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How to Create a School or a Teacher Website by Yourself

The face of education is changing, with Internet being right at the core of this change, and teachers and students have a lot to benefit from this fact. There are so many ways to use the web for education, and one of these is creating a school website.

A school website is not a whim or a tribute to fashion nowadays. A school is a kind of an ecosystem with lots of constituents. Information published at the website is an effective tool for the organization of the working process of any educational establishment. It is oriented towards the vast audience, which includes teachers, pupils, parents and school administration. A website can effectively contribute to the fruitful cooperation between these groups of people.

What is the purpose of creation of a teacher website? The image and activity of a contemporary teacher have changed a lot lately. In the XXI century, competition is not limited to trading only. Apart from the products and services that require active promotion, a teacher’s image and skills also prove to be an indispensible part of the contemporary process of education. A teacher, who has a personal website, has more chances to expand the field of activity, grow the reputation and recognition among the pupils, their parents and the colleagues.

How is it possible to create a school or a teacher website? What features should a website builder have to ideally cope with the task?

Criteria on Choosing the Service to Create a School Website

Not all the web building platforms are suitable to cope with the task. Some of them are too expensive, others don’t possess the required functionality and there are also those that are not convenient to use. Listed below are some of the requirements applicable to the suitable website builder you should give preference to when making your choice:

  • A system should offer a free full-scaled plan.
  • It should have vast functionality. Websites of different institutions generally have a complex structure and use a specific set of modules (polls, forums, materials with extra fields, charts etc.). Not all the website builders can be used to create such sites.
  • A system should be easy to use. It goes without saying that teachers are educated people, but it’s doubtful that many of them are knowledgeable in the web development niche.

How to Create a School Website Using a Website Builder

That’s simple. To some extent, a school or a teacher website is a promo site, to which a forum may be attached in case of necessity. By the way, not all the platforms make it possible to realize the latter option. Regardless of their simplicity, forums are generally created on CMS. This is how the process of building a site looks in this case:

  1. Sign up for the system. Most services make it possible to sign up with your social network account or via the e-mail.
  2. Right after the sign up procedure, choose a template (give preference to mobile responsive templates).
  3. Now, proceed to creating a structure of your website. Add the required pages, upload content, change the template demo data with those of your own. Create the website menu points, attach static pages and dynamic sections (like a blog) to them. Change the website graphics (a header image, a background etc., if necessary).
  4. As soon as you are done with structuring your website and filling it with content, you have to publish it to make it available for the users.
  5. Finally, you will get a full-scaled school website absolutely for free.

It’s crucial to choose a convenient website builder to create a school or a teacher website. With its help, it is possible to cope with the technical aspects of the process. How can you achieve this goal? That’s easy, indeed! Website builders described below will help you gain the best result! They meet the requirements specified above, going far beyond the bounds.

Wix – the Best Website Builder for Teachers and Schools

Wix is well-known as a versatile website builder. It does offer a user-friendly interface and a library of templates tailored for teachers, schools, blogs, portfolios, business sites and so on. With Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) instrument, even teacher of the humanities can build own website from scratch.

Wix - School Website Builder

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Wix has a free plan, but with it the URL of your website will look like To connect your own domain name you should upgrade your plan alt least to ‘Connect domain’ ($4.50/mo).

Weebly – Best Website Builder to Create a School Website

Though Weebly isn’t a school website builder, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to set up a classroom site. Weebly has a separate version of the system designed specifically for teachers. It’s called Weebly for education. This platform not only lets pedagogues create school websites, but also allows students to create their own sites within the teacher’s account.

Weebly - School Website builder

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You can use it free or upgrade to Pro to get access to all Pro features (your students will also become Pro users, automatically).

What’s more, there’s a feature-rich Weebly Campus Edition that can be used to digitize the entire campus. The Campus Edition costs $499/year. It covers 20 teachers’ and 500 students’ profiles. You can add additional profiles to the base plan to meet your needs.

uCoz – Free Website Builder for Schools and Teachers

uCoz is a free website builder that also perfectly suits for school or teacher website. The specific feature of this website builder that you can create and manage numerous groups of members within your website. They can be students or their parents, or school staff. Such option is good enough for creating different tasks for each member and control over them.

uCoz - School Website Builder

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You can build a school website with this platform for free. The company removes adverts from free school and charity sites – just contact their support and the advert will disappear. It’s a perfect proposal for public and state school that have a limited budget.

uKit – Best Website Builder for Teachers

uKit website builder allows to build a modern teacher’s website. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles that specialized solutions like Weebly Campus Edition offer, then you can take advantage of a this site builder. uKit lets you create a personalized teacher’s site in hours.

uKit - School&Teacher Builder

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Among more than 350 website templates divided into 26 topics, this platform has an Education section, where you can find a tutor’s, teacher’s, school’s or kindergarten’s website’s template.

