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Oribi Review

Oribi Review

Oribi – is a full-cycle analytic service that helps companies to generate accurate data form their websites. The software comes with a rich feature set to ensure wise decision-making based on site and users’ insights that can be retrieved without hiring developers or third-party experts. Blended with powerful marketing tools, a user-friendly interface will meet the expectations of newbies and non-technicians that can bow work independently.

The system has successfully adapted advanced algorithms to not just retrieve required data but also interpret it properly. Users will have a chance to track the most important metrics and crucial stats, take effective marketing actions, and launch the right events. In other words, Oribi makes an effort to become a simpler and better alternative to Google Analytics.

Let’s have a closer look at how the system works and what benefits it delivers.

Pros and Cons

Oribi is an advanced analytic platform that meets the needs of any business despite the niche, type, or size. You may use it either if you have only 10 visitors per month or thousands of customers on the website daily.

Automated analytic features.
Easy to use interface.
Simple dashboard.
Full-cycle tracking platform with all needed insights and crucial metrics displayed.
Results in better decision-making and improved conversion.
Will take some time to set up.
Overpriced plans.

What Is It Good for?

The platform can meet the needs of different companies despite the niche they are specialized in. Developers promise effective solutions to eCommerce projects, marketing agencies, business organizations, etc. It may come in handy for SaaS and software development teams aiming to sell their products or increase users’ awareness.

Oribi delivers analytic solutions that will work for real estate and pharmacy projects. You can use it in case you run an event planning or booking website or deal with coaching, online training, and deliver other types of educational services. In other words, we have a tool that helps:

  • Merchants and Sellers who are aimed at getting the right insights to customize and sharpen their marketing campaigns. Oribi helps to sell more products and clearly understand the needs of the targeted audience.
  • Agencies and Businesses that want to know everything about their potential customers. The system makes it easy to build data funnels and correlation, generate in-depth reports, compare and contrast all existing marketing channels, and stick to the most effective ones.

Oribi is not just an analytic tool. The platform makes it simpler to optimize your digital assets and costs by investing in the right marketing channels. What’s more, the system does not require a special background or technical knowledge. You can set it up without hiring developers.

Setting Up Oribi

Before we get inside the dashboard and see how the platform handles numerous analytic tasks, we need to set it up. As mentioned earlier, Oribi is a very user-friendly system. It will not take much time to configure the system and start using it.

On the other hand, it will ask you to submit as much information about your project as possible to understand, which functionality will fit you most of all. The good news is that each user will be able to try the tool for free.

Setting Up Oribi

Signing Up

So, to get started with the platform, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website and start the Oribi Free Trial.
  2. The next stage is to sign up. You are free to use an existing Google account to register or simply type in your email and password.
  3. Sign Up Oribi

  4. Now you need to indicate the website domain name. Once you have upgraded your plan, you will be able to add several domains at a time.
  5. Oribi website domain name

  6. The system will ask you to specify the number of visitors you expect on your website. This factor will also influence the Oribi price. So, keep this fact in mind. We will return to it a bit later. Besides, this info is necessary for the platform to adjust the interface.
  7. Oribi number of visitors

  8. Once you have completed the previous step, you will be asked to indicate your mobile phone.
  9. Oribi mobile phone

Business Details

You are finally in. The sign-up process is completed. Now, we need to configure the platform depending on your business type and niche. Users will have to describe the type of projects (it can be either a digital shop or an agency or business) and specify the niche they are specialized in. Finally, Oribi will ask you to identify the main target (more leads, effective ads, improved marketing analytics, etc.).

Oribi Business Details
Oribi Business Details

Website Integration

Now we need to connect the system with an existing website. Oribi comes with support for HTML sites and all major website building platforms of different types. They include popular CMS and browser-based SaaS software such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and others. In addition, it is compatible with popular eCommerce extensions and plugins such as WooCommerce and Google Tag manager. Simply choose the one from the list and move on to the next stage.

Oribi Website Integration

The system will automatically generate the HTML code that can be placed anywhere on the website. All you need is to copy it and paste it to the page you want to track. You may test the connection right here inside the dashboard to make sure that everything runs smoothly and your website is being monitored.

Oribi Website Integration

As you may see, no special skills are needed. The setup process does not require hiring developers or optimization specialists. What’s more, a huge knowledge base contains tutorials on how to add the HTML code depending on the platform you use. You are not supposed to face difficulties here.

