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Moonfruit vs Squarespace


When it comes to creating a website, you no longer have to be an expert. There are a lot of completely code-free ways to get a decent website up and running, and one of the easiest and fastest is through the use of an online website builder.

Not sure how to sort through all of the site builders available and find the best one? If so, our website will certainly help you make an informed decision.

Today, we bring you our Moonfruit vs Squarespace comparison to show you the key differences between the two platforms.

#1 Ease of Use

Moonfruit. Moonfruit makes website creation easy and fun. It’s a drag-and-drop site builder that requires no coding at all. It’s easy-to-navigate: every feature seems within reach.

Moonfruit editor Moonfruit editor

Squarespace. Squarespace is comparatively easy-to-use. Its new editor (the seventh version) is more intuitive than its predecessors, yet it is still inferior to the control panels found in competing services. It has a slight learning curve.

Squarespace 7 Control Panel Squarespace 7 Control Panel

Moonfruit vs Squarespace. I prefer Moonfruit, because it’s less sophisticated, while Squarespace seems to be more focused on impressing the user with its sleek design, rather than providing a great user experience.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Moonfruit. Moonfruit offers the standard set of features you’d expect to get from the average site builder. Here are some of these:

  • blogging platform;
  • various drag-and-drop items, including shapes, links, images, titles, slideshows and more;
  • built-in eCommerce system;
  • built-in mobile editor and more.

All-in-one, it’s quite flexible: you can certainly create a blog, webstore or business website with Moonfruit.

Moonfruit mobile preview Moonfruit mobile preview

Squarespace. Squarespace’s feature set seems more powerful. To start with, it offers excellent import/export features which let you both transport your existing non-Squarespace site to the builder and move your ready Squarespace site elsewhere. Other important features include:

  • highly customizable eCommerce platform;
  • blogging engine;
  • multiple contributors;
  • family of mobile apps allowing to manage your site on the go and more.

Squarespace mobile view Squarespace mobile view

For power users, Squarespace offers a specially designed Developer platform where professionals can change everything from the opening doctype tag to the footer to create custom sites with unique designs.

Squarespace vs Moonfruit. Squarespace is developer-friendly, and Moonfruit doesn’t open up the source code to the user. In general, Squarespace looks more solid and feature-rich. However, Moonfruit is also good enough. It all depends on how in depth you want to customize your site.

#3 Designs

Moonfruit. Moonfruit themes look fresh and neat. Make sure you choose the right design from the start, as it’s impossible to switch templates once your website is published. Design customization options are limited to the options provided in the Design section of the editor. There’s no way to make changes directly to the code. Moonfruit designs are mobile-compatible.

Squarespace. Squarespace provides a library of beautiful designs, some created ‘in collaboration with a few of the world’s most influential people’. Each template is optimized for mobile/tablet viewing.

Squarespace designs Squarespace designs

Moonfruit vs Squarespace. Squarespace’s templates are switchable, thanks to the ‘box’ editing model this builder provides, while Moonfruit uses the ‘absolute positioning’ technology and thus makes it impossible to change templates. 

#4 Customer Support

Moonfruit. There’s a help menu located directly in the control panel. Should you have any problems, you can either browse this section or contact one of the Moonfruit experts over email. I would recommend that you check their collection of video tutorials, it seems they’ve covered the whole builder. There’s also a community forum.

Squarespace. Squarespace’s choice is a bit better. In addition to the email support, official help center and community-driven Q&A website, they offer live chat support available during weekdays from 3 am to 8 pm EST.

Squarespace vs Moonfruit. Both builders offer enough help resources. Moonfruit is easier to use, so you’ll hardly ever face any problems there, and if you face – there are many videos to help you troubleshoot the issue. Squarespace is a more sophisticated platform, so providing the live chat option is a great decision.

#5 Pricing Policy

Moonfruit. Moonfruit has a completely free version that never expires and four paid subscriptions ranging from $6/mo to $35/mo. All Moonfruit plans including the free one come with eCommerce functionality. For more details visit the pricing page.

Squarespace. Squarespace has no free plans. You can test it free during a 14-day trial (no credit card info required). Paid plans range from $8/mo to $30/mo. All annual terms come with a free domain name. To see the full list of features for each plan visit the Squarespace pricing page.

Squarespace pricing Squarespace pricing

Moonfruit vs Squarespace. In my opinion, both website builders are reasonably priced. The obvious advantage of Moonfruit is that it lets you keep your website free as long as it is required, while Squarespace fights against abandoned, low-quality websites by providing paid plans only.

Moonfruit vs Squarespace: Conclusion

When it comes to creating a dead simple web site in a short amount of time I think Moonfruit is a smart choice. For $6/mo you can get a decent website up and running without writing a single HTML tag. But if you want to go beyond what Moonfruit offers, then Squarespace might be right for you: it’s developer-friendly and allows for deeper customization.

Try them both free of charge and let us know what you think:

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