Pinegrow Website Builder Review

Pinegrow (current version 5.992) – is a desktop software designed to create new websites from scratch as well as edit already existing pages. The powerful platform will work out for newbies with no coding skills who need to create responsive sites using a simple WYSIWYG platform. Dedicated coders and programmers will also benefit from the software that provides an easy-to-use CSS, HTML, and PHP environment to create new pages and quickly convert them into WordPress sites.

The system delivers a set of handy features. It supports WP, Bootstrap, and Foundation. Users may customize their projects in real-time or handle multi-page editing. Either you are a dedicated web designer or a newbie with no technical skills, Pinegrow has something to offer out of the box. Let’s have a closer look at this software and features it delivers.

  • Endless editing and customization tools.
  • A Powerful Visual Editor.
  • Support for WordPress, Bootstrap, and Foundation.

1. Pros and Cons

Pinegrow appears to be a flexible instrument whenever you need to create responsive CSS, HTML, and PHP themes with or without coding. A set of features looks overwhelming, especially for experienced programmers. At the same time, some small drawbacks may still take place.

Total control over page source code.
Powerful visual editor.
Great to work with Bootstrap and Foundation.
Helps to create ready-to-go WordPress themes.
Rich block library.
Intuitive editing tools.
Separate plans for companies, individuals and non-profits.
It might be too complicated form the start.
No monthly subscription for a standard license.
Only one-time payments for students.
  • Great for pro coders and newbies.
  • Simplified editing and customization process.
  • Flexible pricing policy.

2. What is It Good for?

Keep in mind that Pinegrow will not fit you if you look for a simple newbie-oriented website builder. It will not work in case you do not have the foggiest idea of what HTML or CSS mean. On the other hand, the system will certainly be a good option for users, who need a powerful editor despite the website type they need to build.

The platform will meet all requirements if you are proficient with CSS and HTML rules or at least familiar with them. It delivers a set of professional tools that you might want to integrate with an already existing workflow. Besides, you will have a total control over the source code with a chance to automate some of the development process stages.

Pinegrow may also be a good pick even if you do not know how to code, but need a programming environment to learn coding. The system will turn out to be a perfect playground for experiments of programming beginners or students. Additionally, Pinegrow is a good choice for website owners, who only need a static HTML age and a CMS to keep control over it.

In the end, it may appear to be a good alternative to cloud-based solutions, if you do not believe in cloud visibility and security. Have a look at several website examples built with the reviewed platform.

3. Ease of Use

Pinegrow is a good option for users with no coding experience as well as for professional programmers. It provides full access to the source code with a chance to edit or modify it. At the same time, the software comes with an intuitive WYSIWYG tool making it possible to create sites from scratch without actually writing the code.

Getting Started

The software comes as a desktop instrument. It means that you first need to have it installed on your PC. All you need is to go to the official Pinegrow website and select the version depending on the OS you use. Here we have options for Windows, MAC or Linux. Choose the version you need and download files to complete the installation process. All you need is to follow simple tips the same way you install any other software.

Pinegrow download

Now you are ready to access the platform. The system has a free trial to let users check how it works. To activate the free period, you need to launch the program, indicate your email, enter a password, and verify it from the inbox with that automated letter sent right at once. Finally, you will find yourself in the editor with all available tools.

Editing Process

To tell the truth, newbies might be overwhelmed with a set of instruments available form the dashboard. But if you do not plan to do the coding, you will hardly need most of them. The building process will generally take place inside the WYSIWYG environment with a selection of blocks and elements to add. To get started, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the “new project or page” icon.
  2. Choose the kind of page you want to build (WP, Bootstrap, Foundation or Plain HTML).
  3. Start the building process using tools in the upper left corner.
  4. Pinegrow create project

A good idea is to start with the library. It contains a selection of different elements to add to your page. The selection of blocks is wide. Here we have Promo elements and headers with “buy” buttons, price tables, testimonials, contact forms, blocks for content, galleries, etc. All you need is to select an element and hover it to the building area.

