Penji Graphic Design Service Review

In the world of rapidly changing technologies and design innovations, finding a platform to help with multiple graphic projects is a challenge. The issue becomes even more complicated when it tackles the work of agencies and brands that have to deal with multifaceted projects on a daily basis. Penji may become a one-stop destination both for freelancers and teams involved in custom graphic project creation.

What Is Penji?

Penji – is a graphic design service that introduces a pool of web designers to create any project for you. It comes as an unlimited graphic instrument, as users are able to create as many projects as they need.

The idea lies behind a simple concept where a user can actually hire a professional designer within a monthly subscription. Local experts provide 100% custom design models for business, branding, or marketing needs depending on users’ goals and preferences.

Penji offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals in need of regular graphic design work.

Whether you need quality ads, blog graphics, marketing materials, one-pagers, photo editing/logo creation solutions, typography, YouTube ideas or what not, Penji’s talented design team and professional services have much to offer to streamline your design workflow on an ongoing basis.

The major benefit of the platform is that one can order as many custom-made projects and works as he or she needs at a fixed monthly rate. The variety of projects available to order range from logos, flyers, email templates, logos, UX/UI designs, print and digital ads, creative projects for Google advertising, and more.

  • Large community of designers worldwide;
  • Opportunity to handle multiple projects at a time;
  • Professional and effective team collaboration.

Pros and Cons

Before we find out how Penji works, let’s highlight some of the core hits and misses users should expect. This is important for you to decide whether the service complies with your needs or it’s better to look for a third-party alternative.

Interesting and promising project;
Fixed monthly rates;
Professional designers worldwide;
No-obligation service;
Support for various formats;
Quick turnaround time;

Easy collaboration and revisions;
Support for various formats;
Opportunity to handle multiple design projects;
Easy collaboration and revisions
Not suitable for low-volume orders;
Limited access to demo video;
More time required to deal with complex and customized projects;
Necessity to maintain creative control and brand consistency;
Dependency on external service;
Limited face-to-face interaction.

For sure, the system will fit those who regularly need various art and design works. It offers affordable prices and tons of different projects to choose from. It means you do not have to overpay for every revision when hiring an unknown designer without guarantees. On the other hand, some users will find slight downsides.

What Is Penji Used for?

Penji is initially used for graphic design services. This is a platform that businesses and individuals can utilize to outsource their design needs.

There is no need to look for a specialist on your own. A professional will be assigned automatically, once you have created a new project. Considering a variety of works to order, the system can meet different business and marketing needs.

As an entrepreneur, you may be looking for promo materials and creative works to increase your product or brand awareness. The key benefit here is that Penji prevents you from the wasted time you need to hire a graphic designer yourself. Besides, you may benefit from a variety of materials (logos, business cards, UI/UX app design) to drive more attention to your emerging product or service.

Penji can also be used to create or revamp brand identities, including logo design, color palettes, typography, and brand guidelines. They can help businesses establish a consistent and visually appealing brand image.

Work for a design agency? Then using Penji eliminates the need to hire new specialists. This is a great chance to reduce costs by reducing the staff, while the platform will deliver experienced designers at a fixed rate.

It is possible to plan the costs ahead. Marketing teams will appreciate a collaboration feature that lets everyone stay involved without outsourcing design projects.

Likewise, the system will fit the needs of social influencers and bloggers. The service prevents them from using stock photos, which are all the same. It is a chance to make social posts to have more and more people engaged.

Overall, Penji aims to provide a comprehensive graphic design solution for businesses and individuals who require professional design services without the overhead of hiring an in-house design team or dealing with the challenges of working with freelancers.

Ease of Use

Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, Penji is quite easy to use for all user categories. Businesses and individuals can utilize their graphic design services, getting the most out of the service functionality.

The platform features a clean and user-friendly interface. Navigating through the system is straightforward, while accessing the required features and functionalities is intuitive. This ensures that users can easily understand and use the service with no special preparation or knowledge.

Submitting design requests is a streamlined process on Penji. Registered users can provide a clear brief, including project details, requirements and assets like logos or images. This makes it possible for the design team to get a comprehensive understanding of the project from the start, minimizing the need for back-and-forth communication.

Special attention should be given to seamless collaboration between users and the design team. Clients provide feedback, request revisions and communicate directly with the design experts assigned to their projects. This guarantees an efficient and transparent project creation process that contributes to worthy result.

If needed, clients can provide specific feedback or instructions for changes, while the designers will promptly implement those revisions.

Thus, Penji’s emphasis on user-friendliness and efficient communication contributes to its ease of use. The software is designed to simplify the graphic design process, making it a handy solution for businesses and individuals.


