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Rocket – is a managed WordPress hosting that helps users to launch and keep control over their websites. The company has a good reputation on the web. It claims to deliver reliable hosting solutions that come with an intuitive control panel, integrated security features, and state-of-the-art WP optimization. They promise exceptional performance. Customers may count on automated updates, system backups, built-in CDN, and other features with a focus on business growth.

Apart from WP managed server packages, the platform delivers additional products that include WooCommerce hosting and solutions for WordPress resellers. It all sounds pretty good. However, we are here to put all those promises and claims to test.

  • Optimized WordPress hosting;
  • High perfomance rate;
  • Free website migration.

1. Pros and Cons

Finding a perfect hosting provider without a downside is impossible. Most companies focus on performance and security forgetting about other features that can make the difference. Rocket comes with a rich feature set and user-friendliness. As for some possible downsides, they do not seem to be deal-breakers.

Great Performance – the platform has performed well in terms of speed, uptime, and response rate. All results are displayed in our review.
Ease of Use – the control panel is very intuitive and user-friendly. It does not require special skills or technical background.
Fast Setup – it will take a couple of minutes to make all needed configurations as well as create and manage your first website.
Additional Products – Rocket offers more solutions for WP resellers and WooCommerce.
Enhanced Security – the baseline safety package includes malware detection and elimination, firewall, automated backups, and updates.
Only for WordPress – as a WP-managed hosting, Rocket meets only WordPress users’ needs. It is not compatible with other CMS or SaaS website builders.
Price – the plans are more expensive if compared to other popular hosting providers.

2. Hosting Management

As mentioned earlier, Rocket is a very user-friendly platform. It uses a custom control panel that is clear and intuitive with instruments brought under one roof. The available tools make it possible to create a new site, manage themes and plugins, keep control over updates and backups, monitor website stats, and more.

Firstly, you need to sign up. The process is pretty mundane and typical to any other hosting platform. Users have to submit their personal info, add billing address, type in payment details, and eventually select the plan. Once you have completed the procedure, you will be taken to the Rocket dashboard with all major asset-managing tools inside.

Rocket Get Starter

Website Creation

As you have now websites yet, the system will not be able to display needed insights. So, the first thing we need to do is actually to create a new site. The system will ask to indicate the project name. Then, you need to indicate the location by choosing from the drop-down list provided.

Rocket Website Creation Step 1

The next stage is to indicate WordPress information that will be used inside the WP dashboard. As a managed WordPress hosting, Rocket helps to create websites that are 100% compatible with the CMS. You will actually make the most of the content management system without having to install it or download files on the server. Rocket will handle all these stages for you.

Rocket Website Creation Step 2

After you have completed creating a new site, it will automatically appear in the dashboard.

Rocket dashboard

Asset Management

The system offers baseline tools to keep control over the website assets. They include plugins with all add-ons and widgets installed. Once you have activated a new plugin inside the WP dashboard, it will automatically appear in the hosting control panel for simple and fast management. Here you can enable or disable plugins, upload new or delete the ones you do not need anymore.

Rocket installed plugins

Users can manage their themes in the same way as plugins. The system provides three themes by default. One of them is already activated and enabled letting your site go live. You are free to switch between available themes as well as activate or delete them. Rocket makes it possible to upload and use a previously downloaded theme as well as search for the new one right here without switching to a third-party website.

Rocket installed themes

Backup management results in proper asset usage and enhanced security. Users can not only create the backup type they want but also monitor all events. You will have a chance to choose either from manual or automated backups. This option delivers more flexibility to users.

Rocket Manual Backup

With advanced settings, you can switch to the desired PHP version as well as enable or disable update features for themes, plugins, or WordPress core separately.

Rocket PHP Setting

3. Performance Tests

It does not matter how user-friendly the platform is. The only thing that matters for the website is the performance level. We have conducted several tests to check how reliable and resourceful the Rocket platform is.

Website Speed Test

The overall website speed appeared to be not as high as some expect. The results were 940ms, which is very close to 1 second. This is only with 10 requests and the overall age size is 60.3 KB. So, we actually tested a blank site with minimum content and media files. The test ended up with the performance B grade (90).

Rocket Website Speed Test

Website Stress Test

Considering the fact that the test above was conducted with a new website that does not have traffic, it makes it hard to test the performance during the traffic leaps or spikes. For this reason, we made several simulations to send virtual traffic to the site within the next 5 minutes to see how it will perform under various conditions and user behavior. The results were more than satisfying.