Oribi Analytics Features

Now, it is high time we checked how Oribi might be helpful when it comes to generating actionable insights and smart data from the website. All features can be divided into groups depending on the task. They refer to event tracking, funnels & correlation, visitors’ journey insights, trends, marketing attribution, and reports.

Automated Event Building and Tracking

Once connected with the website, it will automatically track everything on it. You are not supposed to do anything manually. Simply watch the platform generating insights and use them to improve the conversion rate.

Oribi Automated Event Building and Tracking

The key benefits here include:

  • The system automatically tracks 100% of all events taking place on the website;
  • All data is being tracked without restrictions or limitations;
  • Dynamic tracking means that the system can switch between pages and website functions even if you create a new page or modify the event.
  • The import feature makes it possible to import Facebook or Google events into Oribi.

Insights, Raw Data, Trends

While being an advanced Analytic tool, Oribi is a result-oriented system with a focus on crucial metrics and parameters. It not just generates that actionable data but helps to interpret it properly to make better decisions.

Oribi Insights Raw Data Trends

This function ensures a deep traffic overview. It helps to detect users that do not convert for some reason. What’s more, Oribi is able to analyze each page to compare them with conversion goals and find potential causes of traffic changes.

What’s more, the system makes it possible to track each visitor individually. You may track the entire his or her path from the submission stage to the point at which a user finally reaches the target page. The platform has multiple filters to sort out the data or filter the session by events.

Funnels and Event Correlation

This feature helps to find out when and why your website loses prospects. It makes it easy to filter the data by locations, users’ devices, or channels to see how the same process (for example, signing in) differs.

Oribi Funnels and Event Correlation

If you want to track several websites at the same time, the system ensures a cross-domain funnel tracking. Besides, the instruments show what event drives more traffic or results in better conversion.

Channels Performance Tracking

When using various marketing channels it is very important to understand, which one performs better and why. Oribi generates needed data to detect top-performing channels.

Oribi Channels Performance Tracking

You will be able to observe all the running campaigns from one place and identify the one that contributes the most or converts better than others do. The feature is great to select the channels that are worth investing in.

Marketing Attribution

As a rule, the user’s journey may include several touchpoints. Typical analytic tools do not let you identify each of them. Oribi helps to evaluate every action involved as well as all touchpoints made by the customers. The system helps to either track a user along with his or her individual sessions or choose a specific event.

Oribi Marketing Attribution


With Oribi, you may not only generate traffic and user insights but also customize the report screen to meet your likes and preferences. Users are free to select any color theme, add a custom logo to personalize the dashboard, or even choose the type of graphic or chart pattern.

Oribi Reports

Customer Support

Oribi is a user-oriented platform with multiple sources to benefit from. They include a huge Help Center with different questions to answer by the local team. There is a separate Video section with video guides, tutorials, and instructions. If you need assistance urgently, you may benefit from a Live Chat feature for instant contact. The is a Schedule-a-call feature that makes it possible to arrange a phone call in advance using a simple online calendar.

Oribi Customer Support

System experts regularly hold webinars with detailed analytic techniques and tips. In addition, users may find regularly published benchmark reports, real customer success stories, and tons of other data that will definitely come in handy.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Oribi Cost?

The pricing policy may look a bit tricky. The system offers three major packages. They include:

  • Business plan starts at $300 per month and includes personalized insights, custom event support, 1-year domain history, and more.
  • eCommerce starts at $350 per month with revenue integration monthly calls, etc.
  • Agency starts at $650 per month with advanced reports, cross-domain tracking, and White Labeling.

The key trick here is the fact that the price will change depending on the traffic volume. The more visitors you have on the site, the higher a chosen plan will cost you. What’s more, the above-mentioned price tags are only when billed annually. On the other hand, you will always know how much you should pay. Simply move the bar to the approximate traffic volume and have the total price displayed.

Oribi Pricing

What you might also like about the system is the ROI calculator. A simple tool that makes it easy to foresee possible returns on investment and how cost-effective Oribi is.

Oribi Pricing

Oribi Review Conclusion

Oribi Review
  • Website analytics for Business
  • Traffic Tracking and insights
  • Top-performing channels overview
  • Marketing attributes and reporting

Oribi is an effective analytic tool that does not require manual setting or configuration. It helps newbies and professionals to generate deeper traffic insights and improve the overall conversion rate without technical skills or hiring professional developers.

The system is very easy to use. All features are automated and do not require configuration. It works great for any kind of business or eCommerce. On the other hand, it looks pretty expensive especially for users who only get started and want to optimize their costs. In this case, free Google Analytics may look like a better option unless you want to scale your business and can afford using Oribi.


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