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Best One Page Website Builders

One is very wrong when considering one-page websites are out of the game. They are not going anywhere. Moreover, they grow in prevalence considering their mobile-centric structure as well as the domination of mobile traffic.

Put two things together and we have an ultimate solution for small business owners eager to have a strong service/product representation on the web. At the same time, single-page web resources are a good alternative to overloaded pages for people in need of a digital business card, bright and catchy portfolio or capturing blog.

Although we have some popular website builders like Instapage and Ontraport, they hardly seem to be a good alternative considering their value and marketing-oriented structure.

They may look effective when it comes to A/B testing, analytics, and SEO management, but 100% useless whenever you need a simpler and clearer web resource to represent your competence online.

Website Builders for a One Page Website – Overview Chart:

Website BuilderWixuKit.comIM Creator
Best for:Corporate websites, one-page webshopsPortfolios, galleries, blogse-Commerce, business card websites, blogs
EasinessSimple Drag-n-Drop functionGood for newbies (no coding or designing skills required) Simple tool to add, remove or change items
Templates:One Page Layout Website TemplateVersatile themes for different purposesWide selection of mobile-friendly themes
Features:SEO, App MarketWidgets, Add-Ons, Integration with third-party servicesWhite Label, Blogging, E-Commerce
SEO:E-Commerce, SEO ToolsWeb page promotion and optimizationFavicon, meta descriptions, social image preview
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/moFree to $21/mo

Luckily, Wix, uKit and IM XPRS website builders will exceed your expectations offering a full set of editing tools. They are cheaper, easier to use and less time-consuming when it comes to creating a one-page web resource for different purposes from scratch within a couple of hours. Now, let’s review each of them to define the core benefits.

1. Wix – Superior One-Page Website Builder

Wix home page

Although Wix is a multi-purpose website building platform, it can still be a good choice for a single-page web resource. It offers users several options. They can opt for a selection of templates highlighting different themes.

The second option is readymade and designed template where you only need to add photos and texts via are a simple drag-and-drop feature. No matter what option you choose, building a website from scratch will take you a couple of hours.

Wix Features

  • Design – The one-page layout is already divided into several sections including the header, About Us block, Services, Portfolio and Contact sections. They are easily customizable. All you need is to change text and add images as well as insert anchor links in the spaces provided.
    Moreover, Wix lets you edit in both desktop and mobile version of your future website. You can preview how the page will look on different devices;
  • Effortless Publishing – once you opt for WIX, you get free hosting. No extra time for exploration. Simply create a website and publish with just a click away;
  • Wix App Market – choose from a range of widgets, applications, and add-ons to customize your website and let it stand out.

Wix Pros:

  • Pricing – affordable combo, connected and premium plans will hardly put your wallet in a tight corner. They already come with a specific bandwidth and storage. Simply decide on how much content you are going to add and select a matching variant;
  • Free Hosting – a crucial benefit that lets you save time and money. You do not need to search for hosting companies. You get everything you need in the pack while your website is ready to publish;
  • Features – apart from the above-mentioned features, WIX delivers simple editing, mobile responsive-templates, additional SEO and e-commerce tools. The building process does not require any special skills or knowledge. Good for newbies.

WIX Cons:

  • Limited Free Offer – a free plan comes with a limited selection of features in addition to WIX ads. They may look a bit annoying.
  • No Export feature – switching between templates or platforms looks pretty challenging. WIX does not have an export feature, at least for now.
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2. uKit – The Easiest One-Page Builder

uKit home page

uKit is a simple website building tool for rookies with no experience at all. It’s a good choice for photographers eager to attract customers with a catchy portfolio. The builder is good for designing engaging blocks, bright business cards, and web pages to represent your products or services in an attractive manner.

uKit Features

  • Customizable Templates – a selection of theme is available for different purposes. The platform offers one-page layouts easy to edit. At the same time, you can use a typical uKit template and turn it into a full-scale one-page website in a couple of minutes. Whether you run a small business or want to present your bed & breakfast facilities on a single page, simply chose a theme and start editing;
  • Drag-and-Drop feature – remove any block, add media content, photos and texts with just a click away. Building a website from scratch will take you a couple of hours;
  • Easy SEO – once you do not call for advanced SEO tools but still want to get higher search engine rankings, uKit lets you edit the title and meta description focused on a keyword.
  • Mobile Ready Website – all templates are mobile responsive. Your website will run equally well on different devices despite the OS and carrier.

