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Best Shopify Store Examples

Shopify Example Websites

Shopify has gained worldwide popularity as a decent eCommerce software, which comes with lots of niche-related features and tools. The service makes it possible to effectively launch and manage all kinds of web stores, ranging from small and medium shops and up to amazing hypermarkets with thousands of products in stock.

Shopify’s functionality is far above the average and this is exactly what allows achieving decent result. The service offers multiple web design tools, responsive eCommerce templates, marketing and promotion features and well as advanced integration options.

It’s hard to call Shopify an easy platform for inexperienced users. If you are using the system for the first time, you’ll need to get used to it and to master the entire spectrum of its options. This is where some of the best Shopify eCommerce samples with come in handy. Whether you’re choosing an eCommerce site builder for your future shop or have been thinking about redesigning your current site, feel free to browse our fresh collection of most successful Shopify stores that should give you ample design inspiration for your project!

1. Master & Dynamic


Master & Dynamic is a Shopify-based digital store that sells speakers, earphones, and accessories. The company has been a trusted leader in providing high-quality sound products for professionals and beginners. Users may find everything they need to benefit from superior sound ranging from wireless earphones for everyday usage to cables, charging devices, and headphones stands for those who want to arrange a small recording studio right at home.

The website design looks very knit. It has a general menu with all product categories listed above in addition to the collaboration section while the sidebar menu offers additional info delivered by FAQ and About Us blocks in addition to a separate section with contact information.

Shopify made it possible to make a product preview featuring some of the best sellers. If you want to check the full list of products forms a particular category, simply click in the “View All” button. Such a feature makes the website pretty fast and easy to navigate.

2. Phone Loops

Phone Loops

Phone Loops is the website for those who have got used to taking smartphone along wherever they go. This is a web store that offers modern, safe and convenient phone loops that are designed in Quebec and hand-crafted in Canada. These accessories help prevent unexpected phone drops and damages, ensuring a secure, convenient and relaxed grip. The first thing that catches the attention when visiting a web store is its trendy look, interactive product images and customer reviews all available at the homepage. There is also a YouTube video providing product overview here.

When browsing the store, you will get access to the major product categories, namely Strap, Leash and Customized. This is where you will be able to choose and add to cart a phone loop of any color, style, pattern and design. Detailed product descriptions are available here as well along with multiple videos showing the benefits of using the loops. The web store is available in two languages (English and French). Currency choice as well as FAQs are also provided here for better shopping convenience. This is a decent sample of a Shopify web store!

3. Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Tents is the LA-based shop offering unique and custom designed tents to fit different requirements, events and personal preferences of customers. The online version of the store is available at Lotus Belle Tents – the web store, which was founded by Harriet Seddon (who is also the author of the tent models).

From the very first sight, you pay attention to a large photo slider available at the home page, which offers the images of tents in the most unusual places. They look really stylish and attractive, which cannot but urges the desire to keep browsing the product list. To do that, feel free to select the required menu section or look through the products available directly on the homepage. The website menu itself encompasses the Shop Category with popup subcategories, Accessories Category, From the Lotus and Gallery. The search filter option, customer reviews and newsletter sign up option contribute to the convenient, simple and effective shopping experience.

4. Blu Kicks

Blu Kicks

Blu Kicks is a web store, which offers a broad selection of nature-inspired shoes for kids and adults. The business is run by the mother and son, who state their major mission in the About Us section. One of the most unusual things about the online store and the business in general is that 1% of each product cost is donated to the organizations involved into environmental protection.

The web store itself looks neat, simple yet informative. All the must-have elements are included here, while the product catalogue is logically-structured and offers easy access to all the items offered for sale. The menu offers the drop down sections, which grant access to product categories. Whatever product you will shop for, it will come with detailed specifications, sizes chart, stock availability info, photos and cost. A Blog, a Newsletter and a Press sections make it possible to find out the news and updates of the store, keeping customers aware of the information they need. The web store creates positive impression from the very first sight, being a decent sample of Shopify-based projects.

