Novi Builder Website Builder Review

Novi Builder – is an innovative and powerful HTML website builder, which makes it possible to easily and quickly create web pages, using a set of ready-made blocks to further edit the available content. The platform grants access to the source code, which lets its subscribers use their programming skills to develop truly unique and versatile designs. The software offers simple editing instruments based on drag-and-drop functionality in addition to a list of templates, huge selection of plugins, and other vital elements for your future website.

Launched in 2016, the system now works best for experienced web designers with good HTML background who deal with customers’ web projects or create sites for clients. Novi can also be a smart solution for non-techies. It is still quite easy to use due to the extensive assortment of pre-designed blocks, availability of integrable plugins, visual elements and other great features the website builder has in stock.

Is Novi really a good option for web developers or it makes sense to look for an easier and more feature-laden system? Let’s have a closer look at what the platform can offer from website building perspectives now.
  • Powerful HTML website builder;
  • Nice option for professional developers;
  • Availability of ready-made content blocks.

Novi Builder Features

Due to its code-focused nature, Novi Builder grants access to multiple features that may seem somewhat complicated for a newbie. Along with built-in elements and tools, the software allows integrating third party extensions and customizing website design in the code editor. Whatever element/feature you would like to add to your project and whatever tool you are going to use, you will hardly cope with the task without baseline programming skills.

On the other hand, such a web design approach guarantees greater project flexibility and deeper customizability along with more thorough control over the website development process as compared to standard DIY drag-and-drop website builders. The software also includes a pack of plugins and features you might need. The system has enough capabilities to create a perfect web designing working space and come up with different website types. You can create a functional HTML-based website with fast loading speed and SEO-friendly content within a couple of hours. It’s high time to review the major system features now.


When you start working with Novi Builder or are just about to test its functionality, you get access to the dashboard of the system, where you may pick tools/elements to work with. The system has quite an impressive collection of templates that come with ready-made and customizable content blocks. It’s up to you to add, delete and manage your project settings in the “Page Manager” of the system.

To simplify the process of website editing, Novi Builder offers several modes for separate tasks. To be precise, the system currently has three modes to work with the major assignments. These include Preview, Edit and Design Modes.

Novi preview mode

Preview Mode lets you seamlessly preview the results of your work before going online. By viewing the site, you can easily decide on crucial changes that will improve users’ impression.

Novi edit mode

Edit Mode is a good solution for non-technicians. All you need is to pick the template and start editing. The system has a drag-and-drop functionality as well as a simple control panel with all necessary buttons to upload new images for your slider, duplicate layers, add or delete elements, blocks, and sections with a few clicks only. Users can add links to menus, edit photo galleries, and more.

Novi design mode

Design Mode grants access to the intuitive dashboard with all necessary tools in one place. It is up to you whether to choose a ready-to-use template or deal with source code editing. Whatever you choose, handling the building process is pretty easy and quick here. You can switch between design and edit mode with a single click.

Once you have completed the design of your future website, you may go online by simply pressing the button. Novi will keep your site data on its own server, so you do not have to look for third-party server solutions. Although the system is initially designed for users with some baseline web designing skills, it will hardly take newbies much time to figure out how the system works.

Developer Tools

The website builder allows getting the most out of its code editing power, letting its subscribers pick and work with advanced developer tools available in its “Design” Mode. Users may access CSS, HTML or JS editor to customize the page or each block in particular. Emmet and code highlight options contribute to the enhanced speed of work.

The system also lets you save snippets in a new way, using the Preset Manager. It’s up to you to select any element available in the workspace of the active page to further save it with a single click in the context menu. This lets you use the saved presets by dragging them to the page. This is how you can work with literally any element on the page.

Free Plugins

You get access to the whole list of available plugins despite the plan you choose. Whether you are a premium member or have only the entry plan, the system will deliver all necessary instruments you need. The great news is that templates come with already built-in plugins. You do not have to waste your time searching for the add-on you might need.

