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How to Create a Restaurant Website by Yourself

If you have made up your mind to open your own restaurant, you should realize that this step is only a part of the business. A much more important aspect is to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Considering the tough niche competition, this task seems to be a “mission impossible”, but it is still essential to popularize your business. Among a variety of promotion methods, there is the one, which is considered the most effective. What we mean is making your restaurant website.

uKit Restaurant Site

Create a restaurant website is the best way to let your potential clients find out about the type of cuisine and specialties you offer, your contact data and general business information, which matters a lot when it comes to choosing a restaurant. The way you structure your website means a lot as well. So, take your time to look at some of the most important elements of the restaurant website anatomy for your inspiration:

  • Gallery: Your potential clients will be interested to get the idea of your restaurant prior to visiting it. For this reason, you should fill your site with quality content. All the photos you post should be professional and high resolution. The same is about videos. Proofread all texts and make sure to make them informative to provide users with all the facts they need.

  • The content of your website is one of the major elements that make the resource recognizable. About Us and Contact Us pages: These sections should display your correct contact data including physical address (embed GoogleMaps, Google Street View), working hours, parking details, etc. Show you customers you do care about them.

  • Menu: Your menu must be logically presented, easy-to-navigate and display prices, of course. People often browse for local restaurant websites to compare prices. So, if you don’t showcase these details, you may lose your potential customers.

  • Ratings and Reviews: Display your customers’ testimonials and dishes’ rating. Never use fake reviews.

  • Your story: It makes sense to post your success story, but make it engaging to encourage your clients to read it. If you manage to make up an original story, your chances for success will increase as well.

  • Special Events Schedule: Showcasing your dishes is a nice idea, but your customers should also stay informed about special events that are planned in you restaurant. They should have an opportunity to make the reservation online. This feature will make it easier for them to plan their business or personal meetings in advance.

If you’re about how to make a restaurant website, using a website builder is the best option. These tools are specially designed for people, who don’t have time to master coding and web design skills, but still have the desire to run a professionally-designed website. Exploring the available options, you may wonder whether specialized restaurant website builders are any better than their versatile counterparts. We’ve done some digging on this topic and here’s what we think.

The Difference between restaurant-specialized and versatile website builders

Wix Restaurant Site

Technically, specialized site builders operate the same way that versatile services do: they offer a collection of templates, let you attach a custom domain and host your website when it’s published. But there are also many differences. Because restaurant site builders are targeting more specific audience, their feature sets are all exclusively geared towards building restaurant sites: all their templates are food-themed, and all their included features has something to do with this kind of business.

At the same time, specialized website builders are quite expensive and they sometimes require special skills to maintain a readymade website. In some cases, there is even a necessity to hire a specialist, who will manage your restaurant website, which implies extra investment of money. Obviously, this is not the best solution for restaurant owners, who are just starting their businesses. That being said, we can conclude that universal website builders are not worse than their specialized counterparts, if not even better.

I’ve tested more than fifty site builders so far and reviewed hundreds of websites published using these web services. And if this experience has taught me anything, it’s that there is no ideal restaurant website builder, but there are great ideas, diligence and desire to promote what you do. Let’s have a look at two website builders, which suit this purpose better than others – Wix and uKit.

Wix – The Best Website Builders for Restaurants and Cafes

Wix is a great choice for the newbies, who clearly understand their intentions and ideas regarding their business development, but lack web design skills to bring these ideas to life. Wix is code-free, but it offers a variety of templates to meet any needs.

Wix Restaurant Templates

When it comes to building restaurant websites, Wix has much to offer you. The highlight of the website builder is its specialized WixRestaurants application, which makes it possible for your customers to order the delivery of dishes and place online orders, paying for them on the web.

Wix Restaurants dashboard allows for quick and simple order management. There is also a possibility to accept cash and credit card payments as well as to divide the bill in case of a group order. There are no commission rates, which is another benefit of the app that makes Wix a suitable option for building restaurant websites.

uKit – The Easiest Site Builder to Create a Restaurant Website

When it comes to uKit, this drag-and-drop website builder ensures the unsurpassed WYSIWYG experience that allows designing and publishing different types of websites without being aware of the web design nuances.

uKit Restaurant Templates

The whole process of creating a restaurant website will not take you longer than a few hours. This is due to the availability of specialized templates that can be used when launching café/restaurant websites.

The templates can be customized with regard to the type and specialization of your business. They make it possible to present the basic info about the place, post and update the menu and the prices, order the delivery of dishes, enlist the services your restaurant offerы, publish the news and reserve the tables online. The detailed contact data can be provided as well.

These features make uKit one of the best choices to create a functional and appealing restaurant website that will be in demand with your clients and will boost your business reputation.

Bottom Line

Running a restaurant website is crucial, if you aim at business advancement. A credible website builder proves to be a useful tool in this respect. It makes it possible to save the time and effort you can further invest into your restaurant. There is no need to hire a web designer to build a functional website for you, because you can easily cope with this task on your own.

Whether you choose uKit ot Wix, you won’t regret the choice. Both website builders have much to offer you. Wix has an integrated WixRestaurants app that allows for the enhanced functionality of your website, while uKit can boast a variety of café/restaurant templates, which can meet all your web building needs.

Bon appétit and happy site building!

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