For each page you create, Pinegrow delivers a set of options. Users may duplicate it and edit in a multi-page mode without the need to switch between different screens. You may also look through the code as well as make some slight changes. Moreover, you have a chance to preview the page in the browser, check it for HTML errors, manage libraries for each separate page, etc.

Pinegrow page customization

Apart from enhanced page customization, users will be able to edit blocks themselves. For example, you may copy and paste texts in the spaces provided, modify typography, and make the most of the advanced visual editor (we will describe its functionality a bit further).

Website Deployment

Pinegrow is only a website editor. It is not an all-in-one solution with domain and hosting included in the package. So, you will need to take care of them beforehand. At the same, it offers a simple way to convert your pages into WordPress. The system has a set of WP-optimized options with a chance to export the theme and have it installed on the hosting. Moreover, users will have a chance to import content from the existing site or seamlessly add over 200 WordPress actions.

Pinegrow Website Deployment

Experienced coders will appreciate a bunch of features to work with the source code, inspect already existing CSS rules, add new classes, set various properties for a particular block or section, edit texts, content, and more. Newbies might need some time to figure out how to work with the editor. However, the building process itself looks pretty easy with Pinegrow.

  • A Smart Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  • Ready-to-use coding environment.
  • Rich library with blocks and elements.

4. Features & Flexibility

Pinegrow looks very powerful in terms of features. Most of them mainly refer to the editing process. This is what the platform was actually designed for. Have a look at some core options delivered by the system.

Enhanced Editing Process

Pinegrow has a bunch of smart tools to handle the website building process in different ways. Either you are a beginner or a dedicated pro, you will appreciate the following:

  • Smart WYSIWYG Tool – makes it easy to add new blocks, duplicate them, rearrange the page structure, delete code elements as well as add new ones.
  • Element Collection – the page library has a rich selection of elements to add and edit. Simply find the block you need and drag-and-drop it to the editing area. You can move it or replace it whenever needed with a click.
  • Block Editing – each block comes with separate settings to edit. Users may edit content or texts inside the block, add new properties, modify the HTML code, add links, delete, etc.
  • Content Formatting – handle the content formatting with a click and add H1…H6 headings to make it more SEO-friendly and structural.
  • Pinegrow Website Builder Review

Fully-Functional WordPress Themes

Pinegrow works best whenever you need to create WordPress themes for your future projects. The system makes it easy to convert your ready-made HTML page into the WP theme. Simply assign the necessary action from the list of over 200 WordPress actions available in the dashboard. They vary from template parts and loops to WP customizer, navigation, and pagination as well as custom WordPress queries.

Flexible Preview Mode

Once you have completed the building process, you might want to have a look at how your website runs on different devices including desktop and mobile. Well, Pinegrow lets you preview the site in multiple versions at the same time. The platform makes it possible to open two page views representing two separate pages. Not only you may preview them simultaneously but also edit without switching between several screens.

Pinegrow Flexible Preview Mode

The preview mode comes with three major options. They include a PC screen, laptop, and smartphone. Moreover, users may benefit from advanced preview settings and pick a specific screen size, breakpoints, and other settings to have a broad vision of how the website will look like on various gadgets.

Tools to Work with Bootstrap and Foundation

Apart from creating WP themes, Pinegrow comes with enhanced support for Bootstrap and Foundation. Users get a set of instruments to ensure visual control over the layout. Here we also have a library with components and blocks to add. They apply to both Foundation and Bootstrap. You are free to customize the elements, resize columns and blocks, work with grids, add modals to the page and buttons to open them.

Bootstrap – is a free open-source tool for front-end developers looking for a framework to create Javascript and CSS-based templates of buttons, forms, navigation, and other website interface components.
Foundation – is a responsive framework to handle front-end development. It comes with a selection of responsive grids as well as other UI elements, typography, and ready-made templates.

