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Best Professional Website Builders

It is beneficial to use website builders to create client websites. The cost of projects developed with them is quite affordable, which allows increasing business profitability or turnover due to the price decrease for a customer, while preserving the revenue you have got used to.

Pros of Using Website Builders for Professionals:

  • It is easy and convenient to offer such websites to clients, who will further be able to prolong hosting services and domain from the single dashboard. It’s also much simpler to manage them. That’s why, clients generally disturb the developers by elementary questions less often. This increases general business management comfort level, saves time and boosts profitability.
  • Apart from that, you will hardly encounter unexpected problems, when working with a website builder. The entire functionality of such services ideally fits the needs of users and there are no complications that may prevent you from reaching the goal. Your clients won’t be able to spoil something seriously as the access level to the basic system features is restricted. If something still happens, then it will be possible to restore the initial version of the website with one click only.
  • Websites created with website builders are modern in terms of technical and visual features. They are in demand with the client audience. By the way, if you plan to engage into powerful projects, then consider the White Label licenses – they have many benefits and make the cost of one website several times cheaper.

We have defined 3 best platforms for massive website creation with the purpose of profit generation: Wix, uKit and IM XPRS. All of them are easy to use, which matters a lot for your clients – they will be able to solve certain tasks on their own and without your involvement into the process. Let’s have a look at these services from the point of view of their benefits for an experienced web developer now.

Website Builders for Professional Use – Overview Chart:

Website BuilderWixuKit.comIM Creator
Best for:Professional web-designersFreelancers, small businessWhite label use
EasinessWYSIWYG editorDrag and drop functionBlock-based editor
Templates:500+ templates350+ responsive designs100+ themes
Features:Specialized appsSet of useful widgetsWhite Label
SEO:Seo wizardPromotion widgetSimple Seo
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/moFree to $21/mo

1. Wix – The Best Professional Wbsite Builder

Wix home page

Due to the broad range of AppMarket applications, Wix allows creating different types of functionally-complicated websites. It is better to use the service to launch client business websites (promo websites, portfolios, landing pages, corporate websites) and blogs. It’s also possible to create an eCommerce website and a forum if needed.

Websites of restaurants, hotels, tourist agencies, music bands, fashion designers are the best samples of niches Wix can be successfully used in. The major feature of the service is the opportunity of detailed website design development. You’ll be able to keep surprising your clients by the quality of visual appeal of your projects, working in the website builder. The cost of one website constitutes $99/year.

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2. uKit – Professional Business Website Builder

uKit home page

uKit is a nice solution for those users, who face the need to frequently create standard business websites. Block-based web page design will make it possible to complete the entire cycle of projects development works in one day only. This is the most high-revolving service on our list. It functionally comes up to the majority of traditional business niches: legal, real estate, beauty and health, construction and more.

Speaking about the benefits of the system, these include great code optimization option, quick load of ready made web pages (from 80 points according to Page Speed). There is also an opportunity to convert Facebook pages into websites – such functionality may be used as a basis for certain projects. There is a manual web page code editing option. The cost of one website constitutes $48/year plus the cost of a domain name.

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3. IM XPRS – Professional Website Builder with White Label in Mind

Best Professional Website Builders

IM XPRS is a nice website builder to launch small client online stores, portfolios, landing pages and promo websites. It allow adding your own HTML, JS, CSS codes to web pages in random order. Responsive block-based website design with a rich amount of design settings will make it possible to work quickly and effectively, getting visually versatile web pages.

The service attracts the attention due to its White Label model. For $350/year, you’ll be able to create the unlimited number of client websites, adding your own templates and having full control over the working process. The cost of one website on standard terms constitutes $96/year plus the cost of a domain name.

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Bottom Line

The use of website builders can boost productivity and job profitability of a web developer. Such services can solve tasks typical for CMS in the automatic mode, saving time and increasing business turnover. It is more comfortable for clients to get access to an understandable dashboard, avoiding the expenses needed for website servicing and web developer’s assistance.

Wix, uKit, IM XPRS are 3 quality platforms for quick website development. It’s not obligatory to choose one of them. You can actually use all three services. It’s easy to switch between them as the systems are similar in their ideas and purposes. Having worked with them for a while, you’ll set the priorities regarding the platforms for quick and quality completion of typical client tasks.

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