Oxygen Website Builder Review

Oxygen Builder (current version 3.8) – is a powerful engine to build stylish WordPress themes from scratch without coding. Initially launched as a plugin, the instrument has evolved to let users create their layouts. It may come in handy whenever you need to build a brand new website from the ground as well as make some updates and modifications to the already existing one.

Based on drag-and-drop technology, Oxygen claims to be a very easy tool. However, newbies might still find it difficult to use the software right at once. They will need some time to understand how the system works. For this reason, it will be fair to say that the engine will mainly suit experienced programmers and web designers.

On the other hand, users may deal with any project type including digital stores thanks to WooCommerce integration as well as a bunch of additional features to make the most of this powerful WP theme builder.

  • Professional WP site builder.
  • Good for pros and beginners.
  • Free demo version.

1. Pros and Cons

Oxygen Builder is certainly a good tool to create pages and websites for WordPress. It comes with an enhanced set of visualization functions in addition to its eCommerce functionality. However, users may still face some difficulties when using the software.

Powerful engine for WP sites.
Drag-and-drop functionality.
Comprehensive visual editor.
WooCommerce integration.
Layout control.
Access to page CS.
Not good for newbies.
Complex to get started and install.
The basic version does not have eCommerce functions.
Limited free trial.

  • 60-day refund policy.
  • Lifetime Support.
  • Unlimited websites to build.

2. What Is It Good for?

The website builder can be rather flexible but only when you know exactly how to use it. For this reason, Oxygen is hardly the best option for total newbies although it still comes with enough user-friendliness when getting used to it. However, the platform was initially developed with a focus on coders, developers, and programmers seeking a faster and more advanced way to build different types of projects.

The fact, that the system is initially a CMS, makes it perfect for content-based sites, online magazines, news portals, blogs, etc. At the same time, it can meet the needs of online sellers looking for a chance to launch a digital store thanks to integration with WooCommerce. The plugin works great to sell and manage items, promote goods, etc.

What’s more, the system can meet the needs of bigger companies and agencies offering support from Guttenberg framework and block builders, advanced and simplified users’ UI, and a list of other amazing features that make the website builder quite flexible in terms of usage.

3. Ease of Use

As it was mentioned earlier, the system makes it possible to create pages and sites without coding. Moreover, it has a drag-and-drop technology to make the building process even easier. Unfortunately, users will face difficulties even in the first stages of using the tool. Besides, it will still require some experience of using WordPress CMS. At least, you are supposed to know how to install and activate plugins.

The good news is that the system offers a free demo version where you may try the visual editor in real-time. The functionality is almost the same with some slight differences. You will be able to clarify if the software meets your needs.

Getting Started

The only way to use Oxygen is to purchase and download it from the official website considering you already have an active WP CMS version installed on the hosting. A user will have to choose a suitable package and move to the checkout page. At this stage, the system asks to indicate payment and personal info to complete the purchase. The procedure is pretty mundane with typical data to submit. After the purchase has been completed, you will get access to the Oxygen zip file you will need to download.

Oxygen editor

Then it is time to move to the WordPress admin panel where you will need to install and activate the Oxygen plugin itself. The process is the same as activating any other plugin for WP. The only difference here is that you will also need to upload a zip file you have downloaded earlier. The last step is to indicate the product key. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage system updates from the WP dashboard.

If you do everything right, the visual editor will appear in the Page screen in the admin panel. Simply click the “Add new” button and start building your new site. As you may see, making the first steps requires at least baseline WP knowledge and experience. For this reason, we cannot say the software is good for newbies.

Visual Editor

The visual editor comes with the drag-and-drop functionality. It has an element browser where you may add any block or section you need. Each container or composite comes with Primary and Advanced options:

  • Primary settings offer common properties that can be edited.
  • Advanced options deliver deeper access to custom CSS/JavaScript, typography, style, and sizing, etc. In other words, a user has more customization options in case of enough skills and programming knowledge.

Each blank page gas specific sections. Every time you want to place a new block or element, it will be settled in one of those sections. At the same time, users will be able to add column-based elements, menus, testimonials sections, shortcode wrappers, search forms, etc.

The key benefits are brought by a powerful engine that ensures full control over the page.

Oxygen site components

Users are free to create both vertical and horizontal layouts adjusting the necessary size to the element and placing it wherever needed. Complete CSS control comes as another huge plus in favor of the page builder. You get a chance to customize the already existing CSS as well as add your own.

The visual editor itself is pretty easy to use. Moreover, it boasts a unique feature, which is called Dynamic Data. The idea is to let users seamlessly import all their WordPress content to a newly built website. We will discuss the feature a bit further.

There is no need to buy a domain or hosting separately, as you are supposed to have an already installed and running WP CMS. If you still cannot make up your mind, you may browse through our rating of the best hosting providers.

  • Enhanced visual editor.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Access to page CSS.

4. Features & Flexibility

Oxygen originally delivers a bunch of great features. The new 3.1 version has been rolled out recently to take even more updates out of the box. Apart from layout editing and visualization, users will have a chance to integrate WooCommerce, shopping carts, and other essential features a solid digital store should have.

