Nestify Hosting Review

Nestify – is a hosting provider that claims to deliver WordPress-managed server solutions with a focus on corporations and scaling businesses. The platform powers the digital infrastructure that belongs to companies from the Fortune 500 list including such recognizable industry giants as Walmart, Berkeley University, and many others. Established in 2014, the Texas-based company has expanded the range of services offering hosting for WooCommerce projects, agencies, and companies in search of stable VPS hosting.

Users may choose from a variety of customizable plans. Each of them comes with daily security scans, updates, and backups. The system offers a decent security level in addition to great performance. We have conducted several crucial tests and highlighted the results further in the review. However, it does not have an integrated website builder although it offers a free website migration as well as baseline asset tools to configure and manage your projects.

  • Powerful WP-managed hosting.
  • Designed for agencies and eCommerce.
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies.

1. Pros and Cons

Nestify has a bunch of features with each plan. What’s more, it offers a 7-day free trial to test the system and check if it suits your needs. However, users may find some fundamental instruments missing.

Free trial – no billing info is required. You do not need to provide a debit/credit card to start using the platform for free for 7 days.
An intuitive dashboard – the admin panel is very simple. It has a set of baseline asset and site management tools located in one place.
Customized hosting solutions – users may choose from several server solutions ranging from WP-managed and WooCommerce hosting to agency hosting and custom packages for scaling companies.
Recognition – powers the digital environment of companies from the Fortune 500.
Free features – zero—cost site migration, SSL certificate included in each plan, round-the-clock technical support despite the plan.
Great performance – the tests have shown fast response time in different locations across the globe in addition to A-grade performance and 66ms page load time.
No built-in website builder.
Not good for individuals or small businesses.
Limited email accounts.
No domain registration.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • A full set of asset management features.
  • Great performance.

2. Hosting Management

Nestify comes with its own custom dashboard with all needed tools in one place. They can be divided into two major types. The first one lets you set different server configurations while the second one deals with website prior settings.

To sign-up, you will need to provide your email and set a password. The system will automatically generate a confirmation link you need to follow to complete the registration. Users will find the link in their inbox messages. Go back to your mailbox and click on it. Now, your email has been successfully confirmed. You may enter the dashboard and create your first project.

Nestify sign up

If you are new to hosting admin panels, have no worries. Nestify offers a 7-day free trial with no billing info required during the registration process. However, you will still need to pick a plan you want to test with a chance to upgrade to a better one whenever needed. It can be done right here inside the admin panel in the account settings.

Nestify launch new server

Asset Management

Nestify makes it easy to manage all server configurations. Here you may check the disk capacity as well as how many PHP users you currently have. What’s more, the dashboard depicts the number of CPUs and Memory capacity your project needs for stable operation. To upgrade server facilities, you only need to click a button and choose another plan with more resources to offer.

Nestify Asset Management

In the billing section, users will find current data in the package as well as invoices. They can be filtered by due dates, paid amount, actions, etc. It is easy to update the info about your organization in case you change its name or contact information.

Nestify organization settings

Website Settings

The site management section delivers a detailed project overview with the primary domain as well as a link to the WordPress admin. Here you also have access data with username and password. A good idea for those who want to keep website logs in one place. The system makes it possible to reset the password whenever needed.

Nestify launch new website

Here we may track site analytics. You should note that the stats would appear no sooner than in 24 hours. This makes the feature a bit useless, as you would rather opt for Google Analytics with almost instant traffic insights. At least, the admin panel has it. Users may copy or clone the website database, access phpMyAdmin right from the dashboard, or even switch between various PHP versions.

Summing up, the control panel has everything you might need to customize your server, add new websites, and keep your site assets under control.

  • Simple server configuration.
  • Capacity displayed inside the dashboard.
  • Website setup and logs.

3. Performance Tests

While Nestify delivers products with a focus on corporations, organizations, and huge businesses, performance is of major concern here. To say the truth, the platform has shown great results in accordance with the tests we have conducted. Let’s have a lock at the system’s score in various nominations.

Website Speed test

Nestify speed test

Pingdom proved great A+ performance with the overall 97 rates out of 100. The page loading speed was impressive (66ms, which is less than 1 second) although the overall test site page size was only 7.1 KB with 3 requests.

Stress test

Nestify stress test

To see how Nestify will cope with traffic leaps and thousands of simultaneous requests, we conducted a stress test, which also appeared to be a success for the hosting provider. The automated traffic simulator loaded the website with 4.827 requests at the same time and no HTTPS failures have been spotted, while the average response time was less than 3 seconds.

