Opinion Stage Review

Opinion Stage Review

Opinion Stage is a SaaS platform that helps to create different types of interactive content. Users will have a chance to build different surveys, quizzes, polls, forms, and more using pre-designed templates. You can not only create the content but also integrate it with the existing website or share it via social networks and other web platforms.

The software comes with a powerful engine that makes it easy to create the form you need, edit it and use to boost users’ engagement, generate customers’ feedback, gather leads, and increase revenues. The system suits any type of project or business despite the niche. What’s more, it can be used as an effective tool for marketers looking for deeper users’ insights as well as improved product/brand awareness.

It looks good on the paper. But how about the real-life experience? This review is to show if the product is worth paying attention.

Pros and Cons

The system delivers enough tools to generate users’ info, build strong feedback, increase sales, improve customers’ engagement, and so on. Although it may seem pretty simple for that price, some companies can find it pretty effective:

Different types of interactive content.
Easy-to-build items without coding.
Intuitive dashboard.
A free plan.
WordPress plugin.
Several ways for item embedding.
Customizable templates.

Some crucial features like Tag manager or Facebook Pixel are in the premium plan only.
The premium plans can get expensive.

What Is It Good for?

Opinion Stage works well for any project type. It will suit marketers, independent service or product providers, merchants, entrepreneurs, eCommerce website owners, educators, and more. The tool does not require technical skills, which makes it perfect for newbies. The system boasts an engine to deal with different forms of interactive content for different needs. They may include:

  • Lead Generation – you can create engaging forms and collect user info with quizzes or polls. Such an approach may help to increase the conversion rate and get more leads.
  • Content Marketing – interactive content is a good idea when you want your users to take part in content consumption. What’s more, you will be able to create personalized forms depending on the insights. The feedback you generate will eventually result in higher-quality content.
  • User Insights – responsive surveys can be a powerful tool when it comes to generating audience insights. You will always know what your users think of the services or products you provide.

Opinion Stage is a multi-purpose tool that can also boost your ad revenues. Interactive content generates more views and clicks. So, you can create more effective ad banners. Summing up, the software is a good tool to use in case you need qualified leads, a high level of user engagement, and deeper insights.

Now, let’s see how good the Opinion Stage is and if it is really able to handle all of the above-mentioned.

Ease of Use

We have already mentioned that the system is good for non-technicians. It does not require software download and installation. As a web-based instrument, it makes it possible to create content right from your browser. To get started, you will need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Sign Up.
  2. Choose the type of content you want to create.
  3. Select and customize the template.
  4. Add the form to your website, app, landing page, or social network.

Registration and Dashboard

So, the first stage is to sign up. The good news is that users can benefit from a free account. All you need is to give it a name, type in the email, and password. No confirmation is needed. You can start designing your forms and surveys right from the start.

Opinion Stage Registration

After you have successfully registered, the system will automatically forward you to an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Here you may choose a type of content you would like to start with. Here we have polls. Surveys, personality and trivia quizzes, forms, and story articles.

Opinion Stage create

Then you need to click “Create new” to get access to a full list of templates with hundreds of options depending on the form you want to build. All templates are filtered by item types and topics. Select the one you look for, preview the template, and start editing.

Template Editing

Opinion Stage makes it easy to edit templates without special skills. Although it does not offer many design tools or drag-and-drop functionality like other form builders, it delivers enough tools to customize your content.

Opinion Stage templates

The editing process includes several stages (they depend on the item type you select). Let’s have a detailed look at them considering that we want to create a new survey for the company specialized in technological fields.

#1 – Create Cover

The first thing we need to do is to create an engaging and visually appealing cover. You are free to add a new capturing title as well as replace the default description with your own. Users can prepare texts in advance and simply copy and paste them in the spaces provided. No challenges here.

#1 – Create Cover

You can upload the image you like from the local folder. What’s more, the system comes with support for numerous languages. It means that you can easily create multilingual interactive content to cover the global audience.

#2 – Add Questions

#2 – Add Questions

Now we can add questions to our future survey. The system offers several types of answer election. You can add or remove fields as well as select the answers’ order. In addition, Opinion Stage has a separate feature that lets your users add answers of their own that are not on the list.

#3 – Edit Closing

#3 – Edit Closing

It is very important to make a good first impression. However, the last thing people think about your project can also be crucial. So, we need to make a good closing and thank customers for taking part in a survey. Once again, copy and paste your text in the space provided, replace the image on default, and add CTA if necessary.

