ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting is one of the most popular website hosting company on the market. It delivers premium services to different customers irrespective of their size or niche. This is primarily thanks to the robust features and great experience in the field.

It has been operating in the industry for more than 13 years and has served over 50K customers, having managed more than 700K websites. Furthermore, the company is considered the top-rated web and cloud hosting provider on Trustpilot.

ScalaHosting offers a robust array of products to suit any website needs, including Shared hosting, Dedicated servers, VPS, app hosting, business email hosting, reseller plans, etc.

In addition, all the enumerated hosting types come crammed with features. All this makes ScalaHosting an ideal option for small projects and companies with considerable demands.

Featuring a brand cPanel, titled SPanel, the hosting provider appears user-friendly and can be efficiently handled by users with no coding knowledge or experience. Ordinary cPanels are pretty dynamic, yet ScalaHosting’s SPanel is well ahead of managing the webmail and services.

Pros and Cons

To get a deeper view of the website hosting provider and determine if it is perfectly tailored to your business needs, we have searched it throughout and come up with this detailed review.

Take this unbiased and accurate review as your guide to the ScalaHosting hosting platform. Let’s start with the main advantages and downsides.

White Label hosting is available;
Developer-friendly interface;
99.9% uptime guarantee;
Premium server speed;
Lucrative provisions of resources;
Free domain registry;
Comprehensive and powerful SPanel on managed VPS;
Free site expert migrating;
SSL encryption;
Automated backups – seven copies are saved.
CAll-in SSD performance is provided only in VPS plans;
It doesn’t have a website builder;
Plan renewals come at high prices.

Ease of Use: SPanel

ScalaHosting features a user-friendly and intuitive interface where all the options are identified and well explained. Obtaining a ScalaHosting plan is a straightforward and quick process.

All the options are accurately presented with clear and transparent prices, which is rare in the website hosting world. In addition, ScalaHosting accepts payments in credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. In mere minutes, you will receive an email with guidance on hosting your site.

Thanks to FTP tools and SPanel’s file manager, uploading an existing site and a regular database, domain, email, and other modules for effectively running any project is easy.

The crown jewel of ScalaHosting website hosting provider is its brand SPanel introduced as an alternative to traditional cPanel. However, if the website owner is used to dealing with cPanel, they will immediately feel at home with ScalaHosting.

The company spent several years developing SPanel, which appeared supreme. This control panel is an all-in-one solution; it is compatible and viable with the traditional cPanel since it charges much less in licensing yet delivers excellent performance. The user can control the entire site, from email management to DNS configurations, from one interface.


SPanel is all-way beneficial to the user, yet two features stand out particularly:


  • SWordPress Manager: SPanel presents a utility to help WP users manage their sites. This will definitely attract WordPress site owners, especially when ScalaHosting has no website builder of its own. Anything administrative about a WP site is handled right from SPanel.
  • SPanel Shield: SShield is a brand feature of the company addressed to upgrading the protection of the hosted website. This real-time cyber security solution halts up to 99.998% of malicious attacks yet is provided entirely for free to ScalaHosting users.

ScalaHosting Features

ScalaHosting is a robust platform that guarantees excellent performance, high-level security, and premium hosting services to all its clients, irrespective of their business size and experience. So let us dig deep into what features you will be provided with choosing ScalaHosting over its competitors.

Generous Provision of Resources

Depending on the ScalaHosting plan you choose, the allocation of the significant resources will differ. However, in all cases, the company appears generous in its provision.

All shared hosting plans, except the cheapest one (comes with 50GB of storage space), include unlimited bandwidth.

The same refers to the Inode provision of the company. Inode shows how many files and directories are available on the hosting account. Since having too many of them results in the website’s slow performance, other providers limit the number of Inodes per account.

ScalaHosting, however, leaves that to the customer’s choice. It offers 150K Inodes on the mini-plan alone, both under normal circumstances and more than enough to run the website effectively.

The generosity of provisions of ScalaHosting is not typical of the website hosting industry, though.

HTTP/3 On All ScalaHosting Plans

Typically, web hosts provide HTTP/3 exceptionally on their premium plans. ScalaHosting, meanwhile, involves it in all plans starting with basic plans. In addition, HTTP/3 is mobile-friendly and enables sites to load more resources in parallel.

Despite the widespread opinion that hosts offering HTTP/3 rely on old servers, ScalaHosting uses newer equipment in their server boxes which can be proven by simply hooking up the site to Cloudflare. The provision of HTTP/3 access on all ScalaHosting hosting plans is positive.

