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PinnacleCart is an eCommerce platform used to create impressive online stores. This cloud website builder has a set of features that make it similar to popular eCommerce CMS (Magento, PrestaShop etc.) in terms of functionality and structure.

It allows merchants to create both small-to-medium sized online stores and web-based marketplaces. Let’s discover PinnacleCart options in detail to decide whether it is worth the attention and financial investment or not.

#1 Ease of Use

Ease of Use:9/10
Tech Support:10/10
Overall Score:9/10

At first glance, PinnacleCart seems to be quite a complex system. The dashboard interface is well-structured and has a rich number of settings. It may seem complicated for newbies, but only during the first day of usage. As soon as you get used to the service, it will become understandable. You don’t have to look for the elements you need. They are always at hand, so you can just do what you have to do. This is quite convenient, but you will still need time to master the dashboard.

PinnacleCart comes with an extensive knowledge base and detailed video tutorials that cover the more complex steps of the online store creation process. This set of resources helps boost your overall comprehension of their service and eCommerce, in general.

Apart from that, you can get in touch with the customer support team or use the contact form to find out anything you need. The specialists working for the service will provide you with quick and qualified assistance.

To sum it up, you are not likely to face problems when studying PinnacleCart. Don’t hurry to contact the support service right from the start. The knowledge base includes answers to over 99% of questions you might have. By exploring it, you will get a nice chance to create a decent online store. This also applies to users who are seeing such a platform for the first time.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Having entered the dashboard, you will see a rich choice of statistic data, including recent orders, sales charts by time intervals, a list of products, the amount of registered users, new customers as well as feedbacks and product ratings. This is very informative, useful and presented in a simple way.

The sidebar involves sections with the parameter settings of an e-store. Its structure is as follows:

  • Orders makes it possible to find an order by numerous parameters (ID, min/max payment sum, payment status, date etc.);
  • Customers allows searching the profiles of registered users by the pre-set parameters;
  • Products lets you add new categories, products, brands, manufacturers, global product characteristics and order forms. CSV import is also available;
  • Intelligence offers the statistics section, which is sorted out by a variety of categories, such as general sales, sales over a period, sales by payment type, customer names, promo campaigns etc.;
  • Marketing makes it possible to add promo codes and other rebates, recommended products, Google Tools, e-mail campaigns, gift certificates, QR-codes, detailed SEO settings for the website, Social Sharing and bestseller options;
  • Content allows adding statistics pages, publish and edit customer feedbacks, product reviews. It is also possible to create individual forms with the required amount of fields to meet any task;
  • Design lets you choose the website template, detailed settings of the product catalogue interface (price range filters, product page settings, home page, category, product image and manufacturer settings). Users may also set up the thumbnail generator here;
  • Apps makes it possible to choose between a number of useful applications, which can be set up to the website. Some of them include accounting, marketing, payments, shipping and taxes optimization solutions. They are available in a free and paid variants (
  • Settings offers a large selection of versatile settings, which are subdivided into 2 sections, namely general and advanced. Each section additionally involves several categories of settings, namely those for the shopping cart, access rights, API access, snippets, store, printable invoices, e-mail notifications, credit card storage, shipping, taxes, currencies etc.

PinnacleCart can impress everyone by a surprising set of options. This is a functional and serious website builder used to create and set up nice online stores. It is thought out to the last detail. You will hardly find an important feature the systems doesn’t offer yet.

PinnacleCart Settings

What I liked most about the platform is the opportunity to collect statistic data, SEO optimization, a rich selection of product settings, an opportunity to organize and hold versatile rebates and create individual web forms, registration of new customers via their Facebook accounts and SSL certificate set up.

It goes without saying that standard functional features are available here as well. You will get control over the sales and ways of increasing them. This is a great site builder for effective development of online stores, which deserves to be rated high!

#3 Designs

Number of Themes:360
Professional Templates: YES
Free Themes: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry:
CSS Code Editing: YES

PinnacleCart comes with 30 readymade templates. You can change them any time you wish. All of them are free. Their quality is standard, while their main feature is the adaptability to the development of large online stores. The attractiveness of the templates recedes into the background, giving place to the right structure.

Some templates look appealing, but you will hardly make your choice based on the background color, fonts or attention-grabbing demo-content only.

These features can be changed later. What you should choose instead is the structure of an e-store you are going to create. This is exactly where PinnacleCart proves to be the right choice!

Standard template customization options are superb. You can click any element (block, image, button, title etc.) with a right mouse button in the Cart Designer section and edit visual properties or source code. Choose and set up the fonts and background, add your CSS-styles if needed.

