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Best Real Estate Website Builders

Real Estate Website Builders

Having a website is not a whim, but a must for each real estate agent (realtor), who aims at attracting new clients. The best way to create a real estate website today is to use website builders. This is a surefire solution to increase your chances to withstand niche competition that is quite tough nowadays.

Website builders let you create different types of websites even to those users, who lack the required web design knowledge. The services are convenient and easy-to-use. It’s possible to create a full-featured real estate website with them in almost no time, making use of multiple tools, features and options they offer.

Real estate websites launched with website builders have professional look and feature decent performance. These services are also cost-efficient and offer a diversity of rates to come up to any budget and web design requirements.

With such an extensive choice of website builders, it’s often a challenge to find the platform, which will completely come up to your business requirements. Let’s have a look at the most professional and well-known real-estate services that can ensure decent result.

Real Estate Website Builders

Real estate agents are often too busy to explore the nuances of web design. Thus, they need a service, which will ensure intuitive web building experience, providing the required feature set at affordable price. Website builders give a user full control over the web building experience to let them further manage and update their websites when needed without any external help.

When using real estate website builders, you do not only promote your business, but also get a chance to make positive impact upon clients, find new partners and popularize your company on the web (including social networks).

There are different website builders that meet the requirements mentioned above and can be chosen as a major real estate website building tool. It’s high time to review the most outstanding services right away.

1. Wix

Wix website builder

Wix – is the most popular website builder, which can be successfully used to create full-featured real estate websites. It offers a variety of contemporary property templates, a wide range of design customization tools, image galleries and features. Wix really deserves the title of the best website builder for real estate agencies. Here are the major advantages of the platform:

  • Wix ADI. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence is an intuitive system wizard, which makes it possible to create awesome websites in the automatic mode by submitting your own niche-related content.
  • IDX/MLS Integration. Wix allows embedding IDX listings to your real estate website and close real estate deals via the MLS by making use of HTML code adding option.
  • Simple Real Estate App. Available in Wix App Market, this free application makes it possible for visitors to view the available real estate listings reflected on a well-structured and organized web page.
  • Thematic Templates. To come up to you web design needs, Wix offers a variety of mobile-ready real estate templates (for agencies, general niche themes, landing pages, architecture companies, real estate agents, portfolios, landscape design, interior design etc.) that can be customized as you need.
  • SEO Wiz. Wix comes with a functional SEO Wiz feature, which contributes to the efficacy of website search optimization.

Wix is a moderately-priced website builder, which offers one free plan and five paid subscriptions. A free plan will work well for testing the system, while paid subscriptions will cover a broad range of real estate tasks. The cost of the paid plans starts with $4.50 per month. The most expensive plan will cost you $24.50 per month, which is also very affordable. The choice of the most suitable subscription depends upon the terms and services offered.

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2. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit – is a small business website builder, which works great for real estate website creation. This is a completely code-free service, which comes with intuitive drag-and-drop editor and ensures great WYSIWYG experience. uKit makes it possible to design and publish a professional-looking site in around 30 minutes. The website builder is a great solution for designing websites for real estate agents or realtors willing to establish reliable online presence. Listed below are the most remarkable benefits of the website builder:

  • Intuitive Interface. uKit interface is understandable even for people with no web design experience at all, helping them design a decent website from the very first try.
  • Convenient User Interaction Options. With uKit, you can make use of the live chat and callback features, which allow connecting with your customers any time of the day to help them find answers to all the questions they might have.
  • Responsive Thematic Templates. uKit has distinguished itself due to the rich collection of responsive and 100% customizable real estate templates.
  • CRM Integration. Due to the convenient CRM Integration feature, each user, who is going to launch a real estate website with the system, gets a chance to simplify the process of order/client management.
  • IDX Integration. IDX integration by means of code adding widget is provided in terms of the Pro Plan and is meant for web design pros, who can integrate the required real estate database into their websites.

You can test all of uKit functionality for 14 days at no cost to see what it has to offer. uKit cost is one of the cheapest in the niche. The cheapest Premium Plan will cost you $4 per month only, while the most expensive Pro Plan costs $12 per month. Explore the features and terms of the plans in detail prior to making your choice.

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3. Placester


Placester – is an all-in-one specialized real estate website builder, which is easy to use and convenient for the niche users. The system grants full integrated CRM access, a set of marketing tools, mobile-responsive templates and other niche-specific features to let you sharpen your web building skills and design quality real estate websites at reasonable cost. The main highlights of the system are as follows:

  • Integrated CRM. The website builder provides a comprehensive module to track and monitor the number of leads, customer activity, interaction and other important parameters.
  • Ready IDX/MLS Interactions. You can easily integrate IDX/MLS into your real estate website to be able to provide property photos, listings and updates even on the go.
  • Responsive Niche Templates. Placester offers a collection of responsive real estate templates to fit various categories, user needs and ensure top notch mobile browsing experience.
  • Intuitive Email Marketing Tools. The website builder makes it possible to create and manage email drip campaigns needed to generate new leads and enhance customer engagement and retention rates.

