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Best Photography Website Builders

Having a photography website is a must for everyone, who wants to pursue the career in the photography niche and needs a source to present the works of art in favorable light.

How can you get the one, however, if you have never been involved in web design niche before or just don’t have time to develop the project on your own? There is a solution that will be a great way out of this situation: the use of photography website builders will help you launch a website.

Website builders are the most suitable tools to launch and manage websites. Their simplicity, convenience, ease of navigation, rich feature set and affordability often prove to be the decisive factors that speak in favor of their application by photographers with different web design background and diverse aspirations. You don’t have to be a pro to work with website builders – the systems often come with tutorials and guidelines that help you effectively master the process.

To simplify the choice of the best platform that will help bring all your creative ideas to life, it makes sense to review the systems we’ve just mentioned. That’s exactly what we are going to do right away.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Photographers

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Photography Templates:36
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best website builder for photographers and a top destination for users, who have got an intention to launch a full-featured photography website from scratch. Whether you are a non-tech savvy user, who has never been involved into web building at all or a web design pro, who lacks time to create professional client websites, Wix will offer you a myriad of solutions to start a free photography project. Among the reasons that make the system stand out from the crowd, the following ones should be the first to mention:

  • Rich Photography Template Collection. Wix photo themes work great for various niches and can be customized to create stunning portfolios, wedding photo websites, street, romantic, city photography projects, traveling photo galleries and more.
  • Wix ADI Interface. Apart from common and mobile website editors that allow for easy customization of your photography website, the system now offers an advanced Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) interface that makes it possible to create websites even without mouse clicking – just sit and watch how the service is building your entire photography website.
  • Photography Website Design Options. Wix offers over 40 gallery types that come in a variety of design formats and you can choose between multiple design options to edit and crop photos, add web pages, subcategories for your photo galleries or portfolios etc.
  • 3D Parallax Scrolling. The option allows choosing any photo, gallery or video to set them as a background for your website.
  • Slideshows and Galleries. With Wix, you can upload your photos and presentations to create galleries and slideshows that will appeal to the audience.
  • HD Video Hosting. The website builder makes it possible to showcase your photography talent by presenting your works in the video mode. You can integrate photo presentations from YouTube or Vimeo into your project to boost user engagement rate.
  • User Testimonials. Integration of the user testimonials feature allows your clients leave their impressions and experience of working with you in the special website section/page. This is a surefire way to make your potential users interested in your work and help them find answers to the questions they might have about your photography business. This functionality is realized via integration of specific widgets/extensions. These are available in the integrated App Market and include Testimonial Builder, MyReviews, Comments, Social Testimonials, Voice Comments+, Customer Reviews, Yelp, Comments+ and Inffuse Testimonials and more.
  • Client Interaction Options. When browsing the App Market, you can also come across a variety of user interaction tools. They let you stay connected with the target audience, getting their feedbacks and contact forms. Among the most popular widgets you can pick and use for this purpose, it makes sense to mention Google Event Calendar, Latest News, Wix Chat, Scheduling Pro,123 Form Builder, Wix Forms, Book Appointments Online, Live Chat, Events Calendar, Contact Management +CRM, Callback and many more.
  • eCommerce Platform. When it comes to photography website development, the opportunity to sell your works directly at the website really makes sense. The website builder comes with the integrated eCommerce feature that allows setting up and customizing a small-to-mid-sized online store.

Cost: Wix lets you build an endless free website, but this plan still comes with certain restrictions. This eventually prevents you from starting a full-featured project. To get access to the advanced features and tools, it makes sense to upgrade to one of the premium plans. Their cost starts with $13/mo for Standard subscriptions and from $23/mo for eCommerce/Business plans.

