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How to Create a Retail Website by Yourself

There’s more to creating a retail website than simply adding a PayPal button to the page. If you’re serious about launching an eCommerce business, you need a robust retail website builder or embeddable shopping cart to help you manage your inventory, user database, and transactions.

To choose the right eCommerce backend system for your online store, you should first ask yourself some questions:

  • Does my business require a custom design or should I go with a ready template?
  • How many products do I have to sell?
  • What functionality does my website require?
  • Who is going to manage my website after it has been published?

These are only a few questions, but they should help you define the scope of your project.

If you’re looking to start a large-scale, international retail store with all the bells and whistles the eCommerce industry can offer today, then high-end custom coding is needed.

But if you feel that you have the time and energy to set up your store on your own, then you should certainly check out some of the leading DIY solutions.

To make choosing the right platform a little more bearable, we decided to write a quick overview of the most expedient website builders for retail.

Wix – the Best Website Builder for Retail

Wix website builder is the best solution among similar platforms. You can create a retail website even using a free plan.

It’s a perfect way to test how your store will interact with target audience. The cost of complete retail website is several times less than in specified for eCommerce Shopify. Besides, if you catch the Wix sale price, you can build a full-charged retail website for near $16.50/mo – it’s almost free.

Wix - Retail Website builder

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eCommerce features: with numerous Wix Templates you can create a retail website with an attractive design. Wix has also lots of helpful apps within Wix App Market, that serve to make the process of shopping as much easier for your customers.

Advantages: over 500 different website templates, intuitive interface

Cost: as it was mentioned above, Wix has a free plan that never expires. The paid packages starting from $4.50/mo. You can upgrade you tariff version at any time you want.

Shopify – the Most Featured for Retail Website Builder

Shopify is rightfully considered to be the most featured solution for retail in eComerce. This platform has all options and selling instruments you need to create a competitive webstore. Becides, Shopify has its own hardware (like POS terminal etc) aimed to facilitate sellers work.

Shopify Retail Website Builder

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eCommerce features: the builder itself offers a powerful eCommerce system, and you can also add more functionality by adding Shopify applications. They have a library of apps similar to Wix’s App Market. Here are some apps: Shopify ‘Buy‘ button, recover abandoned carts; sell on Facebook; featured products etc.

Advantages: it’s easy-to-use and has lots of useful options.

Cost: The simplest pricing package (including only adding a ‘Buy’ button to your existing website) costs $9/mo. The full-optioned plan that allows you to build a complete website with Shopify starts from $29/mo.

Weebly – Versatile Website Builder to Sell Products

Weebly is a drag-and-drop site builder for creating simple business websites, blogs, portfolios and online stores. One of the key features of Weebly is the ability to change a website template at any time without loosing content.

Weebly - Retail Website builder

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eCommerce features: fine-grained tax control; flexible shipping options; mCommerce; digital and physical goods; filtered product search and more.

Advantages: ease-of-use, possibility to switch between website templates.

Cost: except free plan (where you cannot create a retail website), Weebly has four paid packages, and the full-featured experience costs $49/mo.

uCoz – All-Purpose Website Builder for Retail

uCoz is an all-in-one website builder for advanced users. uCoz operates as a system of ready-to-use modules (Forum, e-Shop, Polls, Blog and more) that you can enable and turn off as you wish to get the desired functionality.

uCoz - Retail Website builder

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eCommerce features: physical and digital goods; agent shops (you can allow other people to sell products in your shop); pricing matrices; user management and more.

Advantages: it’s affordable and highly customizable: you can add various modules to your e-Shop to extend its functionality: Blog, Polls, Forum and more. Advanced users can make direct changes to the code.

Cost: $9.99/mo or less if you choose to pay for three months/six months/a year.

If you have any other ideas how to create a retail website, you may share it with us via comments or contact form!

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