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Open Source Website Builders

We recently received an email from a reader asking if we could recommend any open source website builders. This article tries to clarify misunderstandings that usually accompany this question.

Let’s answer that by first establishing what an open source website builder is not. That’s important because there are different definitions floating around. The biggest difference I often see is the term ‘open source site builder’ being used to refer to any web publishing platform that lets you open up your site’s code or inject custom code snippets.

That’s undoubtedly a great virtue, yet it’s the ability to change the source code of the builder itself that makes a website builder a true open source platform.

For instance, with uCoz website builder you can tweak your site’s HTML/CSS until you get the desired look, but you can’t influence the platform’s operation. It’s only your website that you have control over.

So far, we’ve seen only one DIY site builder that qualifies as an open source app – This web service has two versions: a hosted in-browser editor and downloadable app that you need to download and install on your computer.

Berta homepage

The latter version is completely free, but it’s prohibited to sell modified versions of Berta. You should also keep the original footer link ‘built with Berta’. You’re welcome to share your modifications or templates through submitting them to Github.

Berta was created by Latvian designer Sandijs Ruluks who now lives in the Netherlands. To support the open source version of Berta, click the Donate button on their official website 🙂 .

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