#4 – Survey Settings

The last stage is to enable the lead capturing form (it is not available for free accounts). Settings make it possible to choose the way you can track new submissions as well as prevent repeated participation. You can save the template as a draft or publish it right away.

#4 – Survey Settings

Users will have several options to provide the audience with access to a survey. You may copy the link and share it via social networks. Also, it can be available as an iframe or installed with the help of a separate WordPress plugin (if your website or landing page is built using CMS). The simplest option is to copy the script and place it anywhere you need on the page.

Features and Flexibility

Opinion Stage makes it possible to not only create interactive content but also to keep an eye on stats, choose the type of placement that suits your project, and more.

Analytics and Stats

The platform helps to generate customers’ info. But we need something to control the data flow and track the stats. The system comes with a custom dashboard with all insights you may need. It shows the number of survey views and responses. You can track all the forms you have created as well as leads generated with a chance to export them (you will need at least a Starter Plan for it).

opinion stage stats


Not only can you choose the type of placement (pop-ups, sidebar widgets, article sections, etc.) but also customize each of them separately.

opinion stage placements

For instance, it is possible to select a trigger that enables the pop-up. It may appear either when a user visits the page or leaves the website. What’s more, you can set the time for the survey displayed as well as choose the location for it.

opinion stage popup

Content Types

The most important feature of the software is the ability to create different types of interactive content with a few clicks. Users can choose from:

  • A Quiz Maker – a powerful engine to create different types of quizzes with an integrated reporting feature;
  • A Survey Maker – a tool to create online responsive services with a different number and types of answers;
  • A Poll Maker – an instrument to build engaging polls and manage them (the product offers access to the form CSS);
  • A From Maker – a simple way to create CTA, subscription or user acquisition forms with beautiful design and simple embedding.

WordPress Plugin

Opinion Stage has a custom plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to integrate and manage the item on the website. You can place the survey or form wherever you need it on the page. Make sure you have it installed, configured, and displayed in the WP admin panel. Users can choose specific pages for the placement as well as add content using the Gutenberg editor.

The features we have described earlier apply to any of the products delivered by Opinion Stage.

Design and Templates

With Opinion Stage, you will be able to create responsive content. Your polls and surveys will run great on any device despite the OS, screen size, carrier, and other parameters. Dozens of templates are at your services. They all refer to various categories depending on the type of item you want to create. From animals, education, and family to business, eCommerce, technology, so on – select the niche you like, preview the template and start editing.

opinion stage choice step 1

The system certainly lacks some design options. For example, you will not be able to change the size of the image or text container, change typography, or style. Users will work with the pre-designed layout with default design configurations.

opinion stage choice step 2

Customer Support

Opinion Stage offers different ways to contact the support team to resolve the issue. First of all, the integrated assistant will show you how everything works here just after you complete the registration procedure.

opinion stage support

Besides, the platform has a blog with some handy articles in addition to the Help Center with all major questions answered there. In addition, you can get in touch with the support team via Live Chat. Some may appreciate case studies provided by companies that have already used the Opinion Stage. They are all published on the official website in the Resource section.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Opinion Stage Cost?

The tool offers a free plan to try how it works. Once you have looked under the hood, you might want to upgrade your account and benefit from extra features. Keep in mind that the price per month is lower for those who opt for annual billing.

Opinion Stage Plans & Pricing

The three paid plans are as follows:

  • Starter Plan costs $19 per month with unlimited polls, insights, basic integration, and up to 10,000 monthly views.
  • Small Business Plan costs $65 per month with CRM integration, email marketing, webhooks, removed branding, etc.
  • Performance Plan costs $199 per month for projects expecting up to 1 million monthly views. It includes additional fonts, CSS override, API integration, Google tag manager, Facebook pixel, and more.

Each of the paid plans comes with a 7-day free trial. The price may go higher when billed monthly.

Opinion Stage Review Conclusion

Opinion Stage Review
  • SaaS interactive content builder
  • No coding skills are necessary
  • Good for promotion purposes
  • Simple integration process

Opinion Stage is a good item builder for those who want to get deeper customers’ insights, increase sales, and boost users’ engagement. It is very simple to create different types of interactive content without special skills. Users can build polls, surveys, and quizzes and have them embedded with a click.

The overall impression is good. The process of creating forms is very simple although straightforward. But at some point you might feel like something is missing. Users may want to have more tools to customize the form. Most layouts look the same, the only way to make them different is to access template CSS at extra cost considering you have enough skills. On the other hand, the variety of interactive content types reserves enough freedom for maneuver.

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