WordPress – Free CMS to Create a Photography Website

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Portfolio Templates:Dozens of themes
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is a free CMS to create a photography website. This is a renowned platform, which has gained worldwide recognition and stunning popularity due to its high end integration options and availability of advanced design customization tools. The system is more complicated for newbies as compared to most standard website builders because it implies the knowledge of coding basics and even certain preliminary web design experience. Have a look at its highlights photographers might appreciate, when exploring the service:

  • Photography Templates. The CMS has its own collection of built-in templates, but there are also hundreds of them available on the web. These themes are paid and free, with the latter being less secure for your website performance because of the increased possibility of malware threats.
  • Photography Plugins and Widgets. The system is known for its advanced integration options, offering multiple plugins and widgets for photography websites. Some of the most popular samples include Envira Gallery, Soliloquy, Storyform, WP-Media Tagger, Wordfence, Easy Watermark, Imsanity, Yoast SEO and more.
  • Event Scheduling, Social Media and Customer Interaction Plugins. Apart from photography plugins, users may also find and integrate event scheduling and customer interaction plugins (BirchPress Scheduler, Picu, WP Invoice, Floating Social Bar, Pinterest Pin It Button, TweetThis Shortcode, Simply Instagram, WPForms, Optin Monster and more).
  • eCommerce. WordPress offers special eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce that allow building feature-laden online stores, where you can display and sell your photos and image collections.
  • Gutenberg Editor. The editor has become accessible after the release of the recent WordPress version. It simplifies the web building approach due to the availability of content blocks users may pick and arrange at their websites as they wish. To some extent, this resembles the process of working with classic website builders, which is another advantage for most photographers.

Cost: WordPress is technically free for download and installation. However, to design and publish a photography website, you’ll have to buy and integrate some of the above mentioned plugins and templates. The same is about domain name and hosting. To make your project accessible on the web, you’ll have to find a trusted hosting provider. To simplify the choice, WordPress recommends Bluehost as one of the services that is on the top of the list of modern hosts. The cheapest Bluehost subscription will cost you $2.95/mo, offering an extensive feature set for this price.

Squarespace – Online Platform to Create a Photo Gallery

Product Name:Squarespace
Official Website:
Photography Templates:28
Free Plan:No
Premium Plan:from $12/mo

Squarespace – is an online platform to create a photo gallery. The software makes it possible to present your photo galleries, slideshows and portfolios to the target audience. With a wide selection of customization tools and web design features, Squarespace proves to be a worthy solution to launch a photography website. Here are the major advantages of the service:

  • Professional Designs. Squarespace offers an award-winning collection of responsive photography templates crafted by their professional design team.
  • Style Editor. The feature comes with hundreds of customizable settings (colors, fonts, page configurations etc.) and lets you choose between different page types to come up to your photography website needs (Cover Pages, Events Pages, Product Pages, Galleries, Blog Pages, etc.)
  • Image Manager. The service unveils multiple image management features, such as drag-and-drop image adjustment, responsive and progressive image loading, Content Delivery Network availability, Getty Images integration, image uploading from external resources, image focal point control, Adobe Image editor, Lightbox presentation, image SEO and metadata importing, automatic image scaling etc.
  • Galleries. Squarespace makes it possible to create appealing photo galleries out of hundreds of system blocks (presentations, slideshows, sliders, grid layouts etc.), video integration option, application of display effects.
  • Cover Page Builder. The feature allows choosing between several templates for your website cover page.
  • eCommerce Engine. To let you sell your photo works online, Squarespace lets you create and manage web stores, making use of its integrated eCommerce engine. The system grants access to multiple payment/shipping/design customization management options.
  • Unique Show Window Design. The website builder makes it possible to create unique and highly personalized show window designs, where you can display your best works to the advantage. The feature lets you create/update product lists, customize product descriptions and SKUs, upload photos and create/manage galleries, integrate special offers/discounts etc.

Cost: Squarespace doesn’t have the unlimited free plan yet it lets you test the feature set of the paid subscriptions at no cost at all during the 14-day trial. As soon as you are ready to upgrade to one of the existing plans, the website builder will offer you to pick one of them.The cheapest Squarespace plan currently costs $12/mo.