Novi plugins

Third-Party Apps and Extensions

Along with built-in extensions, the website builder allows for external integrations. This, however, is not quite easy, when working with Novi. Whether you intend to use MailChimp, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media buttons or any other applications, you won’t go without code editing. To do this, you will need to import the required apps into the system’s editor and to customize them to your liking afterwards.

Additionally, the software lets you design individual plugins from scratch. For instance, you have an opportunity to create new events triggered by the opening of the control panel. To ally them, you have to import the files into the online builder and publish them through an FTP. This is how you can create a blog, a form editor, a testimonial section or any other web page elements with the platform here.

Blogging and eCommerce

The website builder does not offer any integrated blogging/eCommerce features by default. You can only add the required section by means of code editing. This, however, takes much time, effort and skills.


Novi seo

Websites developed with Novi Builder are well-optimized for the search engines. This is due to the availability of the integrated SEO Editor available in the general Page Settings of the system’s dashboard. Just access the section to adjust meta tags and focus keywords to boost your future website SEO ranking. We should also mention quite a good page load speed that also influences your site ranks. It will reduce the bounce rate and improve users’ impression.

Monthly Updates

Novi Builder is a good example of developers’ collaboration with the customers. Every month, the team reviews all offers and claims from their users to come up with the most anticipated and desired system updates. Software subscribers have an opportunity to suggest the desired changes, while the system developers will review them and implement, if they really make sense.

Additional features are mainly for web designers who deal with customers’ websites. For example, you can download the project template to show it to your customers without publishing or simply save the project prototype to use it further.

Novi Builder Website Design and Templates

The process of website design differs from that offered by other website builders. As soon as you sign up for a personal account, you have an opportunity to select a template and to proceed to ikts customization. This is where you may encounter multiple challenges, depending upon the option you will go for.

Novi templates

The platform offers quite an extensive collection of quality HTML templates. There is nothing wrong in opting for HTML-based themes, actually. They are compatible with all existing browsers. They have a clear code letting them load faster. Users can integrate them with third-party services and codes seamlessly. The list of templates includes different options for small business, non-profit organizations, healthcare providers etc.

The platform currently offers dozens of themes that are free and mobile-friendly. Moreover, you should keep in mind all of them come with an open source code, which means endless editing capabilities. The pre-made website layouts come with built-in sections and blocks as well as all necessary plugins. Just access the visual “Edit Mode” to pick and customize the required elements available on a web page.

What you can do here is copying, deleting, replacing and inserting multiple web page components, rearranging and customizing content blocks, editing texts, media files and URLs, working with backgrounds to edit their color schemes, add images, create gradients etc., select the required elements from a built-in collection of Google Fonts, create and integrate impressive carousels, sliders, Parallax effects, contact forms etc. these steps will make your web pages visually impressive and eye-catching.

The software is also known due to its extended design capabilities. Experienced web designers may access the “Design Mode” to work with the source code. Users can choose from HTML, SCC or JS editing. You will be able to not only edit the code but also work with plugins and preset elements. A truly undeniable advantage of the code editor is an opportunity to use different programming languages separately. This makes the web design process more effective and logical-structured.

Apart from letting users work with the source code, the system allows inserting present code sections and plugins. Users, who know programming languages, will cope with the task quickly and effectively. Additionally, it is possible to import content available in the top right corner. APIs, modules and files are quite easy to prepare for integration. Adding them is not difficult as well, although, it may take some time to cope with the task.

As soon as your project is ready, you can preview the result in several modes. The system allows seeing your future website through various mobile devices without actually switching between them. Change Resolution mode offers various options from smartphone and tablet portrait/landscape screen dimensions in addition to laptop and desktop FULL HD versions.

The website builder has a handy instant publishing feature that allows keeping the current version of your web project up-to-date. It is stored directly on the system servers yet it is possible to change the path of its publication using a corresponding option in the “Configuration” section.

Thus, Novi looks pretty flexible and versatile in terms of design. It certainly has all the necessary instruments that let users create modern and user-friendly websites.

