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Best Website Builders for Musicians

If you are an artist or a musician, who have just decided to present your talent to the audience and make your work accessible for your fans by means of launching a website of your own, then you have two options – to hire a professional web designer, who will build a website for you (this will be quite expensive) or choose a simple web building tool that will enable you to complete the task with no hassle and waste of time. This is where website builders will come in handy to you. These services are easy-to-use and convenient for professionals and non-tech-savvy users. They ensure intuitive web building process and don’t imply the awareness of coding skills. This is exactly what you need to launch a quality musician’s website.

It’s high time to explore some platforms suitable for creating websites for artists and bands now. We’ll start with the most popular platforms. Among versatile site builders that support deep customizing, we can recommend Wix and uKit.

Website Builders for Musicians – Key Features Chart
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Solo musicians, bands, mucis agenciesDJ’s, singers, promo-agencies
EasinessIt takes some time to cope withBest for non-techies
Music Templates:Ready-made templates for musicians’ websitesPre-designed themes for bands and promo-agencies
Technical Support:Quality and quick support24/7 Live chat support
Additional Options for MusiciansBandsintown and SongKick appsSoundCloud Integration
SEO Options:SEO WizPromotion widget
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

These websites builders have a steeper learning curve, but they offer enough tools to create unique music websites. These systems are universal and they ensure quick and simple web building experience. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Musicians


Wix is, probably, the most popular and, at the same time, the most versatile website builder that definitely suits the musician’s website. This platform is a classic variant of drag-and-drop website builder, which allows for quick, easy and secure web design customization. The system is user-friendly and provides the unsurpassed WYSIWYG website building experience. This is an ideal tool for people, who have never built websites before and don’t wish to struggle with complex codes to launch a decent website to meet their needs.

Wix Features for Musicians

  • Ease Of Use. Wix is a universal website builder that supports drag-and-drop functionality and allows creating websites without editing codes or applying other web design tools. The control panel of the system is logically-structured and subdivided into two areas, namely the Dashboard, where the settings are managed, and the Editor, when you can design your website. The interface of the service is intuitive and understandable for everyone.

  • Powerful Editing Options. Wix makes it possible to apply two types of design editing options. The standard editor allows changing your website design by making use of standard editing tools. You just have to choose a template and edit it with regard to your needs and preferences. The advanced Wix Artificial Design Intelligence tool simplifies the web building process by automatically designing a website for you based on the data you provide about yourself and your business or career. This is a handy tool for newbies.

  • Wix Musician Editor

  • Wix App Market. If you wish to give your musician’s website advanced performance, you will certainly find Wix App Market helpful. This is the place, where you can find extra applications and widgets to be integrated into your website. These include forums, membership pages, guestbooks, online booking and what not. The apps are both free and paid and it’s up to you to decide what applications exactly you need for your website.

  • Wix Musician App Market

  • Blogging. Wix comes with a powerful blogging engine that allows connecting a blog to your musician’s website. This is a nice feature for a website of this type as it makes it possible to publish posts, encourage your fans to leave comments, participate in online discussions etc.

  • Wix Musician Blog

  • eCommerce. Wix has its own eCommerce platform, which comes with a rich set of customization tools. These include tax management features, coupons and discounts, multiple payment options etc. So, if you plan to use your website not only as a tool of communication with the audience, but also as an eCommerce platform, this feature will be of great help to you.

  • Wix Musician eCommerce

  • Designs. Wix offers some of the most awesome and quality templates in the market. There are separate themes focusing on music. They are subdivided into four major categories, such as Solo Artist, Band, DJ and Music Industry. The templates differ in designs, color schemes, content style presentation, number of pages etc. Templates found in the Band category, for example, come with the incorporated eCommerce feature, which lets the fans order and purchase tickets. This is very convenient and handy. The templates are responsive by default and you can make use of lots of customization tools to give your musician’s website unique look and feel. Mind, however, that you can select a template only once. Having selected the one, you won’t be able to change it afterwards without losing the content. So, think twice prior to making your choice.