SITE123 – The Easiest Photography Website Builder

Product Name:SITE123
Official Website:
Photography Templates:13
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $10.80/mo

SITE123 – is the easiest photography website builder, which has distinguished itself due to the integrated WYSIWYG editor, abundance of free templates, design customization tools and features needed to give your photography project high end look. The platform is simple, intuitive and feature-laden at a time. It works equally great for first-timers and web design experts. The major highlights that make the system a worthy choice are as follows:

  • Responsive Photography Templates. The website builder has a stunning collection of responsive templates, where you can pick those suitable for your photography project. The designs are free, versatile and customizable. If you don’t manage to find a suitable theme for some reason, you are welcome to select a blank theme and customize it from scratch.
  • Multilingual Support. With SITE123, you don’t have to create several language versions of your project, if you intend to target foreign audience, for example. Instead, the system lets you start a website that comes with multilingual support.
  • eCommerce Platform. The website builder has a fully-integrated eCommerce platform, which allows starting and running a web store, where you can successfully sell your works of art/photography items. The system delivers multiple eCommerce features, making it possible to create product galleries and setting up their parameters, adjusting payment/shipping settings, creating/updating special offers/discount coupons, setting up payment/shipping/web store management parameters etc.

Cost: SITE123 has a free plan that lets you create a photography website at no cost at all. The fact of using a free subscription, however, means that your website will come with a number of serious restrictions. To avoid this, you should upgrade to one of the paid plans the website builder encompasses. The most affordable of them costs $10.80 per month.

Weebly – Platform to Create a Professional Photography Portfolio

Product Name:Weebly
Official Website:
Photography Templates:
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $6/mo

Weebly – is the all-in-one platform to create a professional photography portfolio without writing a line of code. The system was initially launched as a blogging platform, but it was recently acquired by Square that gave it a strong eCommerce focus. Weebly comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor and it also allows for code embedding, which is an advantage for users, who are aware of HTML basics. When it comes to the development of photography websites, the platform offers the following benefits:

  • Responsive Photography Templates. The website builder offers a category of responsive customizable templates suitable for the creation and personalization of photography websites. It is also possible to start your own website from scratch here or order a ready-made project from the third-party developers.
  • Video Hosting. With Weebly, you can upload and integrate videos featuring your best photo collections to give users the idea of your creative approach and focus. You can either integrate the YouTube video or upload video files directly to Weebly, where it will be safely stored.
  • Image Editor. The website builder has presented an advanced HTML5-based Image Editor, which provides myriads of must-have photography-related features, including rotating, cropping and adjusting images, adding text to the photos posted etc. There are also 29 filters you can use to improve the quality and visual presentation of your photos.

Cost: Weebly has separate plans for ordinary websites and web stores. Thus, it has a Free plan and four paid subscriptions for the development of standard websites. The cost starts with $4/mo (with a one-time annual payment) to reach $25/mo. When it comes to the creation of eCommerce projects, the website builder offers four pricing options. The prices range between $8/mo and go up to $38/mo for the advanced Performance Plan.

SmugMug – Platform to Protect, Share, Store and Sell Your Photo

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Photography Templates:20+
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $7/mo

SmugMug – is a multi-functional platform to create, protect, share, store and sell your photos. The system allows building and telling photo stories to further share them with other enthusiasts from all over the world. The major distinction of the platform from other suchlike services is the fact that it does not only let you create photo collections, but it also lets other users pick and use the uploaded stock photos from the available image galleries. Have a look at the main SmugMug highlights now:

