, layouts and backgrounds as well as to crop images and work with other website elements. This eventually results in the development of professional and personalized photography websites.

The website builder also grants access to multiple customer support options. It comes with the live chat accessible 24/7, email support realized via the use of ticketing system, rich Help Center that comes with numerous informative tutorials, videos, blog posts, guides and other related sources, which simplify the process of mastering the system.

When it comes to the ease of use, both website builders are almost on the same level. They don’t require coding awareness and they ensure intuitive web design approach. Showit, however, requires more info to start working with the system, while Squarespace implies a slight learning curve.

Showit vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

Showit vs Squarespace: Design and Flexibility

As a specialized photography website, Showit has a strong niche focus. This implies that the website builder might lack some of the standard web design features, offering plentiful photography-related tools and solutions. Squarespace, in its turn, is the all-in-one website builder, which means that its functionality and flexibility are more versatile. To define the leader of the comparison, it is reasonable to compare some of the must-have features.


Showit doesn’t have an integrated eCommerce platform and, thus, it is impossible to start web stores with the website builder. Actually, this is one of the most crucial disadvantages of the system as photographers won’t be able to start selling their products/services via the website. This looks quite weird for a niche project geared towards the needs of entrepreneurs involved in photography business.

Squarespace has much to offer in terms of eCommerce. Due to the integrated and full-featured eCommerce platform, the website builder makes it possible to launch online stores to let their owners offer their products/services for sale (see examples).

Squarespace eCommerce

All in all, it is possible to sell up to 100 items here, adding their description and specifications. Likewise, it is possible to adjust payment/tax/shipping options, create product lists, add and modify pricing etc.

Speaking about the eCommerce aspect, there is nothing to compare here at all. While Showit lacks eCommerce functionality, Squarespace makes it possible to start and manage quality web stores due to its powerful integrated eCommerce engine.


Showit supports WordPress blogging feature. When reaching the integrated editor of the system, you will find a blog template you can customize to your liking. Users of the website builder can edit, manage and publish content either within the dashboard of the system or using the WordPress CMS absolutely for free. Additionally, Showit supports blog migration option. This means that if you already own a blog, you can transfer it to the website builder without any extra investments, using professional customer support team guidance.

Squarespace also excels at blogging. The website builder comes with the integrated blogging engine, which makes it possible to add and manage blog posts, adjust geo location tags and blog URL, schedule new post publications etc. Take a look at these Squarespace blog.

Squarespace Blog Settings

What’s more, the website builder allows connecting Google Analytics to track your blog statistics, adjusting blog display and show window options, support publications of multiple authors, enabling the commenting feature, using the AMP advantages etc. One of the advantages of the website builder is the fact that it lets you import blogs hosted with other platforms, such as WordPress, Tumbr, Posterous etc.

As to the blogging feature, both website builders come with blogging engines. They also support blog migration feature. Squarespace, however, offers more blog-related solutions and design customization tools, while Showit blogging features are limited to supporting WordPress blogs only.

Assets Management

Showit ensures extensive image editing options. It comes with a collection of custom images as well as lots of tools needed for their customization and further integration. Likewise, registered users can also launch their own libraries for free – the feature is accessible in the website editor. Just create a new folder, provide its name, upload the required images/photos, highlight topical photo collections and add new ones.

Squarespace offers more possibilities, when it comes to image editing and assets management. The website builder comes with the integrated image manager. Due to the drag-and-drop functionality, it is possible to conveniently add and organize images on a web page, while the responsive image loader allows dragging the elements from your desktop into your browser within several seconds. It automatically detects and selects the right image size with regard to the type of device and screen used.

All Squarespace images can be edited via the use of the Adobe Image Editor directly in the browser. What you need is to pick the item you need to work with, resize, crop, rotate and adjust their parameters based on the requirements you have. Finally, the website builder supports Getty Images and Lightbox integration required for perfect image presentation. The platform also has an integrated Logo Maker, which lets you design your own website logo with regard to your special preferences and requirements.

As to assets integration and management, Squarespace grants more opportunities. Apart from extensive image editing/adjustment options, the website builder also ensures Lightbox and Getty Images integration. Showit image management options are more limited.

Template Editing

Showit excels at high quality responsive templates, which are also stylish and modern. The designs are free and paid yet all of them look great on all devices. Showit themes are created by third-party developers and they are also divided into categories based on the style and layout type you need.

Showit vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?

The cost of premium templates is quite high. It ranges between $200 and $750 per one theme, which is undoubtedly very expensive for an ordinary user. It is possible to preview the way the selected design will display on various screens in the system dashboard. You can also reach and use multiple design customization tools to give the selected theme a touch of personalization. Thus, you can experiment with colour palettes, patterns, text fonts, spacing, size, alignment and other parameters here.

