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Pikock Website Builder Review

Though the market of DIY site builders is bursting at the seams, many new website building apps continue to spring up everywhere riding the wave of increasing demand for easy-to-use, code-free web publishing solutions. One of these is Pikock, a French company that has just made its debut in the website creation industry.

“Pikock focus on simplicity, but also on reliability,” company co-founder Tsifei Chan told Challenge accepted 🙂 ! Let’s explore the platform’s ins and outs to see how well they understood the true meaning of reliability and simplicity 🙂 .

Pikock - Homepage

#1 Ease of Use

Their control panel is rather intuitive, but it seems to be a bit lacking in terms of navigation. Besides, when I was testing Pikock, the system was fairly slow. Uploading images required a great deal of patience. Luckily, this drawback wasn’t observed in published Pikock-powered websites.

Pikock - Layouts

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Flexibility is a weakness of Pikock. It does offer a nice choice of widgets, but it definitely lacks the depth of customization that you can find in such well-established site builders like uCoz or Squarespace for example. Pikock doesn’t open up the codes to users (there’s no way to make direct edits in the site’s HTML/CSS), so it can be tough to get the desired look easily. Besides, it doesn’t offer the ‘HTML snippet’ feature, which is present probably in all website builders I happened to work with.

Pikock - Edit Your Logotype

As of May 2014, Pikock offers the following set of widgets: Title, Text, Link & Button, Image, Gallery, Video, Spacer, Logo, Google Maps, Form, Social Network, Timeline, Blog, PayPal and Countdown. In terms of SEO, it allows you to insert your Google Analytics tracking code and specify Titles and Descriptions for each page.

Each Pikock theme is mobile- and tablet-ready from the start. To see how your website looks like on smaller screens, click on the corresponding Preview Icon (desktop, tablet, mobile). I’ve accessed the test website from my phone and I must admit it looked exactly as promised (see screenshot). However, there’s no way to customize your site’s mobile look – you can only enjoy the default mobile/tablet experience.

Pikock - Mobile View

#3 Designs

There are 6 ready-to-use templates that you can customize to a certain extent (change layouts, play with ready-to-use color palettes, as well as set custom colors for text, title, background and other elements of the design). Besides, there’s ‘Magic Palette’, a unique feature allowing you to find the right colors for your website based on your logotype. Just upload your logo or any other image and the system will suggest the most eye-pleasing set of colors for your unique case.

Pikock - Templates

#4 Customer Support

If you face any problems when editing your website, you may contact their support via live chat. You may also contact a Pikock representative via an email form. For introductory information about the platform visit their Support Center.

Pikock - Chat With Us

#5 Pricing Policy

You can try to build your basic website using Pikock risk-free during their 30-day trial. To continue using the system you have to upgrade your account to either ‘One page website’ or ‘Unlimited page website’ plan. The former is $2/month, while the latter is $20/month. The key difference is that you can’t use a custom domain with the ‘One page website’ plan.

Pikock - Pricing


Though Pikock looks elegant and modern, there’s a lot to improve. Loading speed, templates, navigation – these are all small details, but website builders are made up of small details that create the overall experience 💡  . I think their full-featured package is too expensive.

Pikock Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking for deeper control and customization, Pikock isn’t likely to impress you. It’s too basic to compete with such powerhouses as Wix, Weebly and co. Frankly speaking, Pikock doesn’t inspire much confidence. This opinion is based on my own experience and it may differ from yours, so don’t hesitate to speak your mind in comments!

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