  • Convenient Drag-and-Drop Editor. The system is characterized by the convenient and easy-to-use visual editor that supports drag-and-drop functionality. It lets you easily upload new photos, create new collections, organize and manage the uploaded images with regard to specific criteria, customize the content and gallery/photography website, enable eCommerce features and complete other related tasks.
  • Logical Photo Organization. The platform lets you organize the uploaded images into galleries and thematic collections. There is an opportunity both to upload separate photos and try the bulk upload feature that allows adding as many images as your need. Upon the completion of the task, you will be able to personalize photos and image collections by adding the keywords, titles, captions or sorting out the newly uploaded photos by certain parameters.
  • eCommerce. SmugMug allows setting up a web store, where you can sell your photos and photo collections. It’s up to you to set up the display parameters, customized price lists for certain customers, adjust image selection options, sell gift certificates and prints, modify security/image storage features as well as upload (create) unique website logos, add watermarks and perform other actions.
  • Lightroom Integration. The platform allows for Lightroom Plugin integration that will make it possible to upload, organize and manage your images with a few clicks. The plugin will also help preserve your portfolio structure along with SEO parameters for more effective project promotion.
  • Photo Storage and Sharing. It’s you, who controls the safety and accessibility of the uploaded images. It is possible to select users to assign website access rights and enable extensive image sharing options. The system lets you make posts in the social networks, use the integrated mobile app to edit, archive and share the images, create shareable links etc.

Cost: SmugMug offers a 14-day free trial to each new subscriber – that’s enough to test the system’s functionality. When it comes to upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions, the website builder will let you choose from 4 plans, the most affordable of which will cost you $48/year.

Carbonmade – Perfect Online Portfolios for Photographers

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:https:/
Photography Templates:45+
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:From $8/mo

Carbonmade – is a platform that lets you create and manage perfect online portfolios for photographers. The website builder is quite easy to use, irrespective of the available skills and preliminary user expertise. You won’t need any coding skills to create an impressive portfolio or a photography website with the system. Just take a look at the distinctive feature set of the service to find out what exactly it has to offer:

  • Design Customization Features. As a portfolio website builder, Carbonmade offers a set of high end tools needed for outstanding photo gallery presentation. Thus, the system allows uploading your personal logo absolutely for free. There is also an opportunity to upload video and image presentations, use Autoplay and Loop features while adding new videos.
  • Talent Pool. Apart from web design services, Carbonmade positions itself as an immense marketplace of designers, photographers, copywriters and other creatives. Thus, it is possible to view the portfolios of these experts in the Talent Pool section and contact the best authors, if needed.
  • Private Portfolio. The feature is meant for those users, who intend to share their experience or websites with other users. With this purpose, they grant special access codes to these people, thus, keeping their portfolios closed from unauthorized access.

Cost: Carbonmade lets you start the web design process with its free trial. Upon its end, you will still need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. There are three of them here. The most affordable offer – the Beginner Plan – costs $8 per month.

PhotoShelter – Photography Websites & Tools for Photographers

Product Name:PhotoShelter
Official Website:
Photography Templates:9
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $8/mo

PhotoShelter – is a comprehensive platform that allows creating photography websites and offers professional tools for photographers. The system encompasses several high end technologies, including safe image storage and archive access along with a quality website builder. To get the impression of the service, PhotoShelter comes with a set of tools that contribute to its professional web design approach. Some of the most handy and impressive features are as follows:

  • eCommerce. The system allows giving your photography project eCommerce focus. It comes with PayPal and Stripe support as well as the opportunity to connect personal Merchant Accounts for direct sales completion. Additionally, PhotoShelter offers integrated shopping cart access along with statistics tracking tools and multiple web store set up and customization features.
  • Safety Tools. All websites launched with PhotoShelter come with SSL Encryption provided by default. This is required for more effective website SEO promotion and overall website popularity. Additionally, the website builder allows using Image Theft Guard to protect your images from authorized copying or stealing, but you can disable the feature in case of necessity.
  • Responsive Niche Templates. As a specialized platform, PhotoShelter offers a set of designs, the amount of which is not quite extensive. However, the templates are niche-focused and they are also free, customizable and responsive by default.

