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Showit – is a website building platform initially designed for professional photographers. Based on the drag-and-drop functionality, this software is perfect for newbies who do not want to be involved in technical issues. Besides, the product comes with multiple web design capabilities to create stunning professional photographer portfolios as well as stylish small business websites.

The website builder has evolved over the years. It is not as narrowly focused as a few years before. The advanced technology works great for hundreds of entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. users will appreciate a collection of great-looking templates that are easy to customize or redesign as well as create a custom canvas of your own without drastically coding. Also, the system offers several extra features and functions to establish a solid online presence.

  • Great photographers’ website builder.
  • Stylish and responsive templates.
  • Easy-to-use software.

Pros and Cons

On the one hand, Showit refers to no-code website builders with a drag-and-drop feature that drastically simplifies the building process. You may choose a template to customize or start the process from the blank. However, the editor mainly applies to mobile devices. It means that you will never know how the website looks like on a desktop. Also, Showit works only with Chrome. If you use a different browser, the software will not be available for editing.

Showit Pros:
Showit Cons:
Easy to Use – the website builder does not require a learning curve to master the editing process.
Ready-Made Templates – when you work with Showit, you may use different pre-built templates and layouts that come with blocks and page elements that are easy to move, change, or customize.
Stylish Design – The platform’s templates look gorgeous. Besides, users get full freedom over design tools to create their custom mockups.
Reusable Templates – Showit lets you work with any template and re-use it whenever you need it. The platform comes with support for add-on templates as well.
Comprehensive Support – Showit boasts a growing online community in addition to expanded knowledge base and professional team.
Some features are difficult – with the complete design freedom comes website building complexity. Some of the platform’s tools are difficult to use for newbies right from the start.
Smaller screen – the software will not adapt to your screen size. The editing process will take place on a smaller screen.
Chrome-only Software – you will need to download the latest Chrome version in order to use the website builder, as it is not compatible with any other browser.
No eCommerce – while the product has started positioning itself as a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses, the absence of at least baseline eCommerce functions looks strange.

Users may also dislike the way Showit arranges its paid plans. You might need to pay for each extra widget or add-on package or whenever you want to integrate a WordPress blog (we will discuss the feature a bit later). But the overall impression is not that bad.

  • Integration with WordPress.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Ready-made website canvases.

What Is It Good For?

The website builder was created with a focus on professional photographers. Either you shoot weddings and corporate events to make some money or make photos just for fun, the software is a perfect pick. Showit is used by some of the industry’s biggest names such as Jasmine Star and others. A set of options covers all essential features a professional online portfolio should have:

  • Simple but Stylish Design – a photographer website must not be overloaded with animation, effects, or sections. Galleries must be easy to reach while pages should load fast. A photographer portfolio is not about a huge amount of pages. It is about overall quality. A homepage, portfolio, About Me, and Blog section is more than enough.
  • Stunning Galleries – if you want to highlight your works, you need to do it most attractively. This is where different gallery styles, sliders, and image collections can do the trick. Make sure a chosen website builder has them.
  • About Me Section – keep your visitors aware of who you are, what inspires you or how you got involved in photography.
  • Contact Info – let people contact you, especially if you are aimed at providing paid services.
  • Social Media – users must have a chance to share your works via major social platforms. It will broaden your potential audience. Moreover, photographers get a chance to grow their community of like-minded enthusiasts.
  • A Blog – it can be used either for SEO purposes or just to share some of the photographer’s experience, special tricks, beginner tips, so on.

Showit has enough features to cope with any of the above-mentioned points. At the same time, it positions itself as a website builder for small businesses and entrepreneurs. However, it lacks some vital features like user acquisition, eCommerce, and other tools. For this reason, we may recommend it only for photographers, while small business owners may opt for more flexible solutions like Wix, for example.

Now, it is high time we looked at the website building process from the inside.

Ease of Use

As we have mentioned earlier, Showit was initially launched as a website builder for newbies. It was supposed to not require technical skills. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that is pretty simple to use. However, the design and customization freedom provided by the software resulted in a slight complexity. Users may need some time to figure out how everything works here. Luckily, there is a 14-day free trial to test the system.

Getting Started

The registration process looks a bit time-consuming. On the one hand, billing info is not required to use the testing mode. On the other hand, you will need to create a new Showit user account and provide not just an email and password, but also personal info including phone, full name, industry type, etc. In the end, you will need to clarify where you found out about the platform.

Showit Getting Started

When you are done with the steps above, you will get a welcoming and confirmation letters. The link inside will transfer you to the website editor. This is where you face your first challenge when working with Showit unless Chrome is your browser on default. Otherwise, you will see something like this.

Showit Create account

The system will ask you to download the latest Chrome version. Once a browser has been successfully installed, you will be able to start building a new site. Users can choose from several ready-made templates or start developing a new portfolio from the blank.

Showit download chrome

Website Editor

When you get inside the website builder, you might feel a bit confused with the way your layout is displayed. The system offers a mobile and desktop screen simultaneously on default. However, you still have a chance to pick the dimensions you want to edit. The good thing here is that all changes are applied to all screen versions automatically. The bad news is that the desktop view comes with a smaller screen. It makes the editing process a bit difficult.

