Podcastpage Website Builder Review

So, you plan to launch a podcasts website project and want it to be multi-functional and convenient for you and your audience. Take any website builder, and sooner or later, you’ll make a site more or less fitting to your activities.

But here’s another solution. You can create a podcast website with the help of PodcastPage.io, a site builder designed specifically for this purpose.

Podcastpage.io helps users with any level of knowledge/experience to build, launch and grow their websites. It’s a full website builder with tons of features specifically tailored for podcasters and video creators.

Ease of Use

Have no skills in coding or site development? There’s no problem. PodcastPage.io is an easy-to-use software that practically everyone can employ for creating a podcast quickly and just the way they want.

What you need is to create landing pages for your podcast materials and move traffic to them.

With PodcastPage.io, it may take a couple of minutes to connect a domain to your podcast website, import feeds, supply it with valuable features, and customize its layout. You won’t need to touch a line of code!

Ease of Use

Site building starts from signup. As soon as you are logged in, the Podcastpage.io Dashboard will be at your disposal. The standard website editing procedure at PodcastPage might look like this:

  1. You add a website by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
  2. You press the Edit Site button.
  3. A menu with such sections as Domains, Podcasts, Customize, Pages, Blog, Integration, and Links will appear.
  4. You can add your custom domain or use the branded subdomain from the platform.
  5. You add podcasts by typing in the corresponding RSS feed URLs. The content will appear automatically.
  6. You customize your podcast website by modifying its design and supplying it with various extras.
  7. You can click on Live Preview to watch changes in real-time.

You can go through all the editing stages without any manipulations with code. If a total beginner takes up podcast building using this software. It may not worry – there won’t be a chance to spoil anything there.

Adding a new page or a blog to your podcast through the Pages menu won’t be a problem. Here, you can define the page/post title, page/post URL, and page/post content at once.

Podcastpage New Page

The existing pages or blogs can be easily edited in a similar way. You can customize the design of your pages and blogs via the Customize menu.

Podcastpage Features

As to the feature set of Podcastpage.io, this is a powerful kit with an abundance of useful instruments a podcaster definitely needs.

You will be able to develop a functionally advanced podcast website ready for comprehensive interaction with your audience. Let’s observe the key abilities of the software.

RSS Feed Syncs

The best thing about PodcastPage is that there’s no need to install anything, and you can easily flood your website with podcasts. After you have indicated the RSS feed URL of a podcast, you press Save, and that’s it!

You don’t need to make the content visible on your website. PodcastPage.io will do the whole job itself. Moreover, the software constantly scans the feed and syncs its content with the website.

Thus, your podcast show remains updated, and your visitors have access to its latest version.

Audio Player

Podcastpage allows you to add your embedded player to your website. It supports importing an audio player from many podcast hosts, oruse the platform’s podcast player and make it look absolutely unique. You are free to choose colors, fonts, buttons, etc.

Besides the original design, your player can have the following functions:

  • It can be ‘sticky.’ That is, while your visitors navigate through the pages, the player remains at one and the same place and is active. Its playback doesn’t stop.
  • You can add soundwaves.
  • You can create timestamps to allow quick access to a certain segment of your podcast.
  • You are free to add custom redirects to simplify your listeners’ move to a definite site by a link.

Your custom audio player can be supplied with the download, share, and subscribe buttons. You can let users regulate the speed of the chosen audio. You can insert notes, quotes, transcripts, and more.


Podcastpage Integrations

Podcastpage.io supports a number of very useful integrations. Thus, you can promote your podcast via Headliner. It will arm you with an episode planner, guest booking, a library of music/sound effects, etc. and will let you publish your podcasts and promote them on social networks and other platforms.

You can connect your website to Disqus, a tool that enables commenting for your listeners. Their activities on your website, as well as the site’s general performance, can easily be analyzed with the help of Google Analytics and HubSpot Analytics.

Both tools are also available in the Integration section. You can add Pixel Facebook code to your website, too.

Moreover, you are free to connect your website to such marketing tools as MailChimp and ConvertKit to tune up the email interaction with your customers smartly.

Use Google Tag Manager to manage your website tags without editing code. If needing a sophisticated tool for collecting customer data, Twilio Segment is at your disposal.

Finally, the platform allows integration with Zapier. This instrument is used for connecting applications with each other. So, it will let you integrate practically any third-party app into your podcast website.

Monetization Tools

What about making money from your podcasts? Podcastpage.io will let you do this by integrating such add-ons as PayPal, Patreon, and Buy Me A Coffee.

Podcasters can add a donation button to their websites and connect it with a payment service.

One more app present in the Integration menu is Supercast. With its help, you can make premium content available for members only. The app allows connecting payment gateways to this section of your website.