Squarespace has much to offer in terms of design customization as well. It comes with a rich template gallery, which currently includes 105 designs. They are responsive and display great on all mobile devices as well as on desktop screens. All Squarespace templates are free yet they feature high quality and have contemporary look. The website builder allows for code editing, which lets you create unique website design that adheres to your special requirements and industry needs.

Squarespace template

One of the system highlights is its integrated Cover Page Builder, which grants access to 29 ready-made customizable designs. As to design customization options, Squarespace has a drag-and-drop editor, which simplifies the process of template customization. It allows choosing and adjusting website elements based on its style and web page layout. The integrated Style Editor offers more flexible and deep design customization. Along with standard design settings, you will be able to work with backgrounds, fonts and colours, crop and adjust images etc.

To sum it all up, Squarespace offers more flexible and versatile design customization options. The website builder abounds in high quality and free designs as well as in Cover Page themes, while Showit also includes premium templates, which are very expensive.

Showit vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Showit vs Squarespace: General Pricing Comparison

Showit doesn’t have a completely free plan yet it has a free 14-day trial that is required to test the feature set of the system. As soon as the trial period ends, you will be offered to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. There are three of them here, namely:

Showit Pricing

  • Showit ($19/mo) – grants access to editor features except for blogging, HTTPS certificate connection, 20 GB of media storage space, integrated web hosting, regular design backup feature (every 10 minutes), 7-day back up storage;
  • Showit + Basic Blog ($24/mo) – works best for users willing to transfer less then 50 blog posts, offers pre-installed plugins and features included into the Showit plan, up to 10000 blog visits/mo, opportunity to design a WordPress theme in the website builder, integrated WP hosting, daily blog backups stored for 30 days, simple blog migration;
  • Showit + Advanced Blog ($34/mo) – nice choice for blogs with more than 50 posts, offers features listed in previous subscriptions plus custom plugins, SEO support from Showit experts, up to 25000 blog visits, free advanced blog migration, FTP and database access.

Additionally, the website builder offers two advanced plans for huge blogs with increased traffic. These are:

  • Showit+Advanced Blog 50K ($64/mo) – HTTPS Certificate, web hosting with 20GB of media storage space, regular design backups every 10 minutes stored for 7 days, 30 GB of blog storage, up to 50K blog visits per month;
  • Showit+Advanced Blog 100K ($124/mo) – all the above listed features plus 50 GB of blog storage space, up to 100K blog visits per month.

Squarespace provides an opportunity to test the website builder for free. As soon as there emerges the need to get access to advanced features of the system, you will face the need to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. These include:

Squarespace price

  • Personal ($12/mo billed annually) – free custom domain, SSL Security, 2 contributors, 24/7 customer support, SEO features, unlimited bandwidth and storage, website metrics;
  • Business ($18/mo billed annually) – unlimited contributors, professional email from Google, advanced website analytics, fully-integrated eCommerce, premium blocks and integrations, CSS/JavaScript design customization, 3% transaction fees etc.;
  • Basic Commerce ($26/mo billed annually) – domain checkout feature, powerful eCommerce analytics, customer accounts, Instagram synchronization etc.;
  • Advanced Commerce ($40/mo billed annually) – gift cards, advanced shipping and discounts, APIs for order and inventory, abandoned cart recovery, limited availability labels etc.

Speaking about pricing, Showit and Squarespace are moderately-priced. Actually, the cost of their plans is almost the same. Showit subscriptions, however, are mostly focused on blog-related needs, while Squarespace plans offer more versatile features and tools that adhere to your specific website building needs.

Showit vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Showit vs Squarespace: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Showit doesn’t offer advanced SEO options, but it is still possible to adjust the main SEO parameters here. Additionally, subscribers of the Showit + Advanced Blog plan can contact Showit experts to get qualified SEO support from them. In this case, you can be sure that your website will be properly optimized for the search engines.

Squarespace offers more advanced opportunities for quality search engine optimization of websites launched with it. The website builder allows filling out SEO boxes with web page/website meta tags and descriptions. The system automatically generates headings for products and posts to use them as SEO titles for website pages afterwards.

Squarespace SEO Settings

Thus, it is impossible to individually set up SEO parameters and website titles here. Squarespace is also known for its extensive social media integration options as well as the opportunity to hide the entire website or its pages from indexing by the search engines.

As to the Search Engine Optimization, Squarespace has more to offer. The website builder allows managing SEO settings and automatically generates headings for posts/products. There is also the opportunity to hide your websites or its pages from indexing until you make sure your project is ready for publication. Thus, Squarespace is a more SEO-friendly website builder as compared to Showit.

Which One Is the Best for Photographers Portfolio – Showit or Squarespace?

Which One Is the Best for Photographers’ Portfolio - Showit or Squarespace?