One of the key benefits of uKit is that all websites created with it are fully responsive. It means that your school website will be convenient to browse with any mobile device, either tablet or smartphone.

uKit has a simple tariffs and its pricing is relatively inexpensive. The Premium Package costs $4/mo with annual subscription and includes hosting, technical support and SEO optimization tools (a set of options that helps to make your site more attractive to search engines).

What Content Should You Upload to Your School Website?

Let’s try to review the content suitable for a school website. The basics of the process and provided below:

  • Information about a school and its contacts. Let’s face it – the choice of new schools is quite limited today. The prevailing amount of schools, however, have their history the target audience may be interested in. You can boast the achievements of your school, post old photos of a school, teachers and outstanding graduates. You should also provide the contact data of your school – its address, telephone numbers, Google Maps location etc. Information about the teaching staff will also be valuable. It involves the awards, education, career enhancement training and what not. This info will come in handy to those parents, who are right about to choose the best school for their kids. Anyway, competition between schools is still tough, isn’t it?
  • News, including photo reports of the activities, articles, announcements etc.
  • A section providing information about the classes. It should also involve the data about the class teachers, achievements and timetable.
  • Personal pages of pupils. This is where they can display their achievements, skills and learn how to hold themselves out.
  • Personal pages of teachers. This is a section of teachers’ achievements, where they can publish their projects, recommend different educative materials and give recommendations to the parents regarding the improvement of academic success of their children.
  • A forum or a discussion board. You will surely need it. It’s possible that you won’t need it right from the start, but you will definitely need it later. Is there a better possibility for a vast audience to take part in group discussions? Your forum should contain a number of branches, such as topics, opinions, reviews, discussions and ratings.

The points mentioned above should be enough to launch a school website. If you have any tasks that are not included into the list provided above, you will still be able to cope with them. You can develop your website for as long as you need it. It will drive the visitors right after the publication. Everyone will be interested in what you are ready to offer. You just have to upload/upgrade information in the blocks to make the resource functional and useful for the visitors.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Creation of a school website implies the boost of its image in the eyes of pupils, parents and potential investors. We live in the advanced age and it’s inadmissible to lag behind the time. A teacher website can also help solve lots of tasks. It can notably contribute to the professional activity of a teacher, making it more productive, interesting and even profitable. It’s not a secret that competition among the teachers exists nowadays. The online promotion of a noble image of a teacher will do no harm.

You or your school will be able to attract the attention of the colleagues, pupils and their parents. This is not to mention the recognition of other educational establishments. A website of this type doesn’t need any extra promotion. As soon as the target audience gets to know about it, it will start visiting it on a regular basis. This ensures organic traffic and quick progress without any promotion at all.

Have you to create a school website? Share with us your experience!

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  • I’m a blogger – I write about website creation, too – and when I’m asked how to create a school website, I recommend using WordPress. Do you think website builders are better than WordPress?

    • Hi Mary,
      I think that WordPress is always a great option, for any kind of a website. But it’s too complicated for a beginner audience.

  • School website is very important at now for all.Because we every one want to know about a school from internet.So this is good for us if many school website is being build. ..

  • Marouane Vantout

    The best of the best is shopify : Free trial, simple to use, hundreds of free apps, awesome support, free design templates and many more

  • Hi, I’m planning to build a new school website for a school my cousin is running. Are there other platforms I can use aside from this blackriders theme?

    • Hi, Charlice,
      Have you tried all website builders reviewed here?
      If you plan to build a school web-portal, then the best solutions is uCoz. It’s a little bit complicated, but it has unlimited opportunities to create a school website you need. Besides it’s completely free (even add-banner will be removed) for school projects. You may also try Weebly, but you should pay for a premium account there.
      But if you need a small or mid-sized school website in a short time (like a school portfolio), than uKit website builder is the good choice.
      All the best,

  • Sky Jones

    Hello, I am a in the process in creating an online Spanish school. However I am stuck between website builders. I was pretty set on using as my website builder, but now I am not sure. I want to offer premiums so that if a student pays extra they can access more exercises and videos. I need something compatible with electronics, such as cell phones and apple devices. I would also like to offer life classes where many students can enter and participate. I would also like to offer one on one online classes. Can you recommend me a web site builder that is suitable for me? I would be very grateful.

    • Hi,
      In you case I recommend you to try Weebly or uCoz. First one has its own educational kit – Weebly for Education (see my review –, where you can give access roles to your students and manage their classes. The second one is a versatile tool, where you can create all the things you need but that requires some programming skills.
      All the Best,