SEO Analysis and Tools

Scala offers all the primary SEO tools in its hosting plans to optimize your site and meet popular search engines’ rough criteria.

ScalaHosting provides every client with reliable SEO analysis for their websites. The analysis includes crucial information to be guided by for your further marketing strategies.

Automated Backups

Every hosting plan at ScalaHosting comes equipped with automated backups. The company provides seven images of the site for seven days. If you think seven backups are not enough, be aware that it’s across the board.

All the backups are securely stored on remote servers with numerous hard drives. The disks are connected to and configured in the RAID hardware controller. This guarantees that no account’s backups can be lost in case of a disk failure.

Nevertheless, besides the free seven backups per week, a client can always perform on-demand backups or implement a third-party backup system.

Domain Registration and Site Migration

Like in all other aspects, ScalaHosting is generous with domains, too. It offers excellent giveaways in terms of domains to new users. The transfer of a currently used domain is also an option offered for free.

However, this freebie is valid for one year only. Once the term ends, the price will range from $9.95 to $14.95 per year.

Site Migration


ScalaHosting offers expert-managed migration. Hence, you can migrate it for free if you already have a running website. The transition is done smoothly and seamlessly.

ScalaHosting incorporates only humans in the site migration process and never relies on automation. And after completing the migration, the company’s experts will ensure the site runs properly on the new VPS server. There’s no limit on the number of sites to be migrated.

SSL Certificate and CDN

Free SSL certificates are attainable in all pricing plans of ScalaHosting. This way, you can be sure of your customers’ data security when transferred to the server.

All the connections are secure and private. The higher-tier hosting plans also feature cybersecurity protection.

Free Cloudflare CDN is included in every hosting plan. It ensures the hosted websites’ data are cashed for returning visitors, thus providing a smoother and quicker response of the websites.

All these freebies would cost hundreds of dollars if bought separately.

White Label Hosting

White Label hosting is not the feature that every customer will need. However, website developers, designers, and other users who do will appreciate the inclusion of White Label hosting in all its plans.

Apparently, when ScalaHosting offers White Label hosting in all its plans, it turns users into their hosting providers. This way, they can charge fees for hosting without yet being associated with ScalaHosting.



Besides providing free SSL encryption to all its users right from the starting tiers, ScalaHosting also offers SShield cybersecurity protection as extra powerful protection for the website. The latter, however, is not offered in the starting Mini plan.

SShield is an AI-powered tool that can detect threatening behaviors. According to the users of ScalaHosting, SShield prevents almost all (99.998%) attacks while also automatically notifying them in case any vulnerabilities are detected.


Usually, website developers rely on their hosting provider to equip the environment in use. And yet, most hosting providers include tools and developer environments exceptionally with VPS hosting plans.

ScalaHosting, meanwhile, has included this feature in its shared hosting plans, too. Some samples are Python, Git, access to cron jobs, Perl, etc. This won’t cost a user significant expenses; perhaps a tiny investment is supported periodically.

Worthy Load Time

ScalaHosting performance and server response time are among the strongest points of the hosting provider. It affects the bounce rate and the web page stats in general.

Scala Hosting load time is above average. Recent estimates have shown that its 6-month average load time now constitutes 528 ms. This is not the best result in the modern niche yet it’s definitely worth user attention.

One-Click WordPress Installation

Scala Hosting makes it simple to install WordPress with one click only. This is an advantage for users, who are new to website creation or for those, who have never created projects with WordPress before.

The feature will enable users to launch quality websites with the CMS without the need to install the software from third-party resources.

Additionally, the hosting provider includes automatic WordPress updates, cloning, staging as well as extra tools that simplify the process of working with software.

Unlimited Email Accounts

The hosting provider offers an opportunity to use unlimited email accounts on a free basis, irrespective of the plan you go for.

This is quite a widespread feature, when it comes to hosting solutions, but many competitors grant access to a limited number of email accounts. Scala Hosting does not impose any limitations in this respect.

Customer Support

Scala features an extended customer support service to assist its clients in all possible ways. The Knowledge Base contains over a hundred articles that explain how to get started, SPanel, Hosting, and Billing.


However, if you still fancy getting in touch with Scala’s representatives, there are two options suggested:

ScalaHosting works round the clock and is available to all site visitors, whether they are already customers.


Above all, the essential element contributing to premium hosting is speed. In today’s ruthless hosting provider market, it is the speed that determines how well search engines can index the website. Furthermore, the speed directly impacts site visitors’ user experience.

Our tests gave us more than satisfactory results regarding ScalaHosting performance and speed. The company’s servers showed steadily strong results on BitCatcha’s speed test utility.