Showit website editor

All editor tools are located in the left sidebar. It contains the list of all website pages and elements that are free to edit. Users can choose either from that list or simply scroll the page down to a necessary block and change it. The customization capabilities are endless. You may start with the menu.

Showit menu costumization

Unlike other drag-and-drop website builders, Showit does not band you to a single page structure with only a chance to move blocks up and down. Users may choose any location, resize and rearrange page elements, add new images, edit texts, change backgrounds, fonts, etc. This is where we definitely like the way Showit handles the process.

Showit page editor

General Settings

When the website is ready, and you want to go live with it, make sure you do the general setup. Here you need to indicate general website info, domain, URL, etc. Users will also have to download a favicon image. Now, you can preview your website on various devices just to make sure all elements look fine and publish it.

Showit site setting

  • Advanced customization features.
  • Flexible page layouts.
  • Enhanced editing capabilities.

Features & Flexibility

Showit does not boast a rich feature set. However, it delivers enough options to create a professional portfolio. Of course, users might crave more flexibility in the long run especially when it comes to small business projects. For now, Showit has to offer the following:

Ready-Made Canvas Samples

Apart from the drag-and-drop editor, Showit delivers pre-designed page canvases. You do not even need to add new elements from scratch. Simply choose the canvas you like, edit pages, and publish the website. The same function applies to every page.

Showit Ready-Made Canvas Samples

WordPress Blog

The platform comes with support for WordPress blogging feature. You will find a blog template inside the Showit editor. Users are free to edit and publish content inside the dashboard or using the WP CMS. If you already have a blog, the Showit team will help you with its free migration.

Showit WordPress Blog

WP-Compatible Software

Apart from the blogging features, you may benefit from the integrated WPEngine-powered solute that ensures great performance. Besides, the WordPress host is also included in the package.

Assets Management

The platform has a collection of custom images. However, users are free to create their own libraries that can be accessed right from the editor. Create a new folder, name it, and upload images and photos from the local device. A fast and easy way to create new image collections or highlight topical portfolios.

Showit Assets Management

As you can see, the feature set is not that rich. But it looks enough to meet the major photographer’s needs.

  • Free WordPress blog migration.
  • Blog templates and management.
  • Custom image libraries.

Design & Templates

Showit boasts a collection of stylish and up-to-date templates. This is where the platform hardly has competitors. Even free themes look very attractive. The system offers a selection of premium themes as well. Just like with WordPress, templates are built by third-party developers. They are all divided into several categories depending on the layout type or style you look for. Paid templates are very expensive. The price may range from $200 to $750 per template.

Showit templates

Needless to say, all themes are mobile responsive. The dashboard offers several preview modes that include a smartphone, tablet, and desktop revision. Besides, the system has custom design tools. They include a wide color pallet with a chance to change pattern and tons, type settings to work with text fonts, size, spacing, alignment, and more.

Showit site style

  • Free and premium templates.
  • Multiple preview modes.
  • Advanced design tools.

Customer Support

Whenever you need assistance with Showit, you may benefit from multiple info sources. First of all, there is a Help Center with all baseline issues described. Here you will find detailed guides on how to get started and build your first website with Showit. The articles contain information on how to create a blog from scratch or use design features.

Showit Customer Support

Those who require urgent help, may benefit from the Live Chat feature or contact the support team via social media. The platform has a growing community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, there is a Showit YouTube channel with dozens of videos, tutorials, and other useful info.

  • YouTube video guides.
  • Help Center and tutorials.
  • Live Chat and integrated prompts.

Plans & Pricing; How Much Does Showit Cost?

When the 14-day free trial is over, you will have to select each of the three available plans. They include:

  • Showit costs $19 with access to all editor features except for blogging.
  • Showit + Basic Blog costs $24 for users who want to migrate less than 50 posts. Pre-installed plugins are included in the price.
  • Showit + Advanced Blog costs $34 for blogs with more than 50 posts, custom plugins, and SEO support from Showit experts.

Showit Pricing

Also, there are two separate plans for huge blogs with increased traffic costing $64 per month (50k + users) and $124 per month (100k + users).

Showit Hight Traffic Blog Pricing

  • All-in-One package.
  • WordPress host included in the price.
  • Free blog migration starting with Showit + Basic Blog.

Showit Website Examples

Wedding Studio Website

Wedding Studio Website

Professional Photographer Site

Professional Photographer Site

Photographer's Portfolio Wobsite

Photographer’s Portfolio Wobsite

Showit Review Conclusion

Showit is a website builder that serves professional photographers well. It might be a good solution for experienced pros who already have a solid customers base and want to bring their professional portfolio to a new level. Beginners may find the platform a bit too complex in terms of pricing policy and some editing features. Moreover, the plans look a bit too expensive if compared to other platforms of the same type.

Although the software is positioned as the website builder for entrepreneurs and small business owners, you’d rather not use is for these particular purposes. Showit certainly lacks eCommerce and promotion features. This is where Wix or uKit might be a better and cheaper alternative.

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