uKit Pros:

  • Selection of Widgets – you can choose and add any widget or app to your new website. Simply choose the one you need from calendars to calculators;
  • Affordable Plans – the price ranges from $4 to $12/month. Looks more than affordable considering ready-to-publish websites;
  • Free Hosting – no need to compare and contrast hosting companies without the foggiest idea of what hosting actually is.

uKit Cons:

  • Only for Small Web Pages – note that uKit is not the best offer whenever you need a marketing-oriented website featuring detailed analytics and reports;
  • Stuck to uKit – as well as WIX, uKit does not provide an export function. Once you choose a website builder, you are stuck in it.
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3. IM XPRS – The Simplest One-Page Website Builder

Best One Page Website Builders

IM XPRS website builder comes as a full-scale builder for different purposes. Whether you need to create a one-page blog, portfolio or online shop, the platforms bring a selection of tools you may need to complete the task effortlessly.

No special skills are required. Users will additionally benefit from PRO and White Label tools when creating a decent e-commerce web page.

IM XPRS Features

  • Flexibility – the platform handles different tasks. It has proved to be a good choice for blogging enthusiasts as well as users in need of decent e-commerce web resources;
  • Ease of Use – the initial idea of creating the platform was to help newbies build web pages effortlessly. Simply choose a stripe (block) from a necessary category, replace texts and add images, videos and other content;
  • Free Hosting – IM XPRS comes with free hosting facilities despite the plan you choose. The export feature is also available for subscribers;
  • Advanced E-Commerce Tools – manage your products, change prices, choose from the list of currencies, view all available items, and edit their descriptions.


  • White Label – the platform offers a set of tools for White Labels even when it comes to one-page websites;
  • Blogging – the Blog Setting section lets you customize your page. Choose from layouts, backgrounds, and effects to create a catchy and professional blog. Pro Settings are for the most dedicated bloggers.
  • Price – the price starts from $8 per month. You won’t even need a $350-year professional plan even though it looks more than satisfactory if compared with one-page builders like Instapage. You can choose from other plans as well.


  • Price (yes it’s a demerit too) – it is a bit more expensive if compared with WIX and uKit;
  • Every time you want to change a template, you will have to start building a website from the beginning.
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What about Specialized One Page Website Builders

When it comes to specialized one-page website builders, users can start facing difficulties when getting started. As a rule, specialized platforms are rather hard to use for newbies. Moreover, some experienced website owners still cannot figure out how that software actually works and hre’s why:

  • A typically simple drag-n-drop feature looks rather complicated here.
  • In addition, nothing you do is saved automatically.
  • You need to confirm your each and every step. That can be annoying.
  • A few specialized one-page website builders have a mobile preview option. It looks strange considering the fact that one-page websites are more mobile-oriented.
  • The user interface is too complicated.

While website builders like Ontraport let you create actually any metrics you need, the dashboards are hardly as appealing as you can expect. Moreover, you are very unlikely to need it once you want to build a simple digital business card or portfolio.

Most specialized one-page web building platforms suffer from a lack of customer support. It exists in the paper. But when it comes to real issues, they often fail to provide a professional assistance. Hardly a good news for newbies.

The prices are rather high if compared with platforms from our review above. Basic plans rarely cost less than $70 while pro plans can be up to $300 per month. Hardly looks like a bargain, right?

Here is the list of some most popular specialized builders for one-page websites:

Final Word

The best bet to avoid complexities and challenges when building a one-page website is to choose platforms like uKit, WIX and IM XPRS. They let rookies easily build and publish ready-to-use web resources within a couple of hours.

The software comes with a set of editing tools to customize pages with ease. Affordable prices, a variety of tools, features, and add-ons make those platforms a better choice if compared with specialized builders.

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