Sellfy Review

Sellfy review

Sellfy – is a cloud-based software developed to meet eCommerce needs. The platform comes as an easy-to-use tool that makes it easy and fast to create, setup, and deploy your new digital store. Bloggers, business owners, and individuals may use it to start selling both digital and physical goods through varus platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook or your own website. Sellfy comes as an instrument to manage, represent, and sell products as well as to drive the target audience.

The key platform’s feature is the fact it can be used either as a separate storefront as well as with your already existing website. You may create an online shop from scratch, customize it, add products, and then have it embedded with your site. As an all-in-one solution for eCommerce, Sellfy offers payment integration features in addition to a custom domain, and other options depending on the plan you choose. Let’s have a look at how it works and what it has inside that beautiful box.

  • Sell via multiple channels.
  • Embed to your own website.
  • Build a store in 5 minutes.

1. Ease of Use

Sellfy is very easy to use. You do not need to be an expert to launch and set up your own online shop. It comes with a simple product management system as well as easy tools to customize the store itself. No coding or web design skills are necessary.

Newbies may get their newly established stores running in several minutes. Moreover, the platform offers a 14-day free trial to check how the system works. It might be a good idea to try all benefits without paying a penny. To make the most of free access, you only need to sign in.

Sellfy main

The registration procedure includes several easy steps:

  1. Insert your email.
  2. Type in the password.
  3. Enter the store name.

The system will send you a confirmation letter to verify your password. It might be necessary to get full access to the control panel. Unfortunately, there is no way to sign in using Facebook or Google account to make the process even faster.

The next stage is to provide a few facts about your future project. It will let the platform help you with further customization and setup. Users will need to choose from various business categories depending on what product they are going to sell. Those categories include software development, music & audio, photography, graphic design, etc.

Sellfy about site

Then you need to choose the type you want to use the software. Is it going to be a Sellfy custom storefront? Or do you have your own website and what to connect the future shop with your existing project? Pick the one that meets your requirements and complete the process by selecting the expected website traffic. Indicate the audience size and move on to the Sellfy store editor.

Store Setup

Sellfy dashboard

Once you have found yourself inside the dashboard, you will realize how easy it is to use. The control panel offers several major actions to take before publishing your shop. Users will be able to:

  • Add Products – you may choose a specific product type as well as edit item descriptions.
  • Customize the Store – make your online shop look exclusive; add some info about the store, social links, etc.
  • Enable Payments – a fast way to integrate PayPal or Stripe by indicating your personal data.
  • Choose a Plan – activate any of the available paid plans to go live.

Before you start setting up your future store, we recommend entering general settings to connect your domain, set the required currency, choose the embed options or enable tax settings. Now, it is high time we have added our first product and did some customization.

Sellfy setting

Adding New Products with Sellfy

The system has a super easy product management tool. To add new items, you only need to choose the type of good form the list provided. Either it is a digital or physical product, subscription or freebie, click on the option you need and fill in the gaps. Here you may drag and drop item photos and images, indicate product descriptions, link it to a particular category, set prices, and the amount available on stock.

Sellfy add product

Store Customization

To make your future shop a bit more unique and stand out, you may use some of the available customization features. Sellfy has a simple website builder. It is a bit straightforward and limited with features. Nevertheless, you may upload your exclusive header, edit store title and description, add links to social accounts, modify styles, and more.

Sellfy store costumization

Payment Settings

Now you have all the products added and the store itself customized. The last stage is to set up your payment options and go live. The system currently offers two major payment gateways. They include PayPal and Stripe. All you need is to copy and paste your email linked to PayPal or insert personal ID and a secret key.

Sellfy payment setting

Save changes, choose a plan, pay for it and start selling products via multiple channels or have it connected with your own website.

  • Easy product adding.
  • Intuitive store editor.
  • Good for newbies with no technical skills.

2. Sellfy Features, Flexibility & Integrations

As you may see, Sellfy offers a simple way to get started with the online store. But how about the features it offers? Well, the system comes with different instruments to make the product management process very simple. You will find some marketing and promotion solutions as well as the app market and third-party integration capabilities. Let’s have a look at some core features brought to you by Selfly.

Product Management Process

Apart from the simple process of adding new products, the tool makes it possible to set prices, add descriptions and featured images. Here you may sort all your products by categories. A simple drag-and-drop editor lets you upload new item images with a click.

Sellfy Product Management Process

Users are free to create as many new categories as they want and have them linked to specific products from the store. In addition, here you have already integrated shopping cart and payment options. Users may also set the store language and make it accessible to customers from different countries.

Embed Options

As we have mentioned earlier, Sellfy lets you sell products via multiple channels. The platform depends on the product type you offer. Business owners may sell music on SoundCloud, videos on YouTube, digital and physical products, subscriptions and more.