  • Wix Musician Templates

Wix Cost

Wix offers a never-ending free plan you can use to test the system and even develop simple websites. Apart from that, there are five paid premium plans, which can be billed either monthly or annually. The plans are as follows:

  • Connect Domain ($4.50/mo);
  • Combo ($8.50/mo);
  • Unlimited ($12.50/mo);
  • Ecommerce ($16.50/mo);
  • VIP ($24.50/mo).

Mind that the cheapest Connect Domain plan comes with the system ad banner. So, if you wish to get rid of it, you’ll have to upgrade to the more advanced plan. All the paid plans, in their turn, come with free hosting, an opportunity to connect your own domain, nice amount of storage space, Premium customer support and built-in Google Analytics.

Is Wix Good for Musicians?

Wix is a universal website builder, which comes with a broad range of features and options that contribute to your web building success. Whether you are a web design pro or a newbie, who focuses exclusively on music and doesn’t have any coding skills or expertise needed to build a website, you won’t face any problems when launching your musician’s website from scratch. The website builder can boast an intuitive interface, simple navigation, abundance of features, rich selection of responsive niche templates and powerful customization tools that ensure decent result with no waste of effort and time.

Wix Website Builder Review – Detailed review of Wix – the most popular online web page builder for musicians.

uKit – The Best Platform to Create a Promo Website for Musicians and Bands


If Wix is too complicated for you (and it’s really a bit complicated for web design newbies), there is a good alternative for that massive website builder – uKit. This platform was created to help small business owners (and musicians) make their presence over the Internet faster. uKit is easier to use as compared to Wix – all menu items, widgets and blocks are intuitively understandable. The system works well for web design pros and non-tech-savvy users. So, if you are a musician, who lacks web design skills, but still needs an informative and appealing website to attract the attention of fans and keep them aware of your news and updates, uKit seems to be a great choice.

uKit Features for Music Websites

  • Ease Of Use. uKit is, probably, one of the simplest websites available in the contemporary market. It is easy to understand even for those users, who have never been involved in the web building process. uKit is modern and easy-to-navigate. It supports drag-and-drop functionality and allows controlling each step of the web building process. The toolbar of the service contains various widgets and web design elements you can use to customize the pages. These are titles, content blocks, pop-up windows, images, sliders etc.

  • uKit Musician Editor

  • eCommerce. As far as uKit was initially created with the needs of small business owners in mind, it comes with a decent eCommerce engine. By using this feature, you can create a small online store, managing the products as you need. The system offers Ecwid plugin integration, multi-currency support, versatile payment options etc.

  • uKit Musician eCommerce

  • External Integration Features . uKit makes it possible to integrate external services to your website to give it advanced performance. Thus, you can connect the SoundCloud widget, for example to let you add and update audio tracks to your music website. As a result, your fans will be delighted to listen to their favorite compositions directly at the website and have access to them when needed. Likewise, you can integrate other services, such as LiveChat, SlideShare, MailChimp, Timer, Callback widget, Google maps and what not.

  • uKit Musician Features

  • Blogging. uKit also allows adding a simple blog to your website via News widget in a few steps. You can add and schedule posts, show/hide the date and author name, enable user comments, add social media buttons for individual posts, select the number of posts published at the page to make your blog attention-grabbing and informative etc.

  • uKit Musician Blog

  • Designs. uKit has specific music-focused templates, which are mobile-optimized. This is an essential feature for music websites, because many users access them from their mobile devices and expect them to be of high quality. The choice of templates is decent and allows you to select the theme you need. You can leave the template design as it is, replacing the available content with that of your own, or customize the theme based on your needs by changing the color scheme, fonts, widget and block layouts and applying multiple design elements that allow giving your musician’s website personalized look. More experienced users can apply their HTML/CSS coding skills, having upgraded to the Pro plan.