Showit is a specialized website builder, which is geared exclusively towards photography website development. This explains the fact that the feature set of the platform is centered around portfolio creation. The system is rich in responsive photography templates, the quality and design of which rank really high. There is also access to niche-specific design customization tools that let you give your project personalized design. Showit doesn’t have an eCommerce engine and this is one of the system disadvantages as it is impossible to sell the products/services online. At the same time, there is WordPress blog support, multiple asset management options and even ready-made canvas canvas samples. This eliminates the need to add new elements and design the project absolutely from scratch. What you have to do is to pick a canvas that appeals to you, edit the pages and go live with your photography website. That is easy, quick and convenient, especially for beginners.

Squarespace is a great choice for photography website development as well. The website builder is known for its creative focus, abundance of free responsive portfolio designs and extensive integration options (see Squarespace portfolio examples). The system comes with built-in blogging and eCommerce engines, Logo Maker, Image Editor, Google Maps embedding options. If needed, you can start and manage email marketing campaigns to encourage users to visit your photography project. Special attention should be given to the advanced Unfold App. It allows starting and sharing full-featured and appealing stories and posts in social networks. This is a perfect way to popularize your photography project on the web.

When it comes to starting a website for photographers, Squarespace definitely deserves more attention. The website builder encompasses a good collection of quality responsive photography templates, advanced design customization tools, integrated Logo Maker and Image Editor, Unfold Tool and lots of other advantages for portfolio website development. Showit cannot ensure the same advantages.

Key Differences Between Format and Squarespace

Ease of Use:Showit is a specialized photography website builder, which comes with a drag-and-drop editor and does not require coding proficiency.Squarespace is a drag-and-drop cloud website builder. It works great for users with various web design skills. The system can be used to start photography websites, online stores, blogs, landing pages, business projects etc.
Functionality:The website builder works best for photography website development and, thus, its feature set is geared exclusively towards this purpose. It offers WordPress blog support, assets management options, social media integrations etc.The website builder comes with integrated WYSIWYG editor, blogging and eCommerce engines, Cover Page Builder, statistics tracking tools, high end Logo Maker, social integrations, SEO options, advanced marketing features as well as Google Maps embedding, Unfold App and Acuity Scheduling platform.
Design:Showit encompasses one of the best photography template collections. It is possible to choose from free and paid designs, all of which are responsive.Squarespace template collection includes over a hundred of quality and responsive templates. They let you set up various projects, which are professional and fully-customizable.
eCommerce:The website builder doesn’t have an eCommerce engine. Thus, it is impossible to start web stores with it.Squarespace integrated eCommerce engine allows launching and updating small and medium web stores, setting up their crucial parameters.
Blogging:The system supports WordPress blogs and it’s also possible to migrate your project from the CMS to the website builder for free.The website builder has a powerful blogging engine. Iit is possible to start a quality blog with it. It’s up to you to update the resource when needed as well as to customize its design with regard to your special preferences.
Small Business:Showit targets entrepreneurs, who run a photography-related business and wish to promote it on the web.The website builder works great for small business website creation. It lets you integrate business widgets, media files, Acuity Platform as well as useful statistics tracking and email marketing tools.
Pricing:The website builder has a free 14-day trial and several paid plans. Their cost starts from $19/mo.Squarespace has a 14-day free trial and several pricing plans for standard and eCommerce websites. Their cost starts from $12/mo.
SEO:The platform doesn’t offer much, when it comes to SEO. However, premium plan users may contact the support center to avail assistance from SEO experts.Squarespace is a SEO-friendly website builder. Along with the opportunity to fill out the main SEO parameters for effective website promotion, it also allows hiding your website (or its pages) from indexing by the search engines.
Customer Support:YouTube videos, Help Center, tutorials, integrated prompts, Live Chat24/7 Live Chat, Email Support, FAQ section, Ticketing System, Community Forum

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

Starting a website is always a challenge. The problem becomes even more complicated for newbies, who are not sure about the web design tool that works best for their project. To pick the right website builder, you should initially focus on your website specialization, personal web design skills, budget and result you intend to avail in the long run.

Showit – is a specialized photography website builder, which explains its integrated photo-focused functionality, selection of templates and web design tools. The system lacks eCommerce features yet it allows for WordPress blog support and comes with extensive assets management options.

Squarespace – is the all-in-one drag-and-drop website builder, which allows starting, managing and promoting different types of web projects. The system abounds in high end templates, design customization tools and features provided out-of-the box.

Which system is the leader of the comparison? The answer is obvious: this is Squarespace. Unlike Showit, which can be used for photography website creation only, Squarespace has universal nature, intuitive web design approach and powerful functionality. These are the features that make the platform the best solution for the creation of any project, including portfolio/photography websites.

Showit vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?
  • Photography website builder
  • No eCommerce engine
  • WordPress blog support
  • Assets Management tools
Showit vs Squarespace: Which Is Better?
  • Powerful all-in-one website builder
  • Integrated eCommerce platform
  • Unfold App - Storytelling tool
  • Acuity scheduling platform

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