PinnacleCart Review

PinnacleCart Review

PinnacleCart – is a self-hosted eCommerce platform for merchants. Launched in 2003, it boats enormous industry experience and fits any business size from small digital shops to huge international storefronts. The platform comes as a robust all-in-one package to let users build and design online stores from scratch, manage products and marketing campaigns, create catalogs, track sales stats, traffic, and more. The system has proved to be an easy and intuitive tool for people with no technical skills.

You may create multilingual projects for international outreach. PinnacleCart supports different languages and offers additional promotion and SEO services. Besides, local specialists guarantee free migration from over 40 different third-party shopping carts to its custom self-hosted eCommerce and shopping software.

Is PinnacleCart that good? Let’s find it out!

  • Cloud-based eCommerce Solution.
  • For stores of any size.
  • 14-day free trial.

Pros and Cons of PinnacleCart

To figure out if PinnacleCart will meet your particular needs, we have highlighted all the fundamental hits and misses.

PinnacleCart Pros:
PinnacleCart Cons:
Stylish and responsive templates;
User-friendly dashboard;
Simple building and customization process;
Email marketing and promotion tools;
Free shopping cart migration;
Support for multiple payment processors;
Abandoned cart recovery solution and more.
No built-in POS solution.
No blogging feature.
Restricted HTML and CSS access with
no chance to edit the source code.

We may certainly live with some of the system’s tiny drawbacks, as its prior eCommerce features look great. Before we dive deep into the ocean of add-ons, product management tools, and integrations, we need to find out if it is easy enough to use PinnacleCart for non-technicians.

  • Rich feature set.
  • Easy to use.
  • All-in-one solution.

What Is PinnacleCart Good for?

A good advantage of PinnacleCart is the fact that the platform is able to scale. It does not just let users create a website with an integrated shopping carry and checkout page. It is a fully-customizable system that will work out for small shops, startups, enterprise-level stores, international marketplaces, etc.

The software has been spotted creating storefronts for such well-recognizable labels and brands as NBA, Discovery Channel, HBO, UFC, and many others. The lack of a built-in point of sale solution is a drawback. If you need to sell physical goods or install the POS platform connected to a physical site, you might need additional software.

Despite some small misses, PinnacleCart is a great solution in case you need to:

  • Build, design, and customize your future shop from the blank with no coding.
  • Manage products, create multiple catalogs, and sell products online via custom shopping cart and eCommerce platforms.
  • Promote business via SEO and Marketing campaigns, collect crucial web analytics, monitor stats in real life, etc.

The system boasts a rich feature set that includes seamless add-on integration, user-friendly interface, customer data security, support for various payment processors, and more.

  • Years of industry experience.
  • Scalable online stores.
  • Globally recognizable customers.

Ease of Use

The system was designed to help users build shops and sell online despite the technical background. PinnacleCart is an all-in-one solution. It means that you have all assets in the pack from website building and customization tools too hosting, integrated services, customer support, so on. To get access to all features, you need to register.

The system has a 14-day free trial. You do not have to provide any billing info or credit card data during that period. Once the free trial is over, you will have to quit or choose one of the available paid plans to keep on using the software.

Getting Started

To start using PinnacleCart free, you only need to indicate your name as well as the name of the store. The system also asks to specify the email and telephone number. Complete the sign-in form will take less than a minute although there is no chance to connect via social or Google account with a click.

Create Store

The system tries to keep its customers’ data safe. For this reason, users will also need to select a security question and an answer to them before entering the dashboard. Finally, you are inside the website builder!

Security Setup

Once you have successfully signed in, the system will offer a quick guide that includes 4 baseline steps. They include general info about the project and the business owner, domain connection, etc. You are free to skip the prior setup and complete it after the website is ready to go.

Quick Start Guide

Website Editor

Now you are ready to start building your storefront. Users will have two options:

  1. They may start editing the default theme right at once.
  2. Choose another layout form the available list, preview, and start editing it.

We will discuss theme styling options and design a bit further. Let’s get back to the website editing process. Select a template and press the “Edit” button to enter the editor control panel.
Available Themes

The system does not offer much of web design freedom. At the same time, you will not be able to create a unique page structure from the blank. Users may only opt for ready-made templates with a fixed structure. The lack of drag-and-drop functionality is a huge miss.
PinnacleCart Review

The website editing is limited to some simple typography settings. You may also change slider and block dimensions, edit content or upload images. That’s it although PinnacleCart delivers enough freedom when fine-tuning separate page settings and custom forms. Users may select form fields and the way they are displayed on-site. It is also possible to edit the “Thank you” message.
Editing Custom Form Contact Us

The platform makes it easy to edit all pages from a single place. You may edit already existing pages as well as add new ones. The system lets you pick the page you want to hide from users. You may disable the feature any time as well as delete the pages you do not need.

