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MotoCMS Review

MotoCMS Review

MotoCMS – is an easy-to-use website builder that combines all good features brought to you by traditional CMS platforms and SaaS software. In other words, here we have a combination of two different approaches to the process of website creation, content editing, customization, and deployment.

On the one hand, you make the use of a typical drag-and-drop constructor and launch a fully-functional project with absolutely no technical skills. You may choose from hundreds of templates and use easy instruments to customize and fine-tune each page. On the other hand, users will appreciate CMS flexibility with the ability to edit the source code, opt for a preferable hosting provider, etc.

The website builder will let you create different types of sites from blogs and small business websites to digital stores. Let’s have a closer look at what it offers in terms of functionality.

  • CMS and SaaS website builder in one;
  • Good for newbies and pros;
  • Lets you build any website type.

1. Ease of Use

As you have already understood, MotoCMS is not a typical SaaS website builder. It has only some of the software features. They include ready-made templates, a simple drag-and-drop editor, intuitive control panel, several fast ways to sign in, etc.

However, you should not consider it as an all-in-one solution, as the platform does not include hosting or plan subscription with all features in the pack.

It means, that the tool comes as standalone software that will have to be installed in a chosen hosting. The good news is that MotoCMS collaborates with some biggest names in the industry including Bluehost and SiteGround. Let’s start from the very beginning and look at the signing in process.

Sign In

Just like many other SaaS website builders, MotoCMS offers a seamless registration process. Simple use your Google or Social media account. If you do not have one, simply indicate the desired username, email, and password. Still, having a valid Google or Facebook account will make things much easier in the future. Just think about it.

The next stage is to verify your email. The system will automatically send a vitrification letter. All you need is to enter your inbox and follow the link from the message. Otherwise, you will not get access to the control panel.

Template Editing

After you have successfully completed the signing in stage, you will automatically find yourself inside the website builder in the control panel. The first thing you need to do is to choose a template or use the one offered by default. Users will be able to switch between templates whenever they want.

MotoCMS Dashboard

The dashboard looks very simple. Despite the fact you will find here dozens of different functions, sittings, and instruments, they are all logically located. You always know what to press and where to click. The dashboard offers 4 major options from the start. They include:

  • Page Editor – you may see the list of all your pages on the left. Click the one and edit it, remove texts and add new content, replace elements, upload unique images, and more. Users may preview each page before publishing. There are 4 preview modes including tablets and smartphones. For each page, you have a range of extra settings to edit website name, URLs, meta titles and descriptions. Here you may also hide some of your pages from search engines.
  • MotoCMS page editor

  • Blog Editor – each template comes with an integrated blogging feature. As a result, the dashboard offers a simple instrument to manage all the blog posts and articles from a single control panel. You may add new materials. Delete old ones, update existing posts, apply categories and tags, set SEO settings, and more.
  • MotoCMS blog post editor

  • Website Settings – the section provides access to a list of general site settings where you may set homepage, choose website language, upload favicon or change the header format.
  • Help Center – here you may find handy articles and answers to all the questions you may have during the building process.

The panel has a separate media library that stores all your images, photos, music or sounds divided by pages. In addition, you may use special buttons to upload new media files and retrieve them from the library whenever needed.

The overall impression is very good. MotoCMS looks pretty simple for newbies while dedicated pros might appreciate extra customization perks. For example, they are able to make the template design a bit more exclusive with HTML editing. They may paste their own piece of code or modify the existing one.

Going Live

As it was mentioned earlier, MotoCMS differs from typical SaaS software. It does not offer an all-in-one package where you only need to copy and paste content to go live. The system does not have its own hosting solution. It means that it calls for manual installation and set up.

The good news is that the platform collaborates with the biggest industry names. It has teamed up with such reputable hosting providers as Bluehost, SiteGround, and some others. For users, it means seamless integration with no need to set up the website manually. However, you will still need to register a domain name, which means some newbies might still be confused for a moment.

After you have completed the customization process, the system lets you save changes while you review hosting providers to choose. Users are also able to preview the ready-made website before it goes live.

  • Integrated drag-and-drop editor.
  • Detailed website settings.
  • Simple registration process.

2. Features & Flexibility

MotoCMS is very rich with features. It offers some built-in functions as well as extras you might want to integrate depending on your website type. As we have mentioned before, the platform is good for different projects either you want to launch a content-based or eCommerce site.

Huge Template Collection

The platform currently offers over 2.500 different templates. All of them are ready-to-go. It means that you may only pick the one, add relevant content, have it installed on the hosting, and welcome your first visitors.

Users are free to choose from more than 40 different business niches and categories. They range from real estate, restaurants, and sports top industrial or healthcare fields. All themes feature up-to-date design. They look very stylish and run well on all types of mobile devices.

