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Sellfy Online Store Examples

Sellfy eCommerce examples

Sellfy – is an advanced cloud-based eCommerce software, which allows creating different types of online stores to come up to any needs. The platform is quite easy-to-use irrespective of the web design background and coding skills of users. Its integration doesn’t take much time, while the web store development process is easy, quick and engaging.

With Sellfy, you can start and manage nearly all kinds of online stores to sell both physical and digital products. It’s possible to install the engine both on modern Content Management Systems as well as on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud and many more. One of the undeniable highlights of the software is that it can be used either a part of your ready-made website or as a separate storefront – this initially depends upon your business and eCommerce requirements or aspirations.

As far as the platform can be used with different kinds of CMS, web stores created with it are aso versatile and feature-laden. They work great for entrepreneurs, bloggers and all those users, who need quality eCommerce projects to offer their physical or digital products for sale. To find out what tools and features exactly the platform has in stock, it’s high time to review the most impressive Sellfy online store examples now.

1. King of the Strings

King of the Strings

King of the Strings is a perfect pick for everyone, who dreams of learning the art of playing the guitar. The website offers an opportunity to choose and buy high quality video lessons organized and held by Thomas Zwijsen. He is the YouTube Award winner with over 120000 of subscribers, more than 25 million views and over 600 concerts held around the world.

When browsing this WordPress-based website, you will be able to find out more about the master, his professional background, experience and achievements. You will also discover the advantages and types of guitar playing courses offered, the details of the available packages, their cost and specifications. Availability of videos allows watching the Online Guitar /School lessons held by Thomas to realize what exactly you will be able to achieve in the long run.

The overall website design is a bit plain, but it really excels at functionality and value of information provided. You won’t find many pages here – all the required data are provided on the single page. There are multiple user testimonials here as well as the instant access button that lets you sign up for the free trial. A great sample of the website that comes with distinctive eCommerce functionality powered by Sellfy!

2. Beaute Liberee

Beaute Liberee

Beaute Liberee is a Webflow-powered project belonging to Leila Salomee – a beauty expert, who sees her mission in providing women with 100% natural and eco-friendly hair treatment methods. The website is created in the French language, which makes it somewhat complicated for international users. At the same time, availability of videos, links to social network accounts, personal info about Leila and her special vision of women’s beauty.

The website includes one page only. When scrolling it, you will discover interesting facts about Leila’s methodology and unique haircare approach. The website comes with impressive eCommerce functionality realized via Sellfy integration. Everyone, who is interested in Leila’s beauty secrets, has the opportunity to purchase her eBook written by her. This is where you will find out the 4-week hair treatment course that eventually results in hair strengthening and health improvement. That’s a pretty nice sample of the website with Sellfy-powered eCommerce functionality!

3. Kid’s Times Tables

Kid’s Times Tables

Kid’s Times Tables guarantees the faster way for children to learn times tables in the simple, understable and interactive way – that’s exactly what most kids like! The new system provides unique approach to the process of learning the times tables via the use of multiplication games. The system was developed by Larissa Powell, who also faced the problems in the teaching process with her kids and decided to simplify the task by offering her own methodology.

The website was built with WordPress, which is manifested in its functionality and performance. The design is quite simple yet kids-oriented. The project abounds in graphic interactive images, chars, cards, YouTube videos and other fun elements that contribute to its appeal and evoke the urge to keep browsing the website to find out more about the suggested educational method.

You can find all the required info on the About Us page as well as in the Blog section. To get the product and to be able to test the method on your own, you’ll have to access the Products page and pick one of the available offers there. Actually, there are two of them there – Personal Edition and Classroom Edition. Additionally, you can find user testimonials here to discover the experience shared by other customers, who have already tested the materials and wish to tell about the results. Great gob!

4. 10Ten Magazine

10Ten Magazine

10Ten Magazine is a Wix-powered project, the eCommerce functionality of which is ensured by the integration of Sellfy software. The online magazine offers high quality publications related to the fashion industry, which are created with the needs of creative directors, fashion designers, photographers, artists, stylists, make up experts and other industry professionals in mind. This is where they can come across plenty of advanced fashion and style ideas as well as multiple submissions from niche experts. It’s also possible to submit your own works to the online magazine, if they are associated with the fashion industry.

When it comes to the eCommerce functionality, the website has a separate page with recent issues of the online magazines. They showcase fashion and creative talent of the authors, who submit their photos and offer them for sale. The collection is regularly updated to offer new issues that are worth the attention. Just browse the gallery of magazines and pick those that come up to your industry specialization. Then add them to the shopping cart and place the order – that’s very simple yet convenient.

5. Cool Mockups

Cool Mockups

Cool Mockups grants access to the rich collection of easy-to-use real-photo PSD mockups that make it possible to showcase your works within the shortest time possible. Effective and correct application of these photos lets clients see the result of your work without.