Response Time

Nestify response time

The hosting provider has several data centers located in different parts of the world, although most of them are situated in the United States. Other data centers are located in the UK, India, and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the response time was less than 1 second even in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Sydney, and other isolated countries.

Uptime Rate

Nestify uptine rate

The system has shown a perfect uptime rate with no downfalls. It proves the system’s reliability in the long run, which is perfect for scaling organizations.

4. Security

Nestify follows the latest security trends to ensure competent safety means. They include some DevOps practices in addition to DDoS attack prevention, and a free SSL certificate available with each plan. Besides, users will appreciate simple system updates. It makes it possible to switch to the latest WordPress version with a click and ensure stable website operation.

Nestify php version

With scheduled backup and restoration features, you may plan automated backups ahead. In the case of downfalls, you will have a chance to go back to prior settings with a click and restore the system. In case of any problem, the technical service is available 24/7.

  • A perfect uptime rate.
  • 66ms website speed with A+ grade.
  • Response time less than 1 second.

5. Hosting Features

The platform has a bunch of good features. Despite the fact, it does not currently have a built-in domain registration service, you will be able to migrate an already existing project and benefit from total control over server and site assets:

  • Compatibility – the system comes with support for WordPress and PHP websites.
  • Free Site Migrations – local specialists will transfer an existing project from your current hosting to Nestify.
  • Manageable Hosting – users may choose from multiple server solutions for commercial and non-profit organizations. They include WP-managed and WooCommerce hosting as well as hosting for agencies in addition to customized solutions.
  • User Account management – project owners may invite new members and set roles for them. They may get permission to create new sites as well as restricted access to some of the project’s assets.
  • Free SSL and Technical Support – no matter what plan you choose, an SSL certificate and round-the-clock technical support are part of every package
  • Free site migration.
  • Free SSL and technical support.
  • Malware scanning and restoration feature.

6. Customer Support

The support looks pretty good with a comprehensive knowledge base, a blog, and a Live Chat feature to get in touch instantly. The Help Center covers all major issues from how to get started and maintain your server to advanced customization and billing. What you may not like is the lack of video tutorials. They could come in handy instead of reading tons of articles and text guides.

Nestify customer support

  • Blogs & Help Center.
  • A Live Chat Feature.
  • Caring support team.

7. Plans & Pricing

Users will have several plans to choose from. They are divided into two categories. The first category offers 5 baseline packages for general needs. They include:

  • WP-VPS-1 costing $9 per month with 10 GB of storage for 1 CPU.
  • WP-VPS-2 costs $19 and offers 32 GB of Ram for 8 CPUs.
  • WP-VPS-3 costs $35 and is the same as the previous plan although with 40 GB of storage.
  • WP-VPS-4 costs $49 with the same features as WP-VPS-2 and WP-VPS-3 but with 80 GB SSD.
  • WP-VPS-5 costs $79 per month with 120 GB of storage for 8 CPUs.

All plans come with unlimited websites and visits.

Nestify prices

The second category comes with plans for those who require more resources:

  • n-medium starts at $99/month.
  • n-large costs $189/month.
  • n-xlarge starts at $299/month.
  • n-2xlarge costs $599/month.

All these plans were designed to meet growing eCommerce and LMS needs. They offer from 120 to 480 GB of storage in addition to auto-healing and automated scaling.

  • 7-day free trial with no obligations.
  • No billing info required.
  • Multiple plans for any need.

8. Refund Policy

With a 7-day free trial, you will have a chance to test the server capacity and decide if it suits you fine. No payments are required during this period as well as no billing info to provide. However, the system has a separate refund policy that lets you get your money back within 30 days in case of a defective system product or malfunction. You need to note that administrators have the right to reject your claim in case it does not meet the system’s terms and conditions. So, the process might be tricky.

Nestify refund policy

9. Conclusion

Nestify is a reliable hosting provider with great performance and advanced security means. It offers a simple and multi-functional dashboard to manage site and system assets. It offers a variety of plans for different project types including eCommerce, scaling corporations, or non-profit organizations. Users will appreciate free site migration, automated and manual backups, free SSL, and other instruments that ensure stable website operation.

On the other hand, the system is not good for individuals and small businesses. The plans look too expensive considering the lack of some obvious features like domain registration or an integrated website builder. You may use it only with the WP-based or PHP project. If your site is running on another platform you may look for a more flexible hosting provider.

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