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Best Website Builders for Musicians and Bands

Website Builders for Musicians

Whether you are a solo artist, a band, a music company or any other show business representative, you won‘t go without launching a music website. Actually, it is no wonder as there are, probably, no users, who don’t look for their favorite songs, music compositions and information about musicians on the web.

If you have recently decided to present your talent to the audience and launch a website of your own, then using a website builder will be the simplest and the most reasonable solution. Website builders are easy-to-use and convenient for professionals and non-tech-savvy users. This is exactly what you need to launch a quality musician’s website, if your web design skills are insufficient to utilize more complicated tools.

Websites for musicians created with website builders have appealing designs and proper functionality to attract the attention from the very first sight. They contain all the required information about your creativity, make it possible to download favorite songs, albums and videos of users, provide up-to-date information about your events, upcoming concerts and shows. They also grant access to your social network accounts, where users can communicate, share their ideas, emotions and browse their favorite music collections.

Musician & Band Website Builders

Websites for musicians differ from the majority of other niche websites due to their special parameters, configurations and must-have elements. They have to provide maximum information about an artist or a band.

A website builder chosen for this purpose should be logically-structured to ensure intuitive navigation and simple web design process. This is one of the most vital factors for musicians, who wish to work on website development on their own.

Musicians are always too busy and unprepared to study complex web design aspects. When using website builders, musicians get full control over each step of website design process, being able to further make the required changes when needed.

The number of website builders you can use to get a project for musicians is not limited to a couple of services. There are all-in-one and specialized solutions you may choose from. Let’s have a look at the most decent options now.

1. Wix

Wix website builder

Wix – is the most popular and the most functional website builder for musicians. The system is user-friendly and provides the unsurpassed WYSIWYG website building experience. This is an ideal tool for creative people, who have never built websites before and don’t wish to struggle with complex codes to launch a decent website to meet their needs.

Apart from the standard editor, the system offers a one-of-a-kind Wix ADI tool. It lets inexperienced musicians create their websites in no time, handling all the details for them in the automated mode. Wix also allows connecting a forum and a blog to your website, thus keeping users engaged in your website updates and communication with other fans.

Wix is known for its eCommerce engine, which lets you create and manage an online store, where you can sell your albums, tracks, accessories, brand items as well as issue discount coupons, certificates and what not.

Finally, Wix boasts one of the finest collections of niche templates for music websites you may choose from (Solo Artist, Band, DJ and Music Industry are the major categories here). They are 100% customizable and you can modify them as you need.

Cost: The cost of the paid plans ranges from $4.50 and up to $24.50 per month. There is also a free unlimited plan you can use to test the entire feature set of the service.

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2. Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle website builder

Bandzoogle – is a specialized musicians’ and bands website builder. Being initially launched by a musician, the system has a motto that sounds like “From Musicians for Musicians” and this is the fact that speaks for itself. With an intuitive and engaging interface, abundance of niche-specific web design tools, extensive customization options and responsive music templates, the system deserves the attention of musicians from all over the world.

With Bandzoogle offers extensive blogging and eCommerce options, powerful synchronization tools, social media services. You can stream music directly at the website, sell physical/downloadable albums and brand accessories without any commission fees, send newsletters to your fans to keep them aware of your career news.

It is also possible to create an event page here to list the upcoming shows, concerts and presentations and let your fans book and buy tickets for the upcoming occasions in advance. Bandzoogle currently offers over 200 music-focused templates, which are free, responsive and sorted out by industry (rock, folk/country, jazz/blues, singer/songwriter, classical, urban/hip hop, world, EDM/DJ/Producer, business/other, beats etc.).

Cost: The cost of using the system starts with $8.29 per month for a Lite Plan and ranges up to $16.95 per month for a Pro Plan.

3. WordPress

WordPress website builder

WordPress – is the outstanding Content Management System to create a musicians website. What you should know, though, that it is somewhat more complicated than standard website builders, which is explained by its extensive integration options. Thus, it is desirable that WordPress users should possess web design skills to create functional websites.

To get the most out of WordPress functionality, you should go online and look for the best themes for musicians there. Fortunately, the choice is really stunning and it won’t be a problem for you to get the template you really like. As to the integrable plugins for musicians’ websites, the selection is fantastic as well. The must-have plugins for any musicians’ website include Event Organizer, GigPress, MF Gig Calendar, NextGEN image gallery, HTML5 jQuery Audio Player, Spotify Master, SoundCloud Master, Thank Me Later, Comment Redirect, Gravity Forms, Audiotheme, Cue and Foxyshop to mention a few. WordPress is a free system, but to publish and manage a website, you’ll need to pay for hosting and domain name.