Be aware that you’ll need to pay Supercast monthly fees per subscriber.

Website Design Editor

Website Design Editor

The Podcastpage.io page builder is based on the Drag & Drop mechanism, so it’s very easy to use. Via it, you can add an unlimited number of pages and unlimited content amounts to your site. The menu allows you to do the following tasks:

  • tune up general settings (shapes, colors, fonts, etc.) of your podcast website;
  • manage Header and Footer on your website;
  • define homepage episodes;
  • create a single episode page;
  • manage the homepage podcast header;
  • connect a side audio player or create your own on the basis of the PodcastPage audio player;
  • organize the subscription process on your website;
  • connect your podcasts to social media;
  • manage metadata and SEO instruments;
  • access custom HTML/CSS.

A strong point of this editor is that it has a handy, intuitively-run interface. So, Podcastpage.io lets you build a podcast website, hands down.

Hosting & Domain

Subscribe to any PodcastPage.io plan, and you’ll forget about tiring searching for a host or a domain name. The platform can ensure both options for your website.

When choosing hosting services from PodcastPage, expect that the team will maintain your website’s updates, security, and uptime performance.

Surely, you are free to deal with another hosting company, as well as connect your custom domain name. Available options include domains like podcastwebsite.com or podcast.company.com.


PodcastPage employs built-in SEO tools available for all plans. You do not need to do anything to make your podcast site visible and highly ranked with Google and other search engines. Other optimization tools include automated backups and the usage of global CDN.

Design and Templates

Podcastpage Templates

At present, the platform offers 9 templates. The number may seem scanty, but these are truly professional themes worked out specifically for podcasting. They are all responsive and ready to work seamlessly across all gadgets. You can customize the following components:

  • fonts;
  • colors;
  • logos;
  • episode list layout, etc.

You are free to change templates. This won’t cause any loss or damage to your content. You can insert specific widgets (episode lists, blog posts, playlists, and more) into the chosen template now. All customizations are easy to implement.

Such simplicity will suit beginners who need a simple but fully functional podcast website. The set of customization tools is far from complete and surely needs improvements. But the platform continues evolving, so new features are sure to be added to the Podcastpage.io toolkit.

Customer Support

All PodcastPage plans go with email and chat support. You can expect proper responsiveness from the team even if you have subscribed to the cheapest plan. In fact, support agents tend to answer both email and chat queries equally fast. You can write an email or start chatting through your dashboard.

The site also contains the Documentation section, where you can find useful tutorials. Practically, each section of the PodcastPage website goes with FAQ, which also may supply you with all the necessary instructions.

Podcastpage Plans and Pricing

The company doesn’t offer a free plan. In substitution of this, it offers a 14-day free trial for all of its plans. The pricing depends on the billing mode, and the annual one can save you money. So, you can choose from three packages: Podcaster, Business, and Enterprise.

Podcastpage Plans&Pricing

Podcaster costs $12 per month ($15 if you prefer month-to-month payments.) This plan will suit someone who needs a simple but practical podcast website, easy to create and easy to maintain. You will be able to build one site with one podcast show and unlimited episodes. Other options include the following:

  • a custom domain;
  • web hosting;
  • auto episode import;
  • 100 voice messages per month;
  • podcast reviews import;
  • YouTube videos import;
  • guest intake forms;
  • one member;
  • basic integrations;
  • email/chat support.

The Business plan is available at $18 per month ($22 for monthly billing). It is addressed to professional podcasters or small networks. Besides the Podcaster plan’s features, Business allows you to run numerous shows, connect several YouTube channels, receive 500 voice messages a month, and invite up to three team members. The plan offers Pro Integrations.

The Enterprise plan will suit large podcast producers and networks. It offers priority support, and practically all options go with the ‘unlimited’ label. The price is managed, so you should consult the team to know the details.

Podcastpage Website Examples

Although words can be convincing enough, the best way to check any software before employing it is to evaluate the products created with its help. Let us leave several links to interesting podcast websites based on PodcastPage.io:

Screen Talk De Podcast

Screen Talk De Podcast

Jersey Jobs & Biz

Superpowers School Podcast

A Ready Player Two Podcast

A Ready Player Two Podcast


So, PodcastPage is a multi-functional podcast website builder that will suit beginners to site building and individual podcasters with the minimum requirements in the first place.

The software is very easy to use (no coding) and can provide you with a domain name and reliable hosting. It is good from SEO and integration perspectives.

PodcastPage’s more expensive plans can interest larger companies since they offer more customization and integration options. Surely, PodcastPage.io could have more eCommerce features, extend its integrations, and grant more design freedom to non-coders.

However, the platform does offer practically everything you might need to showcase a simple but professionally-built podcast and monetize it.

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