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PageCloud – is a Canada-based website builder, which was launched at the end of 2015 and has gained worldwide popularity since that time. The system has become the TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 finalist due to more than 200 million video views in popular social networks, including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. It has also introduced several patented technologies to provide the unsurpassed web building experience to its new and registered users.

The website builder has customers in more than 100 countries of the world, making it possible for them to take full control of their web presence. PageCloud has distinguished itself as a worthy platform to start and then manage business websites, landing pages, impressive portfolios and other types of projects. Its powerful drag and drop editor combined with advanced functionality lets users position and style their content just as they need.

The system currently impresses beginners and proficient web designers by the variety of design customization tools and options. Although, the interface of the platform as well as its web design approach may seem somewhat complicated for first-timers. At the same time, attention to detail is what PageCloud excels at. Are there any other features of the platform you may encounter, while using the system? Let’s review the website builder to see what it has to offer now!

  • Convenient drag and drop editor;
  • Allows creating different types of websites;
  • Uses advanced technologies and approaches to the web design process.

1. Ease of Use

PageCloud encompasses ease-of-use, convenience and intuitive web design approach. The website builder really tries to dispel the existing concerns a novice may have and it really succeeds at this!

Setting up a website with the system is simple and quick – just use or email, make up the login and password for your account and get ready to start. Prior to proceeding to the very process of website development, though, you’ll have to choose the major purpose of the project to be further offered a set of templates to match your task.

The very process of website creation is smooth and just like it should be for everyone: the website builder comes with an appealing and laconic interface with matching animations, pleasant template themes, detailed and properly provided descriptions, perfect ergonomics of elements, a set of fonts, color scheme etc. This eventually creates comfortable working environment and instills confidence in the success of the endeavour.

Regardless of the conceptual similarity of the service with other WYSIWYG website builders, its interface looks quite unusual and you’ll definitely need time to get used to it.

PageCloud Editor

At the same time, it’s really convenient and understandable to everyone, mainly because you won’t find the unneeded elements here. All of them are on their places, while drag-and-drop editor of the system lets you easily pick the required elements (buttons, videos, images, texts etc.) to arrange them as needed.

It is even possible to use standard keyboard shortcuts and even integrate YouTube videos by copying a link to the working area! If you need help with your web design process, the system provides useful video pop ups that guides you through the entire process of project development.

Another great feature that contributes to the ease of use of the service is the checklist of steps you need to undertake to create and publish a website. You can access it in the dashboard of your website along with the percentage scale that indicates the current stage of your project readiness. That’s really helpful and convenient!

  • Simple, convenient and intuitive;
  • WYSIWYG web design approach combined with drag-and-drop editor;
  • Checklist and percentage scale to help track your project readiness stage.

2. Features & Flexibility

The PageCloud working environment consists of a dashboard and a WYSIWYG editor. An interesting feature is that the system offers an opportunity to create and edit web pages, without having to change the entire website.

The web design process and the interface are centered around a main element – a web page. This focus is traced everywhere. It’s up to you to set up the layout of each web page – just reach the dashboard to access the menu and the website editor. This is where you can add, edit and delete web page sections, pick multiple shapes, buttons, integrate and edit images, texts, videos, forms and applications.

PageCloud also offers an opportunity to change your website design by adjusting the style of each page. You get a chance to pick the color tint, borders, opacity, shadow, image filters, width and other web page display parameters for each section. There is also an opportunity to insert links both into the texts as well as apply them on images or some other web page elements.

The website builder stands out from the crowd due to the amazing abundance of features that stand apart from stunning design customization options. These include content creation and management options, image and video integration options, rich choice of integrable apps, advanced SEO, marketing, business and team collaboration opportunities. Let’s review each of these features in details.

Website Content

PageCloud allows creating professionally-designed content. It offers 51 customizable website templates to match various business niches and areas of specialization. The themes are comprised of sections and there are thousands of blocks you can pick and customize to ideally fit into your website layout. To arrange website blocks on a page, you can add, delete, copy/paste or completely remove the available sections and then replace them with new ones. Additionally, you can select among lots of styleable components available in the menu (icons, navigation options, shapes, image galleries etc.).

PageCloud Content Editor

The drag-and-drop editor of the service makes it possible to arrange website elements like videos, images, texts, files and embed codes in any order you wish. As soon as you select the required element or even a group of them, PageCloud Smart Guides tool helps arrange them on a page in the best way possible so that they could ideally fit the entire design. This contributes to design customization freedom and eliminates all the possible restrictions that prevent you from creating your own unique website design. The system additionally offers multiple intuitive shortcuts (undo/redo, align, copy/paste, distribute, arrange order etc.) to speed up the design development process.

Images & Video

PageCloud takes care of your image/video integration convenience. The system makes it simple to upload and edit images, create photo galleries and showcase them to the advantage on any device a person uses, while browsing a website.

The system also offers an extensive choice of image filters, crop and photo editing tools. You can select various customizable gallery styles and apply Automatic Image Optimization tool to offer amazing images that automatically resize for better loading. What’s more, users may access the built-in stock image galleries (like Grid, Masonry, and Sliders), which are also customizable and contribute to better presentation of your project.