We got the most impressive 37ms results from Germany. Other premium speed results were registered from London (43ms), Canada (116ms), the US (119ms), and Bangalore (147ms).

The VPS servers’ performance was even more imposing. Here again, Germany leads the list with 30ms, followed by London with 45ms, and Canada with 116ms.

Don’t forget that a series of variables are involved in deciding the rate of a hosting server speed. Hence, no results can be perfectly accurate.

The constantly increasing demands that Google and other search engines place on websites are no longer a surprise for hosting providers. Hence, the low TTFB capability of ScalaHosting can play a decisive role here.

ScalaHosting servers are located in Europe and the US; hence the company delivers especially quick and robust hosting. The data centers are located in New York (the US), Dallas (the US), and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Uptime Guarantee

ScalaHosting guarantees users a strikingly high uptime of 99.9%. Moreover, in the company’s Terms and Conditions, it is clearly stated that if the site they host goes down too much, the company will compensate with credits to their accounts.

This service is scalable and has no fixed price. The more the site registers downsides, the bigger the compensation is. In case a client suffers more than 1% downtime, they can expect a full refund in credits.

However, mind that ScalaHosting doesn’t include maintenance periods in the downtime. Therefore, the latter is estimated only by unplanned outages.


The prices for ScalaHosting services differ depending on the hosting type. Here are the exact prices per hosting plan:

Web Hosting

The below-described web hosting plans correspond to WordPress plans – the prices and features are all the same.

ScalaHosting Price WebHosting

  • Mini ($3.95/mo or $6.95/mo after the renewal) – the plan offers basic resources for 1 website, including 20GB SSD storage space, unmetered emails/databases/bandwidth, shared environment, 1-click WP install, 1x CPU power, free domain/CDN/SSL/Migration, 7 backups for the last 7 days;
  • Start ($5.95/mo or $8.95 after the renewal) – the plan offers more resources for several websites, including unmetered websites includes 50GB SSD storage, unlimited emails/databases/bandwidth, shared environment, 2x CPU power, 1-click WP install, seven backups, free domain/CDN/SSL/Migration, SShield cyber-security;
  • Advanced ($9.95/mo or $14.95 after the renewal) – the plan offers more power and space for complex websites, including 100GB SSD storage, unmetered emails/databases/bandwidth, shared environment, 4x CPU power, 1-click WP install, seven backups, free domain/CDN/SSL/Migration, SShield cyber-security, priority support;
  • Managed VPS ($29.95/mo+built-in features at $78.95/mo) – the plan provides optimal security, performance and scalability, including unlimited websites, 500GB SSD storage, 16x CPU power, free migration/domain/SSL/CDN, dedicated environment, unlimited databases/bandwidth/emails, 1-click WP installation, daily remote backups, SShield Cyber-security, SEO analysis at $49, priority support, guaranteed resources, dedicated IP, LifeSpeed/OpenLiteSpeed support, improved Google rankings, free snapshots.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting Plans

ScalaHosting Price ManagedVPS

  • Start ($29.95 /mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo) – the plan offers 2 CPU Core, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Advanced ($63.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo) – the plan offers 4 CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 100GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Business ($121.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo) – the plan offers 8 CPU Cores, 16GB RAM, 150GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Enterprise – ($179.95/mo+built-in features worth $78.95/mo) – the plan offers 12 CPU Cores, 24GB RAM, 200GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

All plans come with free site migration, SSL encryption, domain, SShield cyber security, dedicated IP address, HTTP/3 support, guaranteed resources, a 30-day refund guarantee, full 24/7 management, softaculous one-click installation, SPanel control panel, daily disaster recovery backups, free snapshots, improved Google rankings.

Other than these hosting plans, ScalaHosting offers custom-built cloud VPS hosting where you are free to choose the metrics, and the service calculates the final price per your order.

Final Words

All our expectations from ScalaHosting were proved. This website hosting provider delivers an impressive variety of possibilities to its users and meets their requirements.

Scala adopted quite an attractive slogan when it started offering services without end at the amount of hosted sites, storage amount, databases, domains, and webmail accounts.

Where other web hosts put limitations, Scala pushes the boundaries. The custom SPanel, meanwhile, is worth addressing separately. It is flexible, accurate, and powerful.

The customer support of Scala has gained the trust and appreciation of its users. With a good speed of attention and adequate answers, the support team is ahead of other hosting companies.

ScalaHosting is definitely a website hosting solution we can recommend. But what we would like to be added to this platform is a website builder. Other than this, we find nothing that can repel a potential customer.

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