Customer Support

Novi support

The platform cannot boast extensive and versatile customer support. It has quite an informative Help Center that describes all essential features from getting started with the system to server requirements, installation process, plugins etc. Video and text tutorials are available here as well yet that’s not enough to cover the entire range of users’ requirements and inquiries.

The system does not offer forum, live chat or phone support, which makes it impossible to solve urgent system-related issues users may encounter, while working on their projects. This is a huge disadvantage, considering the software complexity. The only way to get in touch with the support team is via email. Facebook group, which is updated on a regular basis, is live and accessible online as well. Facebook chat is available here as well. Each time you access the system, you can leave your comment or question in the pop-up window and wait for the feedback. Mind that you need to log into the messenger first to initiate the discussion.

To sum it all up, the quality of customer support offered by Novi Builder leaves much to be desired. The major problem here is lack of direct communication with the system managers.

Novi Builder Pricing

Novi Builder looks very affordable by offering its membership for the price of a traditional HTML-based template. The only difference is that you get an all-in-one solution with a customer server, free templates, and plugins for quite a reasonable price. Professional web designers will benefit from lifetime membership at a low cost. The plans are as follows:

Novi pricing

  • Startup ($29 per year/billed annually) – visual HTML editor, free updates and plugs, unlimited projects, developer support, 30-day money back guarantee, multipurpose HTML template;
  • Advanced ($49 per year/billed annually) – Startup plan features + over 35 free HTML templates;
  • Developer ($149 – one time payment for a lifetime membership) – access to all Novi features and templates for free, opportunity to sell your templates powered by Novi Builder.

Thus, the system is quite affordable considering its functionality and flexibility. It is also worth mentioning that they have recently released the advanced White Label feature, which allows users to use the software features and customize the editor design with their own business branding features and logos. You can opt for the offer with any subscription you like to make your web development services more customizable and personalized. The cost of the White Label feature is fixed and currently constitutes $79.

Novi Builder Competitors and Alternatives

Novi Builder can hardly be considered a simple web design platform. The need for coding knowledge and web design background makes it difficult for non-techies to master the service and to use it for website creation. This frequently triggers the need to switch to simpler yet feature-rich platforms that do not require obligatory programming proficiency. Wix, uKit and WordPress prove to be smart alternatives here.

As a website builder, Novi has common features with Wix and uKit. This especially concerns the choice of website templates, availability of form builder, HTML editor, audio/video support, drag-and-drop interface, SEO settings etc. As opposed to Wix and uKit, though, Novi does not offer integrated blogging/eCommerce features, App Market, forum and live chat customer support. In this respect, it certainly legs behind the competitors.

The fact that Novi comes with advanced code editing options make it similar to WordPress. Users have an opportunity to create unique website design and integrate third-party extensions here, using HTML, CSS and JS skills. However, WordPress still delivers greater flexibility and is more powerful in terms of design customization and plugin integration.

The cost aspect should also be taken into account here. Novi Builder is quite an affordable platform yet its functionality and customer support leave much to be desired as well. Wix, uKit and WordPress have much to offer in terms of pricing as well. Their cost options are versatile and moderate, covering a diversity of user requirements. This makes the platforms worthy alternatives to Novi Builder.


Novi Builder is a contemporary DIY platform that will work out mainly for professional web designers, who create sites for their customers. It offers clear open source templates in addition to designing tools to work with the source code. The system is quite affordable with worthy lifetime capabilities for a reasonable price.

Newbies may also benefit from this easy-to-use website builder with ready-made templates and integrated plugins as well as a simple dashboard with all editing instruments in one place. Although, it may take some time to learn the functions, detailed video guides and tutorials will certainly come in handy.

The system, however, has a number of disadvantages that may prevent users from getting the most out of their web projects. This especially concerns the need for programming knowledge, lack of blogging/eCommerce engines, App Market, flexibility, SEO and marketing options.

Is Novi Builder worth using? That depends on your initial web design intentions, programming proficiency and budget, of course. However, there are still many worthy website builders out there that offer even more advanced functionality, reasonable terms and adequate pricing policy.

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