General Settings

Store settings deliver a bunch of options to ensure web store recognition on the web. Here you may add physical address and contact information. Those who skipped the quick guide during the signing in the process may submit the required info right here. Users will get a chance to edit checkout and security issues, printed invoices, email lists, enable or disable wholesale, discounts, special offers, etc.
Store Setting

Add Products and Go Live

The only thing left is to add products, connect a domain and go live. PinnacleCart comes with an intuitive product management system making it easy to add new items and sell unlimited goods online. Users may create catalogs and categories. Simply click on the “Add product” button to edit the product name, ID, price, shipping info, images, and other details.

Add Products

You may view the way your storefront looks in the browser. It is actually live, as the system provides a custom domain name on default. However, you may use your own domain or benefit form free site migration form an existing platform as well.

  • Hassle free registration.
  • No credit card required.
  • Intuitive interface.

Features & Flexibility

Apart from setting a store from scratch, PinnacleCart makes it possible to sell products on major international marketplaces, promote your business using various marketing tools, etc. The feature set looks rather rich in addition to built-in shopping cart software, integration, and front-end functionality.


As we have mentioned earlier, PinnacleCart does not have a drag-and-drop website builder. Uses may only count on ready-made templates with pre-installed blocks and elements. However, the front-end feature still adds some flexibility, as you may still edit the product page, custom forms, and fields in different ways.

Add Snippet

“Snippets” option makes it possible to customize some of the shop pages. You can use them to add Javascript/CSS tags and manage them right from the dashboard. Users may select snippets’ language, type, placement or priority settings.

App Center

PinnacleCart provides access to its Application Center with some useful apps to be integrated with the website. The number of add-ons is not extremely wide. However, they are all concentrated around the eCommerce niche. Here we have Amazon Seller, Google Merchant Center, MailChimp integration, eBay Store, PayPal Credit, and other apps.

App Center

Powerful Product Management System

Build a compelling list of products with the help of product management tools delivered by PinnacleCart. The key features include product image zooming for better user engagement, enlarged product images in 4 different options, unlimited number of item photos, web-based image uploader, and more.

Add Category

Security and Fraud Protection

The system has established a safe digital environment to house customers’ projects. T comes with cloud-based hosting facilities that are PA-DSS certified and PCI compliant. Users will benefit from SSL certificates, password encryption, secure checkout or registration process, payment error detection, and order failure handling.

Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike many other eCommerce platforms that let you only edit website title and description, PinnacleCart offers expanded SEO options to boost your shop search engine ranks. Apart from the typical meta title, description, and social preview editing, the system lets you deal with the following:

  • Create and upload robot.txt file.
  • Automatically generate XML sitemap for Google Search Console.
  • Automatically negate product meta info.
  • Select between www or non-www custom URLs, etc.

We should also mention PinnacleCart responsive themes that meet recommendations established by Google Penguin. In other words, we have a bunch of essential tools to start selling online. Now, it is high time we looked under the hood of the system’s eCommerce functionality.

  • Mobile commerce.
  • Advanced SEO settings.
  • App and Add-Ons integration.

eCommerce Functionality

For almost 2 decades, PinnacleCart has been serving eCommerce needs for thousands of website owners. The platform delivers powerful project management tools as well as marketing and promotion instruments. It also comes with some unique features like separate eCommerce hosting, Intuit QuickBooks, and more.

Enhanced Product Distribution

Merchants can sell products live or physically. The only drawback here is the lack of an integrated POS solution to manage inventory. On the other hand, users will appreciate a rich feature set of product management instruments that include options to:

  • Create new categories;
  • Set product attributes;
  • Create best-selling and recommend item collections;
  • Preview goods before getting them on-site;
  • Filter items by brand, manufacturer, price, and other parameters;
  • Control the quantity;
  • Choose and mark specific good for special offers, discounts, and deals.

All the above-mentioned features are available within each plan.

Intuit QuickBooks

The feature actually creates the online version of the merchant’s QuickBooks with no need to handle it manually. It means no CSV file downloads or mistakes during the manual product entry. You will no longer have to edit product receipts on your own. Each item is instantly placed in the QuickBooks version while every order will be automatically generated as a receipt.

eCommerce Hosting

An online store requires good hosting performance stable operation, and advanced security features. PinnacleCart delivers its separate cloud-based server solution to meet eCommerce needs. The key hosting features include:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee;
  • SSL already included in the price;
  • Seamless integration with WordPress CMS;
  • Unlimited email accounts and more.