5. Mind Journals

Mind Journals

Mind Journals offers exceptional experience for each and every guy, who needs support and is willing to become more confident and self-assured. The website focuses on selling the only product – Mind Journal, which offers the required tools and means of making long-term plans and life changes.

The online store provides explicit information about the Mind Journal, its sections and implications. There are also customer reviews, each of which is verified to provide maximum trustworthiness. The Blog Page, which is connected to the website, includes informative articles on the art of journaling for men. This should help guys feel confident when using the product, getting maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the process. This is a quite extraordinary sample of a Shopify-based web store with only one item offered for sale!

6. Les CocoNuts

Les CocoNuts

Les CocoNuts is a worthy example of a large online store launched with Shopify. The major website focus is centered around high quality organic skincare products that are also 100% natural. The structure of the web store is thoroughly thought-over, with all the products being on their places. Customers may browse through different products categories, all of which come with drop-down menus for more detailed division.

Each product is intentionally referred to a certain category and comes with explicit descriptions, alluring photos, ingredients it consists of, price and major shopping options. What’s more, there is an opportunity to email the customer support team, if you have any questions regarding a certain product. That’s very time-saving and convenient. FAQ section, support of two languages (English and French), search filter option and a category enlisting recent updates, discounts and special offers enhance the web store functionality. The website features simple, neat and pleasant design, light colour palette to create comfortable and engaging feeling for each and every user.

7. Biko


Biko is one of the oldest online stores built with Shopify. Launched in 2004, this site extends what a Toronto designer Corrine Anestopoulos was doing in her spare time. She began as a hobbyist, creating jewelry that she thought was ‘cool and edgy and not so girly’. Later she realised there was a hole in the market for high quality handmade jewelry and decided to grow her hobby into a full-time business.

The first screen of the website shows us impressive high-quality photos in the slider and the newest products. The second slider, at the bottom, is an Instagram feed – catch a glimpse of what inspires Corrine and what goes on behind the scenes.

8. Greats

Greats is website with the example of how the homepage should look like. It did a great job designing that door: white backgrounds, lots of whitespace, slider and simple navigation make the site easy to browse and buy from.

Perhaps the most outstanding design decision of this website is the top menu where you can choose footwear you need by their silhouettes. You can also see short embedded video interview with Greats owner on the Born in Brooklyn page – another rare thing on websites of such kind.

9. BeardBrand


BeardBrand gives shoppers a beautiful full-screen experience. The site does exactly what it aims to do – make viewers want to grow their beards out! All accessories you need to make your beard perfect concentrated in two menu categories – Products and Collections.

The company started with only three products and have grown their inventory from there. The full collection is featured in a simple grid, while each product opens up in an individual full-screen photo with a detailed description, customer reviews and product questions.

The good thing is an easy access to the live chat, in case you want to have your beard accessories ordered right now and not a second later.

10. Sarah+Abraham

Sarah And Abraham

Sarah + Abraham is a website that was born in 2007 in Illinois. It all started as a simple Etsy shop with only nursery art prints. Nowadays, they have a great variety of personalized paper products, unique gift items, customizable set of plates and much more.

The website looks really interesting, it’s almost like it was created by a child (or at least some ideas were). Everything seems to be in its place: all product categories are on the left side and the menu buttons at the top. The color scheme is not distracting.

When making your order for a customized item, you can choose from a number of different options, so that the kid picture will resemble your child as much a possible!

11. Dodo Case

Dodo Case

Dodo Case is an online shop where you can purchase lots of craft stuff that is quite popular these days. Their top priority are cases and accessories for iDevices – iPads, iPhones, iMac, as well as other staff like wallets and keyrings.

If your business is all about selling handcrafted accessories, you will definitely need an interesting design and that’s what Dodocase puts an emphasis on. In a nutshell,, it has a sleek design which looks good, but, unfortunately, this can be said only about their home page.

