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Best Photography Website Builders

Best Portfolio Website Builders

Having a photography website is a must for everyone, who wants to pursue the career in the photography niche and needs a source to present the works of art in favorable light.

How can you get the one, however, if you have never been involved in web design niche before or just don’t have time to develop the project on your own? There is a solution that will be a great way out of this situation: the use of photography website builders will help you launch a website.

Website builders are the most suitable tools to launch and manage websites. Their simplicity, convenience, ease of navigation, rich feature set and affordability often prove to be the decisive factors that speak in favor of their application by photographers with different web design background and diverse aspirations. You don’t have to be a pro to work with website builders – the systems often come with tutorials and guidelines that help you effectively master the process.

Photography websites do not only have professional look, but they also offer extensive functionality to let you bring your web design ideas to life. With a broad range of photography-focused features, they are easy-to-use and convenient. This is what makes them prevail over the rest of popular web building tools. What factors should you consider to select the best photography website builder? Let’s discuss that right now.

Photography Website Builders

Photography websites differ from the rest of niche-specific projects by their features, must-have elements and the need to apply unique web design approach.

To start with, website builders offer a rich assortment of templates needed to launch and customize a photography website. They are so intuitive that even a user with zero web design knowledge will easily cope with the web design process. You will be able to update your photography portfolio on your own to keep visitors interested in your works.

When you choose a photography website builder to showcase your projects, you will be further able to promote your works in the social networks. Your clients will also have access to your contact info and other related information they might be interested in without the need to look for it elsewhere.

Now it is high time to review the best services. They will help bring your creative ideas to life, ensuring ease of use and great result in the long run.

1. Wix

Wix website builder

Wix – is a top notch destination for all those users, who have got an intention to launch a decent photography website from scratch. Whether you are a non-tech savvy user, who has never been involved into web building at all or a web design pro, who lacks time to create professional client websites, Wix will offer you a myriad of solutions to start a free photography project. Among the reasons that make the system stand out from the crowd, the following ones should be the first to mention:

  • Rich Photography Template Collection. Wix photo themes work great for various niches and can be customized to create stunning portfolios, wedding photo websites, street, romantic, city photography projects, traveling photo galleries and more.
  • Wix ADI Interface. Apart from common and mobile website editors that allow for easy customization of your photography website, the system now offers an advanced Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) interface that makes it possible to create websites even without mouse clicking – just sit and watch how the service is building your entire photography website.
  • Photography Website Design Options. Wix offers over 40 gallery types that come in a variety of design formats and you can choose between multiple design options to edit and crop photos, add web pages, subcategories for your photo galleries or portfolios etc.
  • 3D Parallax Scrolling. The option allows choosing any photo, gallery or video to set them as a background for your website.
  • Slideshows and Galleries. With Wix, you can upload your photos and presentations to create galleries and slideshows that will appeal to the audience.

Cost: Endless free website. Premium options start from $4.5/mo.

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2. Squarespace

Squarespace website builder

Squarespace – is a decent website building solution for photographers willing to launch a professional full-featured project. The platform makes it possible to present your photo galleries, slideshows and portfolios to the target audience. With a wide selection of customization tools and web design features, Squarespace proves to be a worthy solution to launch a photography website. Here are the major advantages of the service:

  • Professional Designs – Squarespace offers an award-winning collection of responsive photography templates crafted by their professional design team
  • Style Editor – The feature comes with hundreds of customizable settings (colors, fonts, page configurations etc.) and lets you choose between different page types to come up to your photography website needs (Cover Pages, Events Pages, Product Pages, Galleries, Blog Pages, etc.)
  • Extensive Design Customization – The platform allows selecting and using multiple advanced design customization options, including content layouts, free typekit and Google fonts, custom CSS feature, responsive and interactive chart blocks, video backgrounds, simultaneous image posting, photo downloading/resizing, full-screen editing etc.
  • Image Manager – The service unveils multiple image management features, such as drag-and-drop image adjustment, responsive and progressive image loading, Content Delivery Network availability, Getty Images integration, image uploading from external resources, image focal point control, Adobe Image editor, Lightbox presentation, image SEO and metadata importing, automatic image scaling etc.
  • Galleries – Squarespace makes it possible to create appealing photo galleries out of hundreds of system blocks (presentations, slideshows, sliders, grid layouts etc.), video integration option, application of display effects.
  • Cover Page Builder – The feature allows choosing between several templates for your website cover page.

Cost: Premium plan for $12-$18/mo.

