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How to Create a Musician’s Website by Yourself

If you’re a musician, we’re sure you’ve already got a Facebook fanpage and a SoundCloud account to share your music, keep you fans updated and promote upcoming events. But is it enough of a web presence for your music?

While there are many bands and artists who are quite satisfied with the functionality they get from Facebook and other social media, some want to get something more personalized. Having your own website with a custom domain not only looks a lot more professional, but also opens doors for new ways to engage your audience.

The good news is that today creating a music website is a relatively easy task. With so many versatile and specialized music website builders out there, nearly anyone can set up a full-featured website, without having to write a single HTML tag.

In this article we will show you some platforms suitable for creating websites for artists and bands. We’ll start with the most suitable platforms. Among versatile site builders that support deep customizing, we can recommend Wix and uKit. Though they have a steeper learning curve, they offer enough tools to create unique music websites. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

Wix – The Best Website Builder for Musicians

Wix is, probably, the most popular and, at the same time, the most versatile website builder that definitely suits the musician’s website. This platform is a classic variant of drag&drop website builder. This means that you can customize selected templates as you want with regard to your needs. It’s a notable merit and a big disadvantage at the same time. By changing website design in such a way, you can’t switch to another website template.

Wix Music Template

Wix has a separate template section dedicated to music. It is subdivided into four categories: you may choose between Solo Artist, Band, DJ or Music Industry website templates. They differ not only in colors and design, but also in content style, number of pages and type of a website. For instance, Band templates include the eCommerce feature, so that the website visitors could easily book or buy tickets.

If you want to start with Wix, but don’t want to subscribe, you can create your music website with a free plan. In this case, your website will be published with URL like It’s not so convenient and readable, but it allows testing the way your web-project works. Wix paid plans start from $4.50/mo (with this plan you can only connect your domain name to the website, the ad-banner is still here). Advanced plans – Combo, eCommerce or Unlimited allow making a full-featured website.

uKit – The Best Platform to Create a Promo Website for Musicians and Bands

If Wix is too complicated for you (and it’s really a bit complicated for web design newbies), there is a good alternative for that massive website builder – uKit. This platform was created to help small business owners (and musicians) make their presence over the Internet faster. uKit is easier to use as compared to Wix – all menu items, widgets and blocks are intuitively understandable.

uKit Music Template

Having fully-responsive templates and all-featured set of options for making an attractive website, uKit’s subscription costs much cheaper than that of Wix. Thus, for $4/mo you get a complete website with useful widgets to meet the needs of musicians (like SoundCloud, Youtube or Vimeo).

Bottom Line

Although, there are dozens of versatile and specialized website builders, Wix and uKit drive special attention. The first one is, probably, the most popular service all over the world and its music website templates as well as new ADI interface make creating music website process just like a game. The second one is a bit more serious, but it also comes with good responsive music templates, SoundCloud widget and lots of other useful options.

uKit and Wix website builders are not competitors here – each performs a specific function. uKit is for small music websites, while Wix is mostly for large music bands or sound studios projects. Which one is better? It’s up to you to decide that! Try both of them and then choose the one that suits you most of all!

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