Placester doesn’t offer a free plan, yet it provides two types of paid subscriptions, each of which offering advanced features and real estate advantages. The cost of subscriptions differs for realtors ($99 and $199 per month) and Non-NAR members ($125 and $250 per month) and there is also a set up fee for each type of plan chosen. Thus, Placester is not a cheap real estate website builder, but it’s worth the attention of users willing to publish a large-scale website for profit generation.

4. Bookmark


Bookmark – is a cloud website builder, which deserves the attention due to its powerful AI tool. The system is a nice choice for creating real estate websites as it offers multiple advanced template customization options, marketing and promotion tools. The service also comprises a rich feature set, which encompasses the following advantages:

  • AIDA Assistant. Artificial Intelligence Design Assistance is a real pride of Bookmark, which eliminates the necessity to design a website on your own and automatically completes the task for you, using the business-related information you should submit for maximum efficacy.
  • eCommerce Module. The platform makes it possible to integrate an eCommerce module to market your business to the advantage.
  • Extensive Module Set. To build websites with Bookmark, you can use different niche-specific modules that are integrated as standard widgets (texts, titles, social network buttons, images, videos/audios, galleries, buttons, slide shows, quotes, links, maps, dividers, HTML code insertions, feedback and contact forms etc).
  • Focus Feature. Bookmark Focus offers a set of readymade blocks you can integrate into your real estate website and customize by using the system modules.
  • Integrated Statistics Collection System. The website builder comes with an exhaustive statistics collection system, which lets you track your website performance and develop the right marketing and business promotion strategies on time.

Bookmark is a moderately-priced website builder. It’s possible to use the system for free, but don’t expect extensive functionality in this case. To get the most out of your real estate website, it makes sense to upgrade to one of its paid subscriptions. Their cost ranges from $11.99 and up to $24.99 per month.

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5. WordPress

WordPress website builder

WordPress – is the world’s most known Content Management System, which can be effectively used to create full-featured real estate websites. The system comes with powerful integration options, offers a set of features and design customization options to give a project excellent look and advanced performance. However, the system requires programming knowledge, which is a bonus for web design pros willing to launch full-featured websites. The most remarkable benefits of the website builder are listed below:

  • Real Estate Templates. Users can choose between lots of customizable free and paid real estate templates that are designed by third-party users and are available on the web.
  • Real Estate Plugins. The collection of WordPress Real Estate plugins is really impressive and you can choose any of them to launch a website with excellent performance (Estatik, Real Estate Pro, IMPress Listings, WP Amortization Calculator, WPL Real Estate, Easy Property Listings, Essential Real Estate, WP-Property, Appointment Booking Calendar etc.)
  • Real Estate Themes. There are also multiple responsive real estate WordPress themes for agencies, realtors and their clients you can integrate into your website to enhance its design.

WordPress is a free CMS, which implies the awareness of coding skills and ensures decent result. To get the most out of the system features, though, you won’t go without integrating paid plugins and themes. To get your real estate website online, you will also have to connect a domain name and select reliable hosting. This will also require certain financial investments. To host your website with Siteground, for example, you’ll need to invest $3.95 per month into the cheapest plan. This is a reasonable cost for such a distinctive functionality.

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Bottom Line

A professional real estate website is a must for any industry expert, who intends to spread the word about the business and generate traffic to grow customer base. The best way to reach the top notch result is to use a website builder. These services are easy-to-use, convenient and logically-structured to ensure the best user experience. They come with an extensive set of tools, templates and features that result in the development of a decent project.

TOP Real Estate Website Builders:

WixWix is the best real estate website builder, which attracts user attention by its extensive feature set, advanced design tools and mobile-ready niche templates.

uKituKit is the most affordable website builder, which targets small businesses and provides a broad spectrum of web building tools to create and manage real estate websites.

Placester Placester is a specialized real estate website builder, which is focused on the development of niche projects and offers rich selection of industry-specific features.

BookmarkBookmark is the AI-powered cloud website builder, which can be effectively used to build and then manage quality real estate websites. Use it for free to test all of Bookmark features!

WordPressWordPress is a free CMS, which is currently the most popular service in its niche and allows building professional websites with excellent performance and outstanding design.

The selection of web building tools you can use to get a real estate website is extensive and it’s not easy to make the choice right from the start. Browse the reviews of the best website builders the article provides, explore the features they offer and test them to select the service that comes up to your real estate web building needs.


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