Cost: Even though, WordPress is free to download and install, you’ll definitely won’t go without integrating third-party plugins and themes. They are either free or may come at extra cost. Actually, it is even safer to purchase them to prevent the scams, which are frequently associated with free templates and plugins. The final cost, however, will depend upon the hosting provider you will go for. In this respect, Bluehost is the best solution to choose. This is the official WordPress host, which comes with lots of benefits and features (like scripts and apps, fast web page load speed, advanced SEO options and marketing tools, extensive marketplace offering multiple applications etc.) that will help you host and manage any project with ease. As to the cost of the hosting provider, Bluehost will certainly fit any budget. The cheapest plan currently costs $3.95/mo only, while the price of the most expensive plan constitutes $5.95/mo only.

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4. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit – is a great choice for the creation of websites for musicians or bands. It lets you establish trusted online presence for your brand in around 30 minutes. This is a real found for musicians, who do not wish to bother about web design nuances. uKit is a perfect choice for newbies and here is why.

uKit supports drag-and-drop functionality and allows controlling each step of website development. uKit offers a decent eCommerce widget and an opportunity to connect your Ecwid account (if any) to start and manage an online store. You can also connect the SoundCloud widget to let you add and update audio tracks to your music website. Finally, uKit comes with a collection of responsive music templates, among which you can find those applicable to your music website.

Cost: The cost of using uKit starts with $4 for the cheapest plan and ends with $12 per month for the most expensive subscription.

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5. Bookmark


Bookmark – is the AI-powered website builder, which deserves a decent position in the list of the best services for musicians. The system comes with an Artificial Intelligence Design tool, which brings all the web design hassle to the minimum. This is what matters most for musicians, whose web design experience is not sufficient for the development of large-scale websites.

Bookmark’s AIDA Assistant can automatically create a musician’s website in a matter of minutes. Just provide these data and the service will generate a decent website filled with your own content. Integrated eCommerce module makes it possible to set up and then effectively manage a web store to sell your products (albums, videos/audios, accessories, items and souvenirs for fans).

Cost: Bookmark has a lifetime free package. The cost of paid plans starts with $11.99 per month and reaches $24.99 per month for the most costly subscription.

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6. Ucraft


Ucraft – is a contemporary DIY drag-and-drop website builder, which covers a rich spectrum of musicians’ needs. The service is a nice pick for creatives, artists and musicians, who wish to present their tracks and videos to their fans, keeping them aware of all the news, concerts, shows and other upcoming events they might be interested in. Projects created with Ucraft are easy to browse and update, irrespective of web design skills a user has. That’s what many musicians appreciate about the system most of all.

The website builder comes with a powerful eCommerce engine, which lets you connect a web store to any musician’s website. This will give you an opportunity to sell digital and physical products that are related to your band/career and creativity in general. Your fans, in their turn, will get a chance to buy your products “here and now”, which will eventually bring extra profit. What’s more, the platform has a collection of integrable applications, which can add to your website performance and design. By adding the most popular and functional apps and tools like Google Analytics, Disqus, Zendesk Chat, Jivosite, LiveAgent etc., you will be able to track your website statistics, hold discussions with your fans, enable the commenting option to let them share their thoughts and get in touch with you any time of the day.

Ucraft is also known for its Logo Maker that makes it possible to design and upload your own logo. If you have the one, just upload it to the website. If you don’t – go ahead to design and use it to make your brand stand out from the crowd. In case you hope to target foreign fans or partners, then you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that the website builder supports multiple languages. As a result, you can create websites in any language of your choice. Finally, the system stands out from the crowd due to its rich collection of quality templates. The themes are responsive by default. It’s up to you to pick one of the available designs from the Events or Art categories, for example, or start your own template from scratch.

Cost: The website builder has a free plan and four paid subscriptions. The cost of the paid plans starts with $10/mo for the Pro Website plan and reaches $39/mo for the most expensive BigCommerce plan. Users, who decide to choose one of the paid subscriptions, will get an opportunity to test it for free during 14 days – that’s the duration of the trial period.

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7. Gator


Gator – is a cloud website builder, which mainly targets newbies and those users, who are not that proficient in website development yet intend to create quality websites. This also concerns bands, musicians and creatives, who wish to present their music skills and achievement to the fans. Featuring ease-of-use, intuitive interface, convenient drag-and-drop editor and lots of handy features, Gator currently remains one of the most popular and simple website builders to start and manage different types of projects.

The website builder is included into the HostGator package, which means that all the websites created with it are hosted on the system servers by default. This feature is quite convenient for musicians, who need a website and don’t wish to look for reliable host elsewhere. Apart from that, Gator comes with integrated eCommerce engine, which lets you add a web store to your website. Musicians can benefit a lot from this feature as it makes it possible to sell their CDs, music attributes and other products directly at the website. Thus, those fans, who wish to buy something from you, will have an opportunity to do that in a few clicks, thus, saving their effort and time. Such option will undoubtedly have positive impact upon your budget growth.