3. Ucraft

Ucraft website builder

Ucraft – is a cloud website builder, which is a nice solution to launch landing pages, business websites and portfolios. Advanced users and newbies will master the platform equally well as it is quite intuitive and convenient for everyone. The service offers a long list of photography-related features that will enhance your web building experience:

  • Photography Template Selection – Ucraft has a separate photography templates category, where you can select and customize themes to create responsive customizable photography websites with full-screen blocks and flat design.
  • Logo Maker – The app makes it possible to build and integrate an appealing logo into your photography website to give it recognizable and unique look.
  • Designer Tools – You can additionally use Designer Tools (Typography, UIKit and Layout) to enhance your photography website design.
  • Multilingual Support – Ucraft makes it possible to launch several language versions of your photography website based on locations your target and on the plans you have.

Cost: Free for one-page website. Premium subscription starts from $6/mo.

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4. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit – is a small business website builder, which also allows creating websites for freelance photographers, small photo studios etc. Even if you are a newbie in website building, you can create a really good-looking website in hours with uKit. The functionality of the website builder is initially geared towards the creation of remarkable projects to help you grow your audience. The highlights of the platform are as follows:

  • Photography Template Library. uKit has an impressive collection of quality templates that are designed with the needs of photographers in mind and can be effectively customized to create various types of photography websites, including professional photographers, street photographers, photo studios, art photographers, photo salons, photo shooting activities etc.
  • Template Change Feature. uKit offers an opportunity to change the template you have initially selected without the loss of submitted content.
  • Widget Integration. The website builder allows integrating various widgets into your photography project, including Social Networking Buttons, Comments, Online Chat, Timeline, Online Calculator, MailChimp, SlideShare, Timer etc.
  • Temporary Website Management Rights. If you intend to develop and manage a photography website with your partner, for example, this feature will let you share the access rights with people you will select for this purpose.

Cost: Premium package for $4/mo, $3.5/mo with SWB-25 promo-code.

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5. Bookmark


Bookmark – is a contemporary cloud website builder, which deserves user attention due to its Artificial Intelligence feature. The system allows creating high quality photography projects, which differ in their types, complexity, feature sets and visual appeal. The following Bookmark features make the system reputable and popular with website owners:

  • AIDA Assistant – This is the highlight of the website builder, which helps you create a full-featured website in the automatic mode by using information you wish to be displayed there.
  • Module Choice – Bookmark allows creating quality websites by means of using versatile modules that function like widgets and give a project required functionality.
  • eCommerce Module – The website builder lets you integrate and further update a web store to present and sell your works.
  • Statistics Collection System – The service comes with understandable statistics collection system, which allows tracking your website positions, productivity and performance.

Cost: Free on Bookmark subdomain. Professional plan starts from $11.99/mo.

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6. Weebly


Bookmark – is the all-in-one website builder, which makes it possible to launch and manage quality websites without writing a line of code. The system was initially launched as a blogging platform, but it was recently acquired by Square that gave it a strong eCommerce focus. Weebly comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor and it also allows for code embedding, which is an advantage for users, who are aware of HTML basics. When it comes to the development of photography websites, the platform offers the following benefits:

  • eCommerce Engine – Weebly makes it possible to add full-featured web stores to your website, where you can display and sell your photo collections, thus, gaining extra profit.
  • Blogging – Featuring advanced blogging capabilities, Weebly allows connecting a blog to your project to stay in touch with the target audience and provide users (and potential customers) with all the information they would like to know about your career.
  • Responsive Photography Templates – The website builder offers a category of responsive customizable templates suitable for the creation and personalization of photography websites. It is also possible to start your own website from scratch here or order a ready-made project from the third-party developers.
  • Video Hosting – With Weebly, you can upload and integrate videos featuring your best photo collections to give users the idea of your creative approach and focus. You can either integrate the YouTube video or upload video files directly to Weebly, where it will be safely stored.
  • Image Editor – The website builder has presented an advanced HTML5-based Image Editor, which provides myriads of must-have photography-related features, including rotating, cropping and adjusting images, adding text to the photos posted etc. There are also 29 filters you can use to improve the quality and visual presentation of your photos.
  • App Center – Weebly offers a dynamic collection of quality applications and tools you can pick and integrate into your website to boost its performance.
  • Mobile Apps – The system has iOS and Android applications, which make it possible to create, edit, manage and update your projects even on the go.
  • Form Builder – Weebly provides access to its advanced drag-and-drop online form builder, which lets you create versatile forms (contact fields, RSVP lists, web surveys etc.) and integrate them into your projects, if needed.

Cost: Weebly has separate plans for ordinary websites and web stores. Thus, it has a Free plan and four paid subscriptions for the development of standard websites. The cost starts with $4/mo (with a one-time annual payment) to reach $25/mo. When it comes to the creation of eCommerce projects, the website builder offers four pricing options. The prices range between $8/mo and go up to $38/mo for the advanced Performance Plan.