With PageCloud, you can seamlessly integrate your website with Native Shutterstock service. This is where you can choose between millions of amazing images to test and then purchase them.

Apart from providing multiple image editing options, PageCloud also makes it possible to integrate eye-catching videos into your project. What’s more, the system automatically creates video players, where you can edit your videos – those you integrate from Vimeo and youTube as those you upload yourself.

PageCloud Videos

It is you, who gets full control over your video presentations. Thus, you can set up autoplay, mute and loop options or completely hide video control settings. These are other features are available in the Editing Menu. Finally, you have a chance to choose your video display settings, creating full-width, full-page or video lightbox in a matter of minutes.

To get access to multiple image and video options, PageCloud makes it possible to use versatile integrations. Some of the most popular of them include Cincopa, Albumizr, ColorZilla, Pinterest, GettyImages, Flixel, SmugMug, PhotoSnack, Vimeo, Animoto, Twitch, Wistia, Disqus, AddThis, EmbedAlbum and many more.

Source Code Access

PageCloud grants full access to the source code, including CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This makes it possible to integrate any objects into your web page. If needed, you can even drag and drop CSS files into the code to automatically link them in the head of a page.

PageCloud JavaScript Editor

The website builder is the only service of this type that ensures reliable DOM inspector support. The system lets you save and then apply the edits you make in the We inspector of your browser.

Website developers get full control over the code-related PageCloud actions. They can package custom automation JavaScript code into any system files they need. Just drag and drop the selected file to enable the required script on any website page you need.

Performance, Security and Uptime

PageCloud enures the utmost security level to all the websites created with it. This is the fully-managed service, which comes with automatic SSL Certificate connection feature, high end reliable hosting as well as guaranteed uptime rates without any updated implied.

The website builder offers the next generation website architecture, which is realized through the use of flat HTML files. Such a smart approach effectively contributes to faster web page loading and better display options.


Creating an eCommerce website with PageCloud also implies integration of features provided by external services – including Shopify, Gumroad or Ecwid, which depends upon your personal choice.

PageCloud eCommerce Apps

Obviously, the cost of their services should depend on that of internal paid plans. You can also connect an interface to accept PayPal payments. The sequence of actions needed to integrate each service is described in the reference section in detail.

PageCloud eCommerce

Generally, this will allow displaying the show window of material or digital products at the website based on the assortment offered by other systems. It is also possible to create them from scratch.

Marketing and Business Features

PageCloud boasts an extensive range of marketing and business features for better promotion and development of websites launched with it. Thus, you can get advantage of using its G Suite package. The system allows using its professional branded email for the first year after registration, Calendar, Google Drive and other tools included into the service.

The website builder domain tools let you easily connect any custom domains to your site, while annual plans the system offers come with one free domain offered for the first year of use. It is also possible to track your website performance and customer activity due to the extensive integration options and tools PageCLoud has in its collection Google Analytics and Tag Manager are only two of the most popular apps to be chosen for your website analytics tracking.

If you have an intention to drive new leads to your PageCloud website, you can integrate and customize online forms. There are also multiple in-built variants to choose from that match your website style and design.

PageCloud Form Editor

Another method to engage user attention is creating a blog with PageCloud. This is the best way to post and update articles that ideally highlight your business info. The service offers a set of blogging tools needed to start and effectively manage a blog. This includes an opportunity to create page titles, add authors, fill out meta data, create and assign categories to articles, add tags, schedule article posting options etc.

Do you already own a blog built with WordPress? If so, then you don’t have to start a brand new blog with the website builder. Instead, you can import the existing blog using the system wizard in the automated mode, which will also automatically transfer your live articles, images, integrated media files, tags, videos and other required elements.

PageCloud Blog Import


PageCloud is known for its professional and high end SEO that can effectively help you grow your business. The system includes everything you need to promote a ready made website in the search engines, namely custom URLs, lightning-fast website pages, Page titles, Heading tags, Meta Information, Redirects set up and other tools.

To boost your search engine positions, you can fill out titles and descriptions for all website pages, assign alt tags to images, create and update sitemaps when needed etc. All these measures will eventually have strong impact upon your website promotion.

Team Work

The website builder allows for shared website access and customization. Thus, it lets you choose and assign shared membership rights to other team members, assigning certain roles and permissions to them.

PageCloud Team

PageCloud boasts amazing knowledge base and top-rated support team that are ready to help you solve your system-related problems when needed. Additionally, the website builder offers premium website management and design support granted by its professionals. However, you have to sign up for one of the premium subscriptions to get exclusive support.

The feature set of the website builder is really impressive and extensive. There is much you can find here to start, manage and promote a full-featured project with the system. However, the developers of the platform do not plan to stop on the current achievements, offering new upcoming features that are expected to be implemented in the nearest future. Some of them encompass responsive section layouts, additional pricing tiers, native integrations like MailChimp, for example, new designs and collections as well as new blogging templates and features.