Penji Dashboard

The dashboard is the place to watch and manage the projects as well as to collaborate with the design team. Users can track the status of each project, including whether it’s in progress, pending, or completed. This allows for easy monitoring and controlling of the design projects.

To submit a new project in the dashboard, you need to provide a detailed guide, including project specifications, requirements and any necessary assets. This will simplify the choice of experts as well as their further work.

If there is a need to review the ready-made design project or to make any edits, the dashboard is also the place to do that. Clients may provide specific inquiries for the design team to react to them on time.

The history of your projects and collaboration with team experts is also saved here for further review. It is also possible to download the already completed designs, if needed.

Finally, the dashboard grants access to project management tools and customer support solutions. Users can view their design queue, prioritize projects, manage deadlines and get in touch with assistants to solve their current problems and to have their questions answered.

Steps to Get Started

To start using the service, you need to register. A typical procedure requires indicating the user’s full name, email, and password. It is possible to use social media accounts to sign up instantly.

Penji Registration

Then, you need to create your project. The system will ask you to give it a name as well as select the design category depending on your needs. Here you may choose from app design, email templates, logos, print and digital ads, Google ads, business cards, and more.

Penji New-Project

The next stage is to describe your project in detail. This step is very important, as it will define the project’s success or if it meets your needs in the end. Designers will use this info to create promo materials, so make sure you indicate all key aspects of the future work. Otherwise, it will be hard to avoid revisions and wasted time. The system makes it possible to upload files and images to make things clearer for the designer.

Penji Detail project

Then you need to choose the customization level. Users will generally have baseline options. The first one includes premium custom vectors while the second one offers specific and unique illustrations (available for Team & Agency plans). With the first option, the turnaround is much faster.

Penji Deliverables

At the final stage, you will need to indicate a preferable delivery file. All works can be sent in PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, or Indesign. Another option is to select all available formats in case they make no difference to the final user.

Project Supervision and Management

Once you have completed all the stages, the system will automatically transfer you to the custom dashboard. Penji bot will inform you that a designer has been already assigned and your project is in progress.

The good news is that you are free to postpone, cancel, duplicate, or hold the project whenever needed using a simple dashboard inside the control panel. Here you may review project details and people involved as well as designs and drafts already sent.

Penji Project Management

When the project is ready, you will see in the list of all designs delivered. Each work comes with a specific status. For example, if you are satisfied with the result, you can mark the project as Complete. When a user wants something to be changed, the project will have the Revision status.

Penji Revision status

To see the final version of your design, you need to click on it. In the next window, you can overview the entire mockup with a chance to download the layout in a preferred format or get the source file to the local folder.

Features and Flexibility

Penji offers a different concept of hiring professional designers, offering quite an extensive st of features.

Unlimited Design Requests

Having selected one of Penji subscriptions, you will be able to create as many projects as you need. Whether you need social media graphics, logos, flyers, illustrations or any other design work, you can request as many projects as you want.

Dedicated and Proficient Design Team

Penji includes a database of dedicated designers capable of completing any design request. These experts are skilled in various design styles, ensuring high-quality, individual approach to each client and customized designs. If you are not satisfied by the current style of the assigned designer, by the way, just notify the service managers and they will swap him/her out with another designer with regard to your brand and niche specialization.

Easy Communication

The service provides a user-friendly platform where you can communicate directly with your design team. You can easily provide feedback, discuss design ideas, and collaborate on your projects.

The collaboration mode implies the possibility to add from 2 to 10 users to the project depending on the subscription chosen. This is quite a good solution for agencies and marketing teams to work on the same order.

Users generally have no obligations about the projects. They are free to delete or put it on hold whenever needed.

Dedicated and Proficient Design Team

The platform grants an opportunity for unlimited design revisions. If you’re not satisfied with the initial concept, you can provide feedback and collaborate with the designers to refine the design until it meets your expectations.

Point & Click Tool

Face the need to make any project updates? Then go ahead to use the advanced Point & Click tool to leave a revision request directly on your design. It generally takes around 24 hours for a designer to complete the revision.

Brand Folders

Penji Brands

Once a design is finalized, Penji provides you with the source files, which are the original design files in formats such as Adobe Photoshop (PSD) or Adobe Illustrator (AI). These files give you full control over the design and allow you to make future modifications if needed. The system then lets you create brand folders and keep assets there to let designers set up projects that perfectly match your company style and niche specialization.

