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Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Website Builder for Your Business

Hot on the heels of the best wedding website builders comes our post about restaurant site construction kits.

If you’re about to build a web presence for your restaurant, you may wonder whether specialized restaurant site builders are any better than their versatile counterparts. We’ve done some digging on this topic and here’s what we think:

The difference

Technically, specialized site builders operate the same way that versatile services do: they offer a collection of templates, let you atttach a custom domain and host your website when it’s published. But there are also many differences.

Because restaurant site builders are targeting more specific audience, their feature sets are all exclusively geared towards building restaurant sites: all their templates are food-themed, and all their included features has something to do with this kind of business. Let’s take a look at Let’s Eat, a popular specialized solution.

This site builder offers the following restaurant-specific features: printable coupons, online menu, online ordering, satisfaction survey and event promotion. It has two plans: an ad-supported, free account and paid subscription ($99/year or $10/month).

Let'sEat - Homepage

Other available site builders include Restaurant Engine, FlavorPlate, BistroSquare and others. While some are rather affordable, others are unreasonably expensive. Just imagine – $99/month!

I’ve tested some of these, and frankly speaking, I didn’t find anything really impressive. Most of the business-specific features like coupons, menus and online ordering are offered as additional widgets in many non-specialized site builders.

So, our verdict is: specialized site builders are a great option, but their versatile counterparts aren’t worse. It all depends on how in depth you need to customize your website.

I’ve tested more than fifty site builders so far and reviewed hundreds of websites published using these web services. And if this experience has taught me anything, it’s that there is no ideal restaurant website builder, but there are great ideas, diligence and desire to promote what you do. These are the key ingredients of success.

Signing up to a website builder is just half the battle. Another half is your sense of style and management skills. The way you structure your website defines a lot. So, take your time to look at some of the most important elements of the restaurant website anatomy for your inspiration:

  • Content: All the images on your website should be professional, high resolution photographs. The same is about the videos. Proofread all texts.
  • About Us and Contact Us pages: These should display your correct contact data including physical address (embed GoogleMaps, Google Street View), working hours, parking details, etc. Show you customers you do care about them.
  • Menu: Your menu must be logically presented, easy-to-navigate and display prices, of course. People often browse for local restaurant websites to compare prices. So, if you don’t showcase these details, you may lose your potential customers.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Display your customers’ testimonials and dishes’ rating. Never use fake reviews.

Run a restaurant website? Share your story with our readers!

Bon appétit and happy site building 🙂 !

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