  • Extensive website content management options;
  • Team work;
  • Advanced SEO, marketing and business tools.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:51
Professional Templates: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
Code Editing: YES

PageCloud offers 51 ready made designs that come with ready-made content and 5 wireframes you can use as a basis for your project. There is also an absolutely blank theme that lets you create and customize a website from scratch, using the tools and features available in the design section.

All the designs are divided into categories depending upon the niches they belong to. You can browse the set of categories to pick the design that fits your business needs most of all. Whatever template you will go for, it will let you launch a modern and full-featured website with sleek design and exclusive style.

You can change the colours to match your logo, if you wish, add or remove some elements, but don’t get too obsessive about that. This is a simple option for users, who have no idea of the designer nuances.

What about the design customization options? Basically, PageCloud is a designer-focused website builder. It is about shifting the convenience of modern graphic editors to the web building niche. Flexibility is almost unlimited here. There are no boxes to place the elements, must-have items, incompatible combinations and other suchlike nuances.

You can create visually versatile sections by using the forms, colours, fonts and filling them with the required content combinations. Layers, opacity, rotations, ruler bar guides, effects, code access and other options are available here. Whatever you need to create your website design, is available here.

PageCloud Templates

By the way, if you are a Photoshop enthusiast, you are welcome to create your own website layers in the program to further copy and paste them into your website. What’s more, you can use the “PageCloud Pros” feature to get in touch with the expert, who will help you modify your website page code as you need. This option, however, works better for code-aware users.

There is one more important aspect you need to know about PageCloud templates. The thing is that they are not automatically mobile responsive. As a result, you’ll have to activate the mobile version of your project by switching on the corresponding option in the settings menu. However, this step should be done only after you make sure your website is completely ready for publication and you wish to make it available to users, who will browse it from their mobile devices.

If you wish, you can also reset the mobile layout of the website once again to make it match the desktop version. Mind that this action will remove all the mobile settings you will previously make.

  • 51 website templates, including a blank theme to design a website from scratch;
  • Extensive design customization features and tools;
  • Mobile website versions have to be set up independently.

4. Customer Support

PageCloud comes with an impressive knowledge base accessible from the Dashboard. All the possible interactions with the system are described here in detail.

If you still need the help of the tech support team, you can contact them in the live chat window in the “Help” section. Live chat support is available from 9 AM through 4.30 PM EST. However, they underline that the support team generally replies to the incoming inquiries in a few hours. This is not quite convenient for users, who are currently working on their projects and face problems that require instant solutions.

Apart from that, the service has its YouTube channel with informative video tutorials. You can also avail the required info via email. Generally, the support of the service is on a pretty good level.

  • Vast knowledge base;
  • Live chat available since 9 AM to 4.30 PM EST;
  • YouTube channel with video tutorials.

5. Pricing Policy

You can test PageCloud for free during 14 days after the registration. As soon as the trial is over, you should decide whether to buy the subscription or refuse from using the website builder.

PageCloud Pricing

The system costs $20/mo with a one-time yearly payment or $24/mo with a monthly payment. The website builder has one paid plan only, which includes all the options, such as hosting, tech support, templates, domain name connection, 3 team members, 100+ integrations, unlimited number of web pages and disk storage space.

If you decide to get an annual subscription, you will be offered a domain name and Google G Suite (to be able to connect a branded email) as a bonus.

  • 14-day free trial;
  • One paid plan only that can be billed either annually or monthly;
  • Extensive feature set included.

6. Pros and Cons

PageCloud is a full-featured service that can cover a broad spectrum of web designers’ needs. There is much you can find here to match your website creation objectives. However, the system is not devoid of demerits as well. Thus, it makes sense to enlist its pros and cons here so that you could understand what you can avail from it.

An editor with an ideally realized drag and drop option;
Multiple settings to customize separate website elements;
Direct source code access;
An opportunity to connect hundreds of integrations with external services;
Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel and Google Tag Manager support;
Team collaboration opportunity;
Smooth interface performance;
Advanced SEO settings;
Image and video integration options etc.
Absence of undo/redo edits.
Lack of 24/7 customer support;
A bit complicated for non-creatives and non-tech savvy users.
  • Source code access;
  • Team collaboration;
  • Powerful marketing, SEO and business features.

Bottom Line

PageCloud is a worthy and quite extraordinary website builder. Principles applied in other WYSIWYG editors are close to ideal here. We have got a simple yet advanced product created with the needs of designers in mind. It works well both for personal and client business websites, granting access to multiple business, marketing, design customization and website promotion options.

Is PageCloud worth the investment? Yes, it is, if you wish to manually develop your web page design. You will get extensive opportunities to realize your creative ideas. If you need a template-based website, then it makes sense to use another service with a rich collection of ready made designs and section boxes.

Nonetheless, the product that is under review now has a notable highlight – this is its pleasant working environment. Everything is logically and elegantly designed here and it works pretty quick and clear. Optimization and impressions from the working process are on a top notch level. PageCloud is definitely worth its money.

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