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How to Make a Real Estate Website by Yourself

Today, gathering information about a property is mainly done online, and an effective and informative website design can make or break a home sale. Real estate websites enable your potential clients to view and compare numerous options from the comfort of their homes in no time, so it makes sense to take your business online as soon as possible, whether you’re a real estate agent or run your own company.

A quality real estate website solves several tasks at a time. It represents your company on the web, attracts new clients and contributes to the sales growth by means of expanding the audience. If a website looks appealing and features quality useful content, the chances that a user will explore the available offers and start cooperating with your real estate agency are quite high. But what should a real estate website include to help you reach your business goals?

The choice of the content to be added to the website depends upon the objectives you pursue. If you need a resource to represent your business online, then adding a small gallery featuring the photos of objects offered for sale and a price/services list will be enough.

However, if you need a full-featured website providing a real estate database, then you’ll also have to add a convenient search filter making it possible to sort out objects by city, region, type and other characteristics. Obviously, realization of such project will be complicated without coding skills and knowledge.

There are also general requirements that will help you create a functional real estate website, irrespective of its type:

  • Simple and appealing design, devoid of abundance of bright colors. It’s desirable to use your company brands style here, including colors, emblems, logo, fonts etc.

  • Convenient and understandable structure, which should allow users find the required information with no problems and waste of time. Browse the websites of your niche competitors to watch their structure and use it as the basis for your own project.

  • Contacts. The availability of this section does not require any explanations. Your clients should have your business contacts at hand to be able to get in touch with you when necessary.

  • Online consultants. The thing is that most clients are not aware of all the nuances of real estate operations and may need qualified assistance. Add a feedback form, a live chat and other elements to enable them get online help any time of the day. The quicker a consultant will answer the questions, the higher the chances are that a user will become your client.

How can you get a website if you have no experience in web development? When creating a real estate website, the use of website builders seems to be a smart choice. Many of them come with pre-designed templates and the set of tools required to build a functional and appealing website.

In this review, we’ll explore some great, easy-to-use and what’s more important – affordable web publishing solutions for real estate agents.

Wix: The Best Website Builder for Real Estate Agents (Realtors)

Wix is meant for beginners who have nothing to do with web development. It’s a completely code-free site builder. Wix is known for its huge collection of modern templates and intuitive editor.

Wix Real Estate Templates

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Amongst template categories there is a separate category ‘Real Estate’ where you can find a template you like. Now you can choose between Standard Wix Editor and Wix ADI – an intuitive system wizard, which help you with creating a stunning website. It’s really unique Wix feature, that is unparalleled yet.

Wix ADI Interface

You may also check out of what real Wix-based sites look like.

Pricing: from $4.50/mo to $24.50/mo with annual subscription. The first paid plan, called ‘Connect Domain’, allows connecting of own domain to Wix website, but ad-banner is still on it. To remove that annoying advert, you should upgrade your subscription plan to at lest ‘Combo’, which costs $8.50/mo. If you want to organize online store with real estate ready for sale, than you have to choose ‘eCommerce’ plan for $16.50/mo.

You may also try to see how your website will look like, using Wix free plan. There is no trial period here, but the most part of features will be unavailable. Besides, until you upgrade to one of premium plans, the web-address of your site will look like

uKit: The Website Builder with High-Quality Templates for Real Estate

uKit is a completely code-free site builder that’s being targeted at small businesses. Its drag-and-drop interface provides a total WYSIWYG experience, making it possible to design and publish a professional-looking site in 30 minutes.

uKit Real Estate Templates

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uKit offers various website templates that you can start with; make sure you choose the Real Estate category to get a template better suited to your needs.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you’ll be asked to enter a web address (this can be changed later) and your business information. Upon completion, you’ll be redirected to the control panel where you can start customizing the chosen template using the site builder’s visual interface.

ukit - Real Estate Website

Pricing: uKit has three opportunities of subscription: Premium, Premium+ and Pro plans. They only differs by the number of extra features you will receive.

  • Premium: for $4/mo you receive a full-featured set of tools, which include all needed functional for creating a real-estate website too.
  • Premium+: for $8/mo in addition to Premium features you gain Live Chat support, access to premium designs and goals in Google Analytics.
  • Pro: for $12/mo in addition Premium+ you can insert or change a source code of your website. This could be useful when you decide to include IDX listing to your website.

uKit has no free plan. But you can test all of its main functions during 7-days trial period and than make a choice. To see what real websites can be made with uKit, take a look at my handpicked collection of uKit website examples. Some of them are of near-to real estate topic.

Specialized Real Estate Website Builders

Along with these versatile website builders that are suitable for creating any type of website, there exist narrowly specialized platforms geared towards building property websites only. These industry-specific site builders are pretty functional, yet in our opinion, they are overpriced.

On the average, it costs about $30-70 a month + set up fee ($100-$200) to run a site on such specialized platform. While this may be an affordable solution for a huge company, independent realtors will find it expensive.

Bottom Line

The use of a website builder allows reducing the time required to create a real estate website to the minimum without the need to hire professional web designers. The choice of the most suitable website builder should depend upon the type of a website you need.

If you have made up your mind to create a standard promo website with a photo gallery and the minimal set of functions, then uKit functionality will be enough to build the one. However, if you are going to create a full-featured real estate website with IDX integration option, then Wix is your top choice.

 Get started today, it’s easy!

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    • Hi,
      Thanks for your note, I will add this information in my next update. Getting ahead of myself, I will say that you can embed IDX listing to your website, built with Weebly and uCoz website builders. Wix now doesn’t support this function. As to uKit – you can contact its support team and they can help you to integrate IDX into youк website, built with that website builder.

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    Great list. I recently open sourced the code I use for creating real estate websites so that can be an option too:

    There is a button on the link above that allows you to run it just by clicking a button. A free account on heroku is enough to host the site.

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