Pages with products are less exciting, but perhaps this was done on purpose to make visitors focus on the items. Speaking about the visuals, there are no full-screen images, which is very odd. While exploring the website, you can say that everything is ok, but still there’s a feeling that something is missing.

12. Fiercely Curious

Fiercely Curious

Fiercely Curious is a platform created by Erin & Tom who are the Brooklyn artists. It’s a curated collective of over 20 Brooklyn-based artists hand-picked by Erin & Tom. They showcase their work online, at pop-up shows and through private studio visits. Basically, their website is a mix of an art-gallery and an online store with designer-made items.

You can view images in full and it’s good that they have a slider option on board. More often than not, creative professionals come up with astonishing ideas in terms of designs for their websites, but fail to think through the functional side.I Fiercely Curious is not an exception.

Their menu could be more structured and user-friendly, while the shopping cart could let you continue to explore the items, instead of pushing you into buying something immediately after you press the add button.

13. Faucet face

Faucet Face

Faucet face is a website about the idea that tap water is in no way inferior to the bottled.. How do they prove it? They produce glass bottles and provide BioSand filters for poor families in India. It’s something we could all admire and take for a model.

To tell the truth, it took me a while to realize, what they are actually doing because of the overwhelming information. Yes, founders of the website have used the the website builder’s tools to their full potential, but the whole thing looks raw.

Although the white-and-blue color scheme is visually pleasing, the interface is cluttered and you don’t know where to start and what to use first. Nice idea but the realization is far from perfect.

14. Walk in Love

Walk in love

Walk in Love is a high-quality store that knows how to drive the attention of customers. The online shop was launched in 2005 and is dedicated to selling well-designed, high quality t-shirts with a positive and inspiring message.

The only look at the website is enough to get the idea of what they are offering. There is no need to waste time and effort exploring the sections in order to find the required item – the most popular products are presented both at the home page and in the main pop-up menu found at the side bar. Just scroll down and make your choice!

15. Premier Estates

Premier Estates is a nice sample of an online store that offers different types of exclusive wines for sale. The only look at the website is enough to understand what exactly customers may find there.

There is no need to browse through the site looking for the sort of wine you need for your special occasion. The top sellers are provided at the home page and come with detailed descriptions. The catalogue of products is conveniently subdivided into several sections based on the sorts of wines available at the shop. The pop up Review and Live Online Help windows contribute to the informational value of the site, making it user-friendly.

16. Grovemade


Grovemade is a full-scale shopping platform that was designed not only to sell but also to interact with the customer. The company produces tailor-made accessories, pads, and pieces of furniture to create an appropriate working environment either at the office or at home. Visitors can find different types of laptop and mouse pads, stands for monitors or headphones, etc.

Website creators made the most of all features brought to them by Shopify. It was divided into two major sections. The first section is actually a shop itself with the list of products, categories, etc. Product pages look very engaging while each item comes with featured accessories. The shop has a separate “Best Selling” page with the most popular positions available on stock.

The second “Explore” section tells about the Grovemade community and approach. What we liked about the website is the homepage. Apart from traditional product categories listed, here we can see a video block with a very engaging story about how the products are produced. In addition, visitors can see the full squad in the team block below.

17. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a website, which proves that using Shopify does not require special skills. And you still can come up with a stylish and engaging webshop. The store is focused on selling clothes and accessories to men and women. Nothing special here. Moreover, the website uses some baseline Shopify features without diving deep into the customization process. Nevertheless, the website makes a good impression.

The main attention is paid to sales, discounts, and special offers. This is where Shopify is probably the best offer among other eCommerce platforms. A typical menu makes it easy to overview all product categories and jump into the one you need without scrolling down numerous sections. There is a simple language switcher in addition to addressing, account, and shopping cart icons. A simple Sign Up form and social media widgets make this simple and at the same time catchy store look finished.

