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Shopify Example Websites

Attractive web design has always played a key role in marketing and successful online sales. Choosing the right layout, colors, fonts and customer interactions increases the perceived value of your products and makes your business look more trustworthy.

Luckily – you’re not the first webstore in the world! Whether you’re choosing an eCommerce site builder for your future shop or have been thinking about redesigning your current site, our fresh collection of most successful Shopify stores should give you ample design inspiration for your next project!

Example1: Biko is one of the oldest online stores built with Shopify. Launched in 2004, this site extends what a Toronto designer Corrine Anestopoulos was doing in her spare time. She began as a hobbyist, creating jewelry that she thought was ‘cool and edgy and not so girly’. Later she realised there was a hole in the market for high quality handmade jewelry and decided to grow her hobby into a full-time business.


The first screen of the website shows us impressive high-quality photos in the slider and the newest products. The second slider, at the bottom, is an Instagram feed – catch a glimpse of what inspires Corrine and what goes on behind the scenes.

Example 2: Greats

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – that is why you should pay attention to what you have on your website’s homepage. For any site, the homepage is its virtual front door, and we think that did a great job designing that door: white backgrounds, lots of whitespace, slider and simple navigation make the site easy to browse and buy from.


Perhaps the most outstanding design decision of this website is the top menu where you can choose footwear you need by their silhouettes. You can also see short embedded video interview with Greats owner on the Born in Brooklyn page – another rare thing on websites of such kind.

Example 3: Brosa

Meet Its attention to detail coupled together with a clean design make it one of the most effective Shopify websites we’ve ever seen. What we liked most of all about the website is how cleverly they used tiny customer interactions.


Everything from their sign-up window offering a $30 discount for your first purchase, notifications like ‘Someone has just bought a chair…’ with a link to that chair and their interactive ‘Design-a-bed’ feature show that Brosa is a solid, experienced company.

Another thing that makes this website more interesting is the page describing the design process, starting from an idea to its final implementation, from inspiration to construction.

Example 4: BeardBrand gives shoppers a beautiful full-screen experience. The site does exactly what it aims to do – make viewers want to grow their beards out! All accessories you need to make your beard perfect concentrated in two menu categories – Products and Collections.


The company started with only three products and have grown their inventory from there. The full collection is featured in a simple grid, while each product opens up in an individual full-screen photo with a detailed description, customer reviews and product questions.

The good thing is an easy access to the live chat, in case you want to have your beard accessories ordered right now and not a second later.

Example 5: Urbery isn’t like most Shopify examples. The company doesn’t produce and sell its own goods – the website operates as your personal grocery shopper that will shop for your order and deliver your groceries to your doorstep.


The main menu is not so comfortable as it might be – it looks like a single sentence and not as separated blocks, and the fonts could be bigger. But it’s a trifle – the general design is tasty and catches the eye. The range of products is really impressive, you can order a bunch of Ben & Jerry’s for yourself, and something for the baby as well.

Example 6: Sarah+Abraham

The website was born in 2007 in Illinois. It all started as a simple Etsy shop with only nursery art prints. Nowadays, they have a great variety of personalized paper products, unique gift items, customizable set of plates and much more.


The website looks really interesting, it’s almost like it was created by a child (or at least some ideas were). Everything seems to be in its place: all product categories are on the left side and the menu buttons at the top. The color scheme is not distracting.

When making your order for a customized item, you can choose from a number of different options, so that the kid picture will resemble your child as much a possible!

Example 7: Dodo Case is an online shop where you can purchase lots of craft stuff that is quite popular these days. Their top priority are cases and accessories for iDevices – iPads, iPhones, iMac, as well as other staff like wallets and keyrings.


If your business is all about selling handcrafted accessories, you will definitely need an interesting design and that’s what Dodocase puts an emphasis on. In a nutshell,, it has a sleek design which looks good, but, unfortunately, this can be said only about their home page.

Pages with products are less exciting, but perhaps this was done on purpose to make visitors focus on the items. Speaking about the visuals, there are no full-screen images, which is very odd. While exploring the website, you can say that everything is ok, but still there’s a feeling that something is missing.

Example 8: Fiercely Curious

Erin & Tom are the Brooklyn artists who created It’s a curated collective of over 20 Brooklyn-based artists hand-picked by Erin & Tom. They showcase their work online, at pop-up shows and through private studio visits. Basically, their website is a mix of an art-gallery and an online store with designer-made items.


You can view images in full and it’s good that they have a slider option on board. More often than not, creative professionals come up with astonishing ideas in terms of designs for their websites, but fail to think through the functional side.I Fiercely Curious is not an exception.

Their menu could be more structured and user-friendly, while the shopping cart could let you continue to explore the items, instead of pushing you into buying something immediately after you press the add button.

Example 9: Faucet face is a website about the idea that tap water is in no way inferior to the bottled.. How do they prove it? They produce glass bottles and provide BioSand filters for poor families in India. It’s something we could all admire and take for a model.


To tell the truth, it took me a while to realize, what they are actually doing because of the overwhelming information. Yes, founders of the website have used the the website builder’s tools to their full potential, but the whole thing looks raw.

Although the white-and-blue color scheme is visually pleasing, the interface is cluttered and you don’t know where to start and what to use first. Nice idea but the realization is far from perfect.

Example 10: Walk in Love

First impression is the first thing that counts when it comes to online shops. knows how to drive the attention of customers. The online shop was launched in 2005 and is dedicated to selling well-designed, high quality t-shirts with a positive and inspiring message.

Walk in Love

The only look at the website is enough to get the idea of what they are offering. There is no need to waste time and effort exploring the sections in order to find the required item – the most popular products are presented both at the home page and in the main pop-up menu found at the side bar. Just scroll down and make your choice!

Example 11: Premier Estates is a nice sample of an online store that offers different types of exclusive wines for sale. The only look at the website is enough to understand what exactly customers may find there.

Premier Estates

There is no need to browse through the site looking for the sort of wine you need for your special occasion. The top sellers are provided at the home page and come with detailed descriptions. The catalogue of products is conveniently subdivided into several sections based on the sorts of wines available at the shop. The pop up Review and Live Online Help windows contribute to the informational value of the site, making it user-friendly.

Example 12: Swag Paper offers a rich collection of removable “peel and stick” wallpapers that can be used in any interiors. The website provides the feeling of immersion into the world of wallpaper ornaments that are shown to advantage against the white background.

Swag Paper

The design of the site is a bit simple, but this simplicity makes an accent on the products the company offers for sale. The main menu enlists the most useful categories that are within reach of users. Availability of the Blog section, integrated shop, installation guide, FAQs and contact info contributes to the ease of search and makes navigation simple and understandable. A nice choice for successful shopping!


Once again it’s clear that you can create a website of your dream with a website builder. But it’s essential to have a have a clear vision of the end result. There are lots of modules you can use, from the Callback option to the Slider feature. With Shopify, you can create a successful online store with interesting solution and unique design.

It’s not that hard to create an engaging and popular website, even with a standard set of modules, you even don’t need to be a techie, but it’s vital to put a lot of thought in it and commit to continuous development.

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