Another highlight of the service is its App Market. With a rich collection of quality integrable and customizable widgets, add-ons and applications, it enjoys popularity with users, who wish to get the most out of their web building experience. All the widgets available in Gator App Market are absolutely free for everyone. Additionally, the website builder makes it possible to embed content from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have any music-associated accounts in these social networks, you can integrate image libraries, live feeds and social media buttons into your project to get the most out of them. Finally, Gator has an impressive collection of templates, which are responsive and 100% customizable to come up to the needs of most musicians.

Cost: Gator doesn’t have a free plan or a free trial. Its pricing policy, however, is quite moderate to come up to the needs and financial abilities of most users. The website builder has three paid subscriptions, the cost of which starts with $3.84/mo and reaches $9.22/mo granted that you get a two-year subscription at once. Mind that the system offers a full 45-days money refund, if there is anything you are not satisfied with about Gator.

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8. IM Creator

Best Website Builders for Musicians and Bands

IM Creator – is a new generation cloud website builder, which allows creating and managing different types of projects, including websites for musicians. The system is easy-to-use and feature-laden. It is known for its reasonable pricing policy, convenient WYSIWYG website editor and powerful tools that cut down all the web building problems.

The website builder has a fully-integrated eCommerce engine. It lets you create small and mid-sized web stores to boost online sales of your music-related products. No coding skills are required to start an online store with IM Creator. Just pick a template and follow the recommendations to get the one of your own. Likewise, IM Creator allows connecting a blog to your musician’s website. This is one of the best and most effective ways to popularize your creativity, staying in touch with your fans. It’s up to you to choose from multiple blog templates, types, news feed structure varieties and other important blogging parameters.

IM Creator offers multilingual support that allows for the development of versatile language versions of your website. That’s a good idea, when it comes to the attraction of fans from abroad. What’s more, the website builder makes it possible to integrate social media links, Google Analytics, Google Maps as well as other widgets and add-ons that ensure better website performance and higher customer flow. Finally, IM Creator boasts one of the most extensive collections of professional modern templates. There is a separate Musician/Bands website templates section that offers a set of amazing themes specially crafted for this user category.

Cost: IM Creator is absolutely free for creatives, artists, musicians and non-profits. At the same time, it has two paid options – Premium account ($8/mo) and White Label plan ($350 annually) for those users, who wish to use the system under their own brand names.

Bottom Line

A website can become an effective must-have tool for any musician, but only if this is a well-designed project with advanced functionality. Let’s face the fact: if you are a musician, the chances that you have a good command of programming basics are quite low. This is where website builders come into play. These systems are simple, convenient and intuitive. That is why, they work great for inexperienced users, helping them design outstanding websites.

TOP Musicians Website Builders:

WixWix is the best website builder for musicians, which can boast a rich collection of mobile-ready templates, advanced design customization options and outstanding functionality.

Bandzoogle Bandzoogle is a specialized music website builder, the entire feature set of which is centered around the development of websites for musicians. Free trial for 30 days.

WordPressWordPress is a popular CMS, which is free to donload, flexible and powerful enough to let you create decent music websites at reasonable cost. Coding skills are required.

uKituKit is the most affordable small business website builder, which is also a nice choice for the development of musicians’ websites and ensures decent result.

BookmarkBookmark is a cloud website builder, which deserves special attention of musicians due to its Artificial Design Intelligence Assistant and eCommerce functionality (you can sell your songs online).

UcraftUcraft is a drag-and-drop website builder, which comes with a stunning set of designer tools and features needed to run and manage quality websites for musicians. Its Landing Page Creator, responsive templates, Logo Maker and other advantages make the service a worthy representative of web design niche.

GatorGator is an easy-to-use beginner-oriented website builder, which offers a convenient drag-and-drop editor, quality mobile-ready templates, App Market and eCommerce engine. The website builder is provided by the HostGator platform, which allows hosting readymade websites with it. Gator

IM CreatorIM Creator is a contemporary website builder, which enjoys popularity with artists, creatives, musicians and non-profits due to the absence of fees for these user categories as well as impressive feature set. The system is also known for its advanced White Label tool, which makes it a good choice for web designers and entrepreneurs. IM Creator

The list of website builders to create a website for musicians or bands is quite impressive, but you should be aware of the characteristics, pros and cons of each service to make the best choice. It makes sense to test all of the systems reviewed in the post to decide on the most suitable solution you’ll be eventually satisfied with.


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