18. Hard Graf

Hard Graf

Hard Graf is another online shop built with Shopify. It sells handcrafted products made of leather. The list of items includes exclusive handbags, men’s footwear, gloves, accessories, etc. Visitors may also buy cases for different mobile devices in addition to authentic wallets, pads, and more. What we did not like about the website is the homepage. A sticky main menu looks a bit strange while the category navigation is hard to find from the start.

But the product pages look awesome. Here we have a catchy image gallery with high-quality product images. Users may choose from several sections that include item details such as size charts, materials used in production, additional details.

There is a simple contacting widget that lets visitors ask questions directly or look for an answer in the knowledgebase. Worldwide delivery is another benefit in favor of Hard Graft.

19. Zoku


Zoku is the company that was initially launched as a design studio. It was specialized in producing kitchenware and home appliance. Today, it delivers other products and accessories to the whole family. Visitors can by frozen treats, drinkware, cocktail ingredients or ice that will be delivered right at your door. Planning to throw a party and need some stuff? Zoku is the right choice.

As for the website, it looks well-organized and simple. The homepage features a full-screen slider with catchy photos that make you want to explore the company’s products and services. The second block displays three major info blocks. The third section offers a simple way to stay in touch or connect to the social channels. Product pages look great featuring huge photos, 5-star ratings, and simple filters to make the product search even easier.

20. Chalkd Ltd


Chalkd is a digital store that sells handmade products of wood and other materials. They can be used at home or wedding décor. They include chalkboards of different sizes and shapes, table menus that can be met at pubs or restaurants, markers and pastel chalks to write on the board. The company has been on the market for a while. This fact is reflected in its website, which looks a bit out of date.

Visitors should not expect 3D visual effects or animation when scrolling down the page. Everything looks very simple and a bit dated. You feel like you got to an old-school online shop back from the beginning of the 2000s. On the other hand, the shop structure is easy to navigate. All products are thoughtfully divided into categories while the product pages contain product details. The checkout process is simple as well. There is also a shipping calculator feature. All you need is to set the region and country in the for provided.

21. Cubcoats


Cubcoats encompasses the desire to bring joy and excitement into everyday kids apparel and the high quality/comfort of items they manufacture. The brand presents its products inq uite an unusual and unique way, which will certainly appeal to children. Its hoodies are offered in the shape of cute Cubcoat heroes and there is even a story about these characters living on their own Cubcoat Island. This is a creative idea that won’t leave kids indifferent!

Along with hoodies, the web store offers joggers, sweatpants, socks, jackets, vests and other apparel for kids. You can look through the Featured collections as well as shop by style or look through additional products and gifts available for sale. The overall web store design absolutely complies with its mission and topic. It abounds in images of heroes and other pictures that will surely drive kids’ attention, encouraging them for further shopping. Likewise, there is an opportunity to read and download stories about Cubcoat heroes, which ensures a funny and interactive atmosphere. Great Shopify-based web store for little customers!

22. Umizato


Umizato offers high quality blue light blocking glasses for computer screens and gaming. They are specially designed out of carefully chosen materials with attention to details and creative design. The company has glasses for adults and kids, offering multiple models for sale in their web store.

When shopping for glasses, you have an opportunity to preview each model to find out its detailed characteristics and special parameters. You also have an opportunity to pick the required color, size, lens power and other features that matter a lot, when it comes to successful shopping. There are lots of videos and images demonstrating the advantages of these glasses and the innovative blue light filtering technology the company has implemented. A nice option is an opportunity to read customer reviews available under each product description. This helps other customers find out the opinion and personal shopping experience of previous clients. Another quality sample of a professional eCommerce website powered by Shopify!


Once again it’s clear that you can create a website of your dream with a website builder. But it’s essential to have a clear vision of the end result. There are lots of modules you can use, from the Callback option to the Slider feature. With Shopify, you can create a successful online store with an interesting solution and unique design.

It’s not that hard to create an engaging and popular website, even with a standard set of modules, you don’t even need to be a techie, but it’s vital to put a lot of thought in it and commit to continuous development.


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