So, the core features are as follows.

WooCommerce Integration

Oxygen makes it easy to create a stylish webshop thanks to seamless WooCommerce integration. The system delivers tools to choose the way your items will be displayed on the product page. The software comes with product builder elements that let users edit descriptions, set prices, add images, etc.

WooCommerce Dashboard

The integration enables cart and checkout pages that can be customized to deliver a unique customer experience. Unfortunately, the feature is available only with the WooCommerce and Agency plans. The function has an additional Product Builder to create unique pages and display your goods differently.

Dynamic Data

A good importing feature that makes it easier to deliver all the content from WordPress to a newly built website. The key benefit here is that data is imported directly with no need to download archives. It includes:

  • Post content, title, and descriptions;
  • Media files and author info.

There is a preview mode to have a look at how the imported data looks like on the new page.

Integration with Gutenberg

You can use Oxygen to create your custom forms, blocks or entire pages with their further import to the Gutenberg editor. It will let you change or modify text content, images, icons, URLs, etc.

Widgets and Plugins

Oxygen ensures several ways to add plugins. First of all, you may install WP plugins directly from the visual editor. They are available in the WordPress collection of elements. Simply choose from the list and have them installed.

Oxygen plugins

The second way is to use a shortcode. It is a good option whenever you want to add a contact form, countdown, timer, event calendar, etc. Moreover, the system offers a Shortcode Wrapper tool, where you may customize the element’s layout, choose alignment, and more.

  • Advanced content importing feature.
  • eCommerce functionality.
  • Developer friendly software.

5. Design & Templates

The software does not have ready-made templates. It was designed to create new layouts from the ground or modify the existing WP themes. Users may access a comprehensive kit of design tools delivered by the visual editor.

Oxygen design

You will appreciate responsive control over the way your website looks on different devices. The system makes it possible to set specific element styles or sizes depending on the screen dimensions. This fact ensures maximum freedom in terms of mobile editing and adaptation.

The design library has a collection of sets, elements, and pages that can be added to your website. All sets are divided into specific categories. Choose the one that meets your needs, click on it, and have a list of ready-made elements to be added. All sets include text and CTA blocks, headers, footers, social media sections, and more.

Basic Styling options contain an extended toolkit to change or modify backgrounds, typography, etc. You may add new classes and states as well as enable different visual effects. Also, users will have full access to the page CSS with the ability to implement their unique design features. Of course, it will require deep technical knowledge.

  • Mobile editing feature.
  • Responsive website design.
  • Custom design libraries.

6. Customer Support

Oxygen support

While the software is not that easy, you may need to contact the support team at some point in the building process. The platform has several ways to stay in touch. They include:

  • Ticketing System – a traditional way of submitting questions via email. Simply indicate your name and specify the request subject.
  • Facebook Group – another simple way to get help faster. Oxygen has support managers on Facebook who are always ready to assist directly.
  • FAQ – a typical section with frequently asked questions on how to get started or make the most of the visual editor. A good section to get started.

The software has a set of video guides and tutorials in addition to the reference manual, documentation, and other useful data.

  • Growing Facebook community.
  • Ticketing system and video guides.
  • Comprehensive help center.

7. Plans & Pricing

Unlike the majority of website builders, Oxygen does not have a subscription model. In other words, the system does not charge users monthly or yearly fees. Instead, you purchase a lifetime license and ownership over the software no matter how long you are going to use it and for what purposes. Users may select from four different packages depending on the type of site they want to launch as well as the feature set, they expect to get:

  • Basic costs $129 with a lifetime unlimited ownership.
  • WooCommerce costs $169 and includes WooCommerce integration.
  • Agency costs $199 with all features from the previous packages plus Gutenberg Block Builder support and simplified UI.
  • Ultimate costs $229 and additionally includes composite elements.

Oxygen prices

The current prices include discounts and special offers.

  • Lifetime ownership.
  • Three packages to choose from.
  • Free trial license.

8. Website Examples

Before buying a license, you need to be 100% sure the platform meets your needs. This is where several real-life examples of websites built with Oxygen Builder may help:

BRIUM – a digital marketing agency

BRIUM – a digital marketing agency

Clean Plugins – plugin developers

Clean Plugins – plugin developers

Studio Chen Chen – marketing and design agency

Studio Chen Chen – marketing and design agency

Knut Studio – a creative digital studio

Knut Studio – a creative digital studio

CoEnergy – energy company

CoEnergy – energy company

Spark Fish – marketing agency

Spark Fish – marketing agency

9. Conclusion

  • Good for coders and developers
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • A powerful CMS engine
  • Lifetime software ownership

Oxygen Builder is a good choice for experienced web designers and coders who want to create unlimited WordPress websites that stand out. On the other hand, users should clearly understand that the software is not for editing pages. The platform comes as an independent website builder that is pretty complex to use especially for non-technicians.

If you are a dedicated pro who wants to create stylish and responsive sites for yourself or customers. Oxygen will certainly work out. On the one hand, it helps to save time thanks to a minimized coding hassle. On the other hand, it delivers an expanded kit of visual, editing, and other customization tools.


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