The bad news is that all templates are paid. You’ve heard it right. No free themes are available. However, things are a bit better than they sound. We will discuss the pricing policy and put the dots on “i” a bit further. As for the template quality and style, they look gorgeous. To put users at ease, there is a special search bar letting you navigate all layouts by the keywords that describe your niche best of all.

eCommerce Functionality

MotoCMS has a powerful engine to create engaging online shops. The key benefit here is that you do not have to connect or integrate yourself. The system offers eCommerce templates with already-built in functionality. It includes:

MotoCMS eCommerce

  • Product Management System – add new products, remove existing ones, add filters for simpler navigation, create catalogs, and more.
  • eCommerce Essentials – with a template, you also get integrate payment and shipping options, tax calculation functionality and tools to manage product prices.
  • The platform initially supports PayPal, Post Finance and 2Checkout. However, you are free to integrate other services to make your store more flexible for customers. Your website will have a ready-to-go secure checkout system, SSL, and other protection means.
  • Product Page Customization – you may change the look of the product page, implement exclusive features or connect widgets or add-ons to grow the mailing list, enable user acquisition tools and more.

Tools to Boost SEO

MotoCMS comes with integrated SEO tools to put your website higher in the search engine ranks. From the start, you are able to edit URLs, meta tags, titles and descriptions for each page in particular. Moreover, the editor makes it possible to add alt texts and SEO descriptions to your images or photos.


The entire functionality is also available with the integrated blogging feature to make your blog posts more SEO-friendly. In addition, users will appreciate a huge optimization guide available in the help center with steps and tips brought to you by SEO experts.

Plugins and Add-Ons

Although MotoCMS cannot boast such a huge selection as WordPress or Wix, for example, its developers still offer some good additions. For example, users may connect custom contact forms, integrate Google Maps with a separate widget, create pop-up forms, share posts on Instagram or create schedules with custom apps.

Extra Services

MotoCMS is not just a website builder. It represents its pool of experts that deliver different web services. They range from template installation to help newbies to create professional logos, ad banners, writing copies, White Labeling, and more.

  • Custom apps and widgets to integrate.
  • Built-In SEO and eCommerce tools.
  • Wide Selection of Templates.

3. Design & Templates

Number of Themes:2500+
Free Themes: NO
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: YES

As we have discussed earlier, MotoCMS boasts a huge variety of templates. The list includes more than 2,500 layouts related to all possible business niches. All templates are 100% responsive, which means flawless operation on any mobile or desktop device. To ensure that, you may use the mobile and desktop preview mode and check how the website runs on a tablet or smartphone.

Apart from business categories, you are free to choose from traditional website layouts as well as templates for landing pages with all necessary forms and widgets already integrated. Users also get additional styling and designing tools. They are free to change schemes, colors, fonts in the dashboard. Moreover, you make work with typography to make the content look more appealing.

MotoCMS templates

Uploading media files is also very easy. Use the drag-and-drop feature or go to the media library and upload necessary files form the local older. The system offers different gallery widgets and slideshows to make the website look more engaging and stylish. Advanced pros may apply a piece of their own code in case of using HTML themes.

  • 100% responsive design.
  • 2,500+ layouts for any niche.
  • Advanced designer tools.

4. Customer Support

The system boasts comprehensive support in addition to its extended knowledge base. Users may contact support specialists right from the dashboard using the Help button on the right. It opens a new window where you may ask any question and send the request.

A traditional ticketing system is another way to get in touch with MotoCMS specialists. You will need to provide your email, indicate a department you want to contact, add a subject, and describe the problem in the spaces provided. The entire process looks pretty time-consuming and complex.

For this reason, instant help might be a better solution. It offers visual guides and simple tutorials that explain all crucial steps from uploading new images and editing texts to creating new media folders, etc.

The platform has a huge knowledge base with tons of articles and how-to guides. Moreover, you may join the local community as well. Here you may ask questions or help other MotoCMS users. The system also informs website owners on every new update rolled out by its developers. All you need is to stay tuned.

  • Instant help from the dashboard.
  • Tutorials, guides, and Help Center.
  • Local community and ticketing system.

5. Plans & Pricing

The pricing policy may seem a bit confusing from the start. The good news is that you pay only once for the template you choose. The price depends on the services you additionally pick. The layout prices start at $199 depending on the functionality. More complicated templates with integrated eCommerce features will cost you $229.

Let’s say, you want to create a digital shop with all the necessary tools in one. In this case, you will need to pay $229 for an eCommerce layout. The optional features include:

  • Installation assistance costing $49.
  • Template Customization costing $149.
  • On-Page SEO improvements and optimization costing $149.

You may only pick extra you need like Template + Installation package costing $248 or pay only for the layout and handle the rest yourself. Look for special offers and discounts to get yourself a responsive template for only $159.

Note, that you will additionally pay for hosting delivered by third-party companies, as MotoCMS does not have its own server solutions. The system teams up with Bluehost, SiteGround and some other popular companies. 1 year of high-quality hosting will cost you $27. It looks like a real bargain.