Cost: PhotoShelter has a 14-day trial period, which is free and offered to every new subscriber. After the trial version of the program ends, you will need to activate one of three available subscriptions. The cheapest of them – the Basic Plan – currently costs $10 per month.

Tailor Brands – Website Design Company to Order a Website

Product Name:Tailor Brands
Official Website:
Photography Templates:-
Free plan:No free plans or trials
Paid plan:From $9.99/mo

Tailor Brands – is the best website design company to order a website for a photographer. The service was initially created with the needs and brand promotion strategies of business owners in mind. However, it quickly evolved into a powerful AI-based platform for streamlining user experience and boosting website reputation. This is what helps popularize your photography website on the web, giving it prevalence over its multiple niche competitors: The most specific and impressive Tailor Brands highlights include:

  • Advanced Branding Toolset. The platform delivers access to multiple advanced branding features and tools that can improve your project reputation. All the tools are adaptable by default and you can use your EPS file and Business Card solutions to create outstanding photography website design.
  • Logo Maker. Tailor Brands makes it possible to create and customize professional website logos to boost the popularity and recognition of your photography project. Due to the integrated AI technology, it is now possible to pick the major logo design elements (fonts, type, style) and tools to further let the system automatically create a project for you.
  • Tailor Ads. The system grants access to the fully-automated and integrated Tailor Ads platform that allows designing and publishing instant advertisements to enable fast project promotion. You can make use of multiple ad-associated variations to be able to select those you currently need for your photography website development and its further marketing.

Cost: Tailor Brands doesn’t have any free plans or trials. To start working with the system and to get access to the entire range of its features, you’ll have to instantly pick one of the paid subscriptions. Their cost starts with $9.99/mo and depends upon the feature set/services provided.

Ucraft – Photography Website Builder for Creatives

Product Name:Ucraft
Photography Templates:6
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:from $10/mo

Ucraft – is a photography website builder for creatives, which works great for all user categories – both non-techies and web design pros. The platform comes with an extensive selection of niche-related features and design customization tools, which make it possible to launch and edit all types of photography projects. Ucraft is a great pick for creatives and artists, who need professional portfolios to showcase their works and present their services to the advantage. Have a look at the basic features of the software now:

  • Photography Templates. Ucraft has a collection of free photography themes, which are accessible in the Art category. The designs are responsive and absolutely customizable. It is also possible to pick any template from the system collection to create a professional photography website from scratch.
  • Designer Tools. The system comes with a powerful set of Designer Tools, application of which helps create unique photography website design. These include UI Kit, layout, typography and form builder.
  • eCommerce Engine. The website builder has a powerful built-in eCommerce platform. It lets you set up and customize a quality online store to offer your works/services for sale.
  • Integrable Applications. Ucraft grants access to the rich choice of applications meant for photography website development. By integrating these apps into your project, you can notably enhance its performance and design. Some of them include Zendesk Chat, Jivosite, Live Agent, Disqus, Google Analytics etc.
  • Logo Maker. This is an advanced tool, which makes it possible to design and customize a unique logo to make your photography project stand out from the crowd. You can further upload the newly-created logo to your website.
  • Landing Page Creator. The tool allows building a quality landing page without investing a penny into it. This is a surefire way to drive user attention.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design. Ucraft themes has impressive UX design, which makes photography websites accessible on mobile and desktop devices. This helps build a client base, driving user attention.

Cost: Ucraft offers reasonable pricing policy. There is a free trial, which allows testing the system’s functionality and improving web design skills. To proceed to the photography development process, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium plans. Their cost starts at $10/mo.

Bottom Line

Each time you face the need to showcase your photo works, you face the problem of choosing the right service to do that. Website builders will certainly come in handy to you in such situations. They are easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful enough to let you complete even the most complicated projects with no coding skill required.

Designing a photography website is a challenge for users, who have never been involved in website building yet wish to launch a decent project for client generation. With website builders, this task becomes much simplified as these services are specially created with user convenience in mind.

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