Versatility of Designs on Demand

Whether you need a separate project or plan to work on multiple projects at a time Penji will cover all your needs. The list of design services is quite extensive, including logos, ads, blog graphics, book covers, infographics, custom illustrations, marketing materials, one-pagers, stickers and labels, merch, photo editing, packaging, social media graphics, typography, presentations, YouTube thumbnails and more. The projects available for order can cater to various design needs for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers, and individuals. Just provide your requirements and wait for the team feedback.

Simple Project Order Process

What you need to get started is just to sign up for the software, pick a subscription, fill out a simple form with detailed specification of project parameters to initiate the expert selection process. If you plan to order multiple projects, you can form a queue. An intuitive AI assistant will analyze your request to further pick and assign the best designer. You will be able to control the order completion in the dashboard and to indicate revision requests, if there is anything you are not satisfied with.

Fast Turnaround Times

As stated earlier, you do not know when your project is ready. However, Penji aims to provide quick turnaround times for all design projects. The system claims a standard project is generally done within 24-48 hours depending on the assignment complexity. This allows you to iterate and make revisions promptly.

Brand Profiles

The system makes it possible to create brand profiles, where you can store all your brand assets and design preferences. This guarantees consistency across your designs and makes it easier for the design team to understand and align with your brand identity.

Customer Support

Penji Customer support

Penji offers several support options to help its subscribers get the most out of the service functionality. The Help Center comes with several sections containing answers to the most popular questions. These include Getting Started, Using Penji, Switching to Penji, Affiliates, Referrals and Partners, Billing and Payments, Privacy and Legal. A convenient search filter lets you specify the question you are currently interested in to save the search time and effort.

To contact the support team directly, users may benefit from a Live Chat feature. You may also email Penji representatives with an issue described in detail.

Additionally, there is a demo video (available only for registered users) with all the functionality shown and features highlighted.

A separate section with helpful resources provides access to eBooks, a learning center, and different design categories described to understand what you eventually expect to avail.

How Much Does Penji Cost?

Penji plans may seem a bit pricey at first. However, you should realize that for that price, you actually get unlimited designers at your disposal at a flat monthly rate.

Besides, users may benefit from discounts when billed quarterly (15% off) or yearly (25% off). The plans are as follows:

  • Pro ($374.25/mo billed yearly) – with 1 assigned designer and up to 2 users, 120+ graphic design services, logos and branding, custom illustrations, 2 brands, 5GB of storage space, 1-2 day turnaround etc.;
  • Team ($747.75/mo billed yearly) – Pro plan features plus opportunity to manage 2 projects at a time, presentation design, unlimited brands and storage space, project manager etc.;
  • Agency ($1496.25/mo billed yearly) – Team plan features plus priority support, same-day turnaround, USA night time designers, opportunity to manage 3 projects at a time.

Penji Pricing

The company guarantees a 30-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services provided.

Penji for Creatives

Penji has initially positioned itself as a design service that caters to the needs of creatives and provides them with a range of valuable features.

Whether you’re an artist, illustrator or content creator, the service can assist you in creating custom graphics, presentations or other visual elements to enhance your creative projects.

The system offers unlimited design requests and fosters a collaborative environment where you can work closely with a dedicated and proficient design team. You can express and discuss your ideas, provide feedback and improve the designs until they perfectly comply with your creative vision.

The design team includes skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in various styles and project types. They have enough expertise to transform your creative concepts into visually appealing designs that resonate with your audience.

Alongside, Penji realizes that time is always a priority for creatives, freelancers and design agencies. Thus, it guarantees quick turnaround, ongoing brand consistency, opportunity to revise projects that are under development etc.

The range of design services the platform covers is impressive as well, while all of them are relevant to creatives. Penji offers creatives a comprehensive design solution for any project, providing them with the necessary design support, resources and sufficient flexibility to bring their ideas to life.

Is Penji a Good Design Service?

Penji is a multi-purpose design service that introduces a pool of creative specialists to meet different business needs. It offers a simple and automated process to hire a designer, starting from the fast registration procedure and up to the moment you get a ready-made order.

The variety of projects is very extensive including different types of promo materials from logos and business cards to app or web page design, UI/UX, and more. The service will meet the needs of those who constantly need to outsource designers’ work and want to save.

As a design service, Penji may be a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking design assistance. It guarantees unlimited design requests, quick turnaround times, and the ability to collaborate with skilled designers. This can be beneficial for those who may not have the expertise or resources to handle their design needs in-house.

The system offers unlimited projects to order at a flat rate. It works great for marketing agencies, small businesses, bloggers, creatives, design companies or social media influencers. However, if you do not need much of the designer’s work regularly, you may need a more cost-effective solution.

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