  • One-time payment.
  • Biggest hosting providers to choose from.
  • Additional services to order.

6. White Label Solution

MotoCMS offers all website developers getting their brand name closer to their customers. You can get MotoCMS White Label for a reasonable price and start building your brand right after the purchase. It allows you adding up to 5 different brands to the templates you purchased from the MotoCMS store.

MotoCMS Whitelabel

There are two options of applying the White label to your product. Either buying a White Label with every template you get in the store, or getting an unlimited number of White Labels right from your MotoCMS account. No matter that way you purchase this solution, here’s how you can use the White Label for branding your own name:

  1. Apply the White Label to any template you have in your personal account;
  2. In your account, you can create up to 5 different brand names that can be easily applied to any template you have Just make sure you have enough White Label licences for that;
  3. You can apply one White Label licence to one website;
  4. If you modify a brand, all the changes will be applied to all the templates that are associated with this very brand;
  5. You can switch anytime between the brands you have on any template without losing a licence to that brand;
  6. You can easily discard a licence from any template you wish. Just note that this licence won’t be restored.

It’s a really great solution for branding your business without spending too much time on it. You can purchase a white Label licence separately, with a template. But if you are a web developer, you will be glad to hear that any developer’s pack includes a White Label licence. Don’t hesitate and get this solution that will give you many benefits:

  • It saves you time (and money, of course). White label solution saves you tons of efforts for establishing your brand from scratch, making it recognizable and famous among your customers;
  • It strengthens your customers’ loyalty. People will associate your high-quality product with your brand and every time they use your service and see your label attached, they will know that they get a good service. Thus, their loyalty will increase;
  • You get already tried and true product that you can sell under your brand. Again – it saves you a lot of time for testing your product and improving it;
  • No more pressure! MotoCMS White Label solution still provides you and your customers with the best tech support available 24/7. S you don’t have to work hours for fixing issues and adding updates to the product;
  • Do what you do best and leave marketing aside. White Labelling takes off the marketing from you and leaves you with your favorite business – web development. We handle everything else in terms of promotion.

MotoCMS Resellers Program

I think you are convinced by all those benefits you can get from the White Label offer.

7. MotoCMS FAQ

Let’s take a closer look at MotoCMS site builder, as it differs a lot from its competitors and thus raises many questions.

Question: What sets MotoCMS apart from other popular website builders?

Answer: As opposed to Wix, Weebly, uKit and other hosted site makers MotoCMS is a standalone website builder which is not associated with any web hosting provider, and exists independently, in the form of CMS templates. In a nutshell: if you build a website with Wix, there’s no way to move your site elsewhere – Wix website builder works exclusively on the company’s servers. While with MotoCMS you can use a web host of your choice.

Question: What are CMS templates?

Answer: CMS templates are almost ready websites: they come equipped with an admin panel, site building tools and widgets.

Question: Can I use one MotoCMS template for multiple websites?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t. Each domain (website) requires a separate license.

Question: How much does it cost to launch and maintain a site using MotoCMS?

Answer: Unless there are discounts, MotoCMS templates starts from $199 per piece. Along with the template itself you get a built-in admin panel, free CMS updates and lifetime tech support. MotoCMS doesn’t require any renewals. You pay only once for the template. Website maintenance expenses will depend on your web hosting provider.

Question: Is it possible to edit my site’s mobile view?

Answer: Yes, it is. To preview and edit your site’s mobile view switch to the Mobile Editor. It uses the same handy What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and drag-and-drop editing principles. No coding required.

Question: Are there any ways to extend my site functionality?

Answer: Each MotoCMS template contains a set of predetermined widgets to enhance your website. These are Maps, Galleries, Contact Forms, Paypal and many other extensions. Each template has a detailed description and can be viewed in demo mode. Besides, advanced developers may create their own widgets and integrate them into the control panel to improve MotoCMS functionality.

8. Pros and Cons

MotoCMS is certainly worth paying attention to its unique approach to the website building process. It combines some good features form both CMS platforms and SaaS software although some downsides might also take place.

Great for newbies and pros.
Drag-and-drop functionality.
Integrated SEO and eCommerce features.
Thousands of responsive templates.
Wide range of extra services to order.
One-Time payment.
No clear plans.
Third-party hosting providers needed.
A bit complicated form the start.
Templates look pretty expensive.
A wide selection of services apart from website building instruments.
Comprehensive knowledge base and customer support.
An exclusive sprucing policy with one-time payments.


MotoCMS is a powerful instrument to create websites of any type. It will suit newbies with absolutely no technical skills as well as web design and programming experts who want to implement some features and elements of their own.

The platform comes with enhanced functionality. It introduces its integrated functions for eCommerce projects as well as enhanced SEO tools to build and promote your websites online. Apart from traditional online website builders, MotoCMS does not offer packages solutions, which might be a problem at first.

On the other hand, it delivers more flexibility in terms of hosting providers although it is primarily a good solution to those who already hosting plans purchased.

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