  • uKit Musician Templates

uKit Cost

As of today, uKit offers 4 paid plans. There is no free plan you can use forever. However, if you wish to explore it a bit prior to upgrading to one of the paid plans, there is a chance to test the system for free. Paid plans are as follows:

  • Premium ($4/month);
  • Premium+ ($8/month);
  • eCommerce ($9.6/month);
  • Pro ($12/month).

The cost of using the service is more than affordable, while the result will exceed your expectations. Each plan offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting, 24/7 customer support, access to advanced templates and other useful features.

Is uKit Good for Musicians?

If you need a quality, functional and easy-to-use website builder to launch your musician’s website, then uKit is definitely worth the attention. The system is user-friendly and convenient. Its functionality and feature set will come up to the needs of newbies and web design pros. The service offers a rich collection of responsive templates and tools you can use to customize the themes. By following the tips the system offers, you can create a quality and well-structured musician’s website in a couple of hours only.

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How to Create a Musician’s Website by Yourself

With website builders reviewved above, nearly anyone can set up a full-featured website, without having to write a single HTML tag. Just consider the website creation steps when launching a musician’s website:

  1. Sign up for a website builder you have chosen. Follow the instructions it provides to complete the procedure in less than a few minutes. The majority of contemporary website builders make it possible to register either through your e-mail or social network accounts. Both variant are simple, understandable and quick.

  2. Choose a template. Generally, template galleries offered by popular website builders are very extensive and you can easily find the one meant for musicians. If you can’t find the one, choose any template you like and customize it with regard to your needs.

  3. Customize the template. Make use of a variety of editing options and customization tools to get the template that meets your needs and preferences.

  4. Add the content. This is, probably, the most challenging and time-taking part of the whole web creation process, but it allows you to get the website of your dreams. Think about the elements you would like to add. Don’t forget about the texts, widgets, audio/video content and what not. Your choice is almost unlimited. Make use of it to get the expected result.

  5. Publish your website. As soon as you are done with adding the content and customizing the template, publish the website and watch the result.

  6. Purchase a domain (if you don’t have one). Even though, the majority of website builders offer free plans and subdomains, you will need a domain of your own – the one, which will make your website stand out from the crowd. An opportunity to get a domain is available in the paid plans, which are quite affordable even to the newbies. By getting the one, you make sure that your website will be successful and popular.

Prior to creating a website of your own, you have to be aware of the special elements your website should include. The latter are as follows:

  • Audio/Video Player. Incorporation of this widget into your musician’s website will help attract the audience and keep them encouraged into listening your music compositions and watching your video clips/concerts. Don’t leave the player in the auto-play mode. The fact that the users are willing to listen to your music doesn’t mean that they will be eager to listen to one and the same song over and over again. Random choice is a much better option.

  • Detailed and Informative Descriptions. If you are going to launch your own musician’s website, this means that you also wish to become more popular and drive the attention of your audience. Correspondingly, the users may not know, who you are or what band you play in. The availability of informative and detailed descriptions that will come with your tracks or videos will be of great help for those, who wish to find out more about your career.

  • Call-to-Action. By adding a call-to-action button to your online resource, you make sure the users will understand what to do and how to browse your website to get the most out of information posted there. This is one of the smartest ways to promote your website on the web.

  • A Web Store. When you launch your own website, your goals are surely not limited to presenting your talent only. One of your objectives should be an opportunity to sell your music to all those users, who like your creativity and wish to have your albums at their personal disposal. Embedding an online store is a smart step in this respect.

Bottom Line

Although, there are dozens of versatile and specialized website builders, Wix and uKit drive special attention. The first one is, probably, the most popular service all over the world and its music website templates as well as new ADI interface make creating music website process just like a game. The second one is a bit more serious, but it also comes with good responsive music templates, SoundCloud widget and lots of other useful options.

uKit and Wix website builders are not competitors here – each performs a specific function. uKit is for small music websites, while Wix is mostly for large music bands or sound studios projects. Which one is better? It’s up to you to decide that! Try both of them and then choose the one that suits you most of all!

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