Selffy Embed Options

At the same time, you are free to use your own website or blog to sell online. All you need is to use the available embed options in the dashboard settings. Simply choose the button type, pick the product from the list, and have the buy button on your website with the help of the generated script.

Marketing and Promotion

Sellfy Marketing and Promotion

The system has integrated marketing tools. The set of instruments represents some baseline options that include:

  • Email marketing – craft your own emails to inform customers about the new product launch, update, special offers or discounts, etc.
  • Discounts – create a new discount to boost customers’ loyalty with coupons or sales. Manage the program and apply it to the product you need.
  • Upselling – boost your average check and generate more revenues with the upselling feature.

Here you may track your marketing results and stats to monitor new subscribers, emails sent, and more.

Built-In Analytic Tools

Sellfy Built-In Analytic Tools

Sellfy comes as an all-in-one store builder. It means that it also offers integrated analytic instruments to track the traffic sources, transactions, and other crucial eCommerce rates. Not only the tool shows baseline stats with customers and most popular products, but also visits, conversion rates, revenues, etc. You may sort all the visitors by country or monitor a specific date or period.

Apps and Integrations

The platform has its own app market with widgets and third-party add-ons to have in your digital store. The selection of apps on default is pretty limited. Here we have some baseline integration options like Facebook Pixel and Chat, Google Analytics, Zapier, and some others.

Sellfy Apps and Integrations

Users may also seamlessly embed their stores with such platforms as SoundCloud, YouTube, and others. In addition, each user has a chance to request an exclusive integration to meet his or her particular needs. Sellfy developers will get your request and try to bring the integration idea to life.

  • Integrated analytics and payment.
  • Built-in marketing and promotion tools.
  • Third-party integration and app market.

3. Design & Templates

Unfortunately, the platform does not have its own collection of store templates. On the other hand, they are hardly necessary especially if you are planning to sell via your own website. Moreover, the platform still offers a set of basic style editing tools to make your shop look a bit more exclusive.

Sellfy design

Users are free to modify the default layout. Here we have different content column styles, tools to change the background color, set the number of products per page, etc. By the way, once you have created a new product, it will automatically displayed inside the store. Here you may change the button color, implement compact view or black overlay, etc. Sellfy lets you build responsive stores. Press the “view store” button to have a look at it.

  • Create responsive online stores.
  • Edit store theme styling.
  • Modify the shop layout.

4. Customer Support

Users will hardly face difficulties when using the platform. It delivers enough materials and documentation to get started with literally zero technical skills. There we have a huge help center with an article covering all steps from getting started and adding products to issues that are more complicated. They may include third-party integration, embedding, and more.

If you need a fast answer, you may benefit from the Live Chat feature that combines instant answers and ticketing email system. Look through the list of general answers provided, use email to get in touch or ask your questions via live chat. The support team claims to get back with the answer in a few hours. The platform also has its blog featuring dozens of articles that may also come in handy.

  • Instant answers at one click.
  • Live Chat feature.
  • Extended knowledgebase and blog.

5. Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Sellfy Cost?

Sellfy offers three major plans available in two pricing models. Users are free to pay each month or purchase yearly plans. The second option will let you save up to 34%. If you are planning to use the software for a while, it is certainly a wise solution to pay annual fees. The plans are as follows:

Sellfy Pricing

  • Starter Plan starts at $19/month with unlimited products to sell and zero transaction fees.
  • Business Plan starts at $39/month with additional 10,000 email credits and upselling functionality.
  • Premium Plan costs $89 per month with all features form previous plans plus free store migration and priority support.

The price goes higher in case you decide to pay on a monthly basis.

  • Save up to 34% wit annual subscription.
  • Plans with unlimited products to sell.
  • 14-day free trial.

6. Pros and Cons

The platform will be a worthy tool for various needs as well as for users with no eCommerce or technical experience. It comes as an all-in-one solution with all baseline features in the pack. However, some demanding customers might consider is as a hit limited.

Very easy to use.
Simple product management and store setup.
Various selling channels.
Embedding options and integrated analytics.
Marketing and promotion tools.
Intuitive Store Editor.
No custom online shop templates.
A few apps are available in the app store.
Limited store customization and web design tools.
The plans look pretty pricy
  • Intuitive online shop builder.
  • Can be used with our without a website.
  • Great to sell digital and physical products.

Sellfy Review Conclusion

Sellfy comes as an easy and fast way to set your store in several minutes. It will work out for newbies with no websites of their own to sell different product types through other channels. Those who already have a blog or small business site may have the store embedded with a couple of clicks with no need to hire side developers to create online shopping functionality from scratch.

The platform comes with a set of essential integrated features including payment gateways, analytics, email marketing tools, etc. They are enough to launch a small or medium store. Bigger and longer-running projects might require a bit more enhanced functionality in terms of features.

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