Rocket Website Stress Test

The automated algorithms analyzed the stress rate results. No performance issues or breakdowns have been indicated. The average response time was 13ms with 4 779 overall requests and up to 20 virtual active users simultaneously. The average request rate was 16 requests per second, which is also pretty good.

Response Rate Test

We have already said that Rocket uses a combination of cloud edge network and CDN. In other words, the system sends users to the nearest server in order to increase the time of response. This parameter can be crucial, as it can make the difference to users who want pages loaded and open faster. If not, it will be to the detriment of the user’s experience and reduced session time. The hosting provider has shown outstanding results with the A+ performance and several milliseconds for different locations across the globe.

Rocket Response Rate Test

4. Security

While being an up-to-date hosting provider, Rocket relies on modern security features that ensure mainly automated hackers and malware protection. On the other hand, users will still have manual access to some of the safety means. For example, they can make system backups and theme or plugin updates manually.

The good news is that the platform comes with already built-in features that include:

  • Malware scanning and patching;
  • Integrated website firewall;
  • Automate protection from bots;
  • Brute-force protection.

Additional means include password strengthening, free SSL, and some more.

5. Hosting Features

Apart from robust performance and enhanced website security, the system offers a bit more features to meet different users’ needs. They depend on the project type you want to launch as well as business goals.

WooCommerce Hosting

It was designed to optimize the online store experience. You get a ready-to-use store with all automated configurations along with expert help from WordPress professionals. The package additionally offers enterprise servers and CDN for growing marketplaces with a full set of security features.

White Label Reselling

The offer was designed for hosting providers and companies eager to sell Rocket powered server solutions. Users will be able to keep control over their sales and clients, choose from more than 10 payment gateways, or gain additional assistance delivered from the White Label portal.

Free Site Migration

If you already have a website and want to switch to the Rocket platform, local experts will handle the task at zero cost. What’s more, your project will not suffer from downtime or temporary traffic loss. The process does not need your involvement or manual configurations. Simply sign in the same way. Choose a plan and contact the support team.

6. Customer Support

The company promises 24/7 support and several ways to get in touch. Besides, a huge knowledge base contains answers to all questions you might have. However, we were upset to see that the Live Chat feature was not available. It said that agents were not available at the previous moment. It is still unclear whether it was the wrong time of the day to chat or they lack customer support specialists.

Rocket Customer Support

As for the Help Center, it looks very solid with all issues covered from how to get started to DNS configuration and working with the site file system. There is a brief FAQ section with only baseline points discussed in addition to phone and email as major options to get in touch.

7. Plans & Pricing

Users may choose from different plans depending on the number of websites to install, traffic volume, and resourcefulness they expect. The plans are as follows:

  • Starter costs $25 per month for websites with up to 25,000 visitors. The plan offers 10GB of storage and 1 WP installation.
  • Pro costs $50 per month for sites with up to 100,000 visitors and 3 installs.
  • Business costs $83 per month with 40GB of storage and 10 WordPress installs.
  • Agency costs $166 per month featuring 50GB of storage, 25 installs, and up to 500,000 visits.

Rocket Plans and Pricing

All plans include free SSL, CDN, and security package with firewall and auto updates. Please, note that the plans displayed come with the annual price. It is higher when billed monthly.

8. Refund Policy

Rocket guarantees a 30-day refund in case you do not like the platform. It does not matter if you have paid only for one month or go a yearly subscription to cut down on total cost. They still promise full money back. Let’s see if it is true.

We have claimed a refund to see how long it will take the support team to respond and process the transaction. They came back with all needed information in 2 minutes, which is very fast. The support manager was very friendly. He asked the reason for account cancellation and did not try to get me back with special offers or “super” deals.

To cancel the account and get a refund, you only need to specify the reason in the space provided and choose when you want it to be cancelled. If you select “immediately”, you will get a refund without additional manipulations. If you select “until the billing period ends”, you will not get a refund but will still be able to use all hosting features until the account expires. They send a full refund on the next day. Quite a fast reaction on the moneyback issue without needless disclaimers or extra info to submit.

Rocket Refund Policy

9. Conclusion

Rocket is a reliable WordPress optimized hosting for those who look for an automated website and asset management. It has shown great performance during tests. Users will appreciate a simple and intuitive control panel with controlling tools in one place. Besides, the platform comes with configurable security features that can be handled manually or automatically.

On the other hand, Rocket can be used for WordPress sites only. Although it promises 24/7 support, Lie Chat specialists were not available. Besides, the monthly price looks too high if compared to other WP-optimized hosting providers.

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