Apart from the general company-related info, this WordPress-based website offers high end eCommerce features that make it possible to offer some of the most popular and extensive PSD mockup sets for sale. As you scroll down the page, you will come across the detailed descriptions of packs to choose from. This is where you can find out the characteristics of the sets, having previewed them in details and specified the cost.

Another important feature of the project is an opportunity to get information about new mockups as the web store gallery is updated on a regular basis. With this purpose, you should subscribe to the newsletter of the company to get the notifications when required. Access to social network accounts also ensures this opportunity, which is an advantage in itself.

6. Camie Cragg Fitness

Camie Cragg Fitness

Camie Cragg Fitness is the fitness club owned and run by Camie Cragg Fitness, who started her sports career after the terrible accident that affected her health and her life. She has developed a truly unique approach to the training process to ensure the best result possible. The website created with WordPress has become the only destination for valuable health and fitness-related information as well as for proven programs users will appreciate to the advantage.

Apart from the fitness programs available for sale at the website, one can also find eBooks providing users with valuable info. The project has the eCommerce focus due to the integrated Sellfy software, which makes it possible to pick your own workout plan that fits your sports needs and budget. There are also interesting videos and customer testimonials that come with real-life photos of Camie’s clients, who have personally tested the programs and eagerly share their results and achievements. This visual presentation helps users make the right choice.

7. Chess Tutors

Chess Tutors

Chess Tutors is the organization, which encompasses a cadre of talented, professional and dedicated chess tutors, who see their mission in helping thousands of students master the game and gain special attitude to it. The company is rightfully considered the “Head Start Program of Chess” due to their success in boosting user interest and enthusiasm, when it comes to playing chess.

The website of the organization impresses everyone from the very first sight by its informational value and abundance of features/services provided. The integrated eCommerce functionality ensured by Sellfy, allows booking chess tutors and avail a broad range of other services directly at the website. Thus, it is possible to sign up for the summer camp program here for each student, who would like to have good summer rest and improve chess skills.

It takes some time to browse the website and discover all the options Chess Tutors implies, but this is exactly what appeals to most chess fans, who come across the website.

8. 1 Styles Pro

1 Styles Pro

1 Styles Pro provides a great opportunity to get a variety of film styles for Capture One to increase the workflow. The project offers over 200 film styles, each of which ensures the unique look of projects created with them. This is a kind of the advanced creativity tool, which helps define the best and the most impressive solution for your project creation and processing.

Launched with WordPress, Sellfy eCommerce integration and user-focus in mind, 1 Styles Pro makes it possible to pick one of two film styles in their web store. These include the Original Film Styles Set and the Extended Film Styles Set. Each of the sets is unique and each of them delivers one-of-a-kind features that contribute to successful project development.

When browsing website pages, you will be able to try the product for free. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to find out how to install the styles properly to get the most out of their functionality. There is also the video introduction here as well as multiple reviews published by other photographers, who have tested the product. This approach will help users make the right choice.

9. Beanie Babies Price Guide

Beanie Babies Price Guide

Beanie Babies Price Guide is a WordPres-powered project that offers an opportunity to sell Beanie Babies at the best price possible. This is a kind of the eBook, which covers special nuances and pricing aspects related to the process of selling Beanie Babies in the contemporary market. The eBook targets those owners of Beanie Babies, who are looking for multiple ways to sell the products yet have no idea as to where they should start with.

Customers, who are interested in getting the price guide, can do that directly at the website, following the recommendations and guidelines available there. Additionally, there is the opportunity to find out the meaning and implication of the main beanie terms here to define the best pricing approach. There is even the list of collector definitions here compiled by the best industry experts, who are ready to share their knowledge with like-minded users.

10. HighLife Samples

HighLife Samples

HighLife Samples is a project, which was created with the only purpose in mind – to provide music producers with a place, where they can come across the extensive library of loops, sounds and samples for diverse music needs. The company works with top producers and sound designers from all over the world to provide the most inspiring and impressive sound samples customers may reach.

The website eCommerce focus is realized via Sellfy integration. This makes it possible to deliver high quality and royalty free samples, ranging from Melodies and Vocas and up to Drum Loops, Construction Kits, Midi Files and more. The web store is easy and convenient to browse as all the samples are conveniently subdivided into several categories. These include LAbels, Genres, Free Sounds, Services, Sample PAck Bundles and Special Offers. Additionally, it is possible to try the Demo Drop feature here that lets you send your own track to get professional feedback. The website frequently offers regular discounts and special offers to make the shopping process hassle-free and affordable at a time.

Bottom Line

Sellfy proves to be a feature-laden and powerful contemporary eCommerce platform that makes it possible to set up and effectively manage all types of online stores. This can be done in almost no time and with no coding proficiency at all. The software works great for beginners and web design pros. It can be used both to start separate eCommerce projects as well as to connect web stores to ready-made websites.

Samples of web stores created with Sellfy speak for themselves. They clearly demonstrate the platform’s functionality realized through the integration of high end eCommerce and email marketing tools as well as versatile analytic and payment options. This is what makes Sellfy a great pick for the development and management of quality and feature laden online stores.


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