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MotoCMS Users: Interview with Edward Craig

WYSIWYG website builders won the heart of millions. They let people focus on what really matters, leaving the technical side of things to pros. What’s more, they help designers create websites for their clients in a fast and easy way, and thus serve more clients per unit of time. Our guest today is Edward Craig, who along with his partner, Chanler Holden has built several websites with MotoCMS.

SWB: Hello Edward, please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in the field of web design and development.

Edward CraigEdward: After retiring from a very successful 20-year career as an Apple VAR to the publishing and printing industry I was left with lots of ambition and desire to be productive. While operating my VAR business I wrote several software programs and created a first alert chemical emergency program using a very new language called Hypertext. Apple had released a development kit called HyperCard. That was my first introduction to what would develop into “Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). All throughout the early 1990’s HTML was being groomed to be the standard for creating what we now know to be Websites. It was a challenge to be on the ground level but anyone with vision could see communications moving into a whole new world.

SWB: Did you try any other website builders? If yes, what was your impression of them?

Edward: To directly answer your question it was Adobe GoLive in 1999 when the Internet took legs and began to move rapidly. With Adobe Golive a developer was truly able to apply enough WYSIWYG while the software wrote the majority of the code. Powerful, interactive and beautiful websites began to match up with Internet Explorer, Safari and other browsers. I used Adobe GoLive until it simply stopped working and was buried by Adobe Dreamweaver. There can be no doubt Adobe Dreamweaver is a premier Post-Graduate level Website development tool. It would be hard to discredit Adobe Dreamweaver in any serious manner. In one sentence I would say, “It has a learning curve that might be deeper than the plan used to send our first astronauts to the Moon and back.” I was able to use it but never enjoyed using it.

SWB: How did you learn about MotoCMS? What was your first experience with the builder like?

Edward: I had “finished” a website for what would become my largest client.. Some company had charged them the price of a fully loaded Lexus to create their website then walked away with a 75% completed website. I came in to rescue the project and get something they could live with online as soon as possible.

Chanler HoldenAfter some effort we did get a presentable website online but I always knew it would be a total redo as they were not pleased with the image it presented. One of the key people in the company sent me a link to a template they liked. I was a bit put back as I had not paid much attention to template websites. They all seemed to work well but have a certain kind of cookie cutter look to them.

This was and continues to be a very important client and we are growing together in a very nice relationship today. Looking at the template method was important to my client so it became extremely important to me. Little did I know then, my introduction to MotoCMS was about to change my life and launch a serious, second career in Website Development.

SWB: What challenges did you face when creating websites using MotoCMS? If you could change anything about MotoCMS, what would it be?

Edward: I think change by its nature always seems to rub people a little bit the wrong way. Using MotoCMS templates was definitely a change. I think my first hands on experience with a MotoCMS template may have seemed difficult; but, in fact, was quite simple. Had it not been for the great, one-on-one technical support provided by the MotoCMS tech team I may have struggled a bit longer than necessary. I found a guiding hand from MotoCMS marketing representatives who have recognized I was not a one-time template customer. They have been my mentors since day one. I have had the good fortune to make suggestions and have some of them acted on. MotoCMS is a growing technology and has a great team to guide it along.

Photography Templates by MotoCMS

SWB: In your opinion, what is the most underappreciated feature of MotoCMS?

Edward: Development time from choice of template to a live website. My partner, Chanler Holden, and I never allow our clients to chose their own template. They have lots of input as to what they want the website to become but making that happen is in our hands. However, without question being able to train a client to maintain their own website with only a short training period is what adds great value when using MotoCMS.

SWB: What advice would you give to aspiring webmasters?

Edward: This is a great question to end the interview. Whether you are a consummate professional or someone with vision and never created a website; select a template you like, start a 30-Day live demo and jump right into it. Be creative, have fun and don’t fail to use the support tickets because you will find a friend on the other end of your question that really wants to help you succeed.

SWB: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us!


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