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7. WordPress

WordPress website builder

WordPress – is a renowned Content Management System, which does not require any presentation because of its worldwide recognition and immense popularity. The system is more complicated for newbies as compared to most standard website builders because it implies the knowledge of coding basics and even certain preliminary web design experience. Have a look at its highlights photographers might appreciate, when exploring the service:

  • Photography Templates – The CMS has its own collection of built-in templates, but there are also hundreds of them available on the web. These themes are paid and free, with the latter being less secure for your website performance because of the increased possibility of malware threats.
  • Photography Plugins and Widgets – The system is known for its advanced integration options, offering multiple plugins and widgets for photography websites. Some of the most popular samples include Envira Gallery, Soliloquy, Storyform, WP-Media Tagger, Wordfence, Easy Watermark, Imsanity, Yoast SEO and more.
  • Event Scheduling, Social Media and Customer Interaction Plugins – Apart from photography plugins, users may also find and integrate event scheduling and customer interaction plugins (BirchPress Scheduler, Picu, WP Invoice, Floating Social Bar, Pinterest Pin It Button, TweetThis Shortcode, Simply Instagram, WPForms, Optin Monster and more).
  • eCommerce – WordPress offers special eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce that allow building feature-laden online stores, where you can display and sell your photos and image collections.
  • Gutenberg Editor – The editor has become accessible after the release of the recent WordPress version. It simplifies the web building approach due to the availability of content blocks users may pick and arrange at their websites as they wish. To some extent, this resembles the process of working with classic website builders, which is another advantage for most photographers.

Cost: WordPress is technically free for download and installation. However, to design and publish a photography website, you’ll have to buy and integrate some of the above mentioned plugins and templates. The same is about domain name and hosting. To make your project accessible on the web, you’ll have to find a trusted hosting provider. To simplify the choice, WordPress recommends Bluehost as one of the services that is on the top of the list of modern hosts. The cheapest Bluehost subscription will cost you $2.95/mo, offering an extensive feature set for this price.

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8. Gator


Gator – is quite a new yet functional website builder, which has a strong focus on non-coders, who need quality contemporary websites. The service will work great for the development of photography projects because of the feature set and template assortment it offers. The website builder comes with a drag-and-drop editor, which is understandable, easy-to-use and intuitive even for those users, who work with it for the first time. Here is the list of Gator advantages you might be interested in, when starting a photography website:

  • App Market – The system has its own collection of integrable and customizable applications, widgets and add-ons, which are free for everyone and can notably boost your photography website performance.
  • Social Media Integration – Gator makes it possible to embed the required content from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • eCommerce – The platform has its own integrated eCommerce engine, which allows creating a web store to sell your works to the target audience.
  • HostGator – The website builder is powered by the HostGator platform, which eliminates the need to look for credible hosting on the web. Instead, all the websites created with the system will be automatically stored on its servers.
  • Responsive Photography Themes – Gator offers a set of responsive templates you can browse to pick the photography-focused sample suitable for further customization.

Cost: Gator has no free plans or trials yet it has three paid subscriptions to choose from. The cheapest plan will cost you $3.84/mo, while the most expensive subscription will cost $9.22 granted that you will pay for 2 years at once.

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Bottom Line

Each time you face the need to showcase your photo works, you face the problem of choosing the right service to do that. Website builders will certainly come in handy to you in such situations. They are easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful enough to let you complete even the most complicated projects with no coding skill required.

TOP Photography Website Builders:

WixWix is the best photography website builder, which comes with unique design customization tools, photography template collection, abundance of marketing and website promotion features.

SquarespaceSquarespace – is a cloud website builder you can use to effectively launch and manage a full-featured photography website. Numerous editing image options make this website builder very good for beginners.

UcraftUcraft is a website builder, which works great for the development of photography websites due to the Designer Tools collection, Logo Maker, eCommerce options and other functional features.

uKituKit is a small business website builder for photographers, which offers drag-and-drop options, extensive feature set, design customization options and exceptional ease of use for each and every user.

BookmarkBookmark is a contemporary AI website builder, which deserves photographers’ attention due to its powerful AIDA assistant, eCommerce module and rich feature set.

BookmarkWeebly is a modern website builder, which delivers exceptional web building experience due its rich feature set that includes eCommerce, blogging options as well as advanced Image Editor.

WordPressWordPress is a world-popular Content Management System, which provides extensive integration options yet requires the knowledge of coding basics to get the most out of the web design process.

GatorGator is an easy-to-use HostGator-powered website builder, which comes with a drag-and-drop editor, rich App Market, eCommerce engine, social media integration options and reasonable pricing. Gator

Designing a photography website is a challenge for users, who have never been involved in website building yet wish to launch a decent project for client generation. With website builders, this task becomes much simplified as these services are specially created with user convenience in mind.

To choose the right system, make sure to test all of the platforms reviewed in the post. This is a surefire way to make the choice you won’t regret.


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