Worldwide Payment Gateways

Worldwide Payment Gateways

The system has support for PayPal and Braintree on default. The first one is good for seamless checkouts while the second option makes it possible to process credit card payments in less than 5 minutes. Besides, you may choose to form the list payment gateways that refer to your country.

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Boost customers’ loyalty with special promotions or gift certificates. They feature lets you create and edit your own certificates assigned to a customer personally, which minimizes the risk of fraud. Additional marketing instruments include promo codes and coupons. You may link a separate product with a new wholesale as well as create global discount campaigns, QR codes, testimonials, etc.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Online business requires thorough optimization based on detailed reports. PinnacleCart delivers a set of tools to track website performance and monitor crucial measurements. Users may connect Google Analytics as well as benefit from the custom platform’s dashboard to access all necessary insights including conversion rate, sales, customers, loyalty programs, product stats, and more.

  • Enhanced product management system.
  • Hosting to meet eCommerce needs.
  • Advanced marketing and reporting tools.

Design & Theme Editor

PinnacleCart does not boast a wide selection of templates. The platform currently offers 12 different themes. They include ready-made layouts with already connected eCommerce features letting you edit some minor issues as well as add products and relevant content.


All templates are responsive. Besides, users may switch to the mobile mode and edit the shop to see how it will look like on smartphones. The only downside here is that there are only desktop and smartphone preview option with no chance to preview or edit the site in a tablet or laptop mode.

Adaptive Themes

Design Customization

Design Customization

There is not pretty much we can do about the overall template design. However, the theme editor reserves some space for a maneuver. Users may set the background color for some of the blocks. In addition, here we may show or hide different elements such as the manufacturer’s info, product category, etc. Advanced typography instruments make it easy to change fonts, text sizes or customize buttons. Users will be able to edit footer and header separately choosing icons they want to hide or display.

  • Responsive templates.
  • Stylish design and built-in features.
  • Editor’s mode and snippets to add Javascript/CSS tags.

Customer Support

PinnacleCart has everything you need to get in touch. The main options include:

  • Local knowledge base with dozens of topics and articles on how to use the platform.
  • Support Ticketing system to get in touch directly and specify the issue you need to resolve.
  • Live Chat for instant contact with the system’s expert online.
  • Support via phone.

Customer Support

Additional resources include a huge FAQ section in addition to PinnacleCart blog and a list of encouraging website examples built using the platform.

  • Phone and Live Chat for instant support.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Website example blog, and guides.

Plans & Pricing

The system is available in two major options. The first one comes as an all-in-one solution with domain and hosting included in each of the three available plans. A so-called “host with us” feature includes the following packages:

  • The standard plan costs $79.95 per month with 10 GB of storage and 20 GB of bandwidth.
  • The advanced plan starts at $199.95 per month with unmetered disk space and bandwidth.
  • Enterprise – the price for this plan is negotiated and established individually for every project.

All plans include all eCommerce features with no limitations. Each package lets you sell unlimited products and categories.

Plans Pricing

The second option is for users who want to use their own hosting facilities. In this case, you will need a downloadable PinnacleCart version. There is no info about the package price. To purchase a Perpetual License, you will need to contact the support team.

PinnacleCart Money Back Policy

Unfortunately, the platform does not provide any refund or money back in case a user wants to cancel his or her account. To cancel the subscription, a customer needs to submit a request. Otherwise, the system will continue processing running subscriptions.

PinnacleCart Money Back Policy

  • “Host on your own” option.
  • Unlimited features in all three plans.
  • Access to all themes.


PinnacleCart is a powerful eCommerce software that comes with a broad range of features. Taking into account rich functionality of the service, it is quite simple and easy to master. This makes it a good choice for the majority of users. Many well-known clients use the platform today, which is the best proof of its prevalence over other similar systems.

There is hardly an e-commerce task you won’t be able to complete with PinnacleCart. Are you going to create an online store to sell hundreds of thousands of products? No problem! Do you need unique design? You are welcome. Dream of the advanced marketing? That’s not a problem as well! The service has everything you need, if not even more.

Do we recommend using PinnacleCart? The firm answer is: Yes! Explore its benefits at the trial period and start creating your own commercial empire. Good luck!

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