PinnacleCart also offers the WYSIWYG-editor, but it is not similar to those available in other website builders. You can edit template blocks by using class selectors. This is how you can quickly add tabs, for example, and fill them with the required content.

Apart from that, you can add readymade templates to any place on your webpage (best sellers, recently viewed, view cart, manufacturers etc.) or create and set them up on your own (however, you will need HTML knowledge here).

You don’t have to worry about spoiling something at your website when developing it. It is possible to delete the changes and get the standard version of the template. It’s worth mentioning that all the PinnacleCart templates are responsive. This means that your online store will be accessible on all types of mobile devices.

PinnacleCart Themes

The website builder offers vast online store customization opportunities. You don’t have to stick to the design of your template during the website creation process – you can set up all the elements in a quick and simple way, especially if you possess the knowledge of HTML/CSS basics. Even if you don’t have these skills, PinnacleCart will surprise you with the set of customization options. Create what you want – the system allows doing that! By the way, most things are very simple and understandable for the newbies.

#4 Customer Support

PinnacleCart involves an extensive knowledge base and a forum to help users handle their problems without customer support assistance. If you still have the necessity to get in touch with the developers, you are welcome to do that by sending the tickets, which are available in the corresponding dashboard section.

Customer support service is friendly and outgoing. They are ready to help you with any problem during their working hours, although, there may be certain delays at night.

#5 Pricing Policy

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Start Up:$29.95/mo✓ 1 Gb Storage;
✓ 2 Gb Bandwidth;
✓ Daily Backups.
Small Biz:$59.95/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ 3 Gb Storage;
✓ 8 Gb Bandwidth;;
✓ Quickbooks Autosync.
Entrepreneur:$94.95/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ 10 Gb Storage;
✓ 20 Gb Bandwidth.
Enterprise:$149.95/moIn Addition to previous:
✓ 50 Gb Storage;
✓ 100 Gb Bandwidth.

Right after the registration, you will be offered the 14-day trial period to test all the features of the platform. As soon as the trial period is over, you will have to pay for the services of the system or refuse from further usage of it. The cost of PinnacleCart plans is almost on the same level as other e-commerce website builders. It allows for unlimited products and transactions. The system currently offers 4 plans.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get the 8% discount when paying for one year and 17% discount when paying for 2 years. Whatever plan you go for, you will be offered access to all the dashboard functions. The major difference between the plans, though, is the bandwidth and the amount of storage space. The larger the e-store is, the more expensive PinnacleCart plan you might need. That sounds logical.

#6 Pros and Cons

PinnacleCart is a great website builder, which has a broad range of benefits, such as:

  • Powerful template customization tools all users can master (this concerns everything – from the structure and up to the design);
    convenient incorporated statistics accumulations methods;
  • Dropshipping options (set up your own methods or use DOBA which has over 1mm products you can sell )
  • Included is a free Facebook and Mobile store.
  • Recapture abandoned carts using their “Drift Marketing” feature.
  • Extensive SEO settings;
  • SSL set up options;
  • Incorporated form builder;
  • An opportunity to use applications to increase marketing efficacy etc.;
  • WYSIWYG-editor and source code editor, availability of class selectors for quick adding of elements and widgets to the website;
  • An opportunity to quickly transfer a website to PinnacleCart from dozens of other e-commerce systems;
  • An opportunity to gain access to the project files through FTP;
  • The system is PCI/PA-DSS compliant;
  • Recurring billing feature for those, who wish to make the billing process automatic for the regular customers with regard to the discounts, taxes and other factors;
  • Convenient interface, which is easy to use both for the newbies and pros;
  • Quality FAQ, availability of video-tutorials, informational blog and forum;
  • Adequate customer support.

That will be enough, I guess. It doesn’t make sense to enumerate obvious functions. Otherwise, the list will be too long.

The only PinnacleCart drawback we have noticed is low dashboard performance, which is observed in some cases. Sometimes these delays are quite obvious, but in most cases, you won’t notice the drawback at all. The disadvantage is not that substantial, but it really exists. This can become a real problem for the users, who have less powerful computers.


PinnacleCart is a powerful cloud website builder that comes with a broad range of features. Taking into account rich functionality of the service, it is quite simple and easy to master. This makes it a good choice for the majority of users. Many well-known clients use the platform today, which is the best proof of its prevalence over other similar systems.

There is hardly an e-commerce task you won’t be able to complete with PinnacleCart. Are you going to create an online store to sell hundreds of thousands of products? No problem! Do you need unique design? You are welcome. Dream of the advanced marketing? That’s not a problem as well! The service has everything you need, if not even more.

Do we recommend using PinnacleCart? The firm answer is: Yes! Explore its benefits at the trial period and start creating your own commercial empire. Good luck!

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