  • Works with all major front-end frameworks.
  • Intuitive editing process.
  • Mobile preview mode customization.

5. Design & Templates

Pinegrow does not have ready-made templates. Why should it? The system comes with enough tools to create pages from scratch in addition to its powerful visual editor. You may change literally every detail in the block as well as add the one coded on your own. The platform makes it possible to take full control over the CSS.

Pinegrow Templates & Design

Enter the editor and modify margin and padding, change block positioning, edit fonts and texts, add shadows, replace the background, assign new rules and classes to your elements, edit CSS grids and more. Pinegrow ensures inline editing. It means that you will see all the changes in real-time with a chance to preview the page in the browser as well as benefit from comprehensive mobile preview settings. It means that your website will be 100% responsive despite the device, OS, carrier, or screen dimensions.

  • Create responsive websites.
  • Export site and convert it into WP.
  • Import the existing website content.

6. Customer Support

The platform offers great support in different ways. First of all, Pinegrow has a huge knowledge base with tons of articles, video guides, and tutorials. The Help Center also includes the “How to Get Started” section as well as Documentation.

Pinegrow Customer Support

Secondly, you may use the search bar to quickly find the answer to the question Simply type in the issue you need to resolve. Entering the Pinegrow community might also be a good idea. The Forum will be a good opportunity to consult experienced users to share your own experience.

Last but not least, you are free to contact the support team via:

  • Slack community;
  • Email;
  • Forum;
  • Twitter.

Each of the options can be accessed from the dashboard as well as on the official website.

  • Huge knowledgebase with the Help Center.
  • Solid social media representation.
  • Pinegrow forum, video tutorials, and documentation.

7. Plans & Pricing

The system sells one-time licenses. In other words, you pay only once and get lifetime access to all of the editor’s features. At the same time, you may opt for monthly subscriptions. Pinegrow is available in three major versions. They include Standard, Pro, and Pro with WordPress.

Pinegrow Plans & Pricing

The prices vary depending on whether you are an individual, company, student or existing user who wants to update the existing license. For individuals, the one-time prices are as follows:

  • Standard License costs $49.
  • Pro License costs $99 with additional multi-page editing, master pages, and CSS components.
  • Pro with WordPress license costs $149 with tools to create production-ready WP themes.

As for the monthly prices, they are $10 and $15 per Pro and Pro with WP respectively. The Standard license is not available for subscription. Monthly payments might be a more cost-effective option in case you do not plan to use the platform for a long time. You pay only $10 per month and then cancel the subscription with a chance to renew to later.

  • One-time and monthly pricing models.
  • Special offers for non-profits and students.
  • Affordable monthly plans.

8. Website Examples

The system makes it possible to build templates for any website type. Check how users managed to go live with their new projects built with Pinegrow.

Fortitude Contracting – Long Island remodeling and home improvement contractor

Fortitude Contracting – Long Island remodeling and home improvement contractor

Lake Side – animal hospital

Lake Side – animal hospital

Studio Devign – freelance web designer

Studio Devign – freelance web designer

9. Conclusion

  • Custom-made WP themes
  • Good for newbies and professionals
  • Compatibility with Bootstrap and Foundation
  • 100% responsive websites

Pinegrow – is a powerful desktop tool to create web pages and sites from scratch. It works fine for people with and without technical knowledge. Coding gurus will benefit from total control over the page elements. They will get a chance to work with Bootstrap and Foundation as well as make the most from the powerful visual editor.

Newbies will find it a bit difficult to use the software from the start. On the other hand, it comes with a simple WYSIWYG editor, rich block library, simple content editing tools, etc. The only drawback here is that Pinegrow is not an all-in-one solution. You will need to handle website export and install it on your hosting. In this case, the traditional